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Day and Night Service 

Taxi and Auto Livery 

Phone 5374 



A i lomokitez, Supplies and Access 

^^HKuippod to Make - - 

An V and All Repa ftrOSgei * 

\\ SO. POPLAR ■-.,(,, •Ul.NK IS OHIO 

9 : B C ! ' 

Bros., Prop* 




m,: *'—■ ^ - * 




The Henry Ackerman 
Piano Company 


and Lowe 


C. C. MATTOX, Manager 
130 No. Sandusky Ave. BUCYRUS, OHIO 









3 1833 02296 4909 





Roster of United States Officials - - 2 

Roster of Ohio State Officials - - 2 

Roster of Crawford County Officials - - 2 

Roster of Justices of the Peace - £\ 3 

Roster of Notaries Public - » - 4 

Roster of Bucyrus Township Officials - 4 

Roster of Bucyrus City Officials - - 5 

Roster of Educational Institutions - - 5 

Roster of Incorporated Companies - -6 

Roster of Religious Organizations ' - - 7 
Roster of Lodges and Miscellaneous Organizations 9 
Alphabetical Directory of Persons and Occupations 1 3 

Complete Census of Bucyrus by Streets - 97 

Classified Business Directory - - - 165 





W. M. 

Lawrence & Co. 


orwalk, Ohio 

19 14 


Roster of United States Officials. 

Civil Service Commission, Clarence Metzger, Jasper N Taylor, Alberta Ens- 

minger Clerk 
Interior Department, 

Department of Justice, Wm C Beer, Referee in Bankruptcy 
Post Office Department, James R Hopley Post Master, Frank B Liebich Asst 
Money Order, Register & Postal Savings Clerk, Alberta B Ensminger 
General Delivery Clerk, Allie J McDonald 

Mailing Clerks, Clarence G Metzger, Arthur O Carle, George E Heckler 
Special Delivery Clerk, Edwin T Rinker 

City Mail Carriers, 1 Clarence L Bacon, 2 Harry H Coutts, 3 Harry L 
Ryland, 4 Alfred J Sharp, 5 Joshua C Lichtenwalter, 6 Charles F 
Berry, Substitutes Wm S Gearing, Irvin R Sprow 
Rural Mail Carriers, 1 W H C Fligor, 2 Pursell R Pfouts, 3 Clarence F 
M^usser, 4 Elmer P Scott, 5 Thomas L Lyons, 6 Ernest W McMichael, 
7 Jasper N Taylor, 8 Samuel W Kiess 
Railway Postal Clerks, Robert M Aurandt, Earl W Crall, O Frank 
Cretcher, Fred B Durr, Ernest G Gettman, John W Loomis, Forrest 
.R McFarland, L Edgar McMichael, Geo Reiff, Edward A Sargel, 
Samuel J Schell, Daniel J Strieker, Joseph F Warner, Edward Coffin 
Treasury Department, Lorenzo D Wilford, Depy Collector of Internal Revenue 
War Department, Chas P Ustine, Sergt Inspector U S I 

Roster of Ohio State Officials. 

Game Warden, Wm T Brinkman, Deputy 

Industrial Commission, Dr Chas A Ulmer, Medical Examiner 

Inspection Department, Daniel M Tobias, Deputy Fire Marshal 

Liquor Licensing Board, Chas F Monroe, Chairman, Frank Pigman, Secy 

Ohio National Guard, Eighth Infantry, Col Edward Vollrath 

Company A, Capt Carl A Brown, 1st Lt Jesse G Carmean, 2d Lt Milroy 
Supervisors & Inspectors of Elections, C S Spore Chief Deputy, W E Stras- 

burg, Carl Jacobs, Frank Snyder, J H Aylward Clerk 5852 
Tax Commission, C F Vollmer District Assessor, H A Barth Deputy, Ruth E 
Vollmer Stenographer 5877 

District Assessors, Auburn, Harry B Morrow, Bucyrus, east Geo F Mat- 
thew, west V M Werley, township A A Stuckman, Chatfield, F H 
Barth, Cranberry, Sherman L French, Crestline, R L Laschels, Dallas, 
C L McNeal, Gal ion, north W R Wiggs, south Wm Black, Holmes, 
Oliver J Snavely, Jackson, Aaron Morkel, Jefferson, Alfred Pfeifer, 
Liberty, Isaac Pfleiderer, Lykens, Abraham Schiefer, New Washing- 
ton, G A Aschbacher, Polk, Walter Zimmerman, Sandusky, J W 
Pmrns, Texas, M W Wickham, Todd, W W Wyer, Vernon, Oral II 
Hilborn, Whetstone, J L Diebler 
Board of Complaints, John Menninger, A J Helfrich, D N Harvey 

Roster of Crawford County Officials. 

Auditor, Herman A Biebighauser, Deputies Alvin G Flickinger, Reuben Stan- 
ley, Clerks Jas W Ackerman, Nellie Biebighauser 5718 

Budget Commission, E J Songer Pres, W J Schwenck, H A Biebighauser ClerR 

Clerk of Courts, G Goldsmith, deputy Edith £\>rrest, assistant Irene Forrest 

Commissioners, Edward F Brinkman, Fred C Lenhardt, A A Crawford, clerk 
J Fred Kimerline 5594 

Congressman, Hon John W Key, Marion O 

Coroner, Dr C A Ulmer, 208 S Walnut 5037 

Court of Appears, Hon W H Kinder Findlay, Hon M Donnelly Napoleon, 
Hon Philip M Crow Kenton 


Court Bailiff, John Donnenwirth 

Court of Common Pleas, Daniel Babst Crestline, Wm Schofield Marion 5130 

Court Stenographer, Jas T Close, assistant Imogene Pool 

Deputy County Sealer of Weights & Measures, Wm Strasburg, Galion 

Humane Officers, J W McCarron 5426 

Infirmary, Martin Seibel Supt, Mrs Settle Seibel Matron 43 

Janitors, A W Tustison, Geo Lichty 

Jury Commission, Frank E Donnenwirth, Geo W Harris 

Ladies Rest Room, Mrs Cora Sullivan matron 

Law Library, John Donnenwirth custodian 

Probate Court, Hon Amos Keller Judge, Emmett C Crall and Mary Wagner 

deputy clerks 5816 
Probation Officer, Adam J Lichty 

Prosecuting Attorney, W J Schwenck (till Jan 1st 1915) 
Recorder, Walter E Deerwester, deputy Jay W Haller 5626 , 

Representative, Hon M G Nungesser, Galion ~A OO l/ 5Af*3 

Senator, Dr Rufus H Finefroek, Marion iXawa^**^ 1 * 

Sheriff, Solomon Crum, deputy Guy E Smith, matron Mrs Emma I Smith 5731 

Soldiers & Sailors Relief Commission, Adam Lichty, S M Reese, H H Bilsing 
Surveyor, Lorenz Michaelis, deputy H V Flickinger, rodmen H A Keller, Fred 

Hennecke, Karl Hurr, Russell B Smith, C P Bryant, chainman C A 

Linn, axman Samuel Coulter, inspectors J F Shawk, Alfred L Stevens, 

John Atkinson 5624 

Special Road District No 1, Fred Schifer Pres, D S Kimble, Wm Mason, 
C A Guiss engineer, Chas Gallinger clerk 5604 
Treasurer, Chas Gresmer, deputy Jefferson I Smith, clerk Cleo M Kreiter 5752 
Visitors, County Board of, Mrs E B Finley, Mrs R V Sears, Chas F Schaber, 

Mrs Geo W Harris, J F Bauer, Mrs D S Schieber 

Roster of Justices of the Peace. 


Chas J Morrow 

Shelby R D 3 




J C Johnston 

Tiro R D 1 




Harry B Morrow 

Shelby R D 3 





W L Monnell 

Opera Block 




Chester A Meek 

Quimby Bldg 







M A Eicher 

Chatfield R D 1 




H M Cory 

New Washington 




A A DeRoche 

New Washington 





Ira E Quaintance 

Bucyrus R D Phone 3 



W P Fralick 

Sycamore R D 4 




W J Cos grove 






W D Newhart 





Wm L Crowe 




1 "7 
-L t 




S L Hise 

Bucyrus R D 3 





P H Keifer 





A J Brown 






J R Rummell 






G F Wagner 

Bucyrus R D 3 




Sol Harley 

Bucyrus R D 3 




J G Wickham 

Sycamore R D 3 





J F Coder 






W E Coonrad 





H F Doll 

Crestline R D 1 



D A Weaver 

Crestline R D 1 




George Goldsmith 

Martel R D 1 





J L Diebler 

Bucyrus R D 4 





Roster of Notaries. 

These names and dates were taken from the records in the office of the 
Clerk of Courts on the 23d day of September, 1914, and include every notary 
whose commission was in force on that date. Their commissions will expire 
on the day preceding the date given below. Thiose expired may have been 

Ackerman James W 




Meek John A 




Auck S E 




Mewhort W D 




Auck Wm H 




Meyer W W 




Babst Carl M 




Miller E J 




Baumgartner S J 




Miller H J 




Beer Wm C 




Mollenkopf Joseph H 




Bittekofer J W 




Monnett W L 




Castle C A 




Monroe A W 




Cattey B J 




Myers Edward J 




Connolly John 




Newman Frederick 




Cook H E 




Pigman Frank 




Crall W 




Poole P W 




Dewold Chas E 




Quaintance John Jay 




Dickson Frank 




Radebaugh R K 




Enderlin E E 




Rein Herman A 




English John 




Richards A J 




Feighner Lewis C 




Schaber Chas F 




Ferrall W G 




Schaefer John J 




French Sherman L 




Scheeler H R 




Gallinger Charles 




Scheeler Philip 




Geer W J 




Schwenck W J 




Geiger Carl F 




Scroggs C J 




Gerhart August 




Sears R V 




Haller Jay W 




Shea John T 




Harrop F H 




Sheckler W T H 




High W A 




Sheetz Geo W 




Kennedy W 




Shumaker F M 




Kennedy T M 




Smith J J 




Kiess W C 




Snyder Charles E 




Knoll Henry 




Sprow Frank 




Lahman Wm 




Strasburg Wm 




Leuthold Alfred S 




Talbott Dean C 




Leuthold Godfrey 




Talbott J M 




Leuthold Samuel A 




Taylor Jasper N 




Lewis A W 




Tracht R C 




Matthew Chas F 




Vollmer C Fred 




McCarron John W 




Vollrath Edward 




McMichael Garfield 




Wagner Geo F 




Meek Benjamin 




Wright J Walter 




Meek C A 




Zink D L 




Roster of Bucyrus Township Officials; 

Board of Education, L I Denzer Pres, Wm Traxler V Pres, O F Mollenkopf, 

John Fahl, L H Assenheimer, Geo E Ryan Clerk & Treas 
Clerk, Geo E Ryan 
Constable, Jacob Houseburg 
Ditch Supervisor, L I Denzer 
Dragging Superintendent, L H Assenheimer 
Justices of the Peace, Chester A Meek, Wallace L Monnett 
Road Superintendents, 1 E Traxler, 2 I C Mollenkopf, 3 T J Lutz 
Trustees, Chas Unger Pres, L H Assenheimer V Pres, H J Ward 
Treasurer, James Aylward 


Roster of Bucyrus City Officials. 

Auditor, Otto Feiring, 146 Public Square 5236 

Board of Control, Hon Edward M Songer, Jack D Sheckler, Jacob Leifer 
Board of Health, W S Height Pres, Dr J J Martin, W H Auck, E G Reid, Wm 
Dapper, Chas Griffith Clerk 
Health Officer, Dr A H McCrory 
Sanitary Police, Jacob Karg 

Registrar of Vital Statistics, Chas Griffith, deputy Mrs Chas Griffith 
Civil Service Commission, Frank E Donnenwirth, Maurice E Carroll, Albert G 

Council, At Large Dr G W Grant, Chas E Geiger, C Fred Vollmer 

First Ward, Wm Carle, Second Ward, S H Coulter, Third Ward, L Mol- 
lenkopf, Fourth Ward, Ed Rinker, Clerk August Broemel 5242 
Department of Public Safety, J D Sheckler Director 

'Fire Department 5145, W F Mader Chief 5066, D H Stewart Engineer 
5015, Ralph R Carpenter Truck Driver; Chas Dreher, John D Pfleid- 
erer, Chas R Schurr firemen; I Brinkman, O Hertzer, W Hecken- 
hauer, Robert Maudsley, Maurice Plummer, J Stoltz, E Fink, H 
Beamer minute men; A Munz, H Winner, J Houseburg, F Myers, C 
Bensinger substitutes 
Police Department 5441, Philip Troutman Chief 5121, Jas C Ghist, John 
Kennedy, A V Sharp, Matt C Coulter patrolmen 
Department of Public Service, Jacob Leifer Director, August Broemel clerk 
Civil Engineer, Francis Niederheiser 
Superintendent of Streets, 
Sprinkling Contractor, O E Roop 
Mayor, Hon Edward J Songer, Vice Carl Young 5018 

Public Library, Col C W Fisher Pres, J J Bliss Secy, E G Reid, W H Miller, 
J F Kimerline, John F McGuire, Vera A Price Librarian, Cora A Herr 
Sinking Fund Trustees, Wm F Blicke, B Frank Lauck, Chas J Scroggs, Chas 

Solicitor, J Walter Wright 5381 
Treasurer, John F McGuire 

Roster of Educational Institutions. 

Crawford County Board of Education, Pres A G Kibler, V Pres C R Snyder, M 
W Winemiller, Dr W H Guiss, H D Miller, F G Bittikofer Clerk 
Superintendent of Crawford County Schools, Fred G Bittikofer 5852 
District Superintendents, 1 Prof J W McNutt, 2 Prof Jesse Dick, 3 Prof 

A B Lynn, 4 Prof Edwin H Laughbaum 
County Board of Examiners, Curtis W Tracht Pres, Martha Messner V 

Pres, F G Bittikofer Clerk 
Organization of Crawford County Boards of Education, H J Smith Pres, 

W S Kiess Secy 
Teachers Institute, Louise John Pres, E J Bittikofer V Pres, Sue Sexauer 

Bucyrus City Board of Education, Dr A H McCrory Pres, John Ludwig, E G 
Reid, F A Wise, Martha Messner Clerk & Treas 
City Board of Examiners, Otho W Kennedy, Sue Sexauer, Wm N Beetham 

Bucyrus City Schools, Wm N Beetham Supt, Mildred Seiser Clerk, Chas 
Flocken Truant Officer 5727 

Supervisors, Art & Penmanship, H Wilbur Carr, Music, W Lee West 
High School, Richard A Garvin Prin, Martha Maize mathematics, S A 

Kurtz chemistry, C H Miller physics, Ursula Mills English, Dorcas 

Beet English & Latin, Helen Dornblaser Latin, Marie Brubaker 

German, Mabel Burkett History, Ivan L Crall Commercial, Dora 

Chambers Asst, Jos A McClintock Janitor 5727 


Union Building, 8 Grade Jessie Messner, Olga Winegartner, 7 Luretta 
Chesney, Lois Keller, 6 Emily Sheckler, 5 Mae Hammond, 4 Jessie 
Uhl, 3 Sylvia Marshall, 2 Mary Lamb, 1 Ida Uhl, German Martha 
Vollmer, Cadet Corinne Lichtenwalter, Janitor Jos McClintock 572/ 

Col Crawford Building, 865 Woodlawn, 4 Chas Kuehnle Prin, 3 Gertrude 
Bilsing, 2 Clara Schieber, 1 Elizabeth Stauft'er, Janitor Douglas 
Reynolds 5442 

Kilbourne Building, 1130 S Walnut, 7 H Herman Baer Prin, 6-5 Carrie 
Hurr, 4 Maude Stout, 3 Julia Wagner, 2 Eunice Sullivan, 1 Sue 
Sexauer, Janitor Chas E Beach 5517 

Norton Building, 435 Kaler, 4 Effie Mapes Prin, 3 Augusta Kleindienst, 2 
Stella Barth, 1 Mae McCrory, Janitor Chas E Flocken 5719 

Lincoln Building, 170 Plymouth, 8 O E DeWitt Prin, 7 Louise Linder, 6 

Harriet Brown, 5 Edith Klaiss, 4 Ruth Hoselton, 3 Gayle Clouse, 2 

Katie King, Freda lams, 1 Edna Vollrath, Freda lams, Janitor Fred 

Weichold 5811 

Parochial School, Holy Trinity School, 310 N Walnut, Sisters Celestine, Ignatia 

and Justin teachers 
Private Kindergartens, 

Johnston Kindergarten, 215 S Walnut 

Ott Kindergarten, 703 S Poplar 

Roster of Incorporated Companies, 

The American Clay Machinery Co, R C Penfield Pres, L W Penfield V Pres, R 
O Perrott Secy, H C Penfield asst Treas 

The Jacob Bach Co, Jacob Bach Pres-Treas, S Bach V Pres, L Bach Secy 

The Broken Sword Stone Co, P J Carroll Pres, I Nussbaum V Pres, W H Pick- 
ing Treas, F J Quilter Seey-Supt, J E Myers bookkeeper 

The Bucyrus City Bank, Geo Donnenwirth Pres, J H Robinson V Pres, F P 
Donnenwirth V Pres, W A Blicke Cashier, F E Donnenwirth & C E 
Gebhart Assts 

The Bucyrus Development Co, Geo Donnenwirth Pres, Henry B Smith Treas, 
Henry Diedrich Supt 

The Bucyrus Forge & Machine Co, D G Heiser Pres, Col Edward Vollrath Secy, 
C P Mader Mgr 

The Bucyrus Loan & Building Co, W F Barth Pres, E G Reid V Pres, J W 
Miller Secy 

The Bucyrus Lumber Co, Jacob Colter Pres, P J Carroll V Pres, C J Scroggs 
Secy, W A Blicke Treas, S S White Mgr 

The Bucyrus Publishing Co, Lank M Smith Pres-Treas, J Michelfelder V Pres, 
W A Blicke Secy 

The Bucyrus Steel Casting Co, P J Carroll Pres-Mgr, W A Blicke Secy-Treas 

The Bucyrus Telephone Co, W H Miller Pres, Benj Shearer V Pres, A G Stoltz 
Secy-Treas, H O Dutter Mgr 

The Carroll Foundry & Machine Co, P J Carroll Pres-Mgr, W A Blicke Secy- 

The Citizens Store Co, F J Norton Pres, Dr W L Yeoman V Pres, R O Perrott 
Secy-Treas, Wm H Geiger Mgr 

The Crawford County Farmers Mutual Fire Insurance Co, J W Stuckman Pres, 
Jas Decker V Pres, Emanuel Schieber Secy, F T Smith Treas 

The Deutsche Geselschaft Hugo Schulze Pres, See Miscellaneous Organizations 

The Electric Light & Power Co, J T Lynn Pres, P J Carroll V Pres, V N 
Gurney Secy-Treas, A G Moser Supt 

The Farmers & Citizens Bank & Savings Co, Geo W Miller Pres, Amos Keller 
V Pres, C R Rowe V Pres, H E Kiess Cashier, T M Kennedy Asst, Ed- 
ward Menninger bookkeeper 

The First National Bank, W H Picking Pres, W C Lemert V Pres, E G Beal 

The Home Mutual Fire Assn, Geo W Miller Pres, W L Monnett Secy, H F 
Miller Agent 


The Hopley Printing Co, John E Hopley Pres, J W Hopley V Pres, Jas R 

Hopley Secy, Frank L Hopley Treas, Geo B Knapp Bus Mgr 
The Houghton-Merkel Co, C E Merkel Pres, A C Queen Treas, H A Barrett Mgr 
The Monnette Memorial Hospital Corporation, Col C W Fisher Pres, E J Songer 

V Pres, M R Lewis Secy, Lank M Smith Treas 

Board of Lady Managers, Mrs Chas Gallinger Pres, Martha Messner 
Secy, Mrs A J Richards Treas 
The J K Myers Co, J K Myers Pres-Mgr, Ida B Myers Secy 
The New York Blower Co, J W Mathis Pres, C W Roger Secy, A H Lyon Mgr 
The Oakwood Cemetery Assn, Chas F Picking Pres, F T Johnston Treas, Geo 

C Gormly Secy 
The Ohio Locomotive Crane Co, P J Carroll Pres, C S Rogers V Pres, C F 

Michael Secy, M E Carroll Treas 
The Peoples Savings & Loan Co, Geo Donnenwirth Pres, J H Meyer V Pres, A 

J Richards Secy, J H Richards Treas, Edwin J Myers Atty 
The Pressman Bros Co, Thos Pressman Pres, Philip Pressman Secy, D D 

Samelson Treas-Mgr 
The Roehr Co, A S Leuthold Pres, S A Leuthold Secy-Treas-Mgr 
The Rowe Bros Co, T G Rowe Pres, C R Rowe Secy 
The Ryder Brass Foundry Co, W H Whitmore Pres, E W Ryder V Pres, P 

H Ryder Secy-Treas-Mgr 
The Second National Bank, D H White Pres, W C Kiess V Pres, A G Stoltz 

Cashier, T C Kiess and H E Cook Assts 
The Shaw Furniture & Carpet Co, Philip Root Pres, Harry Scherff V Pres, 

Grant Shaw Treas, W S Alexander Secy-Mgr 
The Sommer Motor Co, L A Sommer Pres-Mgr, W N Baker Secy-Treas 
The F W Woolworth Co, F W Woolworth Pres, S L Knoz V Pres, F M KirLy 

V Pres, E P Charlton V Pres, C S Woolworth V Pres, W H Moore Hon V 
Pres, Carson C Peck Treas, H T Parson Secy 

The Young Mens Christian Assn, W M Hubbell Pres, R A Garvin V Pres, I B 
Chadwick V Pres, Jas R Hopley Rec Secy, E G Beal Treas 

Roster of Religious Organizations. 

Baptist, First Church, 235 Woodlawn, Rev Robert Hughes Pastor, Earl Smith 

Secy, G D Dunn, Treas 

Sunday School, W H Athey Supt, Virgil Kraft Secy, Mary Gardner Treas 

Womens H & F Missionary Society, Mrs S S Sheffer Pres, Mrs Viola 
Cosgrove Secy 

Ladies Aid Society, Mrs Mary Kraft Pres, Mrs Zoe Sommer Secy, Mrs 
Robert Hughes Treas 

B Y P U, Gladys Shively Pres, Secy, Virgil Kraft Treas 

Catholic, Holy Trinity Church, 220 East Mary St, Rev Chas Braschler 

Altar Society, meets 4th Sunday, Mrs Anthony Fox Pres 

Young Ladies Sodality, meets 1st Sunday, Mary Gabriel Pres 
Christian, Church of Christ, 301 E Warren, Rev Leroy A Warren Pastor, B A 

Rosino clerk, Frank Campbell Treas 

Bible School, John Braden Supt, Velma Lykens Secy, Mrs Clara Price 

C W B M, Mrs John Braden Pres, Mrs S Davis Secy, Mrs Etta Rogers 

Ladies Aid, Mrs G J Stuckert Pres, Mrs J W Hise Secy, Mrs L J Casey 

Janitor, Frank D Rogers 
Christian Science, First Church of Christ, 112 1-2 W Rensselaer, Will Neuman 

1st Reader, Carrie Newman 2d Reader 
Episcopalian, 215 S Poplar 

Scott McDonald Clerk, Harry Startsman Treas 

Sunday School, Margaret Perrott Supt 

Ladies Guild, Mrs Chas Michaels Pres, Mrs Dr B T Ruthruff Secy-Treas 


Evangelical, First Church, 300 Lincoln Way, Rev Emery Paulin pastor 
Trustees, P T Smith Pres, J W Haller Secy, H E Kiess Treas 
Sunday School, Prof R A Garvin Supt, H E Kiess Secy 

Y P A, T C Kiess Pres, Hazel Heinlen Secy 
Junior Y P A, 

W M S, Mrs L F Heinlen Pres, Mary Meek Secy 
Loyal Workers, Mrs R A Garvin Pres 

Lutheran, Good Hope Church, 125 W Charles, Rev Oscar A Bertram pastor 

Church Council, Rev O A Bertram Chm, John Rinker Secy, Geo Fisher 

Trustees, D D Schieber, Louis Mollenkopf, Otto Feiring 
Sunday School, Geo Fisher Supt 
Ladies Aid, Mrs John Walter Pres, Mrs Frank Liebich Secy, Mrs John 

Rinker Treas 

Y L M S, Mrs John Secrist Pres, Emma Bessinger Secy, Mattie Pfleid- 

erer Treas 
Men's League, Jonas Leifer Pres 
Luther League, Gertrude Bilsing Pres 
Choir, Prof G Goldsmith Leader, Miss M Kantzer Organist, Harvey Hilde- 

brand Pres 
Janitor, Fred Weichold 

St Pauls Evangelical Church, 130 S Walnut, Rev Samuel E Dornblaser 
Pastor, E L Stiefel Secy, A J Richards Treas 
Sunday School, Jos D Wise Supt, Mrs Harry Rule Secy, Carl A 

Brown Treas 
Lutheran Brotherhood, E A Didie Pres, John Schieber Treas, Jos 

Wise Secy 
W H & F M S, Mrs S G Dornblaser Pres, Mrs Geo Trautman Secy, 

Mrs Emma Decker Treas 
Luther League, Ella Lutz Pres, Sylvia Marshall Secy, Walter Bauer 

Ladies Guild, Mrs Geo Trautman Pres, Mrs S J Stewart Treas 
Y P M B, Mrs C H Hammond & Ida Uhl leaders 
Janitor, John Richardson 

Choir, Winnetta Beam Pres, Alberta Ensminger Treas, Eva Vollrath 
Chorister, Mrs A M Jones Organist 

Methodist, First M E Church, 227 S Walnut, Rev C W Smith 
Sunday School, 
Epworth League, 
Official Board, 
Men's Brotherhood, 

Y W M, Edith Forrest Pres, Mrs Archie McNeal Secy, Mrs A Christman 

German Methodist Church, 205 Woodlawn, Rev C E Buerkle Pastor 
Official Board, Daniel Beal Pres, J E Stump Secy, A G Stoltz Treas 
Sunday School, J E Stump Supt 
Epworth League, Ruth Shearer Pres 
Ladies Missionary Society, Mrs E Hipp Pres 
Dorcas Society, 
Janitor, J C Derr 

Presbyterian, First Church 125 S Poplar, Rev Howard G Wilkinson Pastor 
Trustees, W H Auck Pres, T M Kennedy Clerk, J S DeLashmut Treas 
Session, F T Johnson Clerk 

Sunday School, Walter M 'Hubbell Supt, Arnold Leutz Secy, Clarence 
Bacon Treas 

Y P S C E, 

W M S, Mrs J B Gormly Pres, Leaffa Gibson Secy, Mrs W M Hubbell 

Y W M S, Mrs Retta Chesney Pres 


Ladies Social Union, Mrs John Matthew Pres, Mrs T M Kennedy Secy, 

Mrs Walter Hubbell Treas 
Organist, Mrs H G Wilkinson, Arnold Leutz Pres, Mrs Will Auck Secy, 

Ross Black Treas 
Janitor, John Durr 
Reformed, St John's Church, 300 E Rensselaer, Rev F H Keller Pastor 
Trustees, Ivan C Crall Secy, L C Heinlen Treas 
Sunday School, Jas Ackerman Supt, Delbert Hartman Secy, Lois Keller, 

Ladies Aid, Mrs SB Auck Pres, Mrs Lewis Nedele Secy, Mrs C Birk, Tr 

Y P S C E, 

Jr Y P S C E, Lois Keller Pres 
Seventh Day Adventists, Unorganized 
United Brethren, First Church, 320 Woodlawn Rev A E Davis 

Trustees, N H Lea Pres, Prof C H Miller, Treas 

Sunday School, A G McFarron 

Y P S C E, Mary Lamb Pres 

Jr Y P S C E, Eunice Sullivan Supt 

W M A, Mrs F T Keesey Pres 

Pastors Aid, Mrs Susie Kibler Pres 

Otter be in Guild, Bertha Beistle Pres 

Tithers League, Mrs J J Dick Pres 

Otterbein Brotherhood, E L Rice Pres 

Class Leader, J R Sprow 

Bucyrus Ministerial Assn, Rev L A Warren Pres, Rev Robert Hughes Secy 
Crawford County Sunday School Assn, R C Tracht Pres, J J Fauser Secy, R A 

Garvin Treas 

Roster of Lodges and Miscellaneous Organizations. 


Kings Daughters, In-as-Much Circle, Mrs A B Bradstock Leader, Mrs Chas 

Gallinger Secy, Macie Myers Treas 

Mothers Club, Mrs Chas Gallinger Pres 
Bucyrus Prohibition League, Walter M Hubbell Pres, H G McFarren V Pres, 

Dr G W Grant Secy, Garfield McMichaels Treas 
Bucyrus W C T U, Mrs Harry Raub Pres, Mrs Mary Markley V Pres, Mrs 

Celestia Darr Cor Secy, Mirs R J Hanby Rec Secy, Mrs Ella Neff Treas 
Crawford County Anti-Saloon League, Hon W C Kiess Pres, R C Tracht V Pres, 

J J Fauser Secy, H C Penfield Asst, B F Lauck Treas 
Crawford County Humane Society, J W McCarron Secy 
Crawford County W C T U, Mrs I C Guinther Pres, Mrs J Frank Smith V Pres, 

Mrs Lillian Keller Rec Secy, Mrs Jennie Shaffer Cor Secy, Mrs R J 

Hanby Treas 
Y M C A, (see Incorporated Companies) H G McFarren Genl Secy, Howard 

Williams Physical Director 


American Insurance Union, John Scott Pres, Mrs Geo Timson Secy, Mrs Ed 

Hough Treas 
Catholic Ladies of Columbia, Emma Fox Pres 
Catholic Mutual Benefit Assn, Anthony Yanka- Pres 
Commercial Travelers, Bucyrus Council No 33*4, W D Koons Sr C, S H Coulter 

Deutsche Gesellschaft, Hugo Schulze Pres, Geo Fisher Cor Secy, Fred Oppen- 

lander Rec Secy, John Meyer Treas 
Eagles, Bucyrus Aerie No 501, J W Ackerman W P, Thos Jesson Secy, F E 

Donnenwirth Treas 


Elks, Bucyrus Lodge No 156, Ralph Perrott E C, A M Jones Secy, Jas Aylward 

Foresters, Court Bucyrus No 1010 I O F, Arthur Mollencop C R, J G F Wurtem- 

burger F S, Fred Levinsky Treas 

Companion Court Concord No 107, Mrs Alice Stebbins C R, Mrs Ida 
Slagle F S, Mrs Jennie Shealy Treas 
German Benevolent Society, Anthony Rauth Pres, Jos Barron Secy, Wm Rauth 

Junior Order, Bucyrus Council No 184 Jr O U A M, Wm Hannover C, Harley 

Wirebaugh Treas 
Knights of Columbus, Bucyrus Council No 511, Geo A Sens G K, Jos H Kaupp 

F S 
Knights of the Maccabees, Bucyrus Tent No 135, W F Brinkman Com, A E 

Dufraine R K 

Gold Leaf Hive L O T M, Mrs Elizabeth Hammond Com, Mrs W H 
Linser R K, Mrs Amanda Didie F A 
Knights of Pythias, Demas Lodge No 108, Otto Feiring C C, Robert W Lamb 

K of R & S, M G Lowmiller M of E 

Pythian Sisters, Cyrus Temple No 65, Mrs Ida M Looker M E C, Mrs 
Emma Doble M of R & S, Mrs Minnie Kuebeler M of F 
Masonic Trinity Lodge No 556 F & A M, T C Kiess W M, S E Auck Secy, W H 

Auck Treas 

Bucyrus Chapter No 160 R A M, C J Scroggs H P, S E Auck Secy, F T 
Johnston Treas 

Gwynn Council No 83 R & S M, J N Taylor T I M, S E Auck Recorder, 
A G Stoltz Treas 

Bucyrus Chapter No 3 O E S, Elizabeth Ryder W M, Hortensia McNutt 
Secy, Jennie E Shealy Treas 
Moose, being organized 
Odd Fellows, LaSalle Lodge No 51 I O O F, J A Wirth N G, O E DeWitt R S 

W S Hight F S 

Kearsley Encampment No 234, C J Songer Secy 

Owls, Bucyrus Nest No 1211, Chas Hilborn Pres, A H Smith Secy, Ervin 

Leister Treas 
Royal Arcanum, Crawford Council No 15, C P Gaa Regent, Solomon Manbeck 

Secy, D M Eichman Treas, W D Jolly Collector 
Woodmen, Bucyrus Camp No 3664 M W of A, Paul Linton W C, H A Shumaker 



Barbers, Bucyrus Local No 440 JBIU of A, Guy Bair Secy 

Brewery Workers, Mansfield Lodge No 276, Sol Walters Pres, Bucyrus Branch 

No 9, H A Lease Secy 
Carpenters, Bucyrus Local No 1762 UBC&J of A, Ed B Rex Pres, Ed Fisher 

Cor Secy, Chas Messner F S, Chas Gilmore Treas 
Clerks, Bucyrus Retail Clerks Assn, Dan Sheckler Pres, W T m F Kramer, R S, 

Geo Ryan F S & Treas 
Conductors, Bucyrus Council No 193 ORC, Ed Volk C C, W H Miller Secy 
Letter Carriers, Bucyrus Branch No 474 N A L, J C Lichtenwalter Pres, C F 

Berry Secy-Treas 
Locomotive Engineers, Bucyrus Council No 124, Wm Ryan C E, Frank Korn 

Locomotive Firemen, Old Guard Lodge No — , Jas Melcher Pres, Wm Klein 

R S, Geo Rauth F S & Treas 

Harmony Lodge No 128 Ladies Auxiliary, Mrs Mayme Huson Pres, Mrs 
Myrtle Moore Secy, Mrs Ethel E Love Treas 
Machinists, Crawford Lodge No 321 I A M, Harry B Carle Pres, C E Heiby F 

S, Clarence Kober R C, Ira Baker Treas 


Molders, Bucyrus Local No 352, Ben F Hoover Pres, S Schuler R S, C Jacobs 

F S, J Martin Treas 
Musicians, Bucyrus Local No 599 A F M, W F Ehrick Pres, W P Gillam Secy, 

H F Ehrick Treas 
Trainmen, Good Hope Council No 59 B of R T, S W Benedict Pres, C E Shanks 

Secy, John Stebbins Treas 


Bucyrus Chautauqua Society, Jas R Hopley Pres, Wesley Beal V Pres, H G 

McFarren Secy, Geo W Miller Treas 
Crawford County Pioneers Assn, Henry Dapper Pres, John Peterman V Pres, 

J A Smith Secy, John Smith Treas 
Crocus Club, Mrs C Richard Rowe Pres, Mrs Geo B Knapp Secy, Mrs Ralph C 

Perrott Treas 
Crocus Junior Club, Mrs Perce Young Pres, Mrs Ralph Black R S, Nell Tap- 
ling C S, Ora Ross Treas 
Current Events Club, Mrs Mary A Schack Pres, Mrs J E Myers V Pres, Mrs 

Willis Baker C S, Mrs Aug Christman R S, Mrs Delia Goodman Treas 
Daughters of The American Revolution, Hannah Crawford Chapter, Dorcas G 

Beer Regent, Alice Sears Registrar, Bessie Johnston Treas, Grace Mon- 

nett Secy 
New Era Club, Mrs Jay R Hopley Pres, Mrs W S Nichols. V Pres, Mrs J S De- 

Lashmut Secy, Mrs Frank T Johnston Treas 
North Side Reading Circle, Mrs J R Davenport Pres, Hazel Heinlen Secy, Mrs 

L F Heinlen Treas 
South Side Reading Circle, Mrs F R McFarland Pres, Mrs Josephine Miller V 

Pres, Mrs H B Ward Secy, Mrs E B Monnett Treas 


Daughters of Veterans, Mrs Thos J Sheppard Tent No 33, Viola Cosgrove Pres, 

Mrs Edith Coutts Secy, Mrs Loretta Goodman Treas 
Grand Army of the Republic, Keller Post No 128, Geo W Harris Com, Wilson 

A Miller Adjt, F E Lamb Qtm 
Spanish-American War Veterans, Camp Thoman No 30, H A Pontius Com, J C 

Cramer Adjt, C H Fisher Qtm 
Womens Relief Corps, Keller Corps No 225, Mrs Belle R Harris Secy, Mrs 

Ella Humiston Pres, Mrs Iva Christman Treas 
Marksmen, Bucyrus Gun Club, Dr H H Smith Pres, Dr F P Leonard Secy-Treas 

Bucyrus Rifle Assn, J W Miller Pres, C P Mader Secy-Treas 


Bucyrus Glee Club, Gus Munz Pres, Walter Assenheimer Secy-Treas 

Bucyrus Ladies Orchestra, Prof Harry Bogen Leader 

Citizens Band, W P Gillam Mgr, Prof Frank Sanzo Cond, E J Rauth Secy-Treas 

Citizens Band Orchestra, E J Rauth Leader 

High School" Band, Prof W Lee West Leader 


Bucyrus Woman's Suffrage Assn, Mrs Wallace Monnett Pres, Mrs Dorcas Beer 

Secy, Lydia Strieb Treas 
Crawford County Willis Boosters Assn, A G Stoltz Pres, A S Leuthold V Pr, 

Garfield McMichael Secy, Capt Carl Brown Treas 
Democratic Party, Central Committee, C F Vollmer Chm, M W Winemiller 

Secy, H E Bormuth Treas; Executive Committee, G Goldsmith dim, 

Frank Pigman Secy, L M Liggitt Treas 
Progressive Party, Central Committee, Carl Gugler Chm, Fred J Phelps Secy 


Republican Party, Central Committee, R O Perrott Chm, C S Spore Secy; 
Executive Committee, W J Geer Chm, J Walter Wright Secy, A J Scott 


Bucyrus Poultry and Pet Stock Assn, F M Eakin Pres, E G Reid Secy, J W 

Haller Treas 
Crawford County Agricultural Assn, John Stuckman Pres, John Gebhardt V P, 

J I Smith Secy, A G Stoltz Treas 
Crawford County Medical Society, Dr C A Marquart Pres, Dr L Kemp Secy-Tr 
Lincoln Highway Association, Hon E J Songer County Counsel, Walter M 

Hubbell City Counsel, John E Hopley State Counsel 

The Jacob Bach Co. 





Tlhds section includes the names of all persons over 16 years of age with 
their occupation, place of business or employment etc. To learn their rela- 
tionship to the household of which they are a part turn to the Street Section 
immediately following this and find their 'location on the Street where full 
information will be given, including the ownership or management of the 
property occupied. 

Names printed in heavy faced type are patrons of the Directory either 
as subscribers or advertisers. These are the men who do most to make an 
up-to-date Directory possible. 

Name in (parentheses) is wife of the person whose name immediately 

House umbers in (parentheses) are the numbers on the house but are 
not the proper number for those houses. They are given to assist in identify- 
ing the house. Odd numbers are on west and south sides of street, even 
on east and north sides. 

Where two different addresses are given the first is the place of business. 

In the case of partnerships the names or initials of the members of the 
firm are given in (parentheses) after the firm name. 

In the case of incorporated eomipanies only the manager's name is given 
in this section. For full list of officers 'see Roster of Incorporated Companies 
in Front Section. 

Abnett Albert (Maude) engineer T&OC, 735 E Mansfield 5702 
Ackerman Caleb (Margaret M) retired, 469 S Spring 

Ackerman Chas S (Lydia A) Mgr East Yards Bucyrus Lumber Co, 311 E War- 
ren 5759 
Ackerman Edmond K, minor, 607 S Walnut 

Ackerman H, Piano Store, C C Mattox Mgr, 128 N Sandusky 5871 
Ackerman Jas W, clerk County Auditor, 469 S Spring 
Ackerman John C (Meta E) ship elk Carroll Fdry, 129 W Irving 
Ackerman Melvin R (Metta S) clerk Penna Ry, 509 S Poplar 
Ackerman Nettie M, sales Berk & Hale, 469 S Spring 
Adams Express Co, J A Jakes Agt, s w cor Public Square 5447 
Adams Forrest, wks Norton Greenhouse, 456 Kaler 
Adams Frank (Gertrude) Painter & Paperhanger, 456 Kaler 
Adams Joseph (Annie) Topper & Adams, 546 (556) N Lane 5189 
Adams Lester W (Emma) barber, 418 Kaler 3781 
Adams Lucile, student, 420 S Spring 5156 
Ahl Clarence U, student, 944 Woodlawn 
Ahl Edwin A, patternmaker Am Clay, 402 Prospect 
Ahl Frederick, Ptr & Paperhanger, 402 Prospect 
Ahl Jacob (Gertrude E) painter T&OC, 402 Prospect 
Ahl John (Minta) salesman Tracht & Lutz, 353 W Warren 
Ahl Wm (Caroline) blacksmith T&OC, 944 Woodlawn 
Aidt Chas (Mary M) mach T&OC, 531 Kaler 
Aidt Chas Jr (Gladys M) mach Am Clay, 882 S Sandusky 


Aidt Herman H (Emma R) painter, 502 Kaler 

Aidt Wm J (Anna) cement worker, 327 W Center 

Aidt Wm L (Clara) meat cutter Dobbins-Geiger, 340 W Center 

Albright Block, G W Albright owner, 204-212 S Sandusky 

Albright Fred J (Bevvie M) Agt The Columbian Life Ins Co, 212 N Sandusky, 

res 637 East St 
Albright Geo W (Jemima) retired, 208% S Sandusky 5783 
Albright Georgianna, at home, 208% S Sandusky 5783 
Albright Gertrude, domestic, 214 S Poplar 5836 

Allen H Lewis (Chattie M) tool dresser Am Clay, 510 W Warren 5502 
Allen Ruth F, cashier Berk & Hales, 510 W Warren 5502 
Allender Walter S, Secy & Mgr The Shaw Furn & Carpet Co, 315 S Sandusky 

Aller David, mach helper T&OC, 801 Lincoln 5758 
Aller Frank (Ora) carpenter Sommer Motor, 501 Rogers 5285 
Aller Lenora, at home, 501 Rogers 5285 
Altner Harry, minor, 105 John 

Ambrosier Robert H (Irena M) flagman T&OC, 610 E Mansfield 
American Clay Machinery Co The, R O Perrott Secy-Mgr, 300 S Walnut 5221 & 

5407 (Supt 5223) 
American Express Co, A E Dufraine Agt, 226 S Sandusky 5552 
American Shoe Shining Parlor, R Jones Propr, 224 S Sandusky 
Ames M Blanche, at home, 530 East St S 

Amick Harry G (M Edith) plumber H Myers, 465 W Warren 
Andrews Lawrence (Anna E) Ptr & Paperhanger, 603 S Spring 
Andrews Rebecca E, wid J, 523 S Poplar 
Angene August, retired, 915 (815) N Sandusky 

Aras John (Venona L) wholesale Hide Dealer Mansfield O, res 117 Fisher 5791 
Arbuckle D Dale, teamster, 857 S Poplar 3109 
Arbuckle Ethel, saleslady Rowe Bros, 325 E Mansfield 5430 
Arbuckle Susan, wid Wm, 857 S Poplar 3109 
Armbruster Fred W (Ruth N) carpenter, 456 W Perry 
Armstrong Chas F (Elizabeth M) fireman T&OC, 312 Woodlawn 
Armstrong Harry F, 313 (314) Iron 

Armstrong Robert P (Emma C) conductor T&OC, 313 (314) Iron 
Arnold Elizabeth, wid Geo, 230 N Lane 
Arnold Dr Wm £ (Blanche P) Dentist 16 Quimby Blk 5105, res 800 Rogers 

Artificial Stone Co (Thos Berry & Wm Breymaier) 726 E Rensselaer 
Ash Bertha C, stenog Am Clay, 500 S Poplar 
Ash Caroline W, wid John, 500 S Poplar 

Asli Chas H (Flora) draftsman Ohio Loc Crane, 119 Liberty 
Ash Frank (Mary) conductor T&OC, 468 S Walnut 
Ash Laura M, clerk Am Clay, 500 S Poplar 
Ash Lefa E, at home, 500 S Poplar 
Ashbaugh Wm, eng T&OC, 203 W Mansfield 5574 
Assenheimer Carl R, bookkeeper, 460 S Sandusky 
Assenheimer Chas, 128 E Mary 

Assenheimer Christ (Caroline) Carpenter, 415 E Charles 5787 
Assenheimer Christian (Bertha W) retired, 464 S Sandusky 
Assenheimer Fred J, inspector T&OC, 460 S Sandusky 
Assenheimer Geo F (Elizabeth) cabinet maker, 128 E Mary 
Assenheimer Gust W (Louise C) mach N Y Blower, 817 S Walnut 
Assenheimer John L (Caroline M) retired, 460 S Sandusky 
Assenheimer Sophia M, wid A, 113 W Irving 5851 
Assenheimer Walter G, patternmaker T&OC, 460 S Sandusky 
Assenheimer Wm C (Minnie G) bookkpr Colter & Co, 505 S Poplar 
Aten Flora A, at home, 407 S Sandusky 5265 
Athey Clyde P, trackman T&OC, 320 Sheckler 
Athey Wm H (Luella) yard foreman T&OC, 320 Sheckler 
Athey Wm P, craneman T&OC. 320 Sheckler 


Auck Bros (Wm H & S E) Real Est, Ins, Loans & Surety Bonds, Notaries 

Public, 113 E Mansfield 5451 
Auck Lawrence (Goldie I) wks Picking & Co, 1018 Tiffin 
Auck Mary Mrs, dishwasher The Deal House 
Auck Michael (Caroline) retired, 602 S Walnut 6103 
Auck Samuel E (Lula V) Auck Bros, 323 E Lucas 5027 
Auck Wm H (Terressa E) Auck Bros, 322 W Charles 3232 
Augustina Lena A Mrs, at home, 720 (676) Elm 
Aulis Margaret J, wid Sam, 918 Willard 3216 
Aumiller Daniel (Maria) farmer, 230 Nevada Rural — 106 
Aumiller Emanuel, farmer, 354 W Warren 5169 
Aumiller Julia, at home, 310 Clark 
Aurandt R Ray, student, 409 W Charles 3561 
Aurand Eva L, wid R, 208 W Mary 
Aurandt Helen M, student, 409 W Charles 3561 
Aurandt Robert M (Esther) postal clerk, 409 W Charles 3561 
Ausberger Henry J, molders apprentice Am Clay, 424 N Walnut 
Ausberger Joseph M, Barber Shop Deal House, res 424 N Walnut 
Ausberger Peter (Anna) molders helper Am Clay, 424 N Walnut 
Aylward Jas H (Helen L) Mgr Lake Jewelry Store, 326 W Mansfield 5739 


Bach Jacob (Sarah) The J Bach Co, 320 W Warren 5348 

Bach The Jacob Co, Jacob Bach Pres-Mgr, Clothing & Gents Furnishings, 104 

S Sandusky, tel 

Bach Lester F, The J Bach Co, 320 W Warren 5348 

Bachman Jesse C (Hattie P) conductor T&OC, 326 S Spring 

Baco James, molder Carroll Fdry, 119 W Mary 

Bacon Clarence L (Delia) letter carrier, 404 W Charles 

Bacon Clark (Lillie) retired, 311 N Sandusky 

Bacon Elba E, stenog Am Clay, 423 E Lucas 3455 

Bacon Frances E, wid W M, 423 E Lucas 3455 

Bacon Fred W (Delia) Painter, 311 N Sandusky 

Bacon Maude B Mrs, 126 S Spring 

Baehr Fred (Maude) Electrical Contractor, 1110 E Warren 5345 

Baehr Geo J (Mary A) wks Am Clay, 236 (332) Ethel 

Baehr Louisa E, seamstress, 236 (332) Ethel 

Baehr Martin (Gertrude E) boilermaker T&OC, 1010 E Warren 

Baer H Herman (Grace L) Principal Kilbourne School, res Short Street 3335 

Baerkircher & Haala (H G & C J) Peoples Market 

Baerkircher Herman G (Alma E) Baerkircher & Haala, 1003 (889) N Sandusky 

Bahr Henry Jr, car repairer T&OC, 235 Whetstone 5402 
Bahr Henry Sr, retired, 235 Whetstone 5402 

Bahr Jacob (Frances) Ice Cream salesman, 277 Whetstone 3246 
Bair David H (Maude) salesman Leifer, 117 E Lucas 
Bair Eliza, wid Geo, 514 S Poplar 

Bair Francis H (Anna A) retired, 827 (892) W Mansfield 5508 
Bair Guy I (Beatrice M) barber J Ausburger 
Bair Lyle C, 514 S Poplar 

Bair Rollin C, clerk T&OC, 827 (892) W Mansfield 5508 
Baird Fannie, nurse, 606 E Charles 5092 

Baker Ellis A (Gertrude) cost clerk Am Clay Co, 304 W Mansfield 5642 
Baker E Barney (Julia A) mach Sommer Motor, 929 E Warren 
Baker Harry, 708 Woodlawn 

Baker Henry, boilermaker helper T&OC, 708 Woodlawn 
Baker Ira T H (Dora M) mach N Y Blower, 703 E Mansfield 3192 
Baker J Edward. (Martha) 708 Woodlawn 


Baker Jency E, wid M W, 321 (331) W Rensselaer 5550 
Baker John T (Malvina M) wks Buc Bending Co, 440 Lincoln 
Baker Lucy, widow, 311 (312) Iron 3610 

Baker Miles C, telephone switchman, 321 (331) W Rensselaer 5550 
Baker Omar B (Bessie R) foreman Bending Works, 807 Faustina 
Baker Walter C (Mabel M) steel ceiling wkr, 208 W Mansfield 5292 
Baker Willis (Rose) Secy The Sommer Motor Co, 311 (312) Iron 3610 
Baldosser Gust, laborer, 200 S Sandusky 
-Baldosser Wm A (Lillie A) Drayman, 507 S Sandusky 5583 
Balduf Martin J (M Alice) plumber H Myers, 915 E Southern 
Ball Grounds, Thos Jesson Mgr, 920 Tiffin 
Ball Maude C, wid R, 343 E Southern 
Ball M Joseph (Jeannetta) retired, 207 N Walnut 

Ballinger Chas P (Bessie) telegrapher Penna Ry, 120 (527) W Lucas 5726 
Bane Benjamin, cutter Pressman Bros Co, 557 East St S 
Banks Bertram B, painter N Y Blower, 220 Whetstone 3680 
Banks Chas F, machinist, 220 Whetstone 3680 
Banks Hazel F, tel opr, 220 Whetstone 3680 
Banks Jas S (Alice J) fireman T&OC, 506 E Warren 
Banks John F (Catherine A) targetman T &OC, 220 Whetstone 3680 
Barcis Andrew (Elizabeth) wks Carroll Fdry, 214 N Highland 
Barclay Benj, wks Carroll Fdry, 328 N Sandusky 
Bare Gola (Lillian J) wks T&OC, 237 E Mary 
Bare Guy (Beatrice) barber, 214 E Warren 
Bargar Harry K (Delia E) painter, 510 E Oakwood 
Bargar Josiah H (Jennie H) repairman T&OC, 500 E Oakwood 
Barger Chas, boiler helper T&OC, rms Park Hotel 

Barger Geo J (Hattie J) Propr Home Restaurant, 145% Public Square 5618 
Barger Geo W (Violetta) laborer, 323 South Railroad 
Barger G Wellington, wks Saw Mill, 323 South Railroad 
Barger Jacob E, laborer, 323 South Railroad 
Barger M Hazel, waitress Central Hotel, 323 South Railroad 
Barger Otto L, 323 South Railroad 
Barger Samuel O, teamster, 323 South Railroad 
Barnett Garnet, 233 South Railroad 5328 
Barney Lowell F, student, 328 S Walnut 5773 

Barnhart Clarence C (Blanche L) flagman T&OC, 933 Rogers 3445 
Barrett Harry A (Alice M) Mgr The Houghton Merkle Farm Impl Co, 403 E 

Barth Fred J (Jane K) city inspector, 400 E Mansfield 5158 
Barth H August, Depy Tax Commissioner, 325 S Spring 5302 
Barth Helen R, cashier Baumoel, 325 S Spring 5302 
Barth Stella V, teacher, 325 S Spring 5302 
Barth Wm F (Anna) retired, 309 E Rensselaer 5760 
Bartiola Louis, trackman Penna Ry, 323 Water 

Barton Arthur D (Margaret G) Upholsterer W Warren, res 428 Charlotte 
Bartz Fred A (Louisa H) repairman T&OC, 1013 E Warren 
Bartz Fred A Jr (Pearl M) mach helper T&OC, 335 Kearsley St 
Bartz Lewis G (Pearl E) mach Sommer Motor, 851 S Sandusky 
Bartz Otto C (Alice M) painter T&OC, 206 N Highland 
Baseler E Gottlieb (Otillie M) carpenter, 129 W Perry 
Bassler Jacob (Wilhelmina) blacksmith Carroll Fdry, 719 (675) Elm 
Basler Lena, domestic, 202 S Walnut 5048 
Bassler Pauline, domestic, 719 (675) Elm 
Bassler Sophia, domestic, 719 (675) Elm 

Bast Frank J (Bertha M) Propr Bucyrus Plating Works, 112 Bland 5834 
Bateman Geo W (Grace) Propr Bucyrus Poster Service, 312 E Charles 5865 
Battefeld Louis H (Phillipenia) retired, 458 S Walnut 
Battefeld Louis P, Genl Contractor, 458 S Walnut 
Batton Harvey C (Rhoda P) grinder Shunk Plow, 309 Clinton 
Bauchman Clifford (Grace) wks Geiger & Bush, 1126 Reid 


Bauer Albert, farmer, 1155 Tiffin 

Bauer Anna C, wid J F, 527 Kaler 

Bauer David (Edna) blacksmith T&OC, 431 E Southern 

Bauer Emma P, saleslady, 731 Lincoln 

Bauer Florence I, at home, 306 E Charles 3466 

Bauer Fred, mach helper T&OC, 801 Lincoln 5758 

Bauer Geo F, wks H W Bauer, 306 E Charles 3466 

Bauer Henry W (Elizabeth) Drayman, 306 E Charles 3466 

Bauer John A (Emma) car repairer T&OC, 541 East St S 

Bauer Peter (Anna C) car inspector, 731 Lincoln 

Bauer Walter E, coach carpenter T&OC, 731 Lincoln 

Baum Corroll C, brakeman, 700 (632) W Mansfield 3317 

Baum Guy, U S Army, 700 (632) W Mansfield 3317 

Baum H Reed, student, 700 (632) W Mansfield 3317 

Baum Nathan (Leona) watchman Penna Ry, 700 (632) W Mansfield 3317 

Baum Turok (Ruth) boilermaker T&OC, 701 Lincoln 5419 

Bauman Christ, wks Am Clay, 715 E Mansfield 

Baumoel Mark (Regina) propr M Baumoel, 605 E Rensselaer 5288 

Baumoel M (M & H) Dry Goods, 116 S Sandusky 2112 

Baumoel Sylvia V, at home, 605 E Rensselaer 5288 

Bauschlinger Daniel, retired, 415 S Poplar 5609 

Bauslinger Harold W, laborer, 401 Sears 

Beach Bertha, at home, 509 S Sandusky 

Beach Chas, retired, 700 S Spring 3309 

Beach Chas E, janitor South Side School, 509 S Sandusky 

Beach Esther M, at home, 700 S Spring 3309 

Beach Frank, mach T&OC, 509 S Sandusky 

Beach Goldie M, at home, 700 S Spring 3309 

Beach John F, meat cutter Beer & Son, 700 S Spring 3309 

Beach Margaret, minor, 1107 Monnett 

Beach Myrtle, at home, 509 S Sandusky 

Beal Benjamin (Bertha M) farmer, 125 Beal 3470 

Beal Clarence N, sales Fail Shoe Co, 720 S Walnut 3776 

Beal Clem A (Stella E) clerk T&OC, 345 W Charles 

Beal Clyde, canvasser, 213% S Sandusky 

Beal Daniel (A Mary) retired, 720 S Walnut 3776 

Beal Edwin G (Rachel M) cashier 1st Natl Bank, 231 S Poplar 5858 

Beal Ellen B, at home, 700 S Sandusky 

Beal Isaac (Christina) retired, 700 S Sandusky 

Beal Martha M, bookkpr Second Natl Bank, 700 S Sandusky 

Beal Samuel D (Emma S) yd elk Bucyrus Lumber Co, 405 W Rensselaer 3665 

Beale Geo, lather, 859 S Spring 

Beale Grover C, laborer, 859 S Spring 

Beale J Wm (Sarah A) machinist, 859 S Spring 

Beall J Perry (M Toinette) conductor T&OC, 114 Fisher 

Beam Cinderella L, wid J J, 110 N West 5794 

Beam Clyde (Mabel) C W Rice & Co, 620 W Mary 

Beam Winnetta, Mgr Merchants Protective Service, 110 N West 5794 

Beard Delia A, at home, 332 W Charles 3432 

Beard Jesse P, 402 (342) Wiley 

Beard Joseph H (Catherine A) retired, 332 W Charles 3432 

Beard Lucinda E, wid P A, 402 (342) Wiley 

Beaston Eugene H, photographer Burne, 900 Faustina 

Beaston John A (Ella) teamster, 900 Faustina 

Becker Arthur, cost elk T&OC, rms YMCA 

Becket John, lineman Bucyrus Tel Co, 204 N Highland 5163 

Bedway Anna, saleslady E Bedway, 323 E Charles 

Bedway Elias (Sophia) Fruit Store 121 S Sandusky 5632, res 323 E Charles 

Bedway John E, salesman E Bedway, 323 E Charles 

Bee Hive (Racket Store) E P Ulrich Propr, 127 N Sandusky 5245 

Beehner Anthony C, coppersmith Geiger & Bush, 228 E Mary 


Beehner C Fred (Desta A) carpenter New Roehr Co, 142 Fisher 

Beehner Elizabeth M, minor, 625 W Perry 

Beehner Harry C, blacksmith Carle & Schwarzkopf, 228 E Mary 

Beehner Lottie, wks Home Restaurant, 126 S Spring 

Beehner Wm (Catherine) woodworker Roehr Co, 228 E Mary 

Beelman Geo T, carpenter, 129 W Warren 5672 

Beelman Harry (Lydia) clerk Penna Freight, 607 S Spring 

Beelman Louis S (Laura M) barber, 129 W Warren 5672 

Beer Dorcas G, teacher, 306 (506) W Southern 5485 

Beer Dorcas K, student, 306 (506) W Southern 5485 

Beer Edward P (Rose) Beer & Son, 401 W Charles 

Beer Harmon J, Beer & Son, 401 W Charles 

Beer Katherine J, at home, 306 (506) W Southern 5485 

Beer Lauren, Building Contr, 111 N Lane 

Beer & Son (E P & H J) Meat Market, 113 E Rensselaer 518-1 

Beer & Son (E P & H J) Slaughter House, 535 W Charles 

Beer Tabitha, wid Thos, 306 (506) W Southern 5485 

Beer Thos E, farmer, 306 (506) W Southern 5485 

Beer Wm C Sr (Jessie H) Attorney & Referee in Bankruptcy 2 Miller Blk 5172, 

res 216 S Spring 
Beetham Wm N (Emma) Supt Schools, 225 Lincoln 5633 
Beilharz Chas A (Ella M) Ptr & Paperhanger, 506 S Sandusky 5064 
Beinbrake Augusta, wid H, 133 W Mary 
Beistle Edward (Sarah) wks Sommer Motor, 407 Rogers 
Bell Geo S (Edna L) transfer drayman Witter & Willie, 319 W Galen 
Beller Alfred P, mach Carroll Fdry, 821 E Mansfield 
Beller Geo P (Elizabeth) cabinet maker Roehr Co, 731 W Mary 
Beller John, wks Geiger & Bush, 821 E Mansfield 
Beller Margaret E, at home, 821 E Mansfield 
Bellis Chas C (Grace E) eng T&OC, 837 Faustina 5170 
Belzner Christ, printer Courier, 713 Reid 
Belzner Wm (Irene D) signal maintainer Penna Ry, 718 Reid 
Bendel Harry W (Dora) Spec Rep Mutual Life Ins Co, 446 Prospect 5140 
Bender B Frank (Ida J) watchman Penna Ry, 205 S Poplar 
Bender Chas B, salesman Jolley & Co, 205 S Poplar 
Bender Lester L, salesman Smoke House, 205 S Poplar 
Bender W Earl (Nellie M) blacksmith Sommer Motor, 424 Prospect 
Benedict Samuel G (Myrtle E) brakeman T&OC, 331 Kearsley 
Bennett Jas (Hattie) eng Startsman & Feiring, 116 W Rensselaer 5652 
Bennett Dolan W (Anna B) conductor T&OC, 227 W Center 
Bennett Edward T (Catherine M) bench wkr Sommer Motor, 217 Whetstone 
Bennett Jennie G, at home, 227 W Center 
Bennett Wm B, retired, 404 Aurora 

Bensinger Chas I (Flora) lineman Bucyrus Tel Co, 416 S Spring 5101 
Bensinger Cora A, wid J R, 917 Whetstone 3430 

Benson Arthur (Effie) Mgr The Edison Creamery, 424 S Poplar 3221 
Benson Byron (Elizabeth) 447 Prospect 

Benson Herman, foreman Pressman Bros Co, 157 Plymouth 5326 
Benson Rowley, student, 424 S Poplar 3221 
Benson Samuel, wks Pressman Skirt Co, mis 8 YMCA 
Benton Edward G (Minnie L) express baggageman T&OC, 442 Woodlawn 
Benz Wm P (Elizabeth L) baker Martinitz, 807 S Sandusky 
Beran Joseph J (Emma A) wks Carroll Fdry, 309 N Lane 
Berghoff Cafe, Adolph Widman Propr, 129 N Sandusky 5584 
Berk Edward P (Dora B) Berk & Hales, over 129 S Sandusky 5131 
Berk & Hales (E P Berk) Dry Goods, Millinery, Shoes & Wall Paper, 129 S 

Sandusky 5131 
Beron Joseph J (Anna) retired, 1002 Tiffin 3816 
Berry Chas F (Amanda S) letter carrier, 325 E Oakwood 3176 
Berry Joseph A, carpenter, rms 3 YMCA 
Berry J C, horse buyer, rms Park Hotel 


Berry Thos T (Anna L) wks Artificial Stone Co, 451 Park 5647 

Berry Verne T (Lena) salesman Pittsburg Store, 609 W Mary 

Bertram Rev Oscar A (Ida C) Pastor Evangelical Luth Church, 323 S Walnut 

Beseler Maude M, dressmaker, 129 W Perry 
Bessinger Edna E, teacher, 800 S Sandusky 3832 
Bessinger Emma E, at home, 800 S Sandusky 3832 
Bessinger Louise, wid Peter, 800 S Sandusky 3832 
Betch Frederick, shoemaker Renkert, 415 E Charles 5787 
Betting Andrew (Barbara) stone mason, 808 E Mansfield 
Bevan G Reece (Cleva C) draftsman T&OC, 520 S Poplar 
Bevan John S (Mayme) Genl Foreman Roehr Co, 631 Maple 3720 
Bevan Stephen J, wks Roehr Co, 631 Maple 3720 
Bever Michael J (Emma) laborer, 521 Kaler 
Bevington Rebecca, Nurse, Crawford Co Hospital 5619 
Bianchi Marguerite, wks P Bianchi, 347 W Mansfield 5366 
Bianchi Peter, Fruits Candies & Cigars 123 Public Square 5322, res 347 W 

Mansfield 5366 
Bianchi Theresa, at home, 347 W Mansfield 5366 

Bickle Hugh D (Carrie J) foreman Bucyrus Lumber Co, 209 Nevada 
Bieber Gust F (Mary E) Bieber & Wilson, 315 Hill 
Bieber & Wilson (G F & O A) Barber Shop, under 103 Public Square 
Biebighauser Herman A (Anna B) County Auditor, 649 (549) N Sandusky 5384 
Biebighauser Nelle M, at home, 649 (549) N Sandusky 5384 
Biettner Isaac C (Rosetta E) wks Am Clay, 839 S Walnut 
Biggs Noah D, laborer, 918 Willard 3216 
Bilsing A Gertrude, teacher, 720 E Mansfield 5679 
Bilsing Chas J (Susan E) Car repairer T&OC, 720 E Mansfield 5679 
Bilsing Fern C, at home, 720 E Mansfield 5679 
Bilsing Pearl I, at home, 720 E Mansfield 5679 
Bilsing Ralph J, salesman, 720 E Mansfield 5679 
Bippus Calvin L, carpenter, 139 E Irving 
Bippus Catherine B, wid Andrew, 342 Water 
Bippus Fred (Eliza) carpenter, 139 E Irving 
Bippus John F, carpenter, 139 E Irving 
Bippus Wesley (Blanche) wood wkr, 342 Water 
Bird Frank, fireman T&OC, rms 19 YMCA 

Birk Bros (C F & G M) Drugs & Wall Paper, 201 E Mansfield 5216 
Birk Christian F (Anna) Birk Bros, 464 S Spring 5026 
Birk Emanuel R (Melinka) Harness Mfr & Dealer in Trunks, Mittens, Gloves 

etc, 136 Public Square, res 401 S Sandusky 5317 
Birk Geo M (Florence) Birk Bros, 501 W Rensselaer 5030 
Birk Lewis C (Callie C) Harnessmaker E R Birk, 448 S Spring 
Bishop Charles J, with W S Bishop, 219 E Charles 

Bishop Wm S (Maria A) Pool Room, 116 W Mansfield, res 219 E Charles 
Bishop Joseph W (Sarah) Real Estate 112 W Rensselaer, res 511 E Rensselaer 

Bishop Pearl J, at home, 219 E Charles 

Bittekofer Bessie M, wks J A Bittekofer, 980 W Mansfield 5596 
Bittekofer Fred G (Catherine G) County Supt of Schools, 330 W Oakwood 5918 
Bittekofer John A (Ellen M) West Bucyrus City Dairy, 980 W Mansfield 5596 
Bittekofer Lee T, wks J A Bittekofer, 980 W Mansfield 5596 
Bittekofer Walter A, wks J A Bittekofer, 980 W Mansfield 5596 
Black Jas M (Harriet M) salesman R E Black, 317 W Warren 5850 
Black Leonard E (Zelma E) sta engineer, 323 E Warren 
Black Mary L, sales Woolworth, 317 W Warren 5850 

Black Ralph E (Imo G) Plumber 313 S Sandusky, res 317 W Warren 5850 
Black Ross B (Myrtle M) clerk Am Clay, 221 (275) W Lucas 
Black Sadie L Mrs, housekeeper, 415 E Irving 
Blackburn Daniel, plasterer, 215 W Rensselaer 
Blair Anna B, wid E, 302 E Warren 5368 


Blair Thos A (Esther) carpenter, 418 Charlotte 5815 

Bland Dr Jerome (Lucy M) retired, 252 E Mansfield 5269 

Blicke Carrie, at home, 219 W Galen 

Blicke Wm A (Nelle H) cashier City Bank, 412 E Rensselaer 5126 

Bliss Julius J (Ella M) teller Bucyrus City Bank, 512 E Rensselaer 5340 

Bliss Marion G, student, 512 E Rensselaer 5340 

Bliss Thos B, retired, 807 S Poplar 

Blosser Albert B (Nelle) boilermaker T&OC, 435 Park 3353 

Blumenschein Block, Mrs M Blumenschein owner, 209-213 N Sandusky 

Blumenschein Geo, Cement Contr, 213% N Sandusky 

Blumenschein Margaret, wid Geo, 213 1-2 N Sandusky 

Bogan Amos M (Sarah A) wks Water Works, 425 Prospect 

Bogan Cora, at home, 501 E Rensselaer 

Bogan Cora M, wks Startsman & Feiring, 425 Prospect 

Bogan Elihu H (Z Fern) boilermaker T&OC, 414 S Lane 

Bogan Eva, domestic, 323 E Rensselaer 5606 

Bogan Harry J (Mildred B) Prof of Music, 57£ East St S 3424 

Bogen Miss Clyde C, at home, 341 W Mansfield 

Bogen Ethel E, saleslady Baumoel, 341 W Mansfield 

Bogen Forrest H, trav salesman, 341 W Mansfield 

Bogen Irene J, stenog Sommer Motor, 341 W Mansfield 

Bogen Joseph M (Elizabeth E) timber buyer, 341 W Mansfield 

Bogen Ralph B, cement wkr, 341 W Mansfield 

Bogen Ray J, cement wkr, 341 W Mansfield 

Boke Henry J (Margaret Y) mach Sommer Motor, 319 W Oakwood 

Bollinger Ollie, mach T&OC, 801 Lincoln 5758 

Bone Wm (Gertrude R) Propr Bucyrus Vulcanizing Wks, 323 N Sandusky, res 

951 Reid 
Bonebrake Catherine, wid S F, 454 S Poplar 
Bonebrake Chas F (Ida A) Contr & Builder & Cement Factory 512 Jones 

5414, res 446 S Poplar 5650 
Bonebrake L Melinda, at home, 520 S Spring 
Bonin Emma H M, chief opr Bucyrus Tel Co, 472 Kaler 5522 
Bonin Esther L, tel opr, 472 Kaler 5522 
Bonin Harlan A, mach T&OC, 472 Kaler 5522 
Bonin Luther E, molder, 472 Kaler 5522 
Bonin Peter (Emma M) mach Am Clay, 472 Kaler 5522 
Bop Louis, molder Carroll Fdry, 350 Water 
Borhman Thomas, student, 217 Inez 
Borhman Wm (Nettie) Saloon Marion O, res 217 Inez 
Bormuth Rosanna, wid N, 456 S Walnut 5252 

Borts Claude D (Maude E) wks T&OC Rd House, 700 Lincoln Way 
Borts Wm H (Margaret) wks Bucyrus Bending Co, 836 S Walnut 3120 
Bosse Clara M, at home, 885 (875) S Sandusky 5297 
Both Geo (Margaret) retired, 839 S Poplar 
Boudinot Marcellus L (Nora) teamster, 835 S Walnut 5438 
Bowdner Hugo (Anna) wks T&OC, 1314 N Sandusky 
Bowen Wm K (Emma C) Fish & Produce 300, res 459 S Sandusky 5362 
Bower Lewis (Ida R) retired, 232 E Mansfield 
Bowers Maude, 319 South Railroad 5139 
Bowersox Chas (Harriet) Master Mech T&OC, 323 Wiley 5648 


W. K. BOWEN, Proprietor 

300 So. Sandusky Ave. BUCYRUS, OHIO 


Bowersox Geo, 323 Wiley 5648 

Bowker Harris C (Laura M) wks Vollrath, 329 Kearsley 
Bowser Peter N (Helen C) mach T&OC, 726 Rogers 
Boyd Earl C, drug salesman Graetz, rms 18 YMCA 
Boyer Chas M (Bertha F) conductor T&OC, 208 W Lucas 
Boyer Matilda J, wid Andrew, 226 E Rensselaer 
Boyer Wm (Emma) brakeman T&OC, 416 Wallace 3323 
Braden A Burton (Clida A) clay tester Am Clay, 507 S Poplar 
Braden John E (Mary A) blacksmith T&OC, 406 Prospect 
Braden Vally N, clerk T&OC, 406 Prospect 
^Bradley Owen L (Gertrude A) Supt The Carroll Mach & Pdry Co, 329 E 

Lucas 5062 
Bradstock Alonzo B (Mildred M) stenog Am Clay, 506 S Walnut 5044 
Brandstetter Gottlieb (Marie M) wks Carroll Fdry, 115 Franklin 
Brandstetter Irene M, bookkpr Smith & Fitzer, 115 Franklin 
Brant John M (Grace L) painter T&OC, 514 S Poplar 
Braschler Rev Chas, Pastor Holy Trinity Church, 224 E Mary 5147. 
Brehman Amanda, at home, 648 East St S 
Brehman Malinda, at home, 648 East St S 
Breisinger Carl E (Anna J) Breisinger & Son, 410 Jump 
Breisinger Chas (Julia) Breisinger & Son, 328 Jump 
Breisinger & Son (Chas & Carl E) Brick Mfrs, 430 Jump 5551 
Brenner W Edward (Emma J) laborer, 500 W Irving 5159 
Breymaier August H (Cora M) mach Carroll Fdry, 328 James 
Breymaier Jacob, laborer, 423 S Spring 

Breymaier Stephen (Bertha) mach Am Clay, 311 James 5091 
Breymaier W Arthur, mach Am Clay, 311 James 5091 
Breymaier Wm J (Flora) Artificial Stone Co, 423 S Spring 
Briggs Albert L (Matilda S) farmer, 648 East St S 
Briggs Wm B (Alice) painter Roehr Co, 320 E Lucas 
Brinkman Augusta, wid Jacob, 816 S Sandusky 5709 

Brinkman Clarence J, driver Hansberger Ward & Co, 1303 N Sandusky 3469 
Brinkman Daniel, farmer, 510 S Spring 3319 
Brinkman Daniel F (Ella) electrician Buc E Lt & Power Co, 403 Lincoln 

5188 g 

Brinkman Edw F (Delia G) County Commissioner, 816 S Sandusky 5709 
Brinkman Hazel W, at home, 816 S Sandusky 5709 
Brinkman Irvin (Grace) laborer, 211 W Galen 
Brinkman Lucille M, student, 403 Lincoln 5188 
Brinkman Sarah A, wid C, 215 N Poplar 

Brinkman Wm F (Sarah J) carpenter, 1303 N Sandusky 3469 
Broemel August (Emma) Propr Bucyrus Courier, 509 N Sandusky 
Broken Sword Stone Co The, F J Quilter Secy & Supt, Office 3 News Forum 

Blk 5824 
Brose Ida, stenog Carroll Fdry, 453 S Poplar 3314 
Broughton Emaline, wid Job, 446 Kaler 

Brown Albert H (Onie M) mach New Roehr Co. 411 W Charles 
Brown Anna M, milliner Wynn, 426 E Lucas 

Brown B Burke (Frances E) Billiard Parlor 110 East Alley, res 430 Prospect 
Brown Carl A, auctioneer, 826 S Sandusky 5728 

Brown Carrie M, at home, 336 W Charles . 

Brown Davis, Supt The Am Clay Co, 319 E Lucas 5703 
Brown Edward, laborer, 1005 Willard 
Brown Edson J, student, 826 S Sandusky 5728 
Brown Edwin L, mach T&OC, 426 E Lucas 
Brown Eva, bookkpr Am Clay, 319 E Lucas 5703 
Brown Harley E (Vonna) wks Geiger & Bush, 437 Myers 
Brown Harriet, teacher, 512 S Walnut' 5569 
Brown Hattie Mrs, 336 Water 

Brown Henry L (Angeline) Painter & Paperhanger, 336 W Charles 
S Brown John (Sarah A) retired, 437 Myers j 


Brown John L, wks Roberts Livery, 224 (214) W Rensselaer 

Brown John W (Katherine D) teamster Colter & Co, 205 Nevada 

Brown Jonas H (Elizabeth) wks Bucyrus Bending Co, 426 E Lucas 

Brown Julia Mrs, 512 S Walnut 5569 

Brown Lavina, wid Chas, 826 S Sandusky 5728 

Brown Lester (Laura) farmer, 1515 N Sandusky 

Brown Marie E, domestic, 230 N Railroad 3346 

Brown Rachel, domestic, 406 N Walnut 

Brown Raymond A, mach Am Clay, 319 E Lucas 5703 

Brown Raymond J (Carrie) wks Kelly Vault, 115 Auto Av 

Brown Ruth E, student, 319 E Lucas 5703 

Brown Samuel E, student, 826 S Sandusky 5728 

Brown Shannon J, clerk T&OC, 507 Prospect 

Brown Walter J, salesman Gelger Store, 426 E Lucas 

Browarwsky Chas (Cora) Junk Dealer, 700 Woodlawn 

Browarwsky Harry, clerk T&OC, 666 Woodlawn 5422 

Browarwsky Maurice, clerk T&OC, 666 Woodlawn 5422 

Browarwsky Newman, huckster, 666 Woodlawn 5422 

Browarwsky Philip (Rebecca) Junk Dealer, 666 Woodlawn 5422 

Brubaker Dr Perry R, Physician & Surgeon, 128 E Rensselaer 5357 

-Bruhen Joseph M (Anna M) stone mason, 875 (1227) E Mansfield 3146 

Bryant Ann M, wid Geo, rear 317 E Warren 

Bryant Chas P, surveyor, 210 W Mansfield 

Bryant Ella M Mrs, 210 W Mansfield 

Bryant Wm C (Lulu S) Photographer, 317 E Rensselaer 

Bucher Paul (Pauline C) molder Am Clay, 585 Sears 

Bucyrus Bending Co, J H McCormack Propr, 1225 Winchester, office 4 City 

Bank Bldg 
Bucyrus Brewing Co, John M & Geo A Dostal, 500 N Railroad 5225 
Bucyrus Candy Kitchen, Tom Chacopulos, 126 S Sandusky 5621 
Bucyrus Cash Hardware, S B Hoover & H L McKean Proprs, 114 N Sandusky 

Bucyrus Cash Pharmacy, C D Keel Mgr, 230 N Sandusky 
Bucyrus City Bank The, W H Blicke Cashier, 101 N Sandusky 5085 
Bucyrus City Flour Mills, Pinyerd Bros Proprs, 600 W Mansfield 5416 
Bucyrus Copper Kettle Works, Geiger & Bush, 238 N Railroad 5531 
Bucyrus Courier (German Weekly) August Broemel Propr, 513 N Sandusky 

Bucyrus Developement Co, Water Works Office, Henry Diedrich Supt, 110 W 

Rensselaer 5019 
Bucyrus Electric Light & Power Co The, L A Springer Chief Engineer, 416 

N Sandusky 5831 
Bucyrus Fire Department, W F Mader Chief, 225 E Mansfield 5145 
Bucyrus Forge & Machine Co The, C P Mader Mgr, 925 E Southern 5087 
Bucyrus Garage, Kroegel & Parsel Bros Proprs, 1155 S Poplar 5179 
Bucyrus Gun Club, Traps, 1190 Marion 

Bucyrus Hay & Grain Co (J M Smith & C W Fitzer) Coal, Builders Sup- 
plies, Feed, Hay & Grain, 641 E Rensselaer 5323 
Bucyrus Hydraulic Stone & Building Block Co, Wm E Miller Mgr, — Jones 3c 
Bucyrus Implement Co, Threshing Machinery, A M Eaton & E K Stuckey 

Proprs, J H Eaton Mgr, 125 Franklin 5287 



Home Made Candies, Chocolates and Bon Bons 
Hot Drinks, Wholesale & Retail Dealer in Ice Cream 

Phone 5621 124 S. Sandusky Ave., Bucyrus, Ohio 


Bucyrus Journal (Weekly) Jos W Hoply Editor The Hopley Printing Co, 230 

S Sandusky 5333 & 5373 
Bucyrus Loan & Building Assn Co, J W Miller Secy, 112 W Rensselaer 5514 
Bucyrus Lumber Co, Coal Yards, C S Ackerman Mgr, 643 Woodlawn 5511 
Bucyrus Lumber Co The, S S White Mgr, 125 E Mary 5311 
Bucyrus Monumental Works, C D Keel & Fred Stahl Proprs, 224 S Walnut 
Bucyrus Plating Works, Frank J Bast Propr, rear 112 Bland 5834 
Bucyrus Public Library, Vera A Price Librarian, 202 E Mansfield 
Bucyrus Publishing Co The, Publrs The Daily Forum and The News Forum 

(Semi-weekly), Job Printing, L M Smith Pres-Gen Mgr, 216 E Mansfield 

Bucyrus Shoe Shining Parlor, Tona Ponff & Geo Peat, 238 S Sandusky 
Bucyrus Steel Casting Co The, P J Carroll Pres-Mgr, 922 N Sandusky 5186 & 

Bucyrus Storage Co, C P Munz & Sons Proprs, 308 N Sandusky 
Bucyrus Tea Store, R J Rader Propr, 125 S Sandusky 5912 
Bucyrus Telephone Co The, H O Dutter Mgr, 123 S Walnut 5500 & 5833 
Bucyrus Township Trustees, Geo Ryan Clerk, 15 Quimby Bldg 
Bucyrus Vulcanizing Works, Wm Bone Propr, 323 N Sandusky 
Buerkle Rev Carl E (Mary A) German M E Ch, 215 Woodlawn 3167 
Bull Geo A (Maude M) Genl foreman Carroll Fdry, 534 N Lane 5337 
Bull Virgil F (Ruth I) mach Carroll Fdry, 312 Plymouth 
Buller Jas W (Sadie J) laborer, 210 N Highland 3579 
Bunn Inez, domestic, 856 S Sandusky 
Burd Geo (Sarah) retired, 213 N Walnut 

Burgett Wm H (Eva) machinist Am Clay, 439 W Charles 5667 
Burggraf Harley H (Arena) brakeman T&OC, 706 E Mansfield 
Burk Wm (Cora L) car repairer T&OC, 420 Prospect 
Burling John J (Amanda) carpenters helper T&OC, 508 Prospect 
Burns Adolph D (Anna M) brakeman T&OC, 907 Rogers 
Burns Alva M (Laura) Photographic Studio 113i/ 2 S Sandusky 5612, res 535 

W Warren 5640 
Burns Oscar C, lineman Western Union, 710 E Warren 3485 
Bursh Georgia, cook Klopfenstein, 302 Jump 3454 
Burwell David (Matilda) 927 (987) Harris 
Burwell Grace Mrs, 323 South Railroad 
Bush Harry S (Jessie J) flagman T&OC, 328 S Spring 
Bush Rufus A (Hannah E) wks Am Clay, 468 Kaler 
Bushong Catherine, wid N, 459 Park 
Bushong John, wks Am Clay, 459 Park 
Bushong Mary A, at home, 459 Park 
Bushong Sevilla, at home, 459 Park - 
Butruff Mary, sales Rowe Bros, 363 W Mansfield 
Butts Philip S (Emma) conductor T&OC, 905 Teddy 
Byers Walter, Propr Chinese Hand Laundry, s w cor Public Square 

Co hill Anna E J, wid D, 407 S Sandusky 5265 

Cahill David C, Attorney 13 Quimby Bldg, res same 

Calahan Cynthia J, wid M, 437 E Warren 5152 

Calahan Susan, dressmaker, 437 E Warren 5152 

Caldwell Sadie D, wid Aaron, 725 S Spring 

Calven Forrest (Jennie) mach Sommer Motor, 237 Whetstone 

Camp Louisa M, wid A, 603 Prospect 

Campbell Fannie, cook, rms Park Hotel 

Campbell Isaac (A Elizabeth) watchman Penna Ry, 596 N Railroad 

Campbell Jas U (Mabel N) foreman T&OC, 1118 Monnett 

Campbell Mary L, wid Geo, 1013 E Warren 

Campbell Maude Mrs, 427 N Walnut 


Campbell Wm, 121 1-2 N Sandusky 5401 

Caris Wm (Mary) carpenter, 807 S Spring 

Carle Adam (Mary O) laborer, 738 E Mansfield 

Carle Arthur O (Lulu K) clerk P O, 820 E Mansfield 

Carle Bertha, saleslady Woolworth, 738 E Mansfield 

Carle Clarence A, postal tel messenger, 738 E Mansfield 

Carle Fred C, machinist U S Navy, 232 N Walnut 

Carle Fred F (Kate R) Carle & Schwartzkopf, 232 N Walnut 

Carle Harry J, mach Carroll Fdry, 738 E Mansfield 

Carle Howard R, wks Carle & Schwartzkopf, 232 N Walnut 

Carle John O (Nellie O) wks Bucyrus Brewing Co, 722 Woodlawn 5849 

Carle & Schwartzkopf (Fred C & Frank) Blacksmithing & Genl Repairs, 118 
E Mary 

Carle Wm (Anna) carpenter T&OC, 809 E Mansfield 

Carlisle Dr W Glenn (Edith K) Physician, 255 E Mansfield 

Carmean Alonzo G (Jennie A) farmer, 820 Faustina 

Carmean Alva W, at home, 113 (100) Giaus 3715 

Carmean Arzona S (Lulu J) retired, 113 (100) Giaus 3715 

Carmean Chas J (Lillie R) farm laborer, 870 S Sandusky 

Carmean Eva M, at home, 113 (100) Giaus 3715 

Carmean John W, farm laborer, 113 (100) Giaus 3715 

Carmen Chas F, mach Carroll Fdry, 506 E Warren 

Carpenter Goldie S, at home, 701 S Poplar 5870 

Carpenter Harry J (Marcella B) clerk T&OC, 217 W Charles 5696 

Carpenter Josephine, wid Jacob, 701 S Poplar 5870 

Carpenter Ralph R (Hannah E) truck driver City Fire Dept, 220 W Center 

Carr H Wilbur (Maude) teacher, 853 S Poplar 

Carroll Foundry & Machine Co The, P J Carroll Pres-Mgr, 992 N Sandusky 
5186 & 5586 

Carroll Maurice E (Pearl B) Supt The Bucyrus Steel Casting Co, 706 N San- 
dusky 5198 

Carroll Patrick J (Phoebe) Pres The Carroll Fdry & Mach Co, Pres The 
Ohio Loc Crane Co, 403 E Rensselaer 5143 

Carroll Robert, student, 403 E Rensselaer 5143 

Carson Jas E (Adelia L) fireman T&OC, 506 Prospect 

Cary Alice L, student, 436 Park 5376 

Cary Edward H (Stella D) engineer T&OC, 436 Park 5376 

Cary Glenn M, baggagemaster T&OC,. 436 Park 5376 

Casano Jim (Nannie) wks Carroll Fdry, 610 Plants Way 

Case Jasper C, conductor T&OC, 326 S Spring 

Caseber Jay, molder Am Clay, 309 South Railroad 

Caseber Ora W, driver Am Clay, 309 South Railroad 

Caseber Wm (Rebecca J) wks Harrop & Faulkner, 309 South Railroad 

Casey Alma, compositor Commercial Prtg Co, 824 S Spring 5598 

Casey Irene, domestic, 824 S Spring 5598 

Casey Lulu, Nurse, 824 S Spring 5598 

Casey Lydia J Mrs, at home, 824 S Spring 5598 

Casey Russell A, clerk T&OC, 824 S Spring 5598 

Casey Thos J, sales J K Myers Co, 824 S Spring 5598 

Casler Hugh C (Mary E) Building Contr, 344 Water 

Casler Wellington J (Myrtle D) House Mover & W T recker, 204 Blicke 

Casper Florence, at home, 666 Woodlawn 5442 

Cassario Guy (Rose) molder Am Clay, 608 (611) Earl 

Cassaro Paulina, wid Nick, 320 N Lane 

Cassaro Tony (Grace) laborer, 334 N Sandusky 

Casto Wm, Mgr Star Clothing Co, 416 S Sandusky 5818 

Catania Sam, wks T&OC, 466 Prospect 

Catelli Benj (Ethel) wks T&OC, 466 Prospect 

Catelli Paul (Laura) wks T&OC, 450 Johnston 

Cay lor Harry O (Mary J) section foreman Penna Ry, 210 W Mary 

Celestine M, teacher, 205 E Mary 


Central Buckeye Bottling Works, J A Via Propr, rear 216 S Sandusky 5457 

Central Delivery System, Harrop & Faulkner, n w cor Public Square 5622 

Central House, Mrs Belle McKenzie, 620 E Warren 5868 

Central Labor Union Hall, 12 Quimby Block 

Caton Dr Russell J (Flora R) Physician 341 S Sandusky 5516, res 515 E 

Charles 5894 
Chacopulos Jim, wks Tom Chacopulos, 126 S Sandusky 5621 
Chacopulos Louis, wks Tom Chacopulos, 126 S Sandusky 5621 
Chacopulos Tom, Candy Store & res 126 S Sandusky 5621 
Chacopulos William, student, 126 S Sandusky 5621 
Chadwick Ira B (Gertrude M) asst Supt T&OC, 883 S Poplar 5054 
Chamberlain Albert J, machinist, 301^ S Sandusky 5232 
Chamberlain Andrew J (Anna L) clerk Elberson Hotel, 301 1-2 S Sandusky 

Chambers Isaac M (Alice) 1012 (912) Prospect 
Chambers Wade, retired, 203 S Poplar 
Chance Floyd E, domestic, 219 N Poplar 
Chancellor Wm, laborer, 754 East St S 
Chandler Boyd (Louise) plasterer, 107 N Poplar 
Chandler Noah F (Ruth) plasterer, 808 N Sandusky 
Chapman Merritt, Cigars, Pool Room & Lunch Counter 623 E Rensselaer, res 

Chapman Wm M (Sarah C) Naturopath & Chiropractor, over 130 S Sandusky 

Charleston Bernice E, minor, 502 Kaler 
Charleston Harry (Grace) laborer, 230 W Charles 
Charton Earl L (Eva M) carpenter, 228 N Lane 
Cheroke Adam (Esther) wks Carroll Fdry, 110 Lawn 
Chesney Retta, wid Roy, teacher, 500 E Rensselaer 5005 
Chesney Retta, wid V R, teacher, 451 Park 5647 
Chester & Heath (M J & J A) Barber Shop, 118 W Mansfield 
Chester Milo J (Lindia L) Chester & Heath, res 435 S Spring 
Chicatelle Angelo, wks Carroll Fdry, 323 Water 
Chicatelle Moses, wks Carroll Fdry, 323 Water 

Chinese Hand Laundry, Walter Byers Propr, S W cor Public Square 
Chrissinger Harriet L Mrs, 608 (618) W Mansfield 
Christee Geo E (Anna) blacksmith Carroll Fdry, 606 E Charles 5092 
Christee Helen, student, 606 E Charles 5092 
Christee Lee, clerk T&OC, 606 E Charles 5092 
Christensen Henry W (Pauline C) draftsman Sommer Motor, 329 E Oakwood 

Christman August (Iva N) Barber Shop basement 2nd Natl Bank Blk, res 

705 S Walnut 5769 
Christman Fred J (M Lorena) molder Carroll Fdry, 127 Franklin 
Christman Harry, barber' A Christman, 813 S Walnut 
Christman Kate, cook Reber Hotel, 813 S Walnut 
Christman Orren E (Clara L) lineman T&OC, 671 E Warren 
Christman Pearl A, brakeman T&OC, 912 E Warren 5219 
Christman Peter (Catherina) yd foreman T&OC, 813 S Walnut 
Christmann Florence M, at home, 1043 S Sandusky 3270 
Christmann Geo O, clerk T&OC, 1043 S Sandusky 3270 
Christmann Jacob (Anna L) car repairer T&OC, 1043 S Sandusky 3270 
Christmann Minnie B, seamstress, 1043 S Sandusky 3270 
Christy Agnes, wid David Sr, 433 Lincoln 5081 

Citizens Store Co The, Novelties, Wm H Geiger Mgr, 126 N Sandusky 
City Cigar Store, Jas M Sears Propr, 107 N Sandusky 
City Hall, 116 E Rensselaer (see Roster) 

Clady Henry A (Clara) car repairer T&OC, 917 Prospect 3235 
Clady Milo C (Dora L) car repairer T&OC, 427 Wallace 3123 
Clark Al H, waiter Elberson Hotel, rms 9 YMCA 
Clark Elijah (Frances J) engineer T&OC, 1218 E Southern 3330 


Clark Harold E, wks T&OC, 506 W Warren 
Clark Harry T, wks T&OC, 506 W Warren 
Clark John, boilermaker T&OC, 221 W Charles 5829 
*Class Emery E (Mary C) Grocery 119 N Sandusky 5418, res 472 S Walnut 5563 
Clemons Lydia E, minor, 514 East St S 

Clessler John (Minnie) fore Coremakers Carroll Fdry, 464 S Sandusky 
Cleveland Southwestern & Columbus Ry, A H Gallagher Agt, 117 W Mansfield 

Clingman Wilbur B (Alice L) mach helper T&OC, 416 S Sandusky 5818 
Club Cafe, Harry Everett Propr, 121 Public Square 5344 
Cobb Leo, mach Bucyrus Lumber, 623 Rogers 
Cobb Mary J, wid Jas, 623 Rogers 

Cobun Albert N (Mary E) wks New Roehr, 824 E Irving 
-Cockrell Hiram (Lois) carpenter, 308 Euclid 
Coder Emerson E (Ida V) eng-N Y Blower, 116 Iron 
Coffin Edward, postal clerk, 442 Woodlawn 

Col Crawford Public School, Chas Kuelink Prin, 865 Woodlawn 5442 
Cole Rutherford B (M Almeda) car repairer T&OC, 812 (920) Woodlawn 
Coleman Jas, teamster Rogers, 817 Lincoln Way 
Colesworthy Martha C, Nurse, 209 S Spring 5013 
Collins Benj A (Bertha B) blacksmith T&OC, 517 Woodlawn 
Collins Denzel F (Velma) mach Sommer Motor, 522 Prospect 
Collins Frank M (Sarah) inspector T&OC, 522 Prospect 
Collins Jas R, mach appr T&OC, 517 Woodlawn * 
Collins Jessie, 233 South Railroad 5328 

Collins Leroy M (E Grace) draftsman Am Clay, 801 S Spring 
Collins Wayne T, 517 Woodlawn 

Colonial Club Rooms, Harry A Shafer Pres, 122 y 2 N Sandusky 
Colota Joe, Fruit Store 338 S Sandusky 
Colson Edward M (Mary A) mach T&OC, 456 Prospect 

Colter & Co, Branch of Bucyrus Lumber Co, P Conkle Mgr, 201 Nevada 5330 
Colter Ethel L, at home, 223 S Poplar 5435 
Colter Helen I, at home, 222 S Poplar 5435 
Colter Jacob, Pres Bucyrus Lumber Co, 222 S Poplar 5435 
Columbian Life Ins Co, Fred J Albright Agt, 212 N Sandusky 
Columbus Marion & Bucyrus Ry, A H Gallagher Agt, 117 W Mansfield 5911 
Colvill John G (Flora C) clerk T&OC, 444 Woodlawn 
Commercial Printing Co, Gillam & Monroe, 108 East Alley S 5494 
Comrade Kennels, Fred Sheckler Mgr, 705 E Warren 5196 
Conkle Adam D (Sadie) conductor T&OC, 824 S Sandusky 3831 
Conkle Peter (Mary E) Mgr West Mill Bucyrus Lumber Co, 823 S Walnut 

Conkle Zeita, at home, 824 S Sandusky 3831 
Conklin Bros (C D & J W) Livery & Transfer Stables, s w cor Public Square 


Conklin Chas D (Blanche E) Conklin Bros, 205 S Spring 5808 
Conklin Geo A (Nellie) wks Conklin Livery, 416 S Walnut 
Conrad Edward (Harriet M) eng T&OC, 908 Faustina 3337 
Cook Bessie E, dressmaker, 410 E Mansfield 3851 
Cook Ethel M, at home, 410 E Mansfield 3851 

The Commercial Printing Co. 




Cook H Earl (Edna) asst Cashier 2nd Natl Bank, 518 Rogers 3142 

Cook Jacob (Mary) laborer, 724 E Warren 5603 

Cook John J (Cora) cupola tender Am Clay, 433 Wallace 

Cook Philip (Mary A) retired, 410 E Mansfield 3851 

Cook Rose, wid Fred, 518 Rogers 3142 

Coon Andrew L (Arvilla M) brakeman T&OC, 834 S Poplar 3227 

Cooney Jas M (Celia) furnaceman Brass Fdry, 115 Emerson 

Cooper Chas L (Anna B) draftsman, 416 E Warren 

Cooper & Henderson (John & W S) Hardware Store 325 N Sandusky 5819 

Cooper John, Cooper & Henderson, 517 Woodlawn 

Cooper Wm A (E Grace) carpenter, 309 S Walnut 

Cory Albert B (Edna) train despatcher T&OC, 325 W Warren 

Cosgrove Bradford (Matta M) salesman Imperial Bakery, 204 W Galen 

Cosgrove Chas (Joanna) blacksmith Am Clay, 915 Whetstone 

Cosgrove Chas E (Viola M) elec eng Bucyrus Lumber Co, 711 S Poplar 

Cosgrove Erby J (Rena J) wood worker Seeger Bros, 316 Gay 

Cosgrove Frank (Margaret M) Painter & Paperhanger, 1131 Monnett 5475 

Cosgrove Jay (Lena) blacksmith T&OC, 118 East St S 

Cosgrove Richard D (Matilda L) carpenter, 852 S Spring 3149 

Cosgrove Willis J (Mary E) Justice of the Peace, sta eng Pinyerd Bros, 1131 

Monnett 5475 
Cosgrove Wm (Rebecca) retired, 622 W Mansfield 
Coulter Edward E (Emma) farmer, 813 Faustina 
Coulter Elden, 739 Lincoln 5646 

Coulter Geo R, wks hoop mill T&OC, 739 Lincoln 5646 
Coulter Geo W (Emma R) wks T&OC shops, 739 Lincoln 5646 
Coulter Gertrude, at home, 221 S Poplar 5668 

Coulter & Hurr (S H & C F) Real Est & Insurance, 2 Quimby Blk 5247 
Coulter Martha A, at home, 118 W Galen 5799 
Coulter Mary A, wid H, 813 Faustina 

Coulter Mat C (Sarah C) Patrolman, 3rd Floor 2nd Natl Bank Bldg 5601 
Coulter Robert H, student, 3rd Floor 2nd Natl Bank Bldg 5601 
Coulter Samuel H (Elnona J) Coulter & Hurr, res 636 East St S 
Couts Benj F (Edith M) engineer T&OC, 619 S Sandusky 
Couts C May, sales Star Clothing Co, 125 W Perry 
Couts Edward E (Pearl B) wks N Y Blower, 822 Faustina 
Couts Ethel M, at home, 125 W Perry 
Couts Harry H (Emma M) letter carrier, 201 Hill 3590 
Couts Newton O (Rose B) Bicycle, Repair & Second Hand Shop 337 N 

Sandusky, res 125 W Perry 
Couts Sanford F (Cynthia) Plasterer, 1135 Dean 
Couts Tony, clerk T&OC Frt, 121 (21) Giaus 3815 
Coutts Wm H, retired, 711 S Poplar 
Coverett Gordon, brakeman T&OC, 801 Lincoln 5758 
Cox Ora E (Matilda M) wks Imperial Hoop Co, 540 Johnston 
Coy Fred (Flossie F) Hotel clerk, 617 E Mansfield 
Grain Geo E (Jennie A) laborer, '1017 Willard 
Crall Earl W (Mabel B) postal clerk, 807 Rogers 5406 
Crall Emmett C (Vera) Depy Clerk Probate Court, 124 Giaus 
Crall Ivan L (Ella) Commercial Teacher, 447 S Spring 
Crall Jonas (Anna B) canvasser, 749 E Mansfield 5367 
Crall Louisa M, wid Wm, 612 Prospect 3348 
Crall Wm O (Elma) chief elk T&OC, 612 Prospect 3348 
Cramer Jennie, at home, 320 East St S 

Cramer John C (Elizabeth C) molder Carroll Fdry, 724 E Mansfield 5753 
Cramer Mamie A, canvasser, 724 E Mansfield 5753 
Cramer Mary, at home, 320 East St S 
Cramer Rosa Mrs, 724 E Mansfield 5753 
Craner Mary J, wid Louis, 118 W Galen 5799 
Craner Chas W (Rhodia M) carpenter, 500 W Warren 
Crapes James, mach Carroll Fdry, 214 W Galen 


Crawford Archie H (Alice) gas fitter F A Walther, 655 Maple 
Crawford Clarence M, molder, 1327 N Sandusky- 
Crawford County Court House, 110 E Mansfield (see Roster) 
Crawford County Farmers Mutual Fire Ins Co The, Emanuel Schieber Secy, 

3-4 Opera Blk 5613 
Crawford County Hospital, Dr W C Gates, 130 W Warren 5619 
Crawford County Jail, Solomon Crum Sheriff, 125 N Walnut 
Crawford County Liquor Licensing Board, Frank Pigman & Chas Monroe, 6 

Quimby Bldg 5913 
Crawford Jas B (Jessie A) 314 S Walnut 5212 
Crawford Stephen F (Mary) laborer, 1327 N Sandusky 
Crawford Vernon, 1327 N Sandusky 

Crawford Wm H (Melissa C) wks City, 1327 N Sandusky 
Creason Earl O (Maude E) 801 Woodlawn 
Cretcher O Frank (Arnie E) postal clerk, 855 Marion 5641 
Crills Chas C (Mary W) Painter & Wood Finisher, 314 (239) Hill 5480 
Crim Wm H (Permilla J) trav salesman, 618 S Spring 5663 
Criswell Catherine C, wid Wm, 319 W Galen 

Criswell Clifford E (Mary C) teamster White, 354 W Charles 3332 
Critzer Edward (Carrie) blacksmith Garner, 731 Woodlawn 
Critzer Luther, laborer, 731 Woodlawn 
Croft Washington, carpenter, 213 N Walnut 
Cromis Mike, laborer, 907 Woodlawn 
Crone Rhoda, wid C, 633 E Mansfield 

Croneis Andrew B (Margaret B) tailor Nusbaum, 351 W Charles 
Croneis Fred W (Nellie M) Croneis & Garner, 410 (346) W Rensselaer 
Croneis Garner (F W & Mrs C M) Ladies Reard-To-Wear Store, 115 Public 

Square 5431 
Croneis John A (Mary E) Markley & Croneis, 416 Gay 
Croneis Paul G (Lillian M) window trimmer Rowe Bros, 609 N Sandusky 
Crooks Clyde C (Mildred C) mach Bucyrus Forge Co, 904 Faustina 3237 
Crum Solomon, Sheriff, 125 N Walnut 5731 
Culver Fleta Mrs, housekeeper, 807 S Poplar 
Culver Pearl S (Fucia) conductor T&OC, 804 (734) Lincoln 5895 
Cummings Wm B (Alice E) retired, 518 East St S 

Cunningham Cleophus K, Grocery 149 Public Square, res same 5445 
Cunningham Leah, 321 South Railroad 5296 
Curley Wm (Emma) carpenter, 136 Franklin 

Daily Forum The, The Bucyrus Publishing Co, 216 E Mansfield 5008 

Dairy Products Co, H T Swineford & H L Robinson, 200 W Mansfield 5151 

Daisy Co, Wholesale Produce, Geo W & W D Harris Proprs, 105 S West 5002 

Dallas Nancy, wid John, 620 East St S 3340 

Damon Georgea E Mrs, dressmaker, 118 W Warren 

Dapper Tressie M, student, 509 Woodlawn 

Dapper Wm F (Edith U) mach Carroll Fdry, 509 Woodlawn 

Darling Walter A (Bertha M) conductor T&OC, 456 S Sandusky 5911 

Darr Geo F (Celestia E) trav salesman, 610 E Rensselaer 5106 

Davenport Geo, plumber R E Black, 706 Plymouth 3791 

Davenport J Roswell (Fannie B) millwright Carroll Fdry, 706 Plymouth 3791 

Davenport Mabel, student, 209 S Walnut 5129 

Davidson J D & Son (R C) Grocery 812 N Sandusky 5412 

Daviese Griffith O (Phoebe A) eng Am Clay, 227 E Charles 

Davis Chas G (Carrie A) molders helper Am Clay, 319 W Lucas 

Davis Rev A E ( ) pastor U B Church, 310 Woodlawn 5481 

Davis Etta M, minor, 128 S Spring 

Davis Guy G (Alta M) molder Carroll Fdry, 312 Plymouth 

Davis Lillian, 233 South Railroad 5328 

Davis Richard S (Agnes R) gateman T&OC, 305 Plymouth 


Davis Sherman J (Pearl E) salesman Picking Hdw, 400 E Charles 

Davis Tillie, wid Chas, dressmaker, 417 E Mansfield 

Davis T W, mgr Postal Telegraph-Cable Co 

Davis Walter, brakeman T&OC, 944 Reid 5872 

Davis Wm S (Hilda M) telegrapher Penna Ry, 311 Galen 

Davy Clyde C (Marie A) mach Carroll Fdry, 1100 N Sandusky 5859 

Davy Henry D, brakeman Erie Ry, 1100 N Sandusky 5859 

Deal House, Mary Keane & Mary Fitzpatrick Proprs & Mgrs, 130 Public 

Square 5104 
Deal House Barber Shop, Joseph Ausburger Propr 
Deal House Block, P J Carroll owner, 123-130 Public Square 
Deardorff Margaret, minor, 641 E Mansfield 
Deaver Carl C, barber, 432 E Lucas 

Deaver Ezra C (Angeline D) mach Am Clay, 432 E Lucas 
Deaver Ray C, brakeman T&OC, 432 E Lucas 
Decker Chas L (Georgia I) machinist, 312 E Charles 
Deermeyer Andrew, 423 E Warren 

Deerwester Walter E (Carrie J) County Recorder, 469 S Sandusky 5497 
DeGray Frank (Pearl) pipe cutter T&OC, 318 E Charles 
DeHart David J, student, 125 N Clay 5141 

DeHart John A (Margaret D) wks T&OC Round House, 125 N Clay 5141 
DeHart Laird S, student, 125 N Clay 5141 
Deisler Ernest J, brakeman T&OC, 684 Maple 5779 
Deisler Harry W (Anna) draftsman Am Clay, 508 Woodlawn 
Deisler John G (Minnie) mach helper T&OC, 684 Maple 5779 
Deisler Levi (Christiana O) wks Fisher & Flohr, 610 S Walnut 
Deisler Mabel C Mrs, stenog R V Sears, 125 S Clay 5741 
Deitemeyer Edwin A (Florence M) molder N Y Blower, 133 Bland 3515 
DeLancey Joseph W, retired, 210 W Mansfield 
DeLashmutt Clarence S, student, 501 S Walnut 5558 
DeLashmutt John S (Ada) Auditor Am Clay, 501 S Walnut 5558 
DeLashmutt Wm S, student, 501 S Walnut 5558 
Dellinger Dr Lawrence J (Cora A) Osteopathic Physician, Office & res 328 S 

Walnut 5773 
Demeyer Peter, car repairer T&OC, 203 W Mansfield 5574 
Denney Francis L (Flora E) trav salesman, 672 Woodlawn 
Denney Harry F, switchman, 672 Woodlawn 
Denney Leah M, at home, 672 Woodlawn 
Deppler Edith M, wks Startzman Laundry, 364 N Lane 
Deppler Jacob (Lena, corsetier Spirella) carpenter, 320 Clinton 5053 
Deppler John (Christina) retired, 364 N Lane 
Derfler Emma M, wid Wm, 204 N Highland 5163 
Derr John C (Rose B) janitor 2nd Natl Bank, 516 E Warren 3703 
Desch Chas F (Elizabeth) wks Am Clay, 309 James 
Desenberg Isaac N (Ada) chipper Fdry, 316 W Liberty 
Desenberg Richard H (Ida M) roofer Picking & Co, 535 Kaler 
Deutsche Geselschaft, Second Floor Geselschaft Blk 
Dewalt John L (Anna S) wks Brick Yard, 1220 Monnett 
Dewalt Joseph A, laborer, 1220 Monnett 
DeWitt Nora B Mrs, China Decorator, 802 Prospect 5100 
DeWitt Olin E (Nora B) Principal Lincoln School, 802 Prospect 5100 
DeWitt Rose B, saleslady Walter, 602 Prospect 5100 
Deyo Frances, wid H P, 322 S Walnut 
Dial Catharine, wid Isaac, 322 E Rensselaer 
Dickerhoff Wm A (Margaret) porter Songer Cafe, 717 Faustina 
Dicier Chas F (Maude) car repairer T&OC, 318 Whetstone 
Dicier Edward L, 318 Whetstone 

Dicus L Clyde (Maude I) trav salesman, 419 (425) E Southern 3135 
Didie Allen (Emma) salesman Rowe Bros, 219 W Warren 5237 
Diedrich Henry (Ida) Supt Water Works, 321 S Poplar 5490 
Diehn Eli, Porter, 233 South Railroad 5328 


Dienst Chas E (Oma) engineer T&OC, 440 Woodlawn 3183 

Dienst Clarence O, tool clerk T&OC, 440 Woodlawn 3183 

Diller Chas, Painter, 3rd Floor Quimby Bldg 

Diller Mary, wid A W, 760 East St S 

Dimon D (Elizabeth) trav salesman, 316 S Poplar 5473 

Dimon Delta I, music teacher, 316 S Poplar 5473 

Dimon Grace D, at home, 316 S Poplar 5473 

Dine Chas, 615 (715) Prospect 

Dinkle Kate M, at home, 715 S Sandusky 

Dinkle Emma C, at home, 715 S Sandusky 

Dinkle Louis J (Elizabeth) retired, 715 S Sandusky 

Dinkle Wm E, mach Carroll Fdry, 715 S Sandusky 

Dirmeyer Louisa, wid Andrew, 713 Reid 

Ditty Matilda, wid A, 1126 Monnett 3616 

Diven Francis R (Margaret S) farmer, 340 W Mansfield 

Dix C Orville (Carrie O) lather, 333 Water 

Dobbins Hugh M (O Alice) Dobbins & Geiger, 913 (849) N Sandusky 5346 

Dobbins Hugh Sr, retired, 508 E Rensselaer 3655 

Dobbins & Geiger (H N & C E) Meat Market, 131 N Sandusky 5220 

Dobbins & Geiger (Hugh & Chas) Meat Market, Emil May Mgr, 404 S W T alnut 

Doll Lucretia C, wid Geo, 412 S Walnut 

Dolle John R (Emma) car inspector T&OC, 655 E Mansfield 5767 
Dominick Walter C (Carrie E) Mgr F W Woolworth Co, 332 S Sandusky 
Donnelly J Franklin, 618 S Walnut 

Donnelly Wm J (Mary V) engineer T&OC, 618 S Walnut 
Donnenwirth Carrie, at home, 456 S Sandusky 5911 
Donnenwirth Catherine, wid Wm, 456 S Sandusky 5911 
Donnenwirth Chas A (Clara C) coremaker Am Clay, 324 James 
Donnenwirth Edith, at home, 503 E Mansfield 5592 

Donnenwirth Elizabeth M, salesman Myers Co, 456 S Sandusky 5911 
Donnenwirth Frank E (Edna M) asst Cashier Bucyrus City Bank, 121 S Spring 

Donnenwirth Frank P (Elizabeth) retired, 400 E Rensselaer 5291 
Donnenwirth Geo (Mary) Pres Bucyrus City Bank, 518 E Rensselaer 5109 
Donnenwirth Geo F (Sue P) Cafe 200 S Sandusky, res 310 S Spring 5203 
Donnenwirth Harold A, mach Sommer Motor, 711 S Spring 
Donnenwirth John, Court Bailiff, 503 E Mansfield 5592 
Donnenwirth Katie M, wid Chas, 711 S Spring 
Donnenwirth Louis E (Ruth B) bookkpr City Bank, 516 E Lucas 
Donnenwirth Rose S, dressmaker, 456 S Sandusky 5911 
Dornblaser Geo B, student, 222 E Rensselaer 5300 
Dornblaser Helen T, teacher, 222 E Rensselaer 5300 
Dornblaser Rev Samuel G (Carrie T) Pastor Evan Luth Church, 222 E 

Rensselaer 5300 
Dostal John M (Margaret) Buc Brewing Co, 582 N Railroad 5020 
Doty Pearl (Dollie) wks Shunk Plow, 726 Elm 
Dougherty Jas, retired, 504 E Charles 
Dowler Christ (Sadie) fireman T&OC, 417 Wallace 
Downing Ely L (Malinda) wks Colter & Co, 725 Reid 3867 
Downing Kenneth (Cora) wks T&OC, 912 Faustina 3437 
Downing W P (Cora) wks T&OC, 912 Faustina 3437 
Dozer Block, L A Dozer owner, 330-334 S Sandusky 
Dozer Leonard A (Anna G) F'hotographer 330 S Sandusky 5712, res 213 W 

Warren 5063 
Dozlan Peter (Ora) 615 (715) Prospect 

Drake Rancie C (Laura) switchman T&OC, 520 Charlotte 3423 
Dratch Louis, wks Pressman Bros Co, 157 Plymouth 5326 
Draves Henry (Nelle) machinist T&OC, 325 Blicke 

Dreher A Frederick (Daisy M) wks Carroll Fdry, 126 S Highland 5094 
Dreher Chas (Amelia) city fireman, 462 W Charles 3863 


Dreher Lillian, saleslady Citizens Store, 462 W Charles 3863 

Dreher Otto N (Anna M) molder Carroll Fdry, 300 N Lane 

Dressier Frank D, 134 Fisher 3292 

Dressier Jacob (Frederica) retired, 134 Fisher 3292 

Dressier John (Mae E) eng T&OC, 134 Fisher 3292 

Drexel Calvin L, student, 429 E Charles 

Drexel Daniel, carpenter, 328 N Sandusky 

Drexel J George (Pauline) Feed Store & Cigars 301 S Sandusky 5533, res 641 

(715) East St S 3443 
Drexel John M (Barbara) carpenter, 302 Jump 3454 
Drexel Wm F (Viola) coppersmith Wm Picking, 429 E Charles 
Dring Robert W (Beatrice) sheet iron wkr N Y Blower, 744 East St S 
Drolesbaugh Thos M (Nettie E) retired, rear 452 S Sandusky 
Dufraine Alva E (Laura J) agt American Express, 129 W Oakwood 5240 
Dufraine N Marie, tel opr Crestline, 129 W Oakwood 5240 
Dunbar Geo (Helen E) conductor T&OC, 725 E Rensselaer 
Dunham Martha J, wid A S, 128 S Spring 

Dunkel Harry J (Mildred M) blacksmith helper T&OC, 335 (942) Whetstone 
Dunlap Harry A (Vella M) Jewelry 212 N Sandusky, res 212 N Poplar 
Dunn Loys B, sales Buc Tea Store, 435 S Poplar 

Dunn Geo D (Lova M) Photographer 119y 2 N Sandusky 5176, res 406 S Lane 
Dunn Howard C (Mabelle C) telegrapher Penna Ry, 716 Earl 
Dunn Naomi E, at home, 406 S Lane 

Durnwald Edward A (Rozena A) laborer, 842 E Mansfield 
Durr Albert D (Bertha E) salesman Walk-Over Boot Shop, 315 Osman 
Durr Clarence, draftsman Am Clay, 222 W Warren 5530 
Durr Fred B (Mary) postal clerk, 453 S Poplar 3314 
Durr Wm E (Lydia A) bookkpr T&OC, 314 Osman 
Dutter Herman O (Katherine F) Mgr The Bucyrus Tel Co, 231 E Rensselaer 

Dye Chas H (Ella I) train despatcher T&OC, 409 W Oakwood 

Eager Beatrice E, minor, 908 Faustina 3337 

Eagles Block, 201-205 S Sandusky 

Eagles Hall, 3rd Floor Quimby Bldg 

Eakin Frank M (Eleanor N) Genl Agt Penna Ry, 509 (609) Lincoln 5559 

Earl Bert, meat cutter Dobbins & Geiger, 309 N Sandusky 

Earl Clayton L, sta eng McCormick, 837 Faustina 5170 

Eaton J Harvey (Addie M) Mgr Bucyrus Implement Co, 125 Franklin 5287 

Eaton Joseph S, bookkpr Bucyrus Implement Co, 125 Franklin 5287 

Ebert Dorothy, wid John, 116 E Liberty 

Ebert Florence H, at home, 340 W Mansfield 

Ebert lone, cashier Rowe Bros, 340 W Mansfield 

Ebert John O (Nora B) wks Harrop & Faulkner, 340 W Mansfield 

Eby John (Mary) laborer, 1030 E Mansfield 

Eckard Lillie A, at home, 423 E Warren 

Eckard Margaret C, wid C, 423 E Warren 






Eckleberry Edgar C (Mary) collector Hopley Prtg Co, 723 Reid 

Eckman S Elizabeth, tel opr, 701 E Rensselaer 3285 

Eckman Elmer A (Bertha M) mach Am Clay, 670 E Mansfield 

Eckman Hazel I, tel opr, 701 E Rensselaer 3285 

Eckman Horace R (Mary J) teamster, 701 E Rensselaer 3285 

Edelstein Anshel (Ricka) Live Stock Dealer, 517 S Walnut 5120 

Edelstein Carl, wks A Edelstein 5120 

Edelstein Hattie, at home, 517 S Walnut 5120 

Edelstein Myron, student, 517 S Walnut 5120 

Edelstein Nathan, 517 S Walnut 5120 

Edison Creamery Co The, A H Benson Local Mgr, 202 E Warren 5830 

Edsinger Jacob (Cora) carpenter T&OC, 504 E Oakwood 5149 

Edsinger Josephine, stenog L C Feighner, 504 E Oakwood 5149 

Edsinger Paul B, 504 E Oakwood 5149 

Ehrick Harry C (Mabel B) mach Am Clay, 216 (276) W Lucas 

Ehrick Otto (Celina) tailor Nussbaum, 524 S Spring 5754 

Ehrick Wm F (Virginia) mach Am Clay, 215 (279) W Lucas 

Eich Paul, carpenter, 505 E Rensselaer 

Eicher Jas B, section foreman Penna Ry, 617 E Mansfield 

Eichman Alvin, Merchant Tailor 5 Quimby Bldg, res 335 W Warren 5264 

Eichman Bernard M (Augusta) retired, 335 W Warren 5264 

Eichman Cuno (Florence E) draftsman Am Clay, 837 Rogers 5660 

Eichman Mildred, musician, 335 W Warren 5264 

Elberson B Emmett (Coral) Propr Majestic & Marlowe Theatres, cor Marion 

Rd & Southern 5356 
Elberson Clem V (Neah D) foreman T&OC, 323 E Mansfield 5321 
P^lberson Ethel, saleslady Rowe Bros, 317 E Rensselaer 5655 
Elberson Hotel The New, M B Elberson Propr, A J Chamberlain clerk, 117- 

118 Public Square 5001 
Elberson Marshall B (Ida) Propr The New Elberson Hotel, 117-118 Public 

Square 5001 
Elberson Rose, widow, 317 E Rensselaer 5655 
Elder G Fred, conductor T&OC, 452 S Sandusky 
Elder Harry, pipe fitter Carroll Fdry, 452 S Sandusky 
Elder Mary M, seamstress, 452 S Sandusky 
Elder Nellie F, at home, 452 S Sandusky 

Electric Light & Power Co The, A G Moser Supt, 208 S Sandusky 5616 
Electric Package Agency, A H Gallagher, 117 W Mansfield 5911 
Elias Nick, Propr Sugar Bowl, 203 W Mansfield 5574 
Elks Home, being built at 309 E Mansfield 
Elks Lodge Rooms, 2nd Floor Sens Block 5007 
Ellis Helen, minor, 633 E Mansfield 

Ellis Paul D (Mary M) draftsman Ohio Loc Crane Co, 327 W Warren 5737 
Elsasser August G (Rose E) patternmaker Am Clay, 622 Ann 
Elsasser Reinhold H, machinist N Y Blower, 622 Ann 
Endslow David A (Amelia) mach Carroll Fdry, 317 James 
Engle Florence, 319 South Railroad 5139 
Engelhard Myer, Clothing & Gents Furnishings 117 N Sandusky, res 217 W 

Mansfield 5635 
Engelhard Caroline, wid S, 217 W Mansfield 5635 
Engelhard Geo, cattle buyer, 217 W Mansfield 5635 
Engelhard Lena, at home, 217 W Mansfield 5635 
Engelhard Louis, sales M Engelhard, 217 W Mansfield 5635 
Engelhard Rae, sales M Engelhard, 217 W Mansfield 5635 
Engelhard Sophia, at home, 217 W Mansfield 5635 
Ensminger Alberta, clerk P O, 409 E Mansfield 
Ensminger Carrie, wid A M, 435 E Rensselaer 5324 
Ensminger Frank P (Anna E) carpenter, 514 Woodlawn 3283 
Ensminger Susan, wid H, 409 E Mansfield 
Enz Fred A (Minnie J) brakeman T&OC, 933 E Warren 
Eppley Ivan, clerk T&OC, rms 20 YMCA 


Etsinger Bena, wid Jacob, 312 Hill 

Etsinger Ross B (Kathryn E) foreman mach Carroll Fdry, 601 Earl 

Etsinger Wm (Elsie) craneman Carroll Fdry, 312 Hill 

Ettinger Joseph H (Rachel S) wks Shunk Plow, 318 Water 

Etzinger Anthony F (Eva E) mach T&OC, 706 East St S 

Etzsinger Robert, minor, 514 S Sandusky 

Evening Telegraph (daily) Jos W Hopley Editor The Hopley Printing Co, 

230 S Sandusky 5333 & 5373 
Everett Harry F (Cora W) Propr Club Cafe, 226 W Warren 
Everett Wm W (Goldie) teamster, 414 Aurora 3457 
Ewalt Frank L, Barber Shop, 506 Jones, res same 
Ewalt Stephen D, Barber Shop, 334 Sheckler 
Ewing Ernest K, fireman T&OC, 504 Rogers 3242 
Ewing Florence, sales Nussbaum, 504 Rogers 3242 
Ewing Louise, wid Wm, 504 Rogers 3242 
Exler Chas A, blacksmith Am Clay, 812 S Walnut 
Exler Kate E, wks Pressman Skirt, 812 S Walnut 
Exley Augusta, wid Wm, 641 (541) N Sandusky 

Fabian Bertha, dressmaker, 437 S Sandusky 

Fabian Clara, at home, 437 S Sandusky 

Fabian Clemence J, mach Carroll Fdry, 437 S Sandusky 

Fabian Philip (Margaret) retired, 437 S Sandusky 

Fabian Theodore P, mach Am Clay, 437 S Sandusky 

Fackler Hannah, wid Geo, 438 W Charles 

Fail W F & Co, Shoes, 105 S Sandusky 5183 

Fail Wm F (Elizabeth I) Wm F Fail & Co, res 353 W Mansfield 5281 

Fair Grounds, Crawford Co Agrl Society, 610 Whetstone 

Fair The, Head-to-Foot Outfitters, M Morgenstein Mgr, 224 N Sandusky 

Fairchild Gale G (Mae) brakeman T&OC, 300 E Mansfield 

Farmers & Citizens Bank & Savings Co, H E Kiess Cashier, 103 Public Square 

Farquhar Bros (Wm & Floyd) Drugs, Books, Stationery, Wall Paper & Photo 

Supplies, 138 Public Square 5304 
Farquhar Floyd B, Farquhar Bros, 403 W Rensselaer 5817 
Farquhar John Y (Emma A) Farquhar Bros, 301 S Spring 5505 
Farquhar Mabel M, Music Teacher, 403 W Rensselaer 5817 
Farquhar Wm (Laura B) Farquhar Bros, 403 W Rensselaer 5817 
Fair M Donald (L May) blacksmith Seeger Bros, 812 S Sandusky 
Farrell John V (Amelia M) wks N Y Blower, 919 Harris 
Fashion Shop, Millinery & Hair Goods, Mrs Rose Hagmaier, 130 N Sandusky 
Fate Alex (Elizabeth) track foreman Penna Ry, 617 Woodlawn 
Fate Esther Mrs, 427 N Walnut 

Fate-Lea Handle Co, N H Lea Propr, 550 Jones 5557 
Faulkner Geo W (Margaret) Plumber, res 316 W Galen 5096 
Faulkner John E (Josephine) Harrop & Faulkner, 429 E Rensselaer 5283 
Faulkner Mary, wid E R, 429 E Rensselaer 5283 
Faulkner & Schott, Stock Buyers 505 Kaler 5256 
Fauser Samuel (Kate) farmer, 214 S Poplar 5836 
Fawley Elizabeth M Mrs, 734 N Sandusky 

Fegley Gale H (Laura A) chief clerk T&OC Frt, 324 N Walnut 
Fegley Robert, 230 N Railroad 3346 

Fegley Thos (Kate) molder Am Clay, 230 N Railroad 3346 
Fehr Wilhelmina, wid J L, 300 E Charles 
Feighner Lewis C (Elizabeth D) Attorney, 1 Rowse Block 5413, res 127 E 

Feight Cyrus, teamster, 621 E Warren 
Feiring Ada, at home, 431 S Sandusky 5573 


Feiring Annetta, dressmaker, 209 N Poplar 

Feiring Chas (Mary M) molder Am Clay, 431 S Sandusky 5573 

Feiring G Henry (Martha A) Startsman & Feiring, 423 E Rensselaer 5099 

Feiring Mary H, stenog The Ohio Loco Crane Co, 431 S Sandusky 5573 

Feiring Otto (Clara) Merchant Tailor 146 Public Square 5236, res 209 N Poplar 

Feldman Moses (Esther) operator Pressman Bros Co, 557 East St S 

Fell John J (Stella R) collector Prudential, 511 S Spring 

Fenner Eliza, at home, 326 S Poplar 

Fenner Emma O, at home, 718 Rogers 3144 

Fenner Foster, molder Am Clay, 326 S Poplar 

Ferguson Robert E (Harriet A) trav salesman, 317 S Walnut 5520 

Ferrall Guernie J (Nellie) Barber Shop under 230 N Sandusky, res 601 W 

. Maijy ^ ... • 
Ferrall Walfer R," driver Central Delivery, 430 Charlotte 
Ferrall Wm J (Clara) Painter & Paperhanger, 430 Charlotte 
Ferrall Wm L (Mary J) Real Est Agency Hipp Bldg 5327, res 818 (817) W 

Mansfield 5097 
Ferree Jas D, reporter Forum 901 (837) N Sandusky 5780 
Fetcher Edwin, minor, 124 Hill 5529 
Fetcher Louis, ditcher, 427 N Lane 
Fickel Bertha M, at home, 458 Johnston 
Fickel F Marion (Margaret E) retired, 458 Johnston 
Fickel John A, wks Carroll Fdry, 458 Johnston 
Fickel Lawrence, roofer Picking & Co, 458 Johnston 
Fidler Wm F (Mary E) telephone inspector, 762 East St S 5205 
Field Kathryn E, at home, 445 W Warren 
Field Margaret C, wid Cyre, 445 W Warren 
Fike Jacob P (Lydia) optician, 463 S Poplar 
Fike Kenneth P, barber, 463 S Poplar 
Findling Bertha C, at home, 135 Fisher 
Findling Caroline C, wid J, 135 Fisher 
Fink Earl J (Ada M) carpenter, 129 S Walnut 
Fink John A (Marie) Contr & Builder, 501 Rogers 
Finkle Mary M, tailoress, 108 W Mary 

Finley Ebenezer B (Charlotte E) Finley & Gallinger, 678 N Sandusky 5132 
Finley & Gallinger (E B & Chas) Attorneys, 4 News Forum Blk 5620 
First National Bank Building, 131-133 S Sandusky 
First National Bank The, E G Beal Cashier, 133 S Sandusky 5350 
First & Last Chance Cafe, Geo Kleindienst Propr, 340 S Sandusky 5270 
Fischer Anna C, waitress, 110 (240) N Spring 

Fischer & Flohr (Geo & D F) Hardware, 108 S Sandusky 5258 
Fischer Geo F, Fischer & Flohr, 110 (240) N Spring 
Fischer Louisa C, wid E, Lodging House, Tobacco, Cigars & Candies 328 N 

Fischer Louisa P, at home, 328 N Sandusky 
Fischer Magdalena, wid Emanuel, 110 (240) N Spring 
Fish Mary A, wid D A, 405 W Warren 
Fisher Blanche, saleslady Rowe Bros, 120 Wiley 5083 
Fisher Casper (Susan) Acetylene Salesman, 455 S Sandusky 5764 
Fisher Casper & Sons, Plumbers rear 455 S Sandusky 5764 
Fisher Cyrus H, draftsman, 127 E Rensselaer 
Fisher Cyrus W (Mary D) retired, 125 W Rensselaer 5312 
Fisher Edward L, bookkeeper, 603 E Mansfield 3519 
Fisher Eugene C, Plumber, 455 S Sandusky 5764 
Fisher Florence M, wks Commercial Prtg Co, 120 Wiley 5083 
Fisher Frank M (Clara B) ship clerk The Roehr Co, 120 Wiley 5083 
Fisher Fred (Mary) janitor Farmers & Cit Bank, 805 (745) W Perry 
Fisher Grace 1, at home. 120 Wiley 5083 

Fisher Jerome L (Nellie M) traveling salesman, 600 S Spring 
Fisher John, molder Am Clay, rms Park Hotel 
Fisher Raymond F, Plumber, 455 S Sandusky 5764 


Fisher Robert T, mach T&OC, 120 Wiley 5083 

Fisher Victoria E, at home, 455 S Sandusky 5764 

Fitzer Jas R, trav salesman, 427 B Lucas 5059 

Fitzer John S (N Maude) elec eng Carroll Fdry, 427 E Lucas 5059 

Fitzer C Wm (Christina) Smith & Fitzer, 612 E Rensselaer 5518 

Fitzgerald Chas (Minnie) wks Roberts Livery, 426 N Walnut 3447 

Fitzgerald Robert J (Cora M) Insurance Agt, 122 Sherman 

Fitzpatrick Mary, Propr Deal House, 130 Public Square 5104 

Fitzsimmons Eleanor, wid Dr J F, 122 S Walnut 5638 

Flegel Chas E, clerk pattern dept Carroll Fdry, 121 Wiley 3555 

Flegel Wm H (Margaret M) foreman carpenters T&OC, 121 Wiley 3555 

Fleming Hannah L, wid Sam, 506 W Warren _ ^ «V 

Fletcher Albert L, machinist, 858 S Spring *f 39f?43o 

Fletcher Chas W (May L) wks Col Fisher, 858 S Spring *"* 

Flexer Millie M, wid Peter, 918 Willard 3216 

Flickinger Alvin G (Effie V) Depy Co Auditor, 523 S Spring 

Fligor Hazel, domestic, 231 S Poplar 5858 

Fligor Wm H C (Myrtie M) rural postman, 1070 Marion 3844 

Flink Elizabeth, wid F, 426 Wise, 

Flink Frank, mach Sommer Motor, 426 Wise 

Flock Geo J (Catherine E) ditch digger, 935 Reid 3679 

Flock Peter, laborer, 825 E Mansfield 5680 

Flocken Chas E (C Magdalena) janitor West Side School, 329 S Poplar 

Flocken John H (Anna M) barber W Flocken, 358 W Charles 

Flocken Nellie S, saleslady Baumoel, 346 W Warren 5036 

Flocken Wm (Viola) Barber Shop 102 E Rensselaer, res 416 S Poplar 

Flohr Catherine A Mrs, 701 S Sandusky 3125 

Flohr Catherine E, at home, 701 S Sandusky 3125 

Flohr D Frank (Orlena A) Fischer & Flohr, 301 E Lucas 5848 

Foreman Dallas, brakeman T&OC, 330 Sheckler 5784 

Foreman Frank E (Glada E) agt Standard OilCo, 511 E Warren 5174 

Forrest Bruce, painter, 417 E Rensselaer 5041 

Forrest Edith, Depy Clerk of Courts, 417 E Rensselaer 5041 

Forrest Irene, asst to Depy Clk of Courts, 417 E Rensselaer 5041 

Forrest Lettie, wid W B, 417 E Rensselaer 5041 

Foster Guy S (Minnie M) grinder Sommer Motor, 751 (921) E Rensselaer 386$ 

Foulk Anna S, sales Miss Keil, 523 S Spring 

Foulk David H (Sophia H) car repairer T&OC, 120 S Highland 

Foulk Ora G, wks Geiger & Bush, 120 S Highland 

Foulk Selina I, at home, 120 S Highland 

Foulke Abner E (Sophia) Express & Drayage, 858 (868) S Sandusky 5467 ^ 

Fouser Chas F (Barbara E) teamster Colter & Co, 854 S Spring 

Fouser Nina M, sales Home Store, 854 S Spring 

Fowler Ruth, domestic, 455 S Spring 3126 

Fox Alphonsus C, student, 431 Woodlawn i : . 

Fox Anthony D (Emma R) blacksmith T&OC, 431 Woodlawn 

Fox Geo R (Nellie M) sta eng Elec Light Co, 837 S Poplar 5891 

Fox Henry M (Octa L) Supervisor T&OC, 604 (540) Lincoln 5347 

Fox Mary F, student, 431 Woodlawn 

Fox Otto T (Amy M) Carpenter, 1131 Dean 5443 

Fox Paul G, driver Electric Package, 431 Woodlawn 

Fox Rosa, wid Wm, 608 S Sandusky 5316 

Foye Ida E, wid W B, 603 S Walnut 5380 

Fraleck Viola, at home, 212% S Sandusky 5783 

Fralick Jerome E (Marcella B) wks T&OC Shops, 135 Bland 

Fralick Walter L, electrician Bucyrus Tel Co, 135 Bland 

France Wm (Martha A) retired, 400 N Walnut 3247 

Fraud Salem (Catherine) retired, 354 W Charles 3332 

Franey Anna L, wid J A, 241 E Charles 5489 

Franey Marian A, at home, 241 E Charles 5489 

Frank Adam J (Sophia M) wks Bonebrake, 119 N Highland 


Franz Almira M, wid Wm, 402 E Mansfield 5280 

Franz Mellie A, at home, 402 E Mansfield 5280 

Frash Elsie M, stenog Leuthold & McCarron, 316 Clinton 5651 

Frash Gertrude M, compositor Evening Telegraph, 316 Clinton 5651 

Frash Lawrence L, machinist Carroll Fdry, 316 Clinton 5651 

Frash Louis A (Gertrude) Plasterer, 316 Clinton 5651 

Freeze Chas A (Ellen M) car repairer T&OC, 615 S Highland 

Frey Allen O (Helena) blacksmith helper Am Clay, 823 Lincoln 

Frey John G (Pauline W) salesman G H Snavely, 812 S Poplar 

Friend Archie W (Daisy) brakesman T&OC, 119^ S Sandusky 

Friend Daniel (Maria B) barber W Seeger, 337 W Charles 

Fritts Clinton G, retired, 124% N Eandusky 

Fritts Harry E (Dora) Merchant Tailor, 124 1-2 N Sandusky 

Fritz Effie J, wid E G, 422 Lincoln Way 

Fritz Leota I, at home, 743 E Rensselaer 

Fritz Louis R (Grace M) fireman T&OC, 506 Lincoln 3433 

Fritz Samuel (Frances) bartender Hufnagel, 219 N Poplar 

Fritzinger Otto E (Iva B) bartender J Klopfenstein, 210 N Sandusky 5221 

Frost Aleck (Emma) gateman Penna Ry, 502 W Perry 3785 

Frost John (Ella) retired, 1127 Dean 

Frost Philip (Blanche) wks Am Clay, 1140 Lincoln 

Fry Joseph N (Violet) lineman Buc Tel Co, 452 W Perry 3686 

Fry Paul, 508 Rogers 

Fuchs Geo (Mary A) butcher, 801 S Poplar 

Fuhrman Harry, driver Conklin Livery, 223 N Walnut 

Fuller Rancy (Lena) engineer T&OC, 540 S East 5793 

Fulton Edward (Clara) boilermaker Carroll Fdry, 935 (871) N Sandusky 

Fulton Ethel, at home, 935 (871) N Sandusky 

Fulton Kate, wid M H, 222 W Warren 5530 

Funk Rose K, wid Wm, 119 W Mary 

Furister Ray H (Emma A) carpenter, 819 S Sandusky 5867 

Gaa Chas A, Mgr Hotel Gaa, 200 N Sandusky 5876 

Gaa Christ P (Carrie E) foreman mach T&OC, 607 Rogers 

Gaa Jacob (Margaret) Propr Hotel Gaa, 200 N Sandusky 5876 

Gaa Joseph A (Laura) Mgr Hotel Gaa, 200 N Sandusky 5876 

Gable Carl, wks Dairy Products Co, 135 Whetstone 

Gable Clara, dressmaker, 135 Whetstone 

Gable Geo, mach T&OC, 135 Whetstone 

Gable Geo H, pipe fitter T&OC, 235 Whetstone 5402 

Gable John, car repairer T&OC, 133 Whetstone 

Gable Michael, wks Geiger & Bush, 133 Whetstone 

Gable Michael (Mary E) watchman Sommer Motor, 135 Whetstone 

Gable Wm, mach appr Sommer Motor, 135 Whetstone 

Gabriel Anna M, at home, 863 E Mansfield 

Gabriel Chas, plumbers helper, 226 N Lane 3749 

Gabriel Franz (Theresa) retired, 360 N Lane 

Gabriel Joseph M, laborer, 863 E Mansfield 

Gabriel Mary, seamstress, 360 N Lane 

Gallagher Arthur H (Pauline O) Agts Electric Package & Interurban Lines 

Gallagher Bessie, wid Arthur, 440 S Sandusky 3536 
Gallinger Chas P (Clara B) Attorney Finley & Gallinger, 229 W Mansfield 

Gamble Jas W (Martha A) merchants police, 518 S Walnut 3465 
Garber E Glenn (M Grace) milk salesman Dairy Prod Co, 214 W Charles 5336 
Gardner Mary E, stenographer Shunk Plow, 439 S Walnut 
Garner Alonzo A, molder, 641 Maple 


Garner Archer W, repairman Carroll Pdry, 641 Maple 
Garner Earl, wks F A Walther, 624 S Spring 5688 
Garner H Otillia, wid A W, 641 Maple 
Garner Jesse, brakeman T&OC, 3rd Floor Quimby Bldg 
Garner Mary E, wid Wm, 815 W Mansfield 
Garner Norman G, plasterer, 815 W Mansfield 
Garner Pearl, at home, 624 S Spring 5688 
Garner Ralph T, painter, 641 Maple 

Garner & Reed (M W & Frank) Blacksmith Shop, 113 N Poplar 
Garner Wm (Caroline M, Croneis & Garner) 215 Clark 5227 
Garner Wm J (Ellen) Garner & Reid, res 624 S Spring 5688 
Garrett Chas, mach Sommer Motor, 730 Plymouth 
Garrison Leroy (Ella B) barber Christman, 212 Woodlawn 
Garvin Lloyd (Blanche) wks Miller Elevator, 212 S Spring 
Garvin Melvin, wks New Roehr, 440 Johnston 

Garvin Richard A (Anna B) Principal High School, 509 E Oakwood 5885 
Gass Thos (Susie) coach cleaner T&OC, 1115 Monnett 
Gatchell Homer, painter, 501 E Charles 
Gatchell Roy M (Florence E) sta engineer, 501 E Charles 
Gates Dr Wm C (Dora E) Crawford County Hospital, 130 W Warren 5619 
Gear Mart N, extra agt Penna Ry, room 1 YMCA 
Gearhart Hazel, nurse. Monnette Memorial Hospital 5602 
Gearing Wm S (Bertha I) sub letter carrier, 240 E Mansfield 
Gebhardt Carl F, timekeeper Carroll Fdry, 320 S Lane 5607 
Gebhardt Cleo E, clerk Buc City Bank, 811 N Sandusky 5263 
Gebhardt John (Emma C) Auctioneer, 811 N Sandusky 5263 
Gebhardt Louisa, wid C F, 320 S Lane 5607 
Gegenheimer Catherine, wid Wm, 545 Kaler 
Gegenheimer Ernest P, carpenter Am Clay, 545 Kaler 
Gegenheimer Ida R, teacher, 545 Kaler 
Gegenheimer Wm F, laborer, 545 Kaler 
Gehringer Anna, 424 S Spring 

Gehringer Wilhelm (Pauline) wks T&OC, 424 S Spring 
Gehrisch Clara, sales Baumoel, 464 S Spring 5026 
Gehrisch Wm F (Kathryn) salesman Birk Bros, 460 S Spring 5495 
Geiger & Bush (Jacob Geiger) The Bucyrus Copper Kettle Works, 238 N Rail- 
road 5531 
Geiger Chas E (Colette I) Dobbins & Geiger, 500 W Charles 5011 
Geiger Edna O, saleslady Citizens Store, 443 E Charles 
Geiger Henry (Mary A) machinist Am Clay, 443 E Charles 
Geiger Jacob (Millie) Geiger & Bush, 318 S Sandusky 5038 
Geiger Judson D, with Geiger & Bush, 318 S Sandusky 5038 
Geiger Otto C (Martha H) molder Carroll Fdry, 1101 Monnett 
Geiger Selma, student, 114 S Spring 5375 
Geiger Sidney, salesman W J Geiger, 114 S Spring 5375 
Geiger Wm (Hazel A) Mgr The Citizens Store, 115 W Liberty 
Geiger Wm J (Rachel) Clothing 100 Public Square 5411, res 114 S Spring 5375 
Gelbaugh Chas E (A Bell) mach Am Clay, 318 Lincoln 
Gelbaugh Philip, retired, 211 John 
Gelbaugh Wilbur H, barber, 318 Lincoln 

Gematto Frank, section hand Penna Ry, 429 Johnston 5605 
Gemo Nicholas, coach cleaner T&OC, 429 Johnston 5605 
George Rolle E (Rose E) carpenter T&OC, 911 Prospect 
Gerard Benoit F (Anna M) conductor T&OC, 309 E Lucas 5560 
Gerard Clementine M, at home, 309 E Lucas 5560 
Gerhart August L (Ollie F) salesman Quaintance, 229 Lincoln 
German Lutheran Church, 125 W Charles (see Roster) 
Gerstenberger Clarion, mach T&OC, 480 Prospect 3262 
Gerster Johannah, wid Jacob, 243 E Mansfield 5459 
Gerster Wm C (Emma L) mach Carroll Fdry, 831 E Mansfield 
Geselschaft Block, C Vollmer Agt, 108-112 East Alley S 


Gestenslager Albert L (Carrie) Painter & Paperhanger, 889 S Sandusky 

Gettman Caroline, wid Adam, 506 S Walnut 5044 

Gettman Ernest G (Harriet M) postal clerk, 306 Woodlawn 5820 

Ghist Burr, mach Am Clay, 682 Maple 

Ghist Ephraim (Matilda) night watch Am Clay, 682 Maple 

Ghist Grace, wks Pressman Skirt, 682 Maple 

Ghist Jas C (Effie) Patrolman, 709 Elm 5686 

Ghist Mabel, wks Liebich Cigar Fact, 682 Maple 

Gibbs Carleton (Ethel E) brakeman T&OC, 517 E Lucas 

Gibson Andrew H (Lettie J) farmer, 333 Lincoln 

Gibson Lester H (Dimmie) helper T&OC, 511 W Mary 

Gibson Richard G (E Jeannette) coremaker Carroll Fdry, 324 N Walnut 3147 

Gierhart Jacob D, Propr Hotel Royal, 143 Public Square 5034 

Giestle John M (Elizabeth T) blacksmith Shunk Plow, 430 N Walnut 

Giestle Theresa, wid L, 430 N Walnut 

Gilhuly Thos (Estella) molder Carroll Fdry, 1606 N Sandusky 

Gillam E Pauline, bookkpr Buc Elec Lt & Power Co, 891 S Sandusky 5540 

Gillam M Helen, tel operator, 891 S Sandusky 5540 

Gillam & Monroe (W P & C F) Commercial Printing Co, 108 East Alley S 

Gillam Wm P (lone A) Gillam & Monroe, 891 S Sandusky 5540 

Gilmore Chas C (Lottie M) foreman Roehr Co, 730 Plymouth 

Ginkel Peter, retired, 492 Wise 

Ginkle Geo (Sabilla) molder Carroll Fdry, 496 W Mary 

G inkle Philip, coremaker Carroll Fdry, 541 East St S 

Glee Club, Walter Assenheimer Pres, 240y 2 S Sandusky 

Goard Lemar C (Mary P) brakeman T&OC, 830 Hull 

Goebelt Fred, 331 W Galen 5846 

Goebelt Geo M (Bertha E) mach T&OC, 821 E Mansfield 

Goebelt (see also Gable) 

Goerlach John (Catherine E) foreman Bucyrus Lumber Co, 467 Prospect 

Goldsmith Augustus (Cora B) Clerk of Courts, 915 Marion 5017 

Goodman Dell A Mrs, 463 S Walnut 5024 

Goodman Frank P, wks Reid Elevator, rear 330 S Sandusky 

Goodman Mary V, wid F, rear 330 S Sandusky 

Goodman Robert (Altonie) painter, rear 330 S Sandusky 

Goodrich Chas V (Christina) Rooming House, 243 E Mansfield 5459 

Goodrich Marvel I, student, 243 E Mansfield 5459 

Goodwin Delwyn D, molder Carroll Fdry, 1120 Dean 5707 

Goodwin Israel J (Rosa E) mach Carroll Fdry, 616 W Mansfield 

Goodwin Leander J (Loretta M) Paperhanger, 1120 Dean 5707 

Gorlah Anna, at home, 400 W Charles 

Gorlah Jacob, wks Adams, 400 W Charles 

Gorlah Kate, wid M, 400 W Charles 

Gormley Geo C (Sallie) at 1st Natl Bank, 223 S Sandusky 

Gormley Virginia, wid Jas B, 301 S Poplar 5587 

Goubeaux Eugene, inspector T&OC, 513 Woodlawn 3351 

Graessle Bertha, sales Rowe Bros, 806 S Walnut 

Graessle Emma, at home, 806 S Walnut 

Graessle Louise, wid Rev J, 806 S Walnut 

Graessle Mary, sales Rowe Bros, 806 S Walnut 

Graetz Wm H (Caroline) Pharmacy 106 Public Square 5503, res 332 W Mans- 
field 5208 

Graff Caroline, wid Chas, 944 Woodlawn 

Graham Clement, mach Carroll Fdry, 808 Faustina 

Graham Cora B Mrs, rear 1608 N Sandusky 3866 

Graham Delia, wid Richard, 808 Faustina 

Graham Earl (Ada C) mach Carroll Fdry, 808 Faustina 

Graham Ella M, minor, 661 Maple 5014 

Graham Harry, wks Carroll Fdry, 203 W Mansfield 5574 

Graham Richard, wks Forum, 808 Faustina 


GAR Hall, 110 S Poplar 5599 

Grandstaff Jas A, coach repairman T&OC, 534 E Oakwood 

Grandstaff Ora E, at home, 534 E Oakwood 

Grandstaff Wm N, retired, 534 E Oakwood 

Grant Dr Geo W (Willo H) Dentist 2nd Natl Bank- Bldg 5432, res 518 S 

Sandusky 5590 
Grasley Otto J (Gladys L) wks Stuckey, 1010 Willard 
Grau Fred (Caroline) eng inspector T&OC, 610 Prospect 5806 
Grau Geo D (Delta) mach opr Marlow Theater, 610 Prospect 5806 
Grau Margaret, wid G, 325 East St S 

Gray Allie, electrician Carroll Fdry, 216 S Sandusky 5425 
Gray Ellsworth (Nettie) Sta fireman, 910 Woodlawn 5631 
Gray Harry C (Idessa) conductor T&OC, 216 S Sandusky 5425 
Gray Serena E, wid Jas C, 910 Woodlawn 5631 
Gray Thurman A (Lulu E) storekeeper T&OC, 232 Woodlawn 
Great Western, Clothing Shoes & Furnishings, A H Lubisky Propr, 124 S 

Grebic Chas H (Sophia) retired, 123 Fisher 
Green Hulda, minor, 1115 Dean 

Green Jenn, Mgr The Home Store, 463 S Walnut 5024 
Green Lola Mrs, 437 E Warren 5152 
Green Mary, wid John, 115 E Southern 

Greenich Adam (Elizabeth) blacksmith Carroll Fdry, 436 W Charles 
Greenich Daniel (Margaret C) patternmaker Am Clay, 605 Woodlawn 
Greenich Harold (Cora) brass molder Ryder Brass, 625 Maple 
Greenich Helen, wks Bucyrus Greek Candy Store, 456 W Charles 
Greenich Israel (Mary) foreman wood dept Am Clay, 838 S Spring 
Greenich James (Margaret) wks Am Clay, 456 W Charles 
Greenich Jas, patternmaker Am Clay, 605 Woodlawn 
Greenich Ralph W (Anna) mach Am Clay, 718 S Spring 
Greenwald Christ, Mgr Transfer Line, 121 1-2 N Sandusky 5401 
Greer Harry A (C Loretta) sta eng Am Clay, 500 E Warren 
Grego Angelo, wks Carroll Fdry, 323 Water 

Gregory Annetta B Mrs, propr Lincoln Way Tavern 231 S Sandusky 5471 
Gregory Ida A Mrs, at home, 924 Harris 

Gregory Louis, Merchant Tailor 120 1-2 N Sandusky, res same 
Greivensteine John, porter Volk & Sachs, 133 N Walnut 
Grenche John (Rosetta) trackman Penna Ry, 697 Wingert 
Gresley Leah, wid Rev J, 423 E Warren 
Grey Fred (Mabel) eng T&OC, 523 S Poplar 
.Griffith Chas (Grace E) editor Forum, 300 E Mansfield 
Grim I Roy (L Hazel) wks Carroll Fdry, 210 E Irving 
Grim Peter, wks brick yard, 415 E Irving 
Grim Silver, wid H A, 217 N Lane 5597 
Grimm Jas (Rebecca J) wks Carroll Fdry, 915 Tiffin 
Grimm Thos J, wks Carroll Fdry, 915 Tiffin 
Grimmer Albert J (Catherine M) wks Carroll Fdry, 120 Bland 
Gross Maj Wm H (Floy C) 234 E Rensselaer 
Groves Earl S (Luella C) Painter, 126 W Mary 
Gubernath Albert M, machinists apprentice T&OC, 337 W Center 
Gubernath Anthony J (Ida) boilermaker T&OC, 317 N Sandusky 
Gubernath Edward W (Inez M) boiler wkr T&OC, 622 Elm 
Gubernath Richard G, mach apprentice Sommer Motor, 337 W Center 
Gubernath Theresa A, wid W, 337 W Center 
Guhis Louis (Mary) bartender Hufnagel Bros, 346 N Lane 
Guinther Emil J, student, 625 East St S 3244 
Guinther J Geo (Malinda) retired, 625 East St S 3244 
Guiss Chas A, Civil Engineer, Post Office Bldg, res same 5604 
Guthman Magdalena, wid Philip, 551 Kaler 
Guthman Theodore, wks Geiger & Bush, 800 W Perry 
Guthman Wm, stone mason, 800 W Perry 


Guttenberg John (Matilda) mach Carroll Fdry, 625 Plants Way 
Gwinner Andrew J (Zella M) boilermakers helper T&OC, 455 Park 
Gwinner Flossie M, compositor Evng Telegraph, 515 ^ Lincoln 
Gwinner Rosa, wid Geo, 515 1-2 Lincoln 


Haaga William, wks T&OC Yards, 613 Woodlawn 

Haala Carl J, Baerkircher & Haala, 226 N Lane 3749 

Haala Edward, meat cutter, 22£ N Lane 3749 

Haala Frederick, salesman Swift & Co, 226 N Lane 3749 

Haala Lawrence, meatcutter Baerkircher & Haala, 226 N Lane 3749 

Haala Lena, wid Anton, 226 N Lane 3749 

Haala Nicholas A (Anna M) blacksmith Shunk Plow, 1002 Tiffin 3816 

Habersat Hermine, wks Pressman Skirt, rear 122 S Walnut 

Hackett Jas T, asst maintainer Penna Ry, 432 Johnston 

Hackett John J (Margaret) mach helper T&OC, 432 Johnston 

Hackett Raymond J, wks Union Depot, Toledo, res 432 Johnston 

Haffner Frank W (Blanche) mach T&OC, 305 S Sandusky 5673 

.Haffner Rose, wid Wm, 302 W Warren 3865 

Hager W F, Cigars & Tobacco, Factory No 214, 116 Public Square, res 111 N 

Hagerty Jas W (Catherine M) coremaker N Y Blower, 219 N Poplar 
Hagmaier Fred (Bertha L) carpenter, 420 Gay 

Hagmaier Louis W (Clara) Propr Reber Hotel & Cafe, 120 S Sandusky 5278 
Hagmeyer Catherine, wid Fred, 306 N Lane 
Hagmeyer Wm (Rose) molder, 306 N Lane 

Haigh Lambert (Mary) Mgr Kiln Dept Am Clay, 424 S Poplar 3221 
Haines Clarence N (Nellie) conductor T&OC, 451 Lincoln 
Haines Milo R (Laura L) conductor T&OC, 415 E Oakwood 
Hale John B (Mary C) car repairer T&OC, 476 Prospect 
Hall Ervin N (Ida J) leather wkr Meyers, 121 (111) Iron 
Hall Jennie, widow, 920 Willard 
Hall J Straughn, retired, 215 E Mansfield 5002 
Hall Joseph E, retired, 412 E Rensselaer 5126 
Haller Jay W (Alberta M) clerk Co Recorder, 918 S Walnut 
Haller Mary, wid Jacob, 500 S Walnut 5542 
Halm Geo M (Mattie E) Package Delivery, 1016 E Warren 
Halm Lucy A, milliner, 1016 E Warren 

Haman Frank E (Elsie L) ship clerk Sommer Motor, 830 Woodlawn 
Haman Isabella J, wid Frank, 715 S Spring 

Hamilton Fred G (Gertrude G) boiler wkr T&OC, 501 Woodlawn 
Hammaker Minnie, wid H, 1123 E Southern 
Hammer Chas W, boilermaker, 1003 E Warren 5828 

Hammer Conrad F (Elizabeth A) salesman Quaintance, 618 E Rensselaer 
Hammer John, baker, 202 1^ N Sandusky 
Hammer Theresa, wid Joseph, 1003 E Warren 5828 
Hammond Aneita A, student, 610 E Warren 3266 

Hammond Chas H (Elizabeth C) foreman pumpers T&OC, 610 E Warren 3266 
Hammond Enid A, cashier Rowe Bros, 610 E Warren 3266 
Hammond Hazel M, student, 610 E Warren 3266 
Hammond Mae A, teacher, 610 E Warren 3266 
Hammond Wm, driver P Browarwsky, 642 Woodlawn 5171 
Hanby Rachel J, wid Dr Wm O, 518 S Sandusky 5590 
Hancock Abraham J (Gertrude E) flagman T&OC, 700 S Poplar 
Hancock Armetta H, sales Lake Jewelry, 326 W Mansfield 5739 
Hancock Emma A, wid H, 317 N Lane 

Hancock Emmett L (Mamie I) wks New Roehr Co, 1123 Dean 
Hancock Ethel, at home, 307 Whetstone 5137 
Hancock Frank G, farmer, 317 N Lane 


Hancock John (Elizabeth J) wks N Y Blower, 736 East St S 

Hancock Loral J, wks Roehr Co, 317 N Lane 

Hancock Lovina, wid Geo, 303 W Mansfield 

Hancock Wm (Pearl) section foreman Penna Ry, 307 Whetstone 5137 

Hannah Pernielia J, wid E, housekeeper, 469 Prospect 

Hanover Wm, mach T&OC, 513 Woodlawn 3351 

Hansberger Arthur G (Edna G) buyer Hansberger Ward & Co, 331 W Mans- 
field 3560 

Hansberger, Ward & Co (C F & H B) Department Store, Dry Goods, Carpets, 
Shoes, Groceries, 203-205 N Sandusky 5536 

Hanson Louis, brakeman T&OC, 416 S Sandusky 5818 

Hara Amanda, domestic, 500 W Irving 5159 

Hardy Geo, brakeman T&OC, 328 S Spring 

Harmon Harry L, asst sales mgr Am Clay, rms 6 YMCA 

Harmon Mary E, wid Moses, 224 (214) W Rensselaer 

Harrer Samuel, laborer, 1015 Fremont 

Harriger Alice L, wid Dan, 300 Schaber 

Harriger Clarence J, wks Bucyrus Stone, 300 Schaber 

Harriger Henry H (Bessie) butcher Teuscher, 1016 Willard 

Harriger Laura B, at home, 300 Schaber 

Harriger Olive M Mrs, 559 Kaler 

Harriger Roy, molder Carroll Fdry, 300 Schaber 

Harriger Sarah K, seamstress, 315 E Oakwood 3376 

Harriger Thos, laborer, 907 Woodlawn 

Harriger Wm (Stella) farmer, 1009 Willard 

Harris Allie, retired, 600 E Rensselaer 

Harris Geo W (Isabelle R) propr The Daisy Co, res 215 E Mansfield 5002 

Harris John E, wks Sommer Motor, 610 S Walnut 

Harris Joseph G, tinner Fischer & Flohr, 610 S Walnut 

Harris Warren D, propr The Daisy Co, res 215 E Mansfield 5002 

Harris Wm, retired, 326 W Rensselaer 

Harrop & Faulkner (J E & J E) Livery Feed & Sale Stable, Central Delivery 
System, northwest cor Public Square 5622 

Harrop Hugh J, bookkeeper Harrop & Faulkner, 218 W Mansfield Phone — 

Harrop James E (Emma F) Harrop & Faulkner, 218 W Mansfield Phone — 

Hart Wm J (Myrtie M) driver Shunk Plow, molder, 330 N Walnut 

Hartley Harold H, minor, 567 East St S 

Hartley Wm R (Etta J) electrician Bucyrus E Light & Power Co, 621 E 

Hartline Geo W (Angeline E) sta eng T&OC, 809 (751) W Perry 

Hartline Grace L, bookkpr Buc Bldg & Loan Co, 809 (751) W Perry 

Hartman Addison F, mach T&OC, 221 S Sandusky 

Hartman Adelbert H, bookkpr F A Walthers, 139 Hill 

Hartman Chas (Elizabeth) trav salesman, 139 Hill 

Hartman Geo (Ella) retired, 495 Wise 

Hartman Gertrude E, saleslady C K Cunningham, 139 Hill 

Hartman Grace D, student, 221 S Sandusky 

Hartman Helen A, trimmer Ethel Sterling, 221 S Sandusky 

Hartman Henry (Emma M) 221 S Sandusky 

Hartman Jesse C (Edna M) car inspector T&OC, 871 S Sandusky 3543 

Hartman Stella M, dressmaker, 871 S Sandusky 3543 

Hartsel Wm H (Sarah) Stone & Cement Sidewalks, 314 E Rensselaer 

Hartzel Edward T (Margaret) baker Imperial, 307 N Walnut 

Harvey Cecil B, telegrapher Penna Ry, 849 S Sandusky 

Harvey Francis L (Delia A) sta engineer, 849 S Sandusky 

Haspes Chas L (Mary) mach T&OC, 840 Faustina 

Haspes Hazel M, compositor Hopley Prtg Co, 840 Faustina 

Haspeslagh Henry L (Maude E) car repairer T&OC, 642 E Mansfield 5361 

Haspeslagh Joseph J (Waive E) blacksmith T&OC, 817 Woodlawn 

Haspeslagh Louis (Elsie M) bartender J G Mader & Son, 205 Whetstone 

Haspeslagh Malenie, wid Leo, 914 Woodlawn 


Haubennestel Emma, dressmaker, 240 E Mary 

Haubennestel Gottlieb (Johanna) foreman Geiger & Bu~h, 240 E Mary 

Haubennestel Lillian K, dressmaker, 240 E Mary 

Hauck Clayton E, mach apprentice T&OC, 923 E Warren 

Hauck Harvey A (Jessie P) engineer T&OC, 923 E Warren 

Hauck H Melvin (Clara M) engineer T&OC, 916 E Warren v 

Hauer Conrad G (Mary K) Hauer & Shultz, res 501 S Poplar 

Hauer Mary L, at home, 501 S Poplar 

Hauer Mary M, wid John, 840 S Sandusky 3731 

Hauer Raymond (Hulda) salesman Stump, 437 W Charles 

Hauer & Shultz (Conrad & Guy) Barber Shop, basement 159 Public Square 

Hauer Geo (Catherine) bartender Hufnagel, 223 W Charles 

Hauser Chas (Mary L) laborer, 1194 Marion 3544 

Hauslaib Bros (Wm & John) Saloon 110 Public Square 5273 

Hauslaib John (Lulu) Hauslaib Bros, res 112 E Liberty 

Hauslaib Regina, wid Caspar, 413 E Mansfield 5298 

Hauslaib Wm (Sophia M) Hauslaib Bros, 425 W Warren 5734 

Hauslaib Wm R, student, 425 W Warren 5734 

Hawk L Wm (Nanna J) steam fitter N Y Blower, 540 N Lane 

Hawkins Nannie, domestic, 714 Rogers 5462 

Haycock Chas C (Bertha) brakeman T&OC, 515 E Lucas 5251 

Haycock Dan W (Estella M) car repairer T&OC, 861 S Poplar 

Hayden Wm M (Sarah) retired, 818 S Walnut 5539 

Hayes Alfred P, driver Adams Express, 315 S Walnut 5058 

Hazeldence Frank J (Gertrude B) head lightman T&OC, 546 E Oakwood 

Hazen Hattie L, wid Edward F, 723 Reid 

Healy Alonzo, teamster Brick Yard, 810 Tiffin 

Healy Franklin (Harriet U) teamster Brick Yard, 810 Tiffin 

Healy Virgil V, engineer Brick Yard, 810 Tiffin 

Healy Zeph (Stella M) molder, 430 W T Perry 

Heath John E (Lettie L) Chester & Heath, 817 S Poplar 

Heckenauer Wm, city fireman, rms 225 E Mansfield 5145 

Heckenhauer Anna, wid Geo, 230 N Lane 

Heckenhauer Geo F, mach Carroll Fdry, 230 N Lane 

Heckenhauer Lillian F, bookkpr Dobbins & Geiger, 230 N Lane 

Heckert Henry H (May) switchman T&OC, 128 S Spring 

Heckert Jonas (Mary C) Painter & Paperhanger, 432 S Poplar 5477 

Heckert Mary, dishwasher, 128 S Spring 

Heckert Mrs R Jane, Propr Railroaders Exchange Restaurant, 642 Woodlawn 

Heckert Wm M (R Jane) laborer, 642 Woodlawn 5171 
Heckler Geo E, clerk P O, 190 Plymouth 
Heckler Harriet E, at home, 190 Plymouth 

Heckler John (Susie F) sta eng Water Works, 190 Plymouth 
Heffelfinger Melvin C (Bertha M) car repairer T&OC, 847 Faustina 3238 
Heft Chas E (Emma V) ticket agt Penna Ry, 363 W Mansfield 
Heiby Chas F (Ida J) Smith & Heiby, piano tuner, 707 Plymouth 
Heiby Clark E (Blanche M) mach Carroll Fdry, 1008 (898) N Sandusky 5859 
Heiby Franklin (Sophia A) mach Am Clay, 919 Willard 
Heil August (Catherine) butcher Dobbins & Geiger, 335 Clinton 5568 
Heil Carl H, mach T&OC, 335 Clinton 5568 
Heil Gertrude H, at home, 335 Clinton 5568 
Heinle Elizabeth, wid Geo, 522 S Sandusky 
Heinle Eva J, sales Bee Hive, 522 S Sandusky 
Heinle Leslie F, student, 522 S Sandusky 
Heinle Mary E, wid Jacob, 522 S Sandusky 
Heinlen Alvina A, at home, 427 Wallace 3123 
Heinlen Bessie V, teacher, 512 Rogers 
Heinlen Catherine, wid S F, 353 W Warren 
Heinlen Emanuel (Catherine) teamster, 512 Rogers 
Heinlen Harvey V (Pearl E) mach Am Clay. 1125 Tiffin 3350 


Heinlen Hazel E, student, 812 N Sandusky 5412 

Heinlen Isaac, 431 Park 

Heinlen Jonathan, laborer, 431 Park 

Heinlen Lee (Lottie) wks Bucyrus Lumber Co, 1001 Prospect 

Heinlen Lewis G (Emma) molder Carroll Fdry, 915 (815) N Sandusky 

Heinlen Louis A, car repairer T&OC, 427 Wallace 3123 

Heinlen Louis F (Eliza) retired, 812 N Sandusky 5412 

Heinlen Louisa, sales Berk & Hales, 353 W Warren 

Heinlen Margaret, wid Samuel, 829 S Walnut 

Heinlen Oliver J (Lulu J) laborer, 524 S Walnut 3165 

Heinlen Ruth W, student, 229 S Sandusky 

Heinlen Samuel, wks Tile Yard, 427 Wallace 3123 

Heinlen Wm (Anna K) carpenter, 229 S Sandusky 

Heitzman Henry E (Anna C) carpenter Am Clay, 455 S Spring 3126 

Heitzman John (Mary C) retired, 123 W Irving 

Helfrich Hannah E, wid P, 568 East St S 3255 

Heller Amelia J, wid W H, 345 W Charles — 

Heller Mary, wid B S, 503 N Lane 

Helmbold Gustave, stone cutter, 124 Hill 5529 

Helmbold Louis (Charlotta) stone cutter, 124 Hill 5529 

Henderson A Thos, student, 818 S Sandusky 3531 

Henderson Chas, student, 818 S Sandusky 3531 

Henderson Lola D, cashier The Pittsburg Store, 120 N Poplar 

Henderson Louis A (Alberta L) draftsman Am Clay, 525 S Spring 3402 

Henderson Thos A (Jennie R) retired, 818 S Sandusky 3531 

Henderson Wm S (Agatha A) Cooper & Henderson, 120 N Poplar 

Hennecke Edith M, wid F L, 408 S Walnut 5506 

Hennecke Fred J, 408 S Walnut 5506 

Hennecke Grace L, teacher, 408 S Walnut 5506 

Hennecke John L, student, 408 S Walnut 5506 

Hennecke Robert C, electrician, 408 S Walnut 5506 

Henry Harriet I, saleslady Woolworth, 214 W Galen 

Henry James A, vault cleaner, 317 W Center 3302 

Henry John E (Elizabeth L) laborer, 214 W Galen 

Henry Dr Martin M (Ernestine V) Optometrist Rowse Blk, res 465 S Spring 

Henry Optical Co, Dr M M Henry Mgr, 4 Rowse Blk 

Herkowitz Herman, yard clerk Penna Ry, 205% N Sandusky 

Herkowitz Siefrich, widow, 205 1-2 N Sandusky 

Herman Fred (Blanche) mach Am Clay, 619 Plants Way 

Hern S Virgil (L Ruth) craneman Broken Sword Quarries, 604 S Spring 

Herr Cora C, asst Librarian, 234 E Rensselaer 

Herr Daniel W (Sarah A) salesman Aultman-Taylor, 449 S Walnut 5593 

Herr Isabel C, at home, 234 E Rensselaer 

Herr John (Eva J) retired, 1010 Tiffin 

Herrick Harold C (Lou H) bookkeeper, 123 (33) Giaus 

Herschler John H (Julia A) plasterer, 855 (851) S Spring 

Herser David G (Matilda) mach Buc Forge & Mach Co, 505 E Rensselaer 

Herser Grace A, stenog Am Clay, 505 E Rensselaer 

Herser Waldo E, at home, 505 E Rensselaer 

Hershberger Catherine, wid J, 510 E Charles 3602 

Hershberger Cora H, at home, 907 N Sandusky 3615 

Hershberger Esther E, dressmaker, 907 N Sandusky 3615 

Hershberger John W (Christina M) farmer, 907 N Sandusky 3615 

Hershberger Mary E, dressmaker, 907 N Sandusky 3615 

Hershberger Reuben H, farmer, 510 E Charles 3602 

Herskowitz Jacob, Propr The Leader Store, 153 Public Square 

Herter Chas M (Blanche) foreman C F Bonebrake, 244 E Mansfield 

Hertzer D Lucile, stenog Am Clay, 511 S Walnut 3836 

Hertzer I Lorraine, student, 511 S Walnut 3836 

Hertzer Otto C (Celestia M) Brick Contractor, 511 S Walnut 3836 

Hertzer Theodore F (May J) brick mason, 1011 Tiffin 5334 


Hertzer Theodore Sr, retired, 412 N Railroad 

Herzer Samuel G (Nellie H) clerk Elberson Hotel, 514 East St S 

Hesche Herman F (Sarah) Paperhanger, 321 (331) W Rensselaer 5550 

Hess Chas, interlock repairman U R Tower, 935 (231) E Warren 3482 

Hess Fred, mach T&OC, 935 (231) E Warren 3482 

Hess Fred J (Rose V) blacksmith Carroll Fdry, 521 W Mary 

Hess Grover, lineman Penna Ry, 935 (231) E Warren 3482 

Hess Joseph, painter, 935 (231) E Warren 3482 

Hess Mamie, at home, 935 (231) E Warren 3482 

Hess Michael (Barbara) watchman T&OC, 935 (231) E Warren 3482 

Hess Wm, laborer, 935 (231) E Warren 3482 

Hetick Elizabeth, at home, 127 E Rensselaer 

Hetrick Arthur C, linotypist Forum, 838 S Poplar 5427 

Hetrick Clara S Mrs, 838 S Poplar 5427 

Hetrick John, carpenter, 147^ Public Square 

Hetrick Minnie, tracer & bookkpr Jones, 124 W Galen 5678 

Hewit John J (Sylvia S) hoopmaker Imperial Hoop, 859 Marion 5254 

Hieber Benj G (Salome C) Contractor & Builder, 511 N Lane 5230 

Hieber Bertha, at home, 316 E Lucas 3342 

Hieber Christina, wid C, 316 E Lucas 3342 

Hieber Clara, domestic, 129 S Sandusky 5866 

Hieber Reuben E, carpenter, 511 N Lane 5230 

Hieber Sophia, at home, 511 N Lane 5230 

Higgins Dr Arthur L (Estella D) Dentist 3 City Bank Bldg 5421, res 412 E 

Warren 5202 
High Adam J, trav salesman, 402 E Warren 5470 
High Gustave, wks Shunk Plow, rms Hotel Gaa 
Higlit Dennis C (Florence J) mach Am Clay, 124 W Galen 5678 
Hight Wm S (Flo L) 130 W Galen 5509 
Hilburn Chester W (Viola D) wks T&OC, 311 W Galen 
Hilburn Joseph L (Hygeia) Plumber, 134 W Mary 5388 
Hildebrand Archie I (Floi E) repairman Bucyrus Impl Co, 135 Franklin 
Hildebrand Carl (Grace) painter Carroll, 419 Milo 
Hildebrand Wm F (Louise A) painter, 159 Plymouth 
Hill David (Lillian) Junk Dealer, rear 330 S Sandusky 
Hill Lester W (Elizabeth F) plumber, 218 Woodlawn 5892 
Hill Wm W (Emma) trackman Penna Ry, 419 Johnston 
Hindall John D (Louisa C) wks Bucyrus Lumber Co, 851 S Walnut 
Hines Osro E (Lulu E) conductor T&OC, 344 N Sandusky 5690 
Hipp Building, Hipp Estate, 202-204 N Sandusky 
Hipp Chas, wks J C Meyer & Son, 328 N Sandusky 
Hipp Chas E (Susie) 514 S Sandusky 
Hipp Frank J, brakeman T&OC, 661 Maple 5014 
Hipp John (Mary) 661 Maple 5014 

Hipp J Geo (Elizabeth) Building Contr, 401 W Warren 5197 
Hipp Martha L, bookkpr Quaintance, 401 W Warren 5197 
Hipp Mary E, student, 401 W Warren 5197 
Hipp Naomi C, Nurse student, 401 W Warren 5197 
Hippodrome Theatre, Wm P Newman Propr, 204 S Sandusky 
Hirst Frank, retired, 520 S Spring 
Hirtz Samuel (Martha L) Auto Salesroom 236 S Sandusky 5122, res 936 Reic 

Hise John W (Irene J) mason helper, 421 E Southern 
Hise S Raymond, student, 421 E Southern 
Hiser Fred J (Zella) craneman T&OC, 217 N Lane 5597 
Hites Albert D (Mamie) wks Sommer Motor, 924 E Warren 
Hocker Lillie, at home, 424 Gay 
Hocker Matilda Mrs, Nurse, 424 Gay 
Hoefer Carl F, electrician T&OC, 1116 N Sandusky 
Hoefer Lydia, wid J F, 1116 N Sandusky 
Hoelzel Fred W (Cora A) Cigar Factory No 36, 318 James 


Hoffman Belle, saleslady Baumoel, 801 S Spring 

Hoffman Lawrence N, cost clerk Am Clay, 115 N Spring 

Hoffman Walter W, draftsman Am Clay, 115 N Spring 

Hoffner Wilhelmina, at home, 615 S Poplar 

Hogan Hugh, teamster, 835 S Walnut 5438 

Holcker Philip, Propr Imperial Bakery, 210 W Mansfield 

Holcker Robert, minor, 424 S Spring 

Holl Edgar (Maude) trav salesman, 408 Gay 5477 

Holland Ellen, wid J O, 331 W Charles 

Hollenbaugh Lester M (Anna E) eng T&OC, 840 S Poplar 

Holler Jay, 918 S Walnut 

Holloway Archie L (Kathryn C) Ford Agency 235 S Sandusky, 621 S Walnut 

' 5681- 
Holm Alice R Mrs, 240 E Rensselaer 5356 
Holmes Annatista, wid Capt A S, 212 Woodlawn 
Holmes Mary, wid B D, 217 W Charles 5696 

Holmes Perce P (Nina B) agent T&OC, 216 1-2 S Sandusky 5025 
Holy Trinity Catholic Cemetery, John Rieger Sexton, 745 Tiffin 
Home Mutual Fire Assn The, W L Monnett Secy, 1-2 Opera Blk 5305 
Home Restaurant, G J Barger Propr, 145 Public Square 5618 
Home Store, Dry Goods, Ready-to-Wear & Rugs, Miss Jenn Green Propr, 109 

Public Square 5410 
Hoover Benj F (Stella) molder Carroll Fdry, 826 N Sandusky 
Hoover Geo M (Rachel G) Mgr Order Dept Am Clay, 412 Woodlawn 5243 
Hoover Geo W, retired, 238 E Mansfield 5294 
Hoover Georgianna, at home, 826 N Sandusky 

Hoover Herbert R B, asst mgr Stock Dept Am Clay, 412 Woodlawn 5243 
Hoover Roy, mach T&OC, 330 Sheckler 5784 
Hoover Silas B (Mabel E) Bucyrus Cash Hdw Co, 209 W Mary 
Hopley Frank L, adv mgr' Am Clay, 438 S Walnut 5022 
Hopley Georgia E, news correspondent, Hopley Prtg Co, 438 S Walnut 5022 
Hopley Harriet E, proof reader Hopley Prtg Co, 438 S Walnut 5022 
Hopley Jas R (Elizabeth) Post Master, 229 W Warren 5359 
Hopley John E, Pres The Hopley Prtg Co, 438 S Walnut 5022 
Hopley Joseph W, managing ed Evening Telegraph, 438 S Walnut 5022 
Hopley Mary C, news writer Hopley Prtg Co, 438 S Walnut 5022 
Hopley Pearl R, Y W C A Secy, 438 S Walnut 5022 

Hopley Printing Co The, Geo B Knapp Bus Mgr, 230 S Sandusky 5333 & 5373 
Hopple Jeremiah J (Mattie) retired, 321 S Spring 5630 
Horn Fred C, salesman Geiger Clo Store, 217 W Charles 5696 
Horsch Marie H, wid Dr J, music teacher, 322 E Mansfield 5047 
Hoselton Harry (Cora B) coach finisher T&OC, 233 Lincoln 
Hoselton Margaret R, teacher, 233 Lincoln 
Hotel Gaa, Cafe & Grill in connection, Jacob Gaa Propr, Jos A & Chas A 

Gaa Mgrs, 200 N Sandusky 5876 
Hotel Royal, J D Gierhart Propr, American $2 00-$3 00, European $ 75-$1 5C, 

143 Public Square 5034 
Hotteman S, bartender Widman, 203 W Mansfield 5574 
Hough Edwin H (Albina) wks S Plow Works, 221 W Charles 5829 
Houghton-Merkel Co The, Buggies & Farm Implements, H A Barrett Mgr, 340 

N Sandusky 5588 
Houseburg Bertha, at home, 910 W Mansfield 
Houseburg Garland, laborer, 910 W Mansfield 
Houseburg Jacob, Constable, 910 W Mansfield 
Houseburg Jesse J (Pearl) Bicycles & General Repairs 150 Public Square, res 

1321 N Sandusky 
Houseburg Nina Mrs, 213 N Walnut 
Houseworth Jay O (Antonia M) coremaker Carroll Fdry, 675 E Mansfield 

Houston Chas A (Marie) molder Carroll Fdry, 112 W Perry 


Houston Frank M (Clara L) asst chief train despatcher T&OC, 235 E Rensse 

Howard Jacob H (Tillie M) laborer, 530 W Charles 
Howard John P (Victoria V) laborer, 530 W Charles 
Howell Clarence O, wks Kelly Vault Co, 340 (203) N Lane 
Howell Florence M, waitress Royal, 340 (203) N Lane 
Howell Hazel, domestic, 323 E Warren 

Hoy Edward C (Elizabeth M) wks N Y Blower, 310 (503) Iron 
Hubbell Walter M (Myra L) sales Am Clay, 122 S Walnut 5638 
Hudson Fred (Clara M) fireman T&OC, 1045 Prospect 
Hufnagel August G (Nettie) Hotel & Cafe 241 N Sandusky, res same 
Hufnagel Emma Mrs, 629 N Sandusky 
Hufnagle Chas F, wks O C Hufnagle, 212 N Railroad 
Hufnagle Iona J, wks Pressman Skirt, 212 N Railroad 
Hufnagle Otto G (Julia M) Kentucky Liquor Store, res 212 N Railroad 
Hughes Edwin, Barber Shop, Hotel Elberson, rms 1 Y M C A 
Hughes J Wm (Clara A) porter Smith & Marshman, 222 W Rensselaer 
Hughes Rev Robert, Pastor 1st Baptist Church, 229 Woodlawn 5654 
Hull Albert F (Ava J) carpenter T&OC, 627 East St S 3143 
Hull Jacob A (Nettie J) mach Carroll Fdry, 817 N Sandusky 5729 
Humiston Aubert E (Ellen S) retired, 209 S Walnut 5129 
Huneke Chester L, wks E W Huneke, 415 S Poplar 5609 
lluneke Edward W (Anna L) Tin Shop rear 212 Sandusky, res 415 S Poplar 

Huneke Helen N, wks Pressman Skirt, 415 S Poplar 5609 
Huneke Howard V, meterman Logan Gas Co, 415 S Poplar 5609 
Hunt Walburga, wid Joseph, 701 S Walnut 
Hunt Walburga S, at home, 405 W Warren 
Hunt Wm J (Alice C) 405 W Warren 
Hunter David C (Hattie V) laborer, 716 E Mansfield 
Hunter Harry R, truckman T&OC Frt, 716 E Mansfield 
Hunter Helen, minor, 330 Sheckler 5784 

Hunter H Mildred, milliners apprentice Sterling, 800 Lincoln 
Hunter Howard, sales Wurtemberger, 716 E Mansfield 
Hunter J Harold, clerk T&OC, 800 Lincoln 
Hunter John W (S Ida) car repairer T&OC, 800 Lincoln 
Hulbut Cecil (Charlotte) drayman Witter & Willie, 228 N Lane 
Hurr Carrie A, teacher, 626 Rogers 3344 

Hurr Chas F (Ida D) Coulter & Hurr, res 625 S Sandusky 3428 
Hurr Emma L, at home, 626 Rogers 3344 
Hurr Mary, wid David, 626 Rogers 3344 

Huson Chas N (Mamie E) engineer T&OC, 439 E Lucas 5341 
Huson Wilbur E, 439 E Lucas 5341 

Huston Wm M (Etta P) draftsman Ohio Loc Crane Co, 417 y 2 S Spring 
Hutchison Geo L (Margaret) eng T&OC, 701 E Mansfield 3196 
Hutchison L Robert, trouble clerk Buc Tel Co, 701 E Mansfield 3196 
Hutchison M Constance, minor, 600 S Spring 
Hutchison Rebecca B, wid D J, 701 E Mansfield 3196 
Hutchison Theresa, 321 South Railroad 5296 

lams Freda C, teacher, 222 Woodlawn 5496 

lams Hallie M, nurse, 222 Woodlawn 5496 

lams Ora, wid W H, 222 Woodlawn 5496 

Ignatia M, teacher, 205 E Mary 

Imperial Bakery, Chas Bryant & Philip Holcker, 121 N Sandusky 5016 

Imperial Hoop Co, J J Hewit Propr & Mgr, 550 Johnston 5611 

Incorvaia Angelo, wks Am Clay, 610 Plants Way 

Incorvaia Antonio, section hand Penna Ry. 610 Plants Way 


Incorvaia Frank, wks Carroll Fdry, 610 Plants Way 
Ireland John (Virgie M) coremaker Am Clay, 448 S Walnut 
Irvin Napoleon, wks Harrop & Faulkner, rms 320 W Mansfield 
Irving Margaret, nurse, Monnette Memorial Hospital 5602 
Izin Elsa, student, 1612 N Sandusky 
Izin Ernest (Rosa) farmer, 1612 N Sandusky 

Jackson Jas H (Minnie) bookmaker Race Track, 212y 2 S Sandusky 5783 

Jackson R Newton, chauffeur, 129 S Sandusky 5866 

Jackson Samuel J (M Margaret) machinist, 425 S Poplar 

Jacobs Burlen C, 855 S Walnut 3631 

Jacobs Carl (Clara M) mach Carroll Fdry, 446 W Perry 

Jacobs Chas, retired, 855 S Walnut 3631 

Jacobs Chas M (Minnie L) wks Geiger & Bush, 730 E Mansfield 

Jacobs Christ (Magdalene) carpenter Roehr Co, 595 Sears 

Jacobs Clarence E (Grace M) molder Carroll Fdry, 847 E Mansfield 

Jacobs Edward W (Mary) molder N Y Blower, 436 Sears 

Jacobs Geo C (Jennie M) section foreman Penna Ry, 479 Prospect 

Jacobs Helen B, dressmaker, 855 S Walnut 3631 

Jacobs Lester W, wks Roehr Co, 730 E Mansfield 

Jacobs Martha, maid, 329 S Sandusky 5279 

Jacobs Martha C, dressmaker, 595 Sears 

Jacobs Philip W (Rose) wks Am Clay, 855 S Walnut 3631 

Jaeger Lillian A, wid A, dressmaker, 157 Plymouth 5478 

Jahn Emmett C, draftsman Am Clay, 622 S Sandusky 3735 

Jahraus Elsie M, cook Hufnagle, 324 James 

Jahraus Wm, machinist Carroll Fdry, 324 James 

Jakes John A (Nellie F) Agt Adams Express, 208 Euclid 3449 

James Elihue E (Mary J) oar repairer T&OC, 940 Reid 

Jarvis Emma, head waitress Deal House, 222 W Rensselaer 

Jenkins Presman (Ruby) blacksmith N Y Blower, 224 W Galen 5666 

Jesson Marian E, student, 238 E Mansfield 5294 

Jesson Thos (Lillian P) Books, Stationery & Magazines 207 E Mansfield 5636, 

res 238 E Mansfield 5294 
Jesson Wm A, 238 E Mansfield 5294 

Jex W Arthur (Madeline) road foreman T&OC, 833 S Sandusky 5331 
Johns Harrison (Bessie P) boilermaker helper T&OC, 442 Prospect 
Johns Reuben (Emma) car repairer T&OC, 905 Woodlawn 
Johnson Clair W (Iola R) linotypist Evng Telegraph, 539 East St S 
Johnson John W (Jennie B) retired, 782 W Mary 

Johnson Dr J Frank, Optical Specialist 209, res 203 W Mansfield 5574 
Johnston Bessie P, at home, 215 S Walnut 5070 

Johnston Frank T (Clara R) The Johnston Pharmacy, 215 S Walnut 5070 
Johnston Margaret H, private kindergarten, 215 S Walnut 5070 
Johnston Mary E, wid H, 719 W Mansfield 5578 

Johnston Pharmacy The, F T & R R Johnston Proprs, 111 S Sandusky 5133 
Johnston Ralph R (Clarice D) Pharmacy (F T & R R) res 522 East St S 5095 
Jolly Bros (R H & W D) Hardware Stoves etc 333-337 S Sandusky 5732 
Jolly Carl W, R A Jolly & Co, 126 N Poplar 
Jolly R A & Co (C W Jolly) Cigar Stand & Pool Room, New Elberson Hotel 

Jolly R A & Co (C W Jolly) Cigar Stand, The Deal House 
Jolly Ralph A (Louise) R A Jolly & Co, 126 N Poplar 
Jolly Richard H (Minnie) Jolly Bros, 333^ S Sandusky 
Jolly Wm D (Nellie F) Jolly Bros Hdw Co, 126 N Poplar 
Jones Allie M (Nellie) bookkpr Am Clay, 405 E Charles 5089 
Jones Chas F (Grace) elec eng Am Clay, 115 S East St 
Jones Ellis D (Grace M) chief clerk T&OC, 319 E Oakwood 5090 


Jones Martin L (Tirzah J) wks New Roelir Co, 122 W Galen 

Jones Russell L, Shoe Shine Parlor, 122 W Galen 

Jordon Geo A (Neva) Genl Foreman Am Clay, 136 W Mary 

Jordon Stanley L, 136 W Mary 

Judd Fred C (Ella J) mach Sommer Motor, 441 S Spring 5465 

Judson Geo, minor, 215 E Mansfield 5002 

Jump Ellsworth (Nettie I) wks Carroll Fdry, 694 Wingert 

Jump Floyd E (Carrie A) molder Carroll Fdry, 138 Bland 

Junior Order Hall, 3rd Floor Rowse Blk 

Justin M, teacher, 205 E Mary 


K & K Auto Livery & Taxi Service, W E Kalb Propr, 112 E Charles 5071 

Kaffenberger Emma, dressmaker, 215 N Lane 5862 

Kahl Christ (Delia A) blacksmith N Y Blower, 407 Lincoln 5571 

Kahl Ethel D, at home, 407 Lincoln 5571 

Kalb Abraham B (Emma M) retired, 1401 N Sandusky 3666 

Kalb Amanda A, at home, 807 Plymouth 3891 

Kalb Daniel (Magdalena) farmer, 807 Plymouth 3891 

Kalb Edwin D, farmer, 807 Plymouth 3891 

Kalb Henry W (Susan) carpenter, 1411 N Sandusky 3269 

Kalb Katie, housekeeper, 320 E Warren 5460 

Kalb Noah O, farmer, 807 Plymouth 3891 

Kalb Wesley E, Propr K & K Auto Livery, 221 W Charles 5829 

Kaler Alice, student, 351 W Center 5656 

Kaler Harry D (Mertilla D) Am Express Messenger, 309 S Spring 

Kaler Murtilla, at home, 309 S Spring 

Kaler Tersa B, wid F P, 351 W Center 5656 

Kane Patrick, conductor T&OC, 604 E Warren 5338 

Kannel Dr J Wm (Maude E) Physician, Office & res over 129 S Sandusky 5866 

Kanode Harry B (Carrie M) deputy Metropolitan Life Insurance, res 122 Iron 

Kanoedler Bertha R, at home, 452 S Spring 

Kanoedler Edith L, stenog Am Clay, 452 S Spring 

Kanoedler John (Elizabeth) wks Am Clay, 452 S Spring 

Kantzer Clarence (Augusta) Doc Kantzer Barber Shop, res 430 Gay 

Kantzer Doc (Clarence) Barber Shop 237 S Sandusky 

Kantzer Edith L, Music Teacher, 117 S Spring 5807 

Kantzer J B & Son (Clarence) Music Store, Martha Kantzer Mgr, 131 S 

Kantzer John B (Elizabeth C) J B Kantzer & Son, salesman Ulmer Grocery, 

117 S Spring 5807 
Kantzer Martha M, Mgr J B Kantzer & Son, 117 S Spring 5807 
Karch Nick (Maggie) laborer, 332 E Southern 

Karg Harry, Shoe Repair Shop 141 Public Square, res 227 W Charles 5750 
Karg Helen E, student, 227 W Charles 5750 
Karg Jacob (Catherine) Sanitary Police, 414 S Spring 3115 
Karg John J (Mary L) Wear-U-Well Shoe Store, 227 W Charles 5750 
Karl John, plumber Henry Meyer, rms 921 E Warren 3282 
Karl Maurice (Mary E) boiler maker T&OC, 921 E Warren 3282 
Kastriseos Nicholas, wks Tom Chacopolos, 126 S Sandusky 5621 
Kaupp Gebhard (Anna M) wks Bucyrus Brewing Co, 139 Hall 5701 
Kaupp Joseph H, Insurance Clerk Farmers & Cit Bank, 139 Hall 5701 
Kaupp Karl G, mach Sommer Motor, 139 Hall 5701 
Kaupp Theresa M, wks Sommer Motor, 139 Hall 5701 
Keane Mary, Propr Deal House, 130 Public Square 5104 
Keck Mary A, wid G, 517 W Mary 5884 
Keckstein Frank A, mach Carroll Fdry, 641 Plants Way 
Keckstein Paul A, chauffeur Paxton, 641 Plants Way 
Keckstein Paul J (Mary) eng T&OC, 129 Fisher 3392 


Keckstein Robert W, student, 641 Plants Way 

Keckstein Thos J, mach Carroll Fdry, 641 Plants Way 

Keefe Joseph C (Leona H) foreman boilermakers T&OC, 425 E Oakwood 5888 

Keel Block, C D Keel owner, 224-230 N Sandusky 

Keel Claude D (Minnie) Keel & Stahl, res 220 S Walnut 

Keel & Stahl (C D & Fred) Bucyrus Monument Works, 224 S Walnut 

Keesey Frank T (Etta V) boilermakers helper T&OC, 420 Whetstone 

Keesey Hazel L, bookkeeper, 420 Whetstone 

Kehrer Block, P B Kehrer owner, 110-114 N Sandusky 

Kehrer Chas (Desta J) F B Kehrer & Bros, 708 S Sandusky 

Kehrer Emma, at home, 601 S Sandusky 5307 

Kehrer Frank B, F B Kehrer & Bros, 601 S Sandusky 5307 

Kehrer Frank B & Bros (Chas & Geo) Jewelry Store, 112 N Sandusky 

Kehrer Dr Fred W (Catherine A) Eye, Ear, Nose & Throat 3 Kehrer Blk 5736, 

res 229 W Center 5214 
Kehrer Geo J (Bessie W) F B Kehrer & Bros, 427 E Mansfield 5549 
Kehrer Joseph H (M Matilda) mach Nichols & Sheppard, 800 S Walnut 3876 
Kehrer Laura' V, at home, 601 S Sandusky 5307 
Keil Martha E, at home, 417 S Spring 
Keil Minnie, Millinery 334 S Sandusky, res 417 S Spring 
Keiter J Daniel (Gladys L) wks Geiger & Bush, 330 N Walnut 
Keller Anna Lee, Artist, 400 E Warren 5165 
Keller Christ J (Barbara) mach Carroll Fdry, 224 Ethel 
Keller Constance R, bookkpr Bucyrus Lumber, 525 S Walnut 5658 
Keller Ella C, wid J H, 603 Rogers 

Keller F Amos (Hattie M) Probate Judge, 525 S Walnut 5658 
Keller Rev Frederick H (Anna M) Pastor St Johns Reformed Church, 116 3 

Lane 3755 
Keller Jacob S (Anna W) tinner Walthers, 521 E Mansfield 
Keller Jas G (Emma L) laborer, 333 Kearsley 
Keller Lois R, teacher, 603 Rogers 

Keller Milton M (Hattie) Building Contr, 401 (341) Wiley 
Keller Paul D, carpenter, 521 E Mansfield 
Keller Robert F, mach Carroll Fdry, 645 Maple 
Keller Russell G, clerk T&OC, rms 20 YMCA 
Keller Ruth E, stenog Wm Schwenck, 603 Rogers 
Keller Wm F (Elizabeth M) molder Carroll Fdry, 645 Maple 
Kelly Jamison G, retired, 625 S Sandusky 3428 
Kelly John, laborer, 1220 Monnett 
Kelly John F, conductor T&OC, 665 E Rensselaer 
Kelly Josephine, at home, 665 E Rensselaer 
Kelly Mfg Co, Thos F Kelly Propr, Burial Vaults & Water Supply Systems, 

824 Lincoln 5332 
Kelly Michael, retired, 665 E Rensselaer 

Kelly Thos F, Propr Kelly Mfg Co, 824 Lincoln 5332, res Galion O 
Kelly Walker C (Hannah E) retired, 507 Woodlawn 3451 
Kemmis Jas E, laborer, 642 E Mansfield 5361 

Kemp Dr Lucia, Physician, Office & res 115 1-2 S Sandusky 5119 
Kennedy John (Mary) patrolman, 596 N Railroad 

Kennedy Otto (Edna) Attorney 2 Rowse Blk 5515, res 945 S Walnut 5271 
Kennedy Dr Rufus T (Lenora E) Veterinary Surgeon 223 W Rensselaer, res 

209 S Poplar 5161 
Kennedy Thos M (Junice E) asst cashier Farmers & Cit Bank, 452 Lincoln 

Kenney Jas (Carrie) eng T&OC, 507 Rogers 3265 
Kent Edward, wks Gas Co, 481 Kaler 3226 
Kent Geo (Mary) 492 Wise 
Kent Gideon, wks Gas Co, 481 Kaler 3226 
Kent Ida E, wid Chas, 520 E Warren 5532 
Kent Walter, 481 Kaler 3226 


Kentucky Liquor Store, Buffet & Lunch, O C Hufnagel Propr, 120 N Sandusky 

Keplinger Arnold H, Ptr & Paperhanger, 116 S Spring 3857 
Keplinger Arthur J (Allie I) painter, 327 W Galen 5144 
Keplinger D Edward (Christina D) carpenter, 116 S Spring 3857 
Keplinger Orbin N, stenog Am Clay, 327 W Galen 5144 
Keplinger Wm E (Lucinda) wks Am Clay, 327 W Galen 5144 
Kepner Dr Walter H (Helen B) Dentist 1st Natl Bank Bldg 5523, res 212 E 

Kern Caroline, wid Fred, 500 S Sandusky 5637 
Kern Chas W (Alberta G) J E Kern & Bro, 901 S Sandusky 3743 
Kern Harry G (Callie C) section hand T&OC, 516 Kaler 
Kern J E & Bro (Chas W) Drugs, Wall Paper & Stationery, 115 S Sandusky 

Kern John E, J E Kern & Bro, 500 S Sandusky 5637 
Kern Mildred G, at home, 516 Kaler 
Kern Rhoda M, at home, 516 Kaler 

Kern Wm (Louise C) coppersmith Geiger, 110 (240) N Spring 
Kerr Alexander M (Sallie J) retired, 318 Plymouth 5209 
Kerr Frank M, elec signalman Penna Ry, 318 Plymouth 5209 
Kerr J Belle, at home, 325 W Rensselaer 
Kerr Jessie E, wid R W, 212 E Lucas 

Kerr John (Alice) Farmer & Stock Dealer, 215 S Spring 
Kerr John F (Mary A) brakeman T&OC, 944 Reid 5872 
Kerr Martha, wid Wm, rear 739 Lincoln 
Kerr Thos (Ida) wks T&OC Rd House, 884 E Warren 
Kesler Elza A (Grace) Embalmer Wise, 224 W Galen 5666 
Kessler Frank, ditcher, 319 N Lane 

Kibler Geo A (Cecil E) cement wkr C F Bonebrake, 540 E Oakwood 
Kibler Jacob (Caroline) mach helper T&OC, 717 S Poplar 
Kibler Joseph, mach Sommer Motor, 717 S Poplar 
Kibler Wm (Kate A) sta eng Zeigler Mill, 503 W Warren 5399 
Kidwell Chas A (Erne) carpenter, 521 S Poplar 
Kidwell Darrus D, coremaker Carroll Fdry, 200 Plymouth 
Kidwell Elizabeth, wid Geo W, 200 Plymouth 
Kidwell Georgia E, at home, 200 Plymouth 

Kidwell Howard A (Callie C) welder Carroll Fdry, 200 Plymouth 
Kieffer Elmer E (Blanche L) mach helper Am Clay, 459 S Spring 
Kiess Bessie B, at home, 475 Lincoln 5308 
Kiess Chas F (Mildred A) telegrapher Penna Ry, 612 E Charles 
Kiess Harry, wks Forum, 823 S Sandusky 5842 

Kiess Harvey E (Ida M) cashier Farmers & Cit Bank, 472 E Oakwood 5371 
Kiess Joseph F (I Elnora) ret farmer, 331 E Lucas 3444 
Kiess Lena, wid Christ, 823 S Sandusky 5842 
Kiess Mellie, at home, 823 S Sandusky 5842 

Kiess Samuel Wesley (Ruby) rural postman, 811 S Sandusky 3425 
Kiess Simeon (Catherine) retired, 553 East St S 3124 

Kiess Thos C (Hannah) asst cashier 2nd Natl Bank, 465 E Oakwood 5029 
Kiess Wm C (Sarah E) Notary Real Est 3 Rowse Blk 5515, res 475 Lincoln 

Kile Philip (Cora M) salesman Quaintance, 710 S Spring 
Kimble Erne C, domestic, 352 W Mansfield 5498 

Kimerline John F (Ida M) clerk County Commissioner, 446 S Sandusky 5003 
Kinder Benjamin, laborer, 436 Johnston 
Kinder Florence, wid A, 436 Johnston 
Kinder Michael L (Cora) laborer, 420 Johnston 
King Andrew, boiler helper T&OC, 330 Sheckler 5784 
King Dr Chas H (Clara L) Physician, 325 S Sandusky 5474 
King Cleo, domestic, over 130 S Sandusky 5032 

Kingston Jas R (Gertrude) craneman Carroll Fdry, 354 N Lane 3491 
King John (Elizabeth) farmer, 325 Plymouth 5295 


King Kate, teacher, 325 Plymouth 5295 

King Musie J, at home, 362 W Mansfield 

Kinnear Ralph, vcraneman Carroll Fdry, 501 E Rensselaer 3803 

Kinnear Wm M (Emma) hostler T&OC, 501 E Rensselaer 3803 

Kintz Duby, wks N Y Blower, 475 Union 

Kintz Nina V, at home, 475 Union 

Kintz Romeo C (Lettie I) car repairer T&OC, 924 Woodlawn 

Kintz Vincent R (Lena) carpenter T&OC, 475 Union 

Kirk James, janitor Am Clay, 423 E Warren 

Kirk John K, 419 Woodlawn 5716 

Kirk Lawrence I (Margie) boiler repairer T&OC, 401 E Southern 

Kirk Stella P, at home, 419 Woodlawn 5716 

Kirk Zeno, retired, 419 Woodlawn 5716 

Kisor Harriet, wid Henry R, 206 W Galen 3888 

Kisor Rollo (Eva R) brakeman T&OC, 434 S Spring 

Kiss Stephen (Helen) molder Carroll Fdry, 624 Wingert 

Kissinger Katie, domestic, 625 W Mansfield 

Kissling Clara, at home, 851 S Poplar 3409 

Kissling Gottlieb, retired, 851 S Poplar 3409 

Klaiss Aaron S (Anna L) printer Forum Prtg Co, 328 Lincoln 5898 

Klaiss Edith L, teacher, 328 Lincoln 5898 

Klaiss J Robert, salesman Long Shoe Co, 328 Lincoln 5898 

Kleindienst Amelia, at home, 500 S Spring 

Kleindienst Augusta, teacher, 500 S Spring 

Kleindienst Geo (Emma) Propr First & Last Chance Cafe, 340 S Sandusky 

Kleindienst Ida, at home, 340 S Sandusky 
Kleindienst Louisa, at home, 500 S Spring 
Kline Chas S (Maude D) driver Adams Express, 692 Maple 
Kline Edward (Bertha P) molder Carroll Fdry, 929 (865) N Sandusky 
Kline Fredericka, wid C, 620 Plymouth 

Kline G Chas (Matilda) mach Carroll Fdry, 623 Wingert 3690 
Kline Gustavus F, car repairer T&OC, 310 (503) Iron 
Kline John (Abbie) foreman machinists Roehr Co, 313 N Walnut 
Kline Oliver E, teacher, 310 (503) Iron 

Kline Otto (Eva) blacksmith, wks Halloway Garage, 153 Plymouth 
Kline Wm E, wks N Y Blower, 310 (503) Iron 
Klingenberger (Carrie) wid Geo B, 1200 N Sandusky 5896 
Klingenberger Jas, boilermaker Carroll Fdry, 1200 N Sandusky 5896 
Klingenberger Peter, patternmaker Carroll Fdry, 1200 N Sandusky 5896 
Klingenberger Seph, molder Carroll Fdry, 1200 N Sandusky 5896 
Klink Harvey C (Harriet C) horse buyer, 1001 (887) N Sandusky 5190 
Klink John, mach T&OC, 506 Woodlawn 
Klink Mary E, wid Adam, 228 W Mansfield 
Klink Sarah M, wid J S, 129 W Irving 
Kloepfer Carrie, at home, 310 N Sandusky 5084 
Kloepfer Christ (Rickey) Cafe & res 310 N Sandusky 5084 
Kloepfer Edwin, baker, 310 N Sandusky 5084 

Kloepfer Fred, sales Remington Typewriters, 310 N Sandusky 5084 
Kloepfer Karl W (May T) Saloon, 136 Hill 

Klopfenstein Jesse (Alice) Cafe & Restaurant 210 N Sandusky 5221 
Klossner Chas E, wks Carroll Fdry, 888 S Sandusky 
Klossner Gladys M, at home, 888 S Sandusky 
Klossner John (Catherine) helper Carroll Fdry, 888 S Sandusky 
Knapp Geo B (Edna E) Bus Mgr Th,e Hopley Prtg Co, 219 S Spring 5458 
Knechel Chas (Florence) machinist T&OC, 714 E Warren 
Knecht W Wesley (Ada P) Contr & Builder, 418 S Poplar 3121 
K of C Hall, 3rd Floor City Bank Bldg 
K of P Hall, 3rd Floor Miller Blk 

Knisely Lewis A (Annetta) Tree Surgeon, 300 Hill i 

Knisley Minerva, wid Joseph, 496 W Mary 


Knisely Sarah A, wid R W, 711 Plymouth 5747 

Kober Alta M, at home, 848 E Mansfield 5544 

Kober Chas, brass molder Ryder Brass, 848 E Mansfield 5544 

Kober Clarence E, mach Carroll Fdry, 848 E Mansfield 5544 

Kober J Geo (Amanda J) retired, 848 E Mansfield 5544 

Kober Walter C (Laura L) molder Ryder Brass, 715 E Mansfield 

Koch Louisa Mrs, 213 1-2 S Sandusky 

Koch Dr Wm A (Almira M) Physician 125 E Warren, res 301 S Walnut 5255 

Kohl Conrad (Maggie) wood wkr Roehr Co, 623 S Poplar 3114 

Kohl Frank H, mach apprentice, 623 S Poplar 3114 

Koons J Roy (Nelle G) Koons & Wenninger, 467 S Spring 5748 

Koons M Inez, saleslady Baumoel, 471 S Sandusky 5056 

Koons & Wenninger (J L & E G) French Dry Cleaning Works, 103 W Rensse- 
laer 5446 

Koons Willis D (Armina E) trav salesman, 471' S Sandusky 5056 

Korb David (Ida M) eng T&OC, 115 W Liberty 5878 

Korb Isaiah, boiler helper T&OC, rms Park Hotel 

Korb Joseph H (Bertha E) salesman Quaintance, 412 Gay 

Korb Oren, boiler helper T&OC, rms Park Hotel 

Korn Frank (Delia) engineer T&OC, 453 S Sandusky 3228 

Korner Chas, student, 122 W Warren 5915 

Korner Chas H (Rebecca M) carpenter, 632 Maple 

Korner Clayton A, auto repairman Parsell Garage, 632 Maple 

Korner Ida Mrs, cook, 122 W Warren 5915 

Korner Wm, retired, 650 Maple 

Kostenbader Alfred, brakeman T&OC, 501 S Spring 

Kostenbader Emanuel F (Emma C) salesman Wagner, 501 S Spring 

Kostenbader Mary C, wid E F, 501 S Spring 

Kostenbader Richard G, salesman E E Class, 517 Kaler 3202 

Kotone Joe (Mary) wks Carroll Fdry, 337 Water 

Kraft Chas V (Mary) foreman T&OC Yards, 725 Woodlawn 3280 

Kraft C Vergil, mach T&OC, 725 Woodlawn 3280 

Kramer Chas (Minnie) blacksmith T&OC, 718 East St S 3134 

Kramer Edith, at home, 718 East St S 3134 

Kramer Helen, student, 423 Kaler 

Kramer Jacob A (Charlotta) butcher Beer & Son, 423 Kaler 

Kramer John (Mary) stock buyer, 318 Gay 

Kramer Josephine, tailoress Nussbaum, 718 East St S 3134 

Kramer Karl, barber Smith, 718 East St S 3134 

Kramer Marguerite R, bookkpr F W Woolworth Co, 439 W Warren 

Kramer Sophia L, wid Geo, 401 Sears 

Kramer Wm F (Emma B) sales Picking Hdw, 439 W Warren 

Kranich Wm (Bertha E) Paint Shop 109 W Rensselaer, res 205 W Mary 5698 

Krannich Alno, 726 N Sandusky 

Krannich Paul, painter, 726 N Sandusky 

Krannich Simon (Louisa) painter, 726 N Sandusky 

Kraus Rose I, teacher, 553 East St S 3124 

Kraut Chas (Marguerite A) mach T&OC, 513 Prospect 

Kraut C Wm (Alice C) mach T&OC, 1010 Winchester 

Krauter Fred (Sarah A) carpenter, 436 (416) Plymouth 3691 

Krauth Chas T (Anna M) helper T&OC, 441 Park 

Krebs Iva, at home, 458 S Walnut 

Krebs John C (Josephine) carpenter, 1610 N Sandusky 

Kreiter Cleo M, clerk County Treas, 438 S Poplar 5278 

Kreiter Daniel (A Margaret) 438 S Poplar 5278 

Kreiter Elfrieda L, teacher, 438 S Poplar 5278 

Kreiter Frederick W, clerk T&OC, 438 S Poplar 5278 

Kroegel & Parsel Bros (Albert — J L & F D) The Bucyrus Garage, 115 S Pop- 
lar 5179 

Kroft Mrs A, cook, 147 1-2 Public Square 

Kronenberger Andrew (Agatha A) flue cleaner T&OC, 702 W Mary 


Kronenberger Eugenia R, wid Geo, 619 W Mary 5273 

Kronenberger Frank E (Mary C) Barber. Shop, 118 N Sandusky, res 735 W 

Kronenberger Marcellus W, telegraph operator, 702 W Mary 
Kronenberger Vincent A (Frances C) mach Carroll Fdry, 509 Sears 
Krumbach Fred J, baker, 202^ N Sandusky 

Krumbach Magdalena, saleslady Krumbach Bakery, 202 1-2 N Sandusky 
Krumbach Mary, wid John, Bakery, 202 N Sandusky 5162 
Kuebler Frank C (Susie M) engineer T&OC, 702 E Mansfield 5253 
Kuebler Harry A, chauffeur, 702 E Mansfield 5253 
Kuebler Herman (Minnie M) truckman Penna Frt, 115 N Spring 
Kuebler John, baker, 202 1-2 N Sandusky 
Kuehm Irwin R (Pearl C) mach Am Clay, 318 E Lucas 
Kuehm Lola A, at home, 913 (861) S Walnut 5249 
Kuehm Wm C (Louise) trav man Am Clay, 913 (861) S, Walnut 5249 
Kuehm Wm C Jr, plumber Black, 913 (861) S Walnut 5249 
Kuehnle Caroline, dressmaker, 618 S Poplar 
Kuehnle Mary, wks Up-To-Date Laundry, 618 S Poplar 
Kuntz Chas H (Kathryn.) teamster The Roehr Co, 119 S Lane 
Kurtz Edward, shop man, 947 Prospect 
Kurtz E Gayl, sales Baumoel, 331 N Walnut 
Kurtz Geo W (E Beryl) molder Carroll, 331 N Walnut 
Kurtz Margaret, wid Samuel, 947 Prospect 
Kurtz P G, carpenter, rms 16 YMCA 

Kurtz S Aaron (Nellie E) Science Teacher High School, 525 Rogers 
Kurzel L Paul (Margaret) trav salesman, 451 S Poplar 5004 

Lahman Ralph E (Ruth A) fireman T&OC, 464 S Poplar 

Laipply Clara, wid Joseph, 116 S Highland 

Laipply Frank F (Stella M) 116 S Highland 

Lake's Jewelry, Jas Aylward Mgr, 104 Public Square 

Lamarca Guglielmo, Shoe Shop 338 S Sandusky, res 334 N Sandusky 

Lamb Frank E (Mary A) retired, 707 Faustina 3440 

Lamb Mary F, teacher, 707 Faustina 3440 

Lamb Robert W (Ida K) wks T&OC Shops, 645 East St S 3141 

Lamb Russell S, student, 645 East St S 3141 

Lambright Frank (Emma) elec eng Carroll Fdry, 117 Giaus 

Landis Cornelia, wid John, 512 Prospect 

Landis Paul O, mach helper T&OC, 442 Prospect 

Lane Ernest G (Edna E) civil eng T&OC Ry, 116 E Center 3535 

Lanius Harry C (Maude L) flagman T&OC, 612 E Warren 

Lanker Stanley, mach helper, rms Park Hotel 

Lantz Florence L, at home, 404 W Rensselaer 5883 

Lantz Jas F (Catherine) farmer, 404 W Rensselaer 5883 

Larcamp Chas (Garnett) craneman Carroll Fdry, 322 Wiley 

Lauck Benjamin F (Laura E) Wool Merchant, 241 E Charles 5489 

Lauck Frank, machinist Carroll Fdry, 203 W Mansfield 5574 



338 So. Sandusky Ave. Bucyrus, Ohio 


Lautabur Tory, bartender, 534 E Oakwood 

Lavely S Blanche, at home, 218 Woodlawn 

Lea N H (Mary A) Propr Fate-Lea Handle Co, 500 Prospect 5557 

Leader Store, Dry Goods & Notions, Jacob Herskowitz Propr, 153 Public 

Lease Harry A (Nellie A) chief eng Bucyrus Brewing Co, 111 Fisher 
Lease Mary A, at home, 111 Fisher 
Lease Nellie C, at home, 111 Fisher 

Le Bouf Frank (Belle) mach Sommer Motor, 416 S Walnut 
Lecrone Lloyd C (Hulda M) carpenter Roehr Co, 606 W Perry 
Lederer Wm (Grace) foreman Telegraph Prtg Co, 215 E Charles 
Ledinsky Blanche A, teacher, 602 W Mary 
Ledinsky Clarence H, mach Sommer Motor, 602 W Mary 
Ledinsky Frank (Mary) Clothing Cleaned, Pressed & Repaired 3rd Floor 

Tobias Blk, res 602 W Mary 
Ledinsky Helen A, saleslady Rowe Bros, 602 W Mary 
Ledman Geo W (Lola V) wks Sommer Motor, 740 E Rensselaer 
Ledyard Clarence E (Marie C) trav salesman, 318 S Walnut 5204 
Leedy Grant L, wks Sommer Motor, 309 E Charles 5123 
Leedy Guy W (Louisa K) asst Supt Prudential Ins Co, 309 E Charles 5123 
Leifer Geo C (Bessie M) conductor T&OC, 228 N Sandusky 5354 
Leifer Jacob (Elizabeth) carpenter, 522 Rogers 5319 
Leifer Jonas A (Gertrude) Fancy Groceries & Table Supplies 580 East St S, 

res same 5444 
Leister Ervin (Gertrude R) painter, 1024 Tiffin 
Leister Gladys M, maid, 127 E Charles 
Leith A O, wks Colter & Co, rms Hotel Gaa 
Lemert Col Wilson C (Mary L) retired, 320 E Warren 5460 
Lenhardt Fred C (Margaret) County Commissioner, 885 (875) S Sandusky 5297 
Lenhardt Luella S, dressmaker, 885 (875) S Sandusky 5297 
Lenhardt Minnetta K, teacher, 885 (875) S Sandusky 5297 
Lenz Arnold, asst foreman Am Clay, rms 2 YMCA 
Leonhart Adam, retired, 629 N Sandusky 
Leonard Dr Frank P, Dentist 117 1-2 N Sandusky 5167, res 306 E Rensselaer 

Leonard Joseph B (Eleanor C) Insurance 125 Public Square 5049, res 306 E 

Rensselaer 5052 
Leonard N Pearl, at home, 411 S Spring 

Leonard Norman S (Elizabeth) engineer T&OC, 411 S Spring 
Lerch Thos C (Laura H) coppersmith Wm Picking, 641 (715) East St S 3443 
Leth Mary, wks Hufnagel Hotel, 640 Elm 
Leth Stephen (Rosa) carpenter New Roehr Co, 640 Elm 
Leuthold Alfred S (Hattie D) Attorney Leuthold & McCarron, Pres The Roehr 

Co, 523 N Lane 5404 
Leuthold Catherine, wid Christian, 821 Rogers 
Leuthold Godfrey, Attorney Sears & Leuthold, 722 S Sandusky 
Leuthold Louise E, at home, 821 Rogers 

Leuthold & McCarron (A S & J W) Attorneys, 1 Quimby Bldg 5426 
Leuthold Samuel A (Tenna B) Secy-Treas The Roehr Co, 815 Rogers 5352 
Lewis Elton I, mach Carroll Fdry, 725 N Sandusky 
Lewis Florence L, domestic, 424 Union 

PHONE 5444 


Cor. East and Lucas St. Bucyrus, Ohio 


Lewis Frank D, clerk Carroll Fdry, 725 N Sandusky 

Lewis Gerald T, mach Carroll Fdry, 725 N Sandusky 

Lewis Harriet A,^ wid John W, 319 N Lane 

Lewis Henry F (Elizabeth M) wks N Y Blower, 424 Union 

Lewis Irenaeus N, clerk Penna Short Line, 319 N Lane 

Lewis Lucile S, bookkpr M R Lewis, 404 E Mansfield 5853 

Lewis Lucy A, waitress Deal Hotel, 319 N Lane 

Lewis Milton H, horseman Fair Grounds, 424 Union 

Lewis Milton R (Gertrude T) Real Est & Insurance, 216 E Mansfield 5617, 

res 404 E Mansfield 5853 
Lewis R Theodore (Georgia E) blacksmith Carroll Fdry, 725 N Sandusky 
Lewis William, wks T&OC, 424 Union 
Leydorf Mary A, wid Fred J, 201 Whetstone 
Lichtenwalter Corinne K, teacher, 725 S Walnut 

Lichtenwalter Joshua C (Margaret M) letter carrier, 725 S Walnut 
Lichtenwalter Kate, at home, 723 S Walnut 3635 
Lichtner Wm L (Minnie E) wks Buc Brewing Co, 721 E Mansfield 
Lichty Adam J (Anna) Probation Officer, 455 W Charles 5743 
Lichty Geo (Matilda C) janitor Court House, 929 Rogers 
Lidy G Murray (Agnes) trav salesman, 433 Lincoln 5081 
Liebich Edward O (Lou) Cigar Factory No 40, 219 N Lane, res 241 E Mary 
Liebich Frank E (Mary L) asst Post Master, 122 W Mary 5556 
Liebich Richard O, circulation mgr Forum, 122 W Mary 5556 
Ligato Joe, laborer, 610 Plants Way 
Light Carl E (Alice J) Livery & Feed Stables 115 W Mary 5313, res 205 N 

Light Guy W (Mabel) craneman Carroll Fdry, 412 Plymouth 
Light Idella S, bookkpr White Lumber Co, 615 Cleland 
Light W C Preston, driver Central Delivery, 615 Cleland 
Light Wm J (Rebecca M) farmer, 615 Cleland 
Lightner Sarah A, at home, 314 E Mansfield 
Limenstoll Vernon, teamster, 400 S Sandusky 5704 
Lincoln Highway Assn, Headquarters New Elberson Hotel 
Lincoln Highway Garage, H H Miller, 235 S Sandusky 5861 
Lincoln Way Tavern, Mrs A B Gregory Propr, 231 S Sandusky 5471 
Lindner Chas H (Louise) retired, 126 Fisher 5246 
Lindner Eda M, music teacher, 126 Fisher 5246 
Lindner Hilda L, teacher, 126 Fisher 5246 
Lindser Thelma, bookkpr Home Store, 470 S Walnut 5463 
Lindser Wm (Carrie) sales Geiger, 470 S Walnut 5463 
Lingenfelter Dr Claude A (Marian) Eye, Ear, Nose & Throat Specialist 1 2nd 

Natl Bank Bldg 5745, res 220 Southern 
Link Dorothy A, student, 122 E Perry 

Link Geo J (Catherine A) tailor Nussbaum & Son, 210 Plymouth 5479 
Link Gertrude M, at home, 210 Plymouth 5479 
Link John A (Mary A) tailor Feiring, 122 E Perry 
Link Raymond F, wks Pressman Skirt, 210 Plymouth 5479 
Linn Chas A (Margaret P) Piano salesman, 421 S Sandusky 
Linn Elizabeth, dressmaker, 515 S Poplar 3414 
Linn Helen A, cashier Buc Tel Co, 515 S Poplar 3414 
Linn Henry R (Alice J) retired, 515 S Poplar 3414 

J. B. LEONARD, Insurance Agency 

Our Companies are the Oldest and 
Largest in the World 

See Us for Fire, Life, Accident, Burglary and Health Insurance 


Linn Washington G (Honorah A) stock buyer, 122 W Irving 5363 

Linser Edgar A, salesman Birk Bros, 223 W Liberty 

Linser Emma, at home, 225 Plymouth 

Linser Geo A (Matilda C) salesman M Baumoel, 223 W Liberty 

Linton Mary F, at home, 462 Prospect 5610 

Linton Paul R (Ellen A) carpenter, mach T&OC, 443 Prospect 

Linton Robert T (Mary A) carpenter T&OC, 473 Prospect 

Linton Wm L, mach Am Clay, 462 Prospect 5610 

Litzie Wm (Kate) wks Am Clay, 445 W Charles 

Logan Natural Gas & Fuel Co The, B F Spicer Agt, 211 S Sandusky 5616 

Logson Wm, laborer, 413 E Mansfield 5298 

Lohr Benj H (Mary E) car inspector T&OC, 835 S Spring 

Lohr Clem E (Dessie E) lineman Bucyrus Tel Co, 411 Wallace 

Lohr Daniel B (Lila L) carpenter, 1007 Woodlawn 3301 

Long Chas (Mary) retired, 817 Faustina 

Long Edward, 1100 Reid 3595 

Long Ella, wks Pressman Skirt, 1100 Reid 3595 

Long Herman (Frances M) Propr The Walk-Over Shoe Store, 302 W Mansfield 

Long John A (Agnes) carpenter T&OC, 1100 Reid 3595 
Long Kathryn A, at home, 641 E Mansfield 
Long Mary E, wid H, 641 E Mansfield 
Long Maurice A, plasterer Bonebrake, 641 E Mansfield 
Long Richard J, wks Bucyrus Brewing Co, 641 E Mansfield 
Long Thos I, wks Buckeye Brewing 'Co, 641 E Mansfield 
Long Wilhelmina, wid H, 118 W Mary 
Long worth Anna, wid M V, 219 Woodlawn 

Lonsway Raphael M (Rose M) wks Brewery, 503 E Warren 5469 
Looker Chas A (Ida M) molder, 420 E Warren 
Looker Franklin C, wks Sommer Motor, 420 E Warren 
Loomis Henry F, engineer T&OC, 400 S Sandusky 5704 
Loomis John W (Maude) postal clerk, 922 S Walnut 3345 
Love Chas L, fireman T&OC, 912 E Warren 5219 
Love Geo E (Ethel E) engineer T&OC, 912 E Warren 5219 
Loveen Harry, electrician Buc Tel Co, 701 S Sandusky 3125 
Lovelace Beulah M, domestic, 241 W Mansfield 5075 
Lowe Effie, wid G L, rms Park Hotel 
Lowmiller Louisa, wid D H, 461 S Sandusky 5452 
Lowmiller M Gilbert (Alice) foreman T&OC, 461 S Sandusky 5452 
Lowrey Mabel Mrs, dressmaker, 340 1-2 N Sandusky 
Lowrey Clyde, draftsman, 226 W Warren 
Lowry Clyde, patternmaker N Y Blower, 435 Park 3353 

Lubisky Abraham H (Belle) propr Great Western Store, res 414 S Poplar 3421 
Luce Frank A (Laura A) ticket agt & chief clerk Penna Short Line, 434 E 

Ludwig Belle C, widow, 441 S Sandusky 

Ludwig Chas C (Laura L) John F Ludwig & Sons, 623 E Warren 5118 
Ludwig Clark P (Mary S) retired, 1035 E Mansfield 
Ludwig John F (Emma) eng T&OC, John F Ludwig & Sons, 725 E Warren 

Ludwig John F & Sons (Chas) Grocery, 623 E Warren 5118 


fhe Home Of Reliable Footwear 

On The Square Bucyrus, Ohio 


Ludwig Ralph S, conductor T&OC, 725 B Warren 3182 

Luke Arthur W (Emma D) wks Zeigler Mills, 115 W Perry 

Luke Elmer (Lottie C) car repairer T&OC, 1003 Prospect 3435 

Luksik Martin (Elizabeth) wks Am Clay, 628 Plants Way 

Lumbard Russell, boilermakers helper T&OC, 801 Lincoln 5758 

Lust Altha M, milliner, 916 (870) Faustina 3137 

Lust Ella J, saleslady Rowe Bros, 916 (870) Faustina 3137 

Lust Irvin J, 916 (870) Faustina 3137 

Lust John H (Mary A) laborer, 916 (870) Faustina 3137 

Lutz Ella B, at home, 208 Wiley 3603 

Lutz John V (Mary) molder, 427 N Walnut 

Lutz Michael J (Christina A) Tracht & Lutz, 208 Wiley 3603 

Lutz Wm H (Ella F) Trautman & Lutz, 415 Kaler 3326 

Lybarger Clarence (Anna C) machinist Carroll Fdry, 415 E Charles 5787 

Lybarger Wm C (Maude E) French Dry Cleaning, 314 S Sandusky 5428 

Lykens A Oydelia, saleslady Hansberger Ward & Co, 861 S Spring 

Lykens M Velma, bookkpr Hopley Prtg Co, 861 S Spring 

Lykens Wm (Lena) retired, 861 S Spring 

Lynn Allen B (Anna C) Supt School Dist No 3, 204 W Warren 

Lyon Arthur H (Toinette) mech eng N Y Blower, 301 E Rensselaer 5306 

Lyons Chas E (Ida M) eng hostler T&OC, 440 Johnston 

Lyons Isetta, minor, 1401 N Sandusky 3666 

Lyons Nellie M, wid Frank, 321 E Warren 

Lyons Walter E (Ruth R) conductor T&OC, 733 E Mansfield 


McBeth Geo J (Amelia M) horseshoer Carle & Co, 346 W Charles 
McBeth Mark N (Sadie) wks Am Clay, 416 Whetstone 
McBride Ada B, hair work, 629 E Charles 
McBride Harry S (Ethel M) mason, 504 (202) Jones 
McBride J Joseph (Matilda) wks New Roehr Co, 629 E Charles 
McBride Jerry J (Georgiana) janitor Elks & Natl Bank, 412 W Charles 
McBride Stephen M (Bessie S) carpenter, 525 High 

McCarron John W (Julia) Attorney Leuthold & McCarron, res 714 S Walnut 

McCarty Clara, widow, 124 W Oakwood 

McCarty Orvel, chauffeur, 124 W Oakwood 

McCarty Vella M, tel opr, 124 W Oakwood 

McCarty Zoe, saleslady Toledo, 124 W Oakwood 

McClintock Don C, wks T&OC Shops, 618 E Charles 

McClintock Jas H (Ella W) interlock man U Ry Tower, 416 Park 

McClintock Joseph A (M Ellen) janitor Union School, 618 E Charles 

McClintock Lawrence E, machinist T&OC Shops, 618 E Charles 

McClintock Leo S, 416 Park 

McClintock Lulu A, bookkpr Dr Grant, 416 Park 

McClure John B (Mary) retired, 607 E Warren 

McClure Winnie, at home, 607 E Warren 

McConahy Edna, at home, 314 E Mansfield 

McConahy G W, carpenter, 314 E Mansfield 

McConahy Mamy, tel opr, 314 E Mansfield 

McCormick Jas H, Propr Bucyrus Bending Co, 440 Lincoln 

McCormick Rose, wid Wm, 226 E Rensselaer 

McCoy Addie B, dressmaker, 385 W Mansfield 

McCoy Benton A, cement wkr, 385 W Mansfield 

McCoy Earl E, driver Central Delivery, 385 W Mansfield 

McCoy Eva M, at home, 385 W Mansfield 

McCoy Jennie P, at home, 385 W Mansfield 

McCoy John, laborer, 385 W Mansfield 

McCracken Augusta M, at home, 500 E Rensselaer 5005 


McCracken C, retired,, rms Park Hotel 

McCracken Portia A, at home, 511 E Rensselaer 

McCrary Edith M, stenog Geiger & Bush, 311 E Warren 

McCary Sarah, cashier Hippodrome Theatre, 311 E Warren 

McCready Jas A, retired, 725 E Rensselaer. 

McCreary Donna M, at home, 122 W Warren 5915 

McCreary Joseph R (Elizabeth A) teamster Am Clay, 122 W Warren 5915 

McCrory Arthur (Flo) inspector Sommer Motor, 322 East St S 

McCrory Dr Arthur H (Frances M) Physician 108 1-2 S Sandusky 5843, res 

413 S Sandusky 5039 
McCrory Mae I, teacher, 413 S Sandusky 5039 
McCrory Rebecca, wid Benjamin, 766 East St S 
McDonald Allie J, clerk P O, 362 W Mansfield 
McDonald H Scott (Emma M) mach Am Clay, 828 S Sandusky 
McDowell Lynn (Rose M) fireman T&OC, 915 E Warren 
McFadden Arlie E (Lida A) foreman Carroll Fdry, 518 Plymouth 5788 
McFarland Forrest R (Carrie) postal clerk, 431 E Mansfield 5772 
McFarland Robert I (Agnes J) retired, 642 East St S 
McFarren Harvey G (Georgia M) Secy Y M C A, 414 S Lane 5873 
McGee Wm C (Louise) leverman Union Ry Tower, 212 Jump 
McGinty Sadie, cook, The Deal House 
McGonigann Rebecca, wid A G, 467 Kaler 
McGowan Levi, section hand T&OC, 441 Johnston 
McGowen Margaret Mrs, at home, 436 Johnston 
McGuire Bridget, wid John, 435 Park 3353 

McGuire Edward H (Catherine E) foreman Carroll Fdry, 133 Dudley 
McGuire Jas A, blacksmith helper Am Clay, 435 Park 3353 
McGuire John F (Josephine) molder Carroll Fdry, 314 Jump 3585 
McHenry Millard C (Retta) carpenter, 838 Faustina 
McKeehen Carl V, wks T&OC Shops, 744 Lincoln 5086 
McKeehen Milton M (Minnie) brakeman T&OC, 744 Lincoln 5086 
McKellips Emma J, wid Jas, 427 N Walnut 
McKellips John (Lillie) laborer, 427 N Walnut 
McKenzie Belle, wid J C, Propr Central House, 620 E Warren 5868 
McKenzie Etta M, at home, 620 E Warren 5868 
McKinley John E (Flossie E) car repairer T&OC, 541 E Oakwood 
McKinley John W (Mina L) car repairer T&OC, 740 Lincoln 5672 
McMahon Anna, 812 E Rensselaer 5155 
McMahon Elizabeth K, wid C, 210 Iron 

McMahon Jas (Mary) wks T&OC Rd House, 812 E Rensselaer 5155 
McManus John M, wks R Jolly, 506 Lincoln 3433 
McManus Martin J (Nora) conductor T&OC, 506 Lincoln 3433 
McMichael Bessie C, at home, 318 E Mansfield 5397 

McMichael Dow W (Louisa S) coppersmith Geiger & Bush, 803 E Mansfield 
McMichael Ernest W (Anna) rural postman, 614 S Sandusky 
McMichael Hazel M, domestic, 722 Reid 
McMichael J Elra, driver dray wagon, 722 Reid 

McMichael J Garfield (Aura C) bookkpr Am Clay, 315 W Warren 5358 
McMichael J Lawrence (Lillie M) painter, 722 Reid 
McMichael Jas R, mach Roehr Co, 803 E Mansfield 
McMichael L Elgar (Martha E) postal clerk, 615 S Walnut 5487 
McMichael Mary A, wid John, 318 E Mansfield 5397 
McNeal Archie D (Fannie M) electrician Bucyrus E Lt & Power Co, 847 

Faustina 3238 
McNeal Dennis A (Hulda A) retired; 621 East St S 3243 
McNeal Elizabeth, wid James, 118 East St S 
McNeal Martha E Mrs, 320 S Poplar 
McNeal Ulah G, stenog Roehr Co, 320 S Poplar 
McNutt Dr Alexander C, retired, 311 W Mansfield 
McNutt Hortensia, at home, 311 W Mansfield 
McNutt John W. caller T&OC, 311 W Mansfield 


McPeak Edith F, at home, 1050 Woodlawn 3463 

McPeak Ethel B, at home, 1050 Woodlawn 3463 

McPeak J Earl, Shealy fe McPeak, 1050 Woodlawn 3463 

McPeak Jas R (Sarah B) engineer T&OC, 1050 Woodlawn 3463 

McPeak M Jennie, at home, 1050 Woodlawn 3463 


Mack Luzerne W (Leno W) travels for Ohio Loco Crane Co, 421 Prospect 

Mader Block, J G Mader Estate, 153-154 Public Square and 111-113 N Sandusky 

Mader Callie, at home, 651 E Mansfield 3777 

Mader Chas F, wks Roehr Co, 651 E Mansfield 3777 

Mader Custer P (Bessie B) Mgr Bucyrus Forge & Mach Co, 301 E Charles 

Mader Edward (Clara D) wks T&OC, 632 Elm ,3258 

Mader Frank W, tinner Walthers, 651 E Mansfield 3777 

Mader Fred W (Catherine) retired, 3rd Floor Mader Blk 

Mader Harry E (Harriet) engineer T&OC, 412 S Lane 5268 

Mader John, Watchman Carroll Fdry, 632 Elm 3258 

Mader Jacob F (Ella J) bartender Reber Hotel Cafe, 429 S Poplar 5403 

Mader J Geo (Minnie A) J G Mader & Sons, 314 W Warren 5740 

Mader J G & Sons (Wm F & J G) Wholesale & Retail Liquor Dealers, 111-113 

N Sandusky 5066 
Mader Louisa C, at home, 322 E Mansfield 5047 
Mader Lucile W, at home, 432 E Rensselaer 5538 
Mader Vera E, at home, 432 E Rensselaer 5538 
Mader Wm F, J G Mader & Sons, res 432 E Rensselaer 5538 
Mader W Percy, student, 301 E Charles 
Madison Doris, 321 South Railroad 5296 
Magee Wm, retired, 819 S Sandusky 5867 

Mahlie Chas (Pauline B) mach Bucyrus Bending Co, 933 Harris 
Mahlie Ernest L, polisher T&OC, 933 Harris 
Mahley Gertrude, compositor Forum, 230 W Galen 

Mahley Christian G (Helen) Brick & Stone Sidewalk Maker, 230 W Galen 
Maier Geo J (Minnie) wood worker New Roehr Co, 303 W Galen 
Maier Herman F, draftsman, 303 W Galen 
Majestic Theatre, B E Elberson Propr, 128 S Sandusky 
Malcolm Elsie M, wid J H, 301 S Walnut 5255 
Malic Emma, Manicure Parlors, over 123 N Sandusky 5401 
Mallory Mary A, wid Geo Q, 306 S Sandusky 
Mallory Maude B, at home, 306 S Sandusky 
Manbeck Annita E, stenog Am Clay, 470 S Poplar 
Manbeck Solomon (Mary) carpenter, 470 S Poplar 
Mapes Effie H, prin Norton School, 622 Rogers 
Mapes Richard S (Matilda) retired, 622 Rogers 
Marggraf Anna, dressmaker, 503 E Mansfield 5592 
Marggraf Augusta, dressmaker, 503 E Mansfield 5592 
Marggraf Emily, dressmaker, 503 E Mansfield 5592 
Marggraf Emma, wid Albert, 503 E Mansfield 5592 
Marggraf Gustave, retired, 1103 (803) Reid 

Marggraf Robert B (Martha) carpenter Roehr Co, 1103 (803) Reid 
Mark Lloyd M (Nellie) wks Standard Oil, 208 Iron 
Markley Allan L, student, 417 W Charles 3660 

Markley & Croneis (G P & J A) Furniture & Upholstering, 113 E Warren 
Markley Elmer E (Anna E) carpenter Bucyrus Lumber Co. 342 W Charles 
Markley Geo P (Mary) Markley & Croneis, 417 W Charles 3660 
Markley Mary, wid C D, 846 S Sandusky 5117 
Marlowe Isaac F (Maude M) molder Carroll Fdry, 144 Plymouth 
Marlowe Theatre, B E Elberson Propr, 320 S Sandusky 
Marques Chas G (Maude) car repairer T&OC, 228 S Walnut 
Marquis Wm (Rose) wks T&OC, 227 Whetstone 


Marragan Frederick, teacher, 225 Lincoln 5633 

Marshall Anna E, at home, 875 Marion 

Marshall Daniel (Mary L) helper Carroll Fdry, 901 Prospect 

Marshall Mary F, at home, 875 Marion 

Marshall Ralph E, 901 Prospect 

Marshall Sylvia M, teacher, 901 Prospect 

Marshall Wm T (Hattie B) laborer, 426- Union 

Marsfyman Benj M (Cora E) Smith & Marshman, 515 E Mansfield 5405 

Marshman Florence F, minor, 513 Woodlawn 3351 

Martin A Marie, student, 118 Sherman 

Martin Ira O (Martha H) mech eng T&OC, 600 East St S 

Martin Isaac V (Clara J) molder Carroll Fdry, 118 Sherman 

Martin Dr Jas J (Dora) Physician 114, res 116 S Walnut 5711 

Martin Rachel Mrs, rear 317 E Warren 

Martin Ralph (Stella) car inspector T&OC, 805 Lincoln 

Martin Wm A, coremaker Carroll Fdry, 118 Sherman 

Martinitz John (Rosa) Vienna Steam Bakery 210 E Oakwood 5504, res 728 
S Walnut 5093 

Martz Hubert, minor, 619 W Mary 5273 

Marz Albert F, molder Carroll Fdry, 316 Jump 

Marz Karl F, barber, 316 Jump 

Marz Louisa R, wid Peter, 316 Jump 

Marzolf Cora E, wid Geo, saleslady Rowe Bros, 444 W Charles 

Maskey Sarah A Mrs, 715 Woodlawn 

Mason Joseph C (Olive E) wks N Y Blower, 439 Wallace 

Mason Walter P (Zora E) wks Wilcox Imp, 641 E Mansfield 

Masonic Club Rooms, third floor Geselschaft Blk 

Masters Goldie, domestic, 223 E Rensselaer, 5627 

Matthew Chas F (Kate B) Abstracts, Bonds, Real Est & Life Ins, 216 E Mans- 
field 5617, res 342 W Warren 

Matthew Donald S, student, 710 Rogers 5177 

Mathew Fred A (Alice B) mine promoter, 252 E Mansfield 5269 

Matthew Geo F, 409 S Walnut 5277 

Matthew John P (Elizabeth S) Clothing Store 124 N Sandusky 5792, res 710 
Rogers 5177 

Matthews Harriet M, wid Amos, 808 N Sandusky 

Mattox C C, Mgr H Ackerman Piano Store, res Marion O 

Mauck Cletus B (Elizabeth) carpenter, 538 N Lane 

Mauck David E (Effie B) carpenter, 538 N Lane 

Maudsley Robert (Kate) plumber, 406 N Walnut 

May Emil C (Minnie A) meat cutter Dobbins & Geiger, 517 W Mary 5884 

May Lena, wid Geo, 300 E Mansfield 

Mayer Anna, at home, 226 E Rensselaer 

Mayer Jacob, lawnmower & saw sharpener, 430 Kaler 

Mead Ralph L, chauffeur Quaintance, 619 S Sandusky 

Meade Mary Mrs, at home, 316 N Walnut 

Meek Amos W (Lena) carpenter, 412 E Charles 3710 

Meek Benjamin (Mary) Attorney 8 Quimby Blk 5763, res 419 E Rensselaer 5060 

Meek Chester A (Lillis O) Justice of the Peace 9 Quimby Bldg 5673, res 610 
W Mansfield 3117 

Meek C Fred (Mary E) timber buyer, 624 S Walnut 5241 

Meek Elmer O, mach Am Clay, 624 S Walnut 5241 

Meek Lloyd L, ship clerk Shtunk Plow, 624 S Walnut 5241 

Meek Mary E, at home, 412 E Charles 3710 

Meek Mary I, teacher, 624 S Walnut 5241 

Meisner Edward, retired, 615 (206) Plants Way 

Melcher Jas F (Hattie P) car repairer T&OC, 924 Harris 

Melcher Lena, wid Joseph, Furnished Rooms 801 Lincoln 5758 

Menninger Delia, bookkpr Peoples Sav & Loan Co, 209 S Lane 5033 

Menninger Edward J G, teller Farmers & Cit Bank, 209 S Lane 5033 

Menninger Helen, at home, 209 S Lane 5033 


Menninger John (Matilda J) retired, 209 S Lane 5033 

Merchants Protective Service, C W Rice Uhrichsville O, Winnetta Bean local 
Mgr, 3 2nd Natl Bank Bldg 5794 

Merkel Wm H (Lydia V) construction engineer, 678 E Mansfield 5080 

Mertz Anna T, at home, 1215 S Sandusky 3170 

Mertz Emma L, wks Startsman & Feiring, 1215 S Sandusky 3170 

Mertz John M, car repairer T&OC, 1215 S Sandusky 3170 

Mertz Joseph T, molder Carroll Fdry, 1215 S Sandusky 3170 

Mertz Martin, retired, 1215 S Sandusky 3170 

Mertz Mary M, wks Up-To-Date Laundry, 1215 S Sandusky 3170 

Messner Anna M, at home, 421 S Walnut 

Messner Chas W (Olive) carpenter Roehr Co, 518 E Oakwood 

Messner Fred, Building Contr, 421 S Walnut 

Messner Jay J, printer, 222 Lincoln 

Messner Jessie J, teacher, 222 Lincoln 

Messner Margaret C, wid J, 222 Lincoln Way 

Messner Martha J, at home, 222 Lincoln 

Messner Miriam, at home, 518 E Oakwood 

Metcalf Bessie A, at home, 840 S Poplar 

Metcalf Fred E (Minnie M) car repairer T&OC, 909 Faustina 

Metcalf Geo W T , retired, 840 S Poplar 

Metcalf Leslie A, barber Kantzer, 813 S Poplar 5077 

Metcalf Solomon T (Delia I) car repairer T&OC, 813 S Poplar 5077 

Metcalf Wm J, pipe fitter T&OC, 813 S Poplar 5077 

Metrodori Peter (Gracinda) laborer, 797 East St S 

Metzger Chas (Christina) wks Cemetery, 514 S Spring 

Metzger Clarence C (Josephine I) mailing clerk P O, 725 S Spring 

Metzger Frank (Edith) tinner Hoover, 320 E Charles 3166 

Metzger Fred E (Mary E) mach Carroll Fdry, 830 E Mansfield 5722 

Metzger John (Emma B) Saloon 241 S Railroad, res 121 N Lane 5233 

Metzger Peter (Eva) retired, 618 S Sandusky 5461 

Meyer A Pearl M, pianist Majestic Theatre, 346 W Warren 5036 

Meyer Carl F, student, 420 S Poplar 

Meyer Edwin B (Anna M) J C Meyer & Son, 116 Hill 5035 

Meyer Frank (Ola M) trav salesman, 115 W Charles 5284 

Meyer Henry (Marie M) Plumbing, Heating & Lighting 118, res 126 E Rensse- 
laer 5335 

Meyer J C & Son (Ed B) Ice Dealers, 116 Hill 5035 

Meyer John C, J C Meyer & Son, 116 Hill 5035 

Meyer John C, 116 Hill 5035 

Meyer John H (Sophia) Harness Shop 223 N Sandusky, res 346 W Warren 



PHONE rill ^ wr41I ^ _. „_ SECOND NATIONAL 

5794 BUCYRUS, OHIO bank, building 







Meyer Rosa, wid Chas, 420 S Poplar 

Meyers John F (Ida L) janitor T&OC, 1021 E Warren 

Michaelis August A, wks Sommer Motor, 934 (830) E Warren 

Michaelis Helen E, bookkpr Sommer Motor, 934 (830) E Warren 

Michaelis Lorenz, County Surveyor, 214 S Walnut 

Michaelis Susan, wid August, 934 (830) E Warren 

Michaelis Theresa A, student, 934 (830) E Warren 

Michaels Chas F (Sadie) Mgr The Ohio Locomotive Crane Co, 303 W Rensse- 
laer 5519 

Miller Albert, laborer, 433 Johnston 

Miller Andrew J (Sarah) watchman Penna Short Line, 116 Wiley 3854 

Miller Aubrey E, Miller & Robinson, 3rd Floor 1st Natl Bank Bldg 

Miller Block, H F Miller owner, 135-139 Public Square 

Miller Carl J (V Blanche) wks Logan Gas, 929 (883) S Walnut 

Miller Charles L, chauffeur Paxton, 214 W Mary 

Miller Chas H (Eva U) teacher, 427 Woodlawn 

Miller Christ (Elizabeth) Propr Star Bakery, 203 W Rensselaer 

Miller Clarence L (Pearl E) carpenter, 839 Faustina 

Miller Clifford (Frances) carpenter, 333 Blicke 3191 

Miller Dennis (Sadie) wks Bucyrus Lumber, 331 N Walnut 

Miller Effie J, wid Frank, 873 S Sandusky 

Miller Eleanor R, stenog Am Clay, 873 S Sandusky 

Miller Elizabeth, wid Isaac L, 306 E Charles 3466 

Miller Emma, wid J, 812 S Walnut 

Miller Francis L, teamster, 329 James 

Miller Frank (Anna) carpenter T&OC, 457 Prospect 

Miller Floyd E, carpenter, 604 Earl 3471 

Miller Forba, boiler dept T&OC, 116 Wiley 3854 

Miller Geo H (Mary E) Building Contractor, 604 Earl 3471 

Miller Geo W (Delia) Pres Farmers & Citizens Bank, 706 S Walnut 5286 

Miller Gottlieb E (Cordelia) steel molder Carroll Fdry, 432 Plymouth 3271 

Miller Harley H (Blanche E) Lincoln Highway Garage, res 856 S Sandusky 

Miller Harry, wks Conklin, 433 Johnston 

Miller Henry (Helen) engineer Water Works, 359 Water 

Miller Henry D (Ida I) Grain Elevator 120 East St N 5916, res 835 Roger St 

Miller Herman F (Mary) Real Est & Insurance 1 Miller Blk 552 1 , res 352 W 
Mansfield 5498 

Miller Jas K, retired, 329 James 

Miller Jas W (Edith A) Attorney 1st Natl Bank Bldg, res 865 S Sandusky 


Miller Jay C (Alice J) Bicycle Repair Shop 237 N Sandusky, res 214 W Mary 

Miller Jay F, wks J C Miller, 214 W Mary 

Miller John (Vera) wks Am Clay, 343 Water 

Miller Josephine, at home, 435 S Sandusky 5555 

Miller Rev J Frank (Marie) Evangelist, 310 E Rensselaer 

Miller Karl E, clerk T&OC, 812 S Walnut 

Miller Laura Mrs, Boarding House, 330 Sheckler 5784 

Miller Lewis A (Anna B) conductor T&OC, 228 Woodlawn 

Miller Loe D, minor, 605 S Spring 

Miller Louie, 432 Plymouth 

Miller Louis (Sadie) molder Carroll Fdry, 354 Water 

Miller L Wallace, student, 310 E Rensselaer 

Miller Paul D (Bertha I) flagman T&OC, 206 W Galen 3888 

Miller Rachel, wid David, 433 Johnston 

Miller & Robinson (A E & R F) Jewelers, 131 S Sandusky 

Miller Rose, wid John, 508 Prospect 

Miller Sadie, seamstress, 306 E Charles 3466 

Miller Stella G, bookkpr Water Works Office, 359 Water 

Miller & ULmer (W M & Geo) Broom Factory rear 445 Johnston 

Miller Wesley (Pearl M) tinner T&OC, 724 East St S 


Miller Wm (Ida) fireman T&OC, 213 1-2 S Sandusky 

Miller Wm E, Mgr The Bucyrus Hydraulic Stone & Bldg Block Co, 706 (806) 
Prospect 5045 

Miller Wm H (Lucinda) retired, 435 S Sandusky 5555 

Miller Wm H (Margaret M) conductor T&OC, 706 (806) Prospect 5045 

Miller Wm M, Miller & Ulmer, 324 N Walnut 3147 

Miller Wilson A (Martha J) retired, 205 Jump 3217 

Mills Jay E (Laura E) car repairer T&OC, 815 E Mansfield 3779 

Mills L Ursula, teacher, 400 W Warren 

Mills Samuel B (Mary A) blacksmith, 400 W Warren 

Minard Geo B, blacksmith Sommer Motor, 620 Plants Way 

Minick Willis T, wks F A Walther, rms 730 W Mary 

Minnick Maggie, wid Wm, 925 (881) S Walnut 

Minnick Sarah E, at home, 726 W Mansfield 

Minnick Willis T, sales Walthers, 726 W Mansfield 

Mitchell Laura, wid Geo, 401 Sears 

Mitchell Samuel C (Esther M) Optometrist 205 S Sandusky, res 357 W War- 
ren 5847 

Mitchelson Levi (Mary) retired, 469 S Poplar 3214 

Moberg Arthur C (Ruth E) mech eng Sommer Motor, 618 Rogers 

Model Bakery, A J Myers Propr, rear 620 E Warren 

Moderwell Mary E, wid J H, 813 Rogers 5290 

Moesch Block, J A Moesch owner, 215-217 N Sandusky 

Moesch Jacob A (Katherine) Merchant Tailor, 217 N Sandusky 

Moffitt Catherine, rms Deal House 

Mollencop Arthur C (Louise M) cashier T&OC, 311 E Warren 

Mollencopf Geo H (Catherine) chef Elberson Hotel, 445 Myers 3439 

Mollencopf Henry (Lydia J) Contractor & Builder, 417 E Oakwood 5789 

Mollencopf Jacob P (Gertrude E) conductor T&OC, 811 Rogers 5881 

Mollenkopf Aaron P (Alma F) carpenter, $55 W Mansfield 3884 

Mollenkopf Edward C (Catherine A) wks County, 1015 Lincoln 

Mollenkopf Elsie, domestic, 341 S Sandusky 5516 

Mollenkopf Geo W, section hand Penna Ry, 625 W Perry 

Mollenkopf Gottlieben, wid Louis, 236 W Mansfield 3788 

Mollenkopf Jesse E, section hand Penna Ry, 625 W Perry 

Mollenkopf Joseph (Elizabeth) caretaker Monnette Hospital, 625 W Perry 

Mollenkopf Louis (Lena) Contr & Builder, 622 S Poplar 5848 

Mollenkopf Mary C, 625 W Perry 

Mollenkopf Stella S, at home, 840 S Poplar 

Mollenkopf Wm, Painter & Paperhanger, 232 E Mansfield 

Mollenkopf Wm F, 236 W Mansfield 3788 

Mollenkopf Zella C, at home, 840 S Poplar 

Monahan Chas C (Minnie B) fore T&OC, Round House, 567 East St S ; 

Monahan Dennis, wks Carroll Fdry, 309 N Sandusky 

Monnett Jennie E, wid A C, 202 S Walnut 5048 

Monnett Sarah R, wid Rev Thos J, 403 S Poplar 5692 

Monnett Wallace L (Mary Z) Justice of the Peace Scroggs & Monnett, 607 
S Sandusky 5293 

Monnette Edna G, minor, 312 W Charles 5507 

Monnette Ephraim B (Cornelia Y) retired, 447 S Sandusky 5076 

Monnette Memorial Hospital, M R Lewis Secy Board of Control, 675 N San- 
dusky 5602 

Monnette Nellie L, at home, 447 S Sandusky 5076 

Monroe C F, Gillam & Monroe, res Galion O 

Montagna Joe (Felicia) Shoe Repair Shop 236 N Sandusky, res 635 Plants Way 

Moore Daniel (Mary) wks T&OC Shops, 520 Gay 

Moore Edward (Myrtle) conductor T&OC, 654 E Mansfield 

Moore Jas F (Sarah R) train despatcher T&OC, 120 N Spring 

Moore Jefferson D (Edith M) laborer, 526 Gay 

Moore John W (Minerva) engineer Colter & Co, 215 Nevada 

Moore Leo B, sales Keel, 219 Woodlawn 


Moore Lute B (Minerva B) mach Bucyrus Forge & Fdry, 219 Woodlawn 

Moorehead Clyde W (Julia E) molder Carroll Fdry, 749 E Mansfield 5367 . 

Moorehead Elmer W (Carrie) cement wkr, 723 E Mansfield 3496 

Moorehead Sylvia, at home, 723 E Mansfield 3496 

Moorehead Fred J, chauffeur K & K, 626 Plymouth 3171 

Moorehead Gerald E (Maude M) fireman T&OC, 516 Prospect 3448 

Moorehead Jacob R, wks Carroll Fdry, 626 Plymouth 3171 

Moorehead Jane M, at home, 626 Plymouth 3171 

Moorehead John J (Harriet) wks Carroll Fdry, 626 Plymouth 3171 

Moorehead John W, laborer, 626 Plymouth 3171 

Moorehead Ross (Florence R) wks T&OC, 618 Plymouth 

Morgan Alfred, wks Woolworth Co, 1021 E Southern 5880 

Morgan Cl^as J, chauffeur K & K, 331 Lincoln 

Morgan Dewey, wks Kelly Vault Co, 1021 E Southern 5880 

Morgan Edward (Lillie) laborer, 1021 E Southern 5880 

Morgan Harry W, 331 Lincoln 

Morgan Wm H (Ida M) mach, 331 Lincoln 

Morgenstern Maurice (Sarah) Mgr The Fair Store, 226 N Sandusky 

Morrison Edmund A, machinist Carroll Fdry, 121 (21) Giaus 3815 

Morrison Effie E, at home, 513 Woodlawn 3351 

Morrison Elizabeth Mrs, 420 Prospect 

Morrison Mary E, wid Geo B, 513 Woodlawn 3351 

Morrison Ony (Sallie) tailor Matthews, 514 W Perry 

Morrison Wm A (Mary C) molder Carroll Fdry, 121 (21) Giaus 3815 

Morrow Jas A (Anna) night man Carroll Fdry, 916 (116) Orra 

Mortin Gust (Mary) molder Carroll Fdry, 693 Maple 

Mose Joseph F (Lillie) molder Carroll Fdry, 303 Hill 

Moser Augustus G (J Italy) Supt The Buc Elec Lt & Power Co, 332 S San- 

Motz Christian H (Georgia E) printer Forum, 440 N Railroad 

Motz Emma M, Nurse Crawford Co Hospital, 121 S Spring 5456 

Mowery Melinda J, wid Jacob, 430 S Spring 

Mowery William, laborer, 430 S Spring 

Moyer J E, salesman Latchaw Mausoleum, 405 W Rensselaer 3665 

Muhr Frances, wks Startsman & Feiring, 418 N Walnut 

Muhr Margaret, wid W, 418 N Walnut 

Munz Carl P (Caroline) Carl P Munz & Sons, 222 N Sandusky 5524 

Munz Carl P & Sons (Frank, Chas & Gustave) Furniture Dealers & Under- 
takers, 222 N Sandusky 5524 

Munz Carrie R, Nurse, 444 Gay 3760 

Munz Chas, Carl P Munz & Sons, 222 N Sandusky 5524 

Munz Frank A (Cora L) Embalmer C P Munz & Sons, 306 N Sandusky 5310 

Munzz Gustave, Carl P Munz & Sons, 222 N Sandusky 5524 

Munz Jacob (Katherine) stone mason, 444 Gay 3760 

Munz Wm (Louisa) Violin Studio 3rd Floor Tobias Blk, res 312 N Sandusky 

Murphy Michael (Eva M) fireman T&OC, 603 E Mansfield 

Murrey Chas W (Glenna D) brakeman T&OC, 438 E Warren 

Musselman Geo O (Louise F) section hand Penna Ry, 824 S Poplar 

Musser Clarence F (G Pearl) rural postman, 128 Sherman 3591 

Muth Henry, blacksmith T&OC, 117 Fisher 5791 

Muth John, conductor T&OC, 117 Fisher 5791 

Muth John, retired, 426 N Walnut 3447 

Myers Alice F, wid E H, 814 Faustina 

Myers Anthony J (Grace G) Propr Model Bakery, 624 E Warren 

Myers Benj B (Elizabeth) retired, 208 W Mansfield 5292 

Myers Bessie M, at home, 331 W Warren 

Myers Blanche, wid L K, 504 E Charles 

Myers Callie R, wks Pressman Skirt, 722 N Sandusky 

Myers Caspar R (Amelia C) with The J K Myers Co, 402 W Rensselaer 

Myers Cassius M (Emma J) wks Carroll Fdry, 331 W Warren 

Myers Clifton H, tinner Ott, 814 Faustina 


Myers Clyde E (Nora) laborer, 915 Willard 3316 

Myers Cyril E, student, 408 Woodlawn 5723 

Myers David C, retired, 603 E Rensselaer 5854 

Myers Delbert H (Addie B) drayman Carroll Fdry, 934 (870) N Sandusky 

Myers Edward J (Emma F) Attorney 111 1-2 S Sandusky 5914, res 31b S 
Walnut 5058 

Myers Ferris C, student, 603 E Rensselaer 5854 

Myers Frank C (Ida M) salesman Rowe Bros, 603 E Rensselaer 5854 

Myers Frank R (Zoe) wks N Y Blower, 300 E Mansfield 

Myers Fred C, mach Am Clay, 331 W Warren 

Myers Geo (Mary B) retired, 621 E Warren 

Myers Geo P (Elizabeth) Pump Dealer 301 S Sandusky, res 310 S Walnut 5771 

Myers Harry F (Gertrude E) laborer, 439 Johnston 3480 

Myers Harry J, student, 402 W Rensselaer 

Myers Ida B, bookkpr & cashier The J K Myers Co, 512 N Lane 5134 

Myers Jacob K (Louise C) The J K Myers Co, 512 N Lane 5134 

Myers Joseph C (Mary S) foreman Carroll Fdry, 722 N Sandusky 

Myers J Edward (Lucy E) bookkpr The Broken Sword Stone Co, 408 Wood- 
lawn 5723 

Myers The J K Co, Department Store, J K Myers Pres-Mgr, 242 N Sandusky 

Myers Katherine, milliner Mrs J J Smith, 323 E Rensselaer 5606 

Myers Louis, retired, 336 S Sandusky 

Myers Louis D, 208 W Mansfield 5292 

Myers Louise/ wid F R, 305 East River 3886 

Myers Macie E, at home, 512 N Lane 5134 

Myers Mary M, milliner Wynn, 310 S W T alnut 5771 

Myers Miriam C, at home, 408 Woodlawn 5723 

Myers M Lucile, at home, 603 E Rensselaer 5854 

Myers Nan, 233 South Railroad 5328 

Myers Ray D (Clara D) lineman Bucyrus Tel Co, 502 (202) Jones 

Myers Robert P, laborer, 439 Johnston 3480 

Myers Thos T (Ida M) well digger, 1110 Monnett 


Nameth Joe (Kate) wks Carroll Fdry, 721 (677) Elm 

Nameth John, wks Carroll Fdry, 721 (677) Elm 

Naufcinger Edward J, wks Carroll Fdry, 502 Milo 5781 

Naufcinger Reuben (Anna E) gardener, 502 Milo 5781 

Naufcinger Reuben B, farmer, 502 Milo 5781 

Naufcinger Wm H, farmer, 502 Milo 5781 

Nedele Lewis S (Mary E) wks J A Bittekofer, 977 W Mansfield 3684 

Nedle Mary, wid J, 336 S Sandusky 

Neely John (Etta) fireman Carroll Fdry, 1107 Monnett 3116 

Neff Amos C (Anna M) Building Contr, 507 E Warren 3502 

Neff John (Florence) blacksmith T&OC, 715 S Walnut 

Neff J Russell, student, 437 S Poplar 5577 

Neff Samuel (Ella) bookkpr Zeigler Mill, 437 S Poplar 5577 

Neftzinger Isaac (Myrtle) huckster, 430 W Perry 

Neikirk Jesse D (Anna R) mach Sommer Motor, 428 Whetstone 3201 

Nelson Arthur, wks Commercial Prtg Co, 929 Woodlawn 

Nelson Chas, boilermaker T&OC, 109 Whetstone 

Nelson Clarence, wks E G Reid, 739 E Mansfield 

Nelson Geo W (Marjorie) laborer, 929 Woodlawn 

Nelson Grover C, wks T&OC Rd House, 700 Lincoln Way 

Nelson Harry, mach Sommer Motor, 416 S Walnut 

Nephley Chester, mach Am Clay, 506 Woodlawn 

Nephley Mary, wid Chas, 506 Woodlawn 

Neumann Chas V, 205 S Spring 5808 


Neumann Christ H (Mabel) carpenter, 1003 Woodlawn 
Neumann Geo W (Laura E) Contractor & Builder, 313 B Lucas 5282 
Neumann Herman (Idella V) carpenter T&OC, 401 Wallace 
Neumann Martha M, at home, 313 E Lucas 5282 
Neuroth Mary, at home, 222 S Poplar 5435 
New Opera Pool Room, S R Phillips Propr, 205 E Mansfield 
New York Blower Co The, Mail & Letter Boxes, A H Lyon Mgr, 415 E War- 
ren 5067 
Newhouse Lawrence, salesman Ulmer, 314 E Mansfield 

Newman Wm P (Carrie B) Propr Hippodrome Theatre, 500 S Walnut 5542 
News Forum Block, P J Carroll owner, 216 E Mansfield 
News Forum The (semi-weekly) The Bucyrus Publishing Co, 216 E Mansfield 

Nicholls N Mabel, student, 404 W Warren 5537 

Nicholls Wm S (Emma L) circulation mgr Hopley Prtg Co, 404 W Warren 553 7 
Nickelisch Bill, laborer, 907 Woodlawn 

Nickelson Jerry A (Lucy L) watchman The Roehr Co, 419 N Walnut 
Nickelson Richard W, wks Dobbins & Geiger, 419 N Walnut 
Nickelson Vernie D, farm laborer, 419 N Walnut 
Nickelson Victor, wks Roehr Co, 419 N Walnut 
Nickelson Wm H (Minnie H) mason tender, 324 N Sandusky 
Nickler Benj P (Carrie M,) Painter, 910 Willard 
Nickler Catherine, wid John, 120 Schaber 
Nickler Edna L, wks Pressman Skirt, 332 Water 
Nickler Ira (Bertha M) steam fitter T&OC, 1123 Reid 
Nickler Joseph (Ella M) painter, 332 Water 
Nickler Roy, meat cutter Dobbins & Geiger, 332 Water 
Nickum Gerald M, student, 825 S Poplar 
Nickum J Hugh (Eunice F) Sewer Contr, 825 S Poplar 
Niederheiser Francis (Mary M) City Engineer, 714 Rogers 5462 
Niman Mary J S, wid Jerry, 403 Woodlawn 5845 
Noblit Isaac (Ida J) mach Am Clay, 304 N Lane 
Norris A Ellen, saleslady Rowe Bros, 603 Prospect 
Norris Alva J (Elva) wks N Y Blower, 461 (502) Oakwood 
Norris Edward (Harriet E) car repairer T&OC, 603 Prospect 
Norris Edward E, draftsman Am Clay, 603 Prospect 
Norton Arthur F (Lillian) florist F J Norton, 216 (276) W Lucas 
Norton Chester C, wks Imperial Hoop Mill, 428 Johnston 
Norton Chester K (Laura A) sawyer, 428 Johnston 
Norton Glark, clerk T&OC, 302 W Warren 3855 
Norton Finando J (Helen) Florist 311, res 301 W Charles 5116 
Norton Harry J (Eva E) with F J Norton, 301 W Charles 5116 
Noyes Geo F (Bertha M) teamster Rogers, 817 Lincoln Way 
Nut" singer Matilda, wid J, 802 (828) Plymouth 
Nungesser Edward, farmer, 812 E Irving 

Nungesser Emanuel D (Minnie M) wks Carroll Fdry, 812 E Irving 
Nussbaum Benj W (Rose) I Nussbaum & Sons. 118 N Spring 
Nussbaum I & Sons (B W & M) Clothing & Furnishings, 101 S Sandusky 5832 
Nussbaum Isaac (Celia) I Nussbaum & Sons, 343 W Warren 5349 
Nussbaum M & Son, Merchant Tailor & Dealer in Traveling Outfits, 205 S 

Sandusky 5415 
Nussbaum Myer (Minnie) M Nussbaum & Son, res 120 S Spring 5415 
Nussbaum Mortimer G, I Nussbaum & Sons, 343 W Warren 5349 
Nussbaum Victor (Pluma) Nussbaum & Son, 580 Kaler 


Of.kwood Cemetery, Chas Weller Supt, entrance 645 Kaler 

Oberlander Bryan, Painter, 2nd Floor Mader Blk 

Oberlander Charmer l. The Up-To-Date Laundry, 203 W Mansfield 5574 


Oberlander Clarence A (Mary D) Road Contractor & Hay Dealer, 140 Frank- 
lin 3516 
Oberlander Clell (Mabel) Painter & Paperhanger, 138 Franklin 
Oberlander Elze H (Ella) Sprow & Oberlander, fireman T&OC, 307 E Charles 

Oberlander Frank H (Gertrude M) craneman Am Clay, 435 (601) Jump 
Oberlander Geo A (Sarah E) retired, rear 1608 N Sandusky 3866 
Oberlander Gurney H (Lillie W) Painter & Paperhanger, 515 Lincoln 3333 
Oberlander Henry N (Lillie M) Road Contractor, Flour & Cement & Genl 

Storage 211, res 203 W Mansfield 5574 
Oberlander John L (Rosella F) brakeman T&OC, 2nd Floor Mader Blk 
Oberlander Kit C (Delia M) Painter, 2nd Floor Mader Blk 
Oberlander Sherman W, asst car inspector Penna Ry, rear 1608 N Sandusky 

Oberlander Virlen H, wks Troy Laundry, 447 S Sandusky 
Oberlander Wm H (Matilda) carpenter, 447 S Poplar 
Oborn Donald D, mach Swank Motorcycle, 713 E Rensselaer 3385 
Oborn H Elsworth (Helen A) timber buyer, 713 E Rensselaer 3385 
Oborn Harry H, mach T&OC, 713 E Rensselaer 3385 
Oborn Mary C, seamstress, 713 E Rensselaer 3385 
O'Brien Chas W (Hannah) laborer, 343 E Southern 
O'Brien Ellen, widow, 741 E Rensselaer 3768 
O'Brien Gladys E, wks Elberson Hotel, 343 E Southern 

O'Brien Jerry (Margaret) foreman Erie Ry Yards, 741 E Rensselaer 3768 
O'Brien Rita L, at home, 343 E Southern 
O'Brien Ruth R, wks Dr Martin, 343 E Southern 

O'Connor Tim C (Hilda M) engineer T&OC, 846 S Sandusky 5117 
Odell Frank F (Ella J) wks Am Clay, 205 John 
Odell John F, wks Am Clay, 205 John 

O'Donnell Alice E, bookkpr J P Matthew, 220 W Warren 
O'Donnell Dominick W (Ann) molder Am Clay, 220 W Warren 
O'Donnell Jas A, chauffeur H A Paxton, 220 W Warren 
O'Donnell John A (Mazie A) foreman mach T&OC, 870 Woodlawn 
O'Donnell John E (Anna) section foreman Penna Ry, 231 E Mary 5408 
O'Donnell Mayme, at home, 611 Prospect 

O'Donnell Nellie, Dressmaking Parlors 111 1-2 S Sandusky, res 611 Prospect 
O'Donnell Robert P, mach Carroll Fdry, 231 E Mary 5408 
O'Donnell Thos, wks T&OC, 611 Prospect 
Oehm Laura, Millinery 327 E Lucas, res 311 S Sandusky 
Oehm Rosa, widow, 327 E Lucas 

Ogg Harvey J (Emma B) wks N Y Blower, 320 E Charles 
Ohio Farmers Insurance Co, A J Richards Agt, 236 E Mansfield 
Ohio Locomotive Crane Co The, C F Michael Secy & Office Mgr, Office 1-2 

News Forum Blk 5021 
Ohio Mutual Tornado, Cyclone & Windstorm Insurance Assn, Geo W Miller 

Secy, 103 Public Square 5061 
Ohio National Guard Armory, Co A 8th Infantry, Capt Carl A Brown, 129 S 

Spring 5706 
Ohio National Guard, Headquarters, Col Edward Vollrath, 9-10 Opera Blk 5138 
O'Leary Arthur W (Mildred F) trav salesman, 214 E Lucas 
O'Melia Patrick (Ella) molder Carroll Fdry, 121 Franklin 
Opera Block,. Vollrath Estate, E R Birk Agt, 201-209 E Mansfield 
Opera Hall, 3rd Floor Opera Blk (see Roster) 

Opera House Table Supply Store, Trach & Lutz, 203 E Mansfield 5276 
Oppenlander Albert A (Blanche G) mach Am Clay, over 130 S Sandusky 
Oppenlander Christ (Elizabeth) watchman Bucyrus Lumber Co, 714 Roid 
Oppenlan*der Fred (Mlary A) molder Am Clay, 600 W Perry 
Oppenlander Fred, signalman Penna Ry, 714 Reid 
Oppenlander Harold F, 600 W Perry 

Oppenlander John A (Caroline) wks New Roehr, 211 Harper 
Oraliood Neva, bookkpr Bucyrus Forge & Mach Co, 320 E Luca» 


Orr Nick, laborer, 466 Prospect 

Orthwein Carl F, student, 621 S Poplar 

Ortliwein Geo H (Mary A) carpenter, 621 S Poplar 

Orthwein Jesse H, student, 621 S Poplar 

Orthwein Ruth F, teacher, 621 S Poplar 

Orweiler Harry, wks H A Paxton, 314 S Sandusky 5428 

Osborn John E (Adda I) steam shovel eng Broken Sword Stone Co, 218 W 

Liberty 3419 
Ott Chas F (Marie H, Kindergarten) G A Ott & Son, 703 S Poplar 
Ott Chester M (Alma M) pressman Hopley Prtg Co, 905 E Warren 
Ott Emma J, at home, 608 S Sandusky 5316 

Ott G A & Son (Wm M) Roofing Contractor, 608 S Sandusky 5316 
Ott Gustave A, G A Ott & Son, 608 S Sandusky 5316 
Ott Harry L, salesman E E Class, 608 S Sandusky 5316 
Ott Ruth E, at home, 608 S Sandusky 5316 
Ott Wm M, G A Ott & Son, 608 S Sandusky 5316 
Owen Robert C, telephone lineman, 416 S Sandusky 5818 
Owens Dr Byron A (Anna) Veterinary Surgeon & Dentist 112 W Warren 5546, 

(also Owens & Topper) res 1055 Morion 
Owens & Topper (Dr B A & A P) Horse Shoeing, 112 W Warren 5546 
Owens Willard H, student, 1055 Marion 5546 

Paeszler Augusta, wid F, 133 W Mary 

Paeszler Lydia A, at home, 133 W Mary 

Paeszler Otto, carpenter, 133 W Mary 

Paladini Angelo, laborer, 466 Prospect 

Parcher Allison R, 911 (779) Faustina 3234 

Parcher Rose, wid A R, 911 (779) Faustina 3234 

Parcher Walter I, mach T&OC, 911 (779) Faustina 3234 

Parish Geo, cigarmaker, 219 N Lane 

Park Hotel, Fred M Richmond Propr, 126 N Walnut 5757 

Park Tina, widow, 315 East St S 

Park Wm C (Anna J) agt Western & Southern Ins Co, 425 Lincoln 

Parks Fred C (Emma E) Mercantile Fruit Dealer, 927 Woodlawn 5835 

Parsel Frank D (Gusta A) Kroegel & Parsel Bros, 518 N Lane 3391 

Partee Leslie W, minor, 465 S Spring 

Patterson Boiler Works, Repairing & Steam Fitting, F E Patterson Propr, 
1010 East St S 

Patterson Fred E (Mayme) structural Iron Contractor, 135 Hall 5778 

Patterson Herman (Charlotte S) boilermaker F E Patterson, 604 E Warren 

Patterson Wilbert A (Pearl A) carpenter T&OC, 1004 Orra 5589 

Patton Cecil L, molder Carroll Fdry, 400 N Lane 

Patton John S (Addie M) ship elk Am Clay, 400 N Lane 

Patton Lester P, mach Sommer Motor, 400 N Lane 

Paulin Rev Emery D (Alice M) Pastor 1st Evangelical Ch, 320 Lincoln 5821 

Pausey Fred A (Mertie C) draftsman Am Clay, 427 E Charles 

Paxton Harry A (Laura M) Garage 310 S Sandusky, res same 52<4 

Payne Arthur, boilermaker T&OC, 801 Lincoln 5758 

Payne Elizabeth, wid Geo, 368 N Lane 

Peaze C Roy, telegrapher Penna Ry, 119 W Mary 

Penfield Harold C (Anna C) Secy The Am Clay Co, 241 W Mansfield 5075 

Penfield Preston, with Am Clay Co, 241 W Mansfield 5075 

Pennsylvania Short Line, Passenger Station, J B Shaner Agt, 631 E Rensse- 
laer 5554 

Pennsylvania Ry Co, Western Div Passenger Station, F M Eakin Agt, H T 
Beelman clerk, 236 South Railroad 5645 


Pennsylvania Ry (P Ft W & C) Freight Depot, F M Eakin Agt, 165 N Laile 

Pennsylvania Ry Co, Toledo Div Freight Depot, J B Shaner Agt, 635 E Warren 

Pensinger Kate Mrs, domestic, 221 S Walnut 5950 
Feoples Meat Market, H G Baerkircher & C J Haala Proprs, S00 N Sandusky 

Peoples Savings & Loan Co The, A J Richards Secy, 236 E Mansfield 
Perdew Jas R, minor, 433 Wallace 

Perritt John (Anna) coremaker Carroll Fdry, 410 N Lane 
Perrott John R (Nancy J) mach Am Clay, 420 E Rensselaer 5136 
Perrott Margaret E, bookkpr 2nd Natl Bank, 420 E Rensselaer 5136 
Peterman Burt R, laborer, 200 Schaber 

Feterman Earl W, patternmaker Am Cliay, 442 S Spring 3415 
Peterman Elizabeth W, milliner Mrs J J Smith, 442 S Spring 3415 
Peterman Henrietta K, wid Ed, 320 E Rensselaer 5844 
Peterman John (Phoebe) retired, 458 S Poplar 
Peterman Lillian W, compositor Forum, 442 S Spring 3415 
Peterman Margaret J, wid Jacob I, 442 S Spring 3415 
Peterman Miartha A, wid M, 739 E Mansfield 
Peterman Nancy, wid Ben, 200 Schaber 
Peterman Oris B, section fore CS&C, 200 Schaber 
Peters Anna, wid John, 422 N Railroad 
Peters Catherine, wid J, 400 N Railroad 
Peters Fairy S Mrs, clerk Am Express, 104 W Lucas 
Peters Joseph A, wks Carroll Fdry, 400 N Railroad 
Peters M Anna, wid J H, 422 N Railroad 5786 
Peters Prisca P, at home, 400 N Railroad 
Peters Rowland R, messenger Western Union, 104 W Lucas 
Petersilge Fred Jr (Anna) Saloon, 240 S Sandusky 5010, res 429 W Charles 

Petersilge Fredericka, wid Louis, 320 S Poplar 
Petersilge Ralph, bartender F Petersilge Jr, 429 W Charles 5051 
Peterson Chas C (Sophia C) foreman T&OC, 507 Prospect 
Petrall John, laborer, rms 24 YMCA 

Petry F, Signs 128 1-2 S Sandusky, rms 241 N Sandusky 
Petty Ward, bricklayer, 2nd Floor Mader Blk 
Pfaff Herman (Pearl) brakeman T&OC, 857 S Spring 
Pfeifer David J (Elizabeth) molder Carroll Fdry, 406 N Lane 
Pfeifer John P (Delia A) Shoe Shop 148 Public Square, res 701 S Sandusky 3125 
Pfisterer Arthur C, salesman Mathews Clothing Store, 351 W Charles 
Pfleiderer Albert E (Martha A) baker Martinrtz, 817 S Sandusky 
Pfleiderer Block, Mrs Mary Pfleiderer owner, 318-326 N Sandusky 
Pfleiderer Carl F, molder, 622 S Sandusky 3735 
Pfleiderer Chas (Clara B) tinner Am Clay, 725 S Poplar 
Pfleiderer Chas M, driver Central Delivery, 725 S Poplar 
Pfleiderer Estella, at home, 230 E Mansfield 5160 
Pfleiderer Floyd W, clerk E E Class, 230 E Mansfield 5160 
Pfleiderer Gottfried (Rose) retired, 622 S Sandusky 3735 
Pfleiderer Harry C, mach Am Clay, 230 E Mansfield 5160 
Pfleiderer Herman E, baker Martinitz, 622 S Sandusky 3735 
Pfleiderer John D (Elizabeth) city fireman, 230 E Mansfield 5160 
Pfleiderer Lulu, at home, 725 S Poplar 
Pfleiderer Mary, wid Wm, 318 N Sandusky 
Pfleiderer Mattie, at home, 622 S Sandusky 3735 
Pfleiderer Murrey, student, 230 E Mansfield 5160 
Pfleidner Fred, retired, 320 N Lane 

Phelps Fred (C Ella) salesman Bach Clo Co, 522 W Perry 3154 
Phelps Norman, student, 522 W Perry 3154 
Philbin Alpha E (Inez E) eng T&OC, 846 Faustina 
Phillips Samuel R, Propr New Opera Pool Room, rms 314 E Mansfield 


Phillips Henry ( ) farmer, 413 Woodlawn 

Philpott Clifton (Helen M) draftsman Am Clay, 411 S Walnut 

Pickering Block, L D Pickering owner, 321-325 N Sandusky 

Pickering Lewis D (Emma) Buggies & Farm Implements 321 N Sandusky 

5417, res 315 N Sandusky 
Picking Chas F (Lillie A) D Picking & Co, 126 W Rensselaer 
Picking D & Co (C F & W H) Hardware Dealers & Mfrs of Copper Kettles, 

112 S Sandusky 5661 
Picking Robert B (Maude) D Picking & Co, 120 W Rensselaer 
Picking Wilford F, student, 126 W Rensselaer 
Picking Wilford H (Sue G) D Picking & Co, Pres 1st Natl Bank, 221 S Walnut 

Pierce Chauncey H (Mary E) fireman T&OC, 805 Prospect 
Pifer Otto (Inez) mach Sommer Motor, 255 Whetstone 
Pinder Samuel H (Orpha D) teamster Colter & Co, 510 S Poplar 5396 
Pinizi Dominick, laborer, 466 Prospect 
Pinyerd Bros (G T & U R) Proprs Bucyrus City Flour Mills, 600 W Mansfield 

Pinyerd Geo T (Sarah C) Pinyerd Bros, 439 Sears 
Pinyerd Kirby C, tester C O Wells, 439 Sears 
Pinyerd Uriah R (Eda C) Pinyerd Bros, 317 Jump 
Plummer Chas, wks Bucyrus Brewery, 641 E Mansfield 
Plummer Edward I, Insurance, 647 E Mansfield 
^lummer Margaret, wid R, 647 E Mansfield 
Plummer Maurice, molder, 647 E Mansfield 
Plummer Thos M, plasterer, 647 7E Mansfield 

Poister Edward W (A May) truckman Penna Frt, 357 W Mansfield 
Pollock David G (Bertha M) furnaeeman' Carroll Fdry, 554 N Lane 
Pontius O Howard, carpenters foreman T&OC, 628 E Warren 
Pore Harry J (Florence L) trav salesman, 709 S Sandusky 
Portman John (Catherine A) stone mason, 401 Sears 
Post Office, 210 East Mansfield (see Roster) 
Post Office Block, P J Carroll owner, 210 E Mansfield 
Postal Telegraph Cable Co, T W Davis Mgr, 125 Public Square 5049 
Potter Thos, wks Carroll Fdry, 694 Wingert 
Powers Jas (Bertha) Carpenter, 420 W Irving 
Powers Thos H, molder Carroll Fdry, 113 W Irving 5851 
Pratt Frank H, boilermakers helper T&OC, 900 S Sandusky 5882 
Pratt Robert H (Eva C) wks Tile Yard, 900 S Sandusky 5882 
Pressman Bros Co The, Skirt Mfrs, D D Samelson Treas-Mgr, Pickering Block 

Pressman Isaac (Ida) The Pressman Bros Co, 157 Plymouth 5326 
Pressman Joseph, tailor Pressman Bros Co, 930 S Walnut 
Pressman Philip (Adella) Mgr The Pressman Bros Co, 647 N Sandusky 
Pressman Thos (Minnie) Pressman Bros Skirt Co, 930 S Walnut 
Prettyman G Albert, salesman J A Leifer, 131 Giaus 5261 
Prettyman Jacob H (Minnie) mach Carroll Fdry, 131 Giaus 5261 
Price Calvin D (Bertha M) boiler helper T&OC, 430 S Spring 
Price J Milroy, salesman Fail Shoe Co, 508 Rogers 
Price Wm 1 (Clara B) car inspector T&OC, 508 Rogers 
Prill Harry M (Olive H) bookkeeper Logan Gas, 118 E Oakwood 
Pruden Samuel L (Emma A) Furniture & Stoves 214-216 N Sandusky 5318, 

Second Hand Dept 229 N Sandusky, res 203 W Mary 
Prudential Insurance Co The, G W Leedy Asst District Supt, 1 Kehrer Blk 
Pugh Ruth, bookkpr Myers Harness Shop, 302 Jump 3454 
Purkey Etta L Mrs, waitress Deal House, 447 Park 3453 
Purkey Viola M, minor, 1008 (898) N Sandusky 5859 
Furnstill Josephine Mrs, 222 N Sandusky 
Pusac ('has, molder Carroll Fdry, 350 Water 



Quaintance Chas L (Hannah) Grocery 400 S Walnut 5153, res 435 W Warren 

Quaintance E Vella, at home, 1037 Prospect 5689 

Quaintance Fisher D (Ida E) Confectionery, 326 N Sandusky, res same 
Quaintance Geo B (Emma) carpenter Buc Lumber Co, 508 W Perry 
Quaintance John J (Alberta M) bookkpr 1st Natl Bank, 937 (885) S Walnut 
Quaintance Leroy R (Martha) car repairer T&OC, 1037 Prospect 5689 
Quaintance M Estella, saleslady Home Store, 1037 Prospect 5689 
Quaintance Milton J (Florence D) Painter & Paperhanger, 108 W Irving 
Quilter Catherine, widow, 404 Aurora 

Quilter Frank J (Briggie) supt Broken Sword Stone Co, 624 East St S 5266 
Quilter Nellie D, stenographer Carroll Fdry, 404 Aurora 
Quimby Building, 100-110 Public Square, Office Entrances 107 Public Square 

& 102 N Sandusky 

Radaker Lennie M (Ella C) car repairer T&OC, 1004 (884) E Warren 

Rader Eugene (Ida R) blacksmith Carroll Fdry, 748 E Mansfield 

Rader Henry, retired, 435 S Poplar 

Rader Jasper, flagman T&OC, 435 S Poplar 

Rader Rodney J (Lou A) The Bucyrus Tea Store, 435 S Poplar 

Rae Rev W S, retired, 243 E Mansfield 5459 

Railroaders Exchange Restaurant, Mrs R J Heckert Propr, 642 Woodlawn 5171 

Randall Bertha Mrs, Nurse Monnette Hospital, 230 W Galen 

Rank Chas V (Dora M) painter N Y Blower, 469 S Walnut 

Rank Jas H (Anna E) wks Bucyrus Lumber, 1102 Tiffin 

Rarick Bessie F, sales Jesson, 801 S Walnut 

Rarick Frank C, baker Vienna Bakery, 801 S Walnut 

Rarick Grace M, sales Berk & Hale, 801 S Walnut 

Rarick Harry H (Jennie R) cement wkr Bonebrake, 514 E Oakwood 

Rarick Hazel V, sales Vienna Bakery, 801 S Walnut 

Rarick Kate, wid T B, 801 S Walnut 

Rarick Marguerite, sales Vienna Bakery, 801 S Walnut 

Rathburn John B (Celia) fireman T&OC, 417 (427) E Southern 

Raub Chas W, wks Am Clay, 625 W Mansfield 

Raub Harry R (Emily B) mechanic, 419 W Warren 

Raub Henry A, retired, 625 W Mansfield 

Raub Jackson, coremaker, 328 N Sandusky 

Raub Lillian, at home, 625 W Mansfield 

Rauth Anton (M Catherine) watchman Buc Brewing Co, 673 E Mansfield 

Rauth Geo E (Margaret E) mach Sommer Motor, 658 E Mansfield 

Rauth John E, clo salesman Englehart, 673 E Mansfield 

Rauth Wm F (Matilda) Lunch Room & Cafe 628, res 630 E Rensselaer 5112 

Raymond Jesse W (Ida O) signal man Penna Short Line, 632 E Mansfield 

Reager Anthony, wks Roehr Co, 825 E Mansfield 5680 

Quaintance Pure Food Store 



Reager Basil J, 825 E Mansfield 5680 

Reager J Geo (Eva) upholsterer T&OC, 825 E Mansfield 5680 

Reager Mary A Mrs, 825 E Mansfield 5680 

Ream Chas C (Edna R) Baggage Master Penna Ry, 303 W Mansfield 

Ream Geo W (Sophia) wks New Roehr, 230 E Irving 

Ream Irvin E, molder Carroll Fdry, 230 E Irving 

Ream Wm (Delia) wks T&OC Shops, 318 E Charles 

Reber Daniel J, asst pressman Hopley Prtg Co, rms 7 YMCA 

Reber Hotel & Cafe, Louis W Hagmaier & F A Roelle, 120 S Sandusky 5278 

Reber Joseph J (Harriet K) bartender Donnenwirth, 2nd Floor Mader Blk 

Reber Ricka Mrs, 207 S Poplar 

Reber Thos, carpenter, rms 15 YMCA 

Reece Lucinda M ; , wid Morgan, 316 Woodlawn 3224 

Reed A Ross (Ada A) laborer, 429 Johnston 5605 

Reed Frank W (Dora B) Garner & Reed, 839 S Spring 

Reed F Belle, wid Levi L, 839 S Spring 

Reeder Burt, farm hand, 220 W Charles 

Reeder Laura Mrs, 220 W Charles 

Reehl Catherine, at home, 458 S Poplar 

Reehling John P (Jeannetta E) saddler E R Birk, 300 W Galen 5535 

Reese Stasia L, minor, 227 E Charles 

Rehm Albert K (Kate) mach T&OC, 606 Lincoln 

Rehm Edwin R, draftsman Am Clay, 457 Kaler 

Rehm John G (Dora B) wks Am Clay, 457 Kaler 

Rehm Karl W, student, 606 Lincoln 

Rehm Luther (Flora M) crane erecter Ohio Loc Crane Co, 618 Plymouth 

Rehm Stella R, at home, 457 Kaler 

Reid Edward G (Maude) Grain Elevator & Hay 205 N Railroad 5548, res 716 

Rogers 5325 
Reid Emily, wid Wm, 500 E Rensselaer 5005 
Reid Lycurgus, cigarmaker Scheidegger, 111 N Lane 
Reid Mary E, student, 716 Rogers 5325 
Reidel Mary J, wid H, 323 South Railroad 
Reiff A Clara, at home, 1115 (815) Reid 
Reiff Geo, postal clerk, 203 W Mansfield 5574 
Reiff Henry J (Minnie A) mason, 500 Woodlawn 
Reiff Herman C, cabinetmaker Roehr Co, 1115 (815) Reid 
Reiff L Fred, finisher Roehr Co, 1115 (815) Reid 
Reiff Marie C, wid Louis, 1115 (815) Reid 
Rein Anna, at home, 622 E Rensselaer 
Rein Arthur, wks New Roehr, 311 Jump 3784 
Rein Augusta E, wid John, 311 Jump 3784 
Rein Bertha, at home, 617 E Rensselaer 5098 
Rein Carl L (Nettie E) blacksmith T&OC, 622 E Charles 
Rein Chas (Katherina) retired, 622 E Rensselaer 
Rein Edward F (Cleo) cabinet maker T&OC, 451 S Spring 3426 
Rein Emma C, wid Wm, 614 S Walnut 
Rein Herbert, student, 311 Jump 3784 
Rein Herman A, clerk T&OC, 311 Jump 3784 
Rein Raymond, clerk T&OC, 311 Jump 3734 

Reinemeyer Wm F (Theresa M) erecting eng Ohio Elec Crane Co, 118 Dudley 
Reinhardt Fred (Katherine) wks Am Clay, 465 W Charles 
Reinhardt Arthur F, clerk T&OC, 465 W Charles 
Reinhart Chas, sawyer Colter & Co, 901 W Mansfield 
Reiter Anna H, wid L, seamstress, 315 E Oakwood 3376 
Reiter John L, 865 S Poplar 5164 
Reiter Louis M (Anna) retired, 865 S Poplar 5164 
Reiter Sarah A, at home, 648 East St S 
Reiter Sarah M, at home, 648 East St S 
Renkel Jacob, tailor, 813 E Mansfield 3879 
Renkel John (Anna E) Tailor over 117 N Sandusky, res 813 E Mansfield 3879 


Renkert Bormuth, student, 456 S Walnut 5252 

Renkert Frank (Elizabeth) Shoe Store 215 N Sandusky, res 456 S Walnut 5252 

Renkert Frederick E, student, 456 S Walnut 5252 

Rettig Caroline, wid Nick, 338 W Charles 

Rettig Chas F, laborer, 710 S Poplar 

Rettig Edith M, at home, 323 W Mansfield 

Rettig Edward, laborer, 710 S Poplar 

Rettig J Adam (Mary) retired, 710 S Poplar 

Rettig John (Nora E) laborer, 323 W Mansfield 

Rettig John A (Grace) 418 Wallace 

Rettig Otto B (M Uretta) fireman T&OC, 926 S Walnut 

Reule J George, retired, 500 E Charles 5050 

Rex Dorothy V, student, 620 East St S 3340 

Rex Edson B (Lena M) cabinet maker New Roehr Co, 620 East St S 3340 

Reynolds Douglas (Anna) janitor East Side School, 711 E Rensselaer 

Rice Carl, mach inspector T&OC, 603 E Warren 3702 

Rice Chas M (Elgie) truck driver Bonebrake, 852 S Sandusky 

Rice C W & Co, Merchants Protective Service, 3 2d Natl Bank Bldg 5794 

Rice Everett L (Alma C) Agt Metropolitan Ins Co, 530 East St S 

Richards Albert J (Edith H) Secy The Peoples Savings & Loan Co, Insurance, 

res 803 N Sandusky 5146 
Richardson John (Sarah A) miach Carroll Fdry, 407 Plymouth 
Richardson Raymond W, deliveryman Startsman Ldry, 407 Plymouth 
Richley Geo J (Stella) butcher, 1103 Fremont 
Richley James, blacksmith Games, 1103 Fremont 
Richmond Fred M (Lucy Y) Propr Park Hotel, 126 N Walnut 5757 
Ricker Carrie I, sales Baumoel, 454 Park 
Ricker Kels (Cora) foreman T&OC Shops, 416 E Charles 
Ricker Lee M, fireman, 454 Park 
Ricker Nina, housekeeper, 800 W Perry 
Ricker Wm P (Amelia) mach helper T&OC, 454 Park 
Riddle Clarence F (Ella L) carpenter Loco Crane Co, 206 Jump 
Riddlebaugh Henry E (Minnie M) painter T&OC, 717 E Warren 
Riddlebaugh Jacob A (Augusta C) wks N Y Blower, 1030 Woodlawn 
Riddlebaugh Laura A, domestic, 1030 Woodlawn 
Riddlebaugh Mary E, at home, 1030 Woodlawn 
Riddlebaugh Walter H, farm laborer, 1030 Woodlawn 
Ridenour Chas E (Cornelia G) fireman T&OC, 1043 Prospect 
Ridenour J Roy (Agatha G) molder Carroll Fdry, 116 W Irving 
Rieger John, laborer, 720 (676) Elm 
Riggs Laura, dressmaker, 104 W Lucas 
Rilling John (Catherine) wks Cemetery, 517 Kaler 3202 
Ringer Lowell L, flagman T&OC, 912 E Warren 5219 
Rinker Adolph (Christina) clerk Deal Hotel, 209 E Charles 
Rinker Bessie, bookkpr Rowe Bros, 209 E Charles 
Rinker Carl J (Rosa K) patternmaker Am Clay, 331 S Spring 
Rinker Clara B, at home, 321 W Galen 5342 
Rinker Cora E, tailoress, 123 W Mary 

Rinker Edward A (Thelma Q) patternmaker Am Clay, 404 Gay 
Rinker Edward W (Catherine R) wks N Y Blower, 123 W Mary 

A. J. RICHARD?, Insurance and Loans 

East Mansfield Street 

5% Paid in Dividends. Your Savings Secured by First 
Mortgage. Gall if you want Insurance or a Loan 


Rinker Edwin T Special Deliveryman P O, 321 W Galen 5342 

Rinker Elsie I, dressmaker, 123 W Mary 

Rinker Geo A, stenog Am Clay, 321 W Galen 5342 

Rinker Herman (Sarah M) retired, 609 N Sandusky 

Rinker John W (Mary R) carpenter New Roehr Co, 321 W Galen 5342 

Rinker John W Jr (Carrie A) machinist Am Clay, 312 W Charles 5507 

Rinsel George, Restaurant, 227 South Railroad 

Risher Wm A (Martha) retired, 520 E Charles 5043 

Risinger Clinton D (Clarice) conductor T&OC, 401 Charlotte 5534 

Ritchie Robert, laborer, 312 E Charles 5865 

Rittenour Fred H (Josie) melter Carroll Fdry, 450 Prospect 

Rittenhour Henry A, watchman Carroll Fdry, 400 Charlotte 

Rittenhour Leo J (Bessie M) flagman T&OC, 303 W Mansfield 

Rittenhour Pearl, at home, 400 Charlotte 

Ritter Edward (Grace M) bartender Rauth, 608 Woodlawn 

Ritter Frank, helper Sommer Motor, rms Park Hotel 

Ritter Harry A (Ella E) mach Sommer Motor, 302 (-219) Whetstone 

Ritter Hugh (Emma L) sta eng Sommer Motor, 301 Whetstone 

Rituazul Guy (Mary) trackman Penna Ry, 323 Water 

Rizer Clifton O (Loa E) wks Carroll Fdry, 329 Blicke 

Rizer Jame B, molder Carroll Fdry, 329 Blicke 

Rizer Osa E (Myrtle D) molder Carroll Fdry, 137 Franklin 

Roberts Bros (W J, Joseph & C W) Livery, Feed & Sale Stables, 229 W 

Rensselaer 5812 
Roberts Carrie Mrs, Chambermaid Elberson Hotel, 401 N Walnut 5565 
Roberts Chas W (Lovina) stock buyer, 447 S Walnut 5671 
Roberts Frank E (Bertha M) farmer, 1505 N Sandusky , 

Roberts Helen, 321 South Railroad 5296 

Roberts Joseph E (Pansy G) Roberts Bros, 407 W Rensselaer 5805 
Roberts Wm W, farmer, 1505 N Sandusky 

Roberts Willis G (Amanda E) Roberts Bros, 407 W Rensselaer 5805 
Robertson Duncan, Supt The Roehr Co, 329 S Sandusky 5279 
Robertson Volney J (Sevilla R) tinner Picking & Co, 301 (207) Hill 
Robinson Alphus D (Susana) watchman C & C Mill, 730 W Mary 5822 
Robinson Benj F (Hattie M) Painter & Decorator, 515 E Mansfield 5405 
Robinson D Frank (Josie C) miller Zeigler Mill, 119 W Perry 
Robinson Everett J, miller, 119 W Perry 

Robinson Herbert G (Susan M) wks Bucyrus Brewing Co, 423 Johnston 
Robinson Herman C (Myrtle M) fireman T&OC, 323 Sheckler 5409 
Robinson Homer L (I Gay) Dairy Products Co, 130 W Mary 
Robinson Jas H (Louise) retired, 224 E Mansfield 5448 
Robinson Minnie N, at home, 224 E Mansfield 5448 
Robinson Roy L (Dora) Painter & Paperhanger, 1006 Winchester 
Robinson Russell F (Ethel) Miller & Robinson, 3rd Floor 1st Natl Bank Bldg 
Robison Henry J (L Bina) blacksmith helper Am Clay, 603 E Warren 3702 
Robison Jas B (May) mach Sommer Motor, 723 S Walnut 3635 
Robison Margaret M, wid J H, 703 E Mansfield 3192 
Robison W T m A (Mary M) mach Carroll Fdry, 800 N Sandusky 
Robison Wm M, retired, 218 Whetstone 

Rodecker Geo (Hazel) steel molder Carroll Fdry, 406 N Lane 
Roehr Albert (Mary) carpenter Am Clay, 729 E Rensselaer 3185 
Roehr Arthur, painter, 714 N Sandusky 
Roehr August, Contr & Builder, 121 N Poplar 
Roehr August C (Delia) wks Zeigler Mill, rear 729 E Rensselaer 
Roehr Bernadine, at home, 714 N Sandusky 
Roehr Co The, Lumber & Planing Mill, S A Leuthold Secy-Treas-Mgr, 200 N 

Lane 5625 
Roehr Cora G, dressmaker, 714 N Sandusky 
Roehr Elizabeth, wid Chas, 434 S Sandusky 
Roehr Elizabeth B, wid Ed C, 426 S Sandusky 5238 
Roehr Frank, conductor T&OC, 729 E Rensselaer 3185 


Roehr Fred, painter, 729 E Rensselaer 3185 

Roehr Herman (Pauline) laborer, 213 E Perry 

Roehr Herman P (Eva M) 714 N Sandusky 

Roehr Norma, at home, 714 N Sandusky 

Roelle August (Minnie M) Music Store 139 Public Square 5766, res same 

Roelle Catherine, wid John, 674 E Mansfield 

Roelle Chas A, laborer, 535 Kaler 

Roelle Edwin J (Emma) telegrapher Penna Ry, 201 1-2 N Sandusky 

Roelle Frank A (Lela) Propr Reber Hotel, 129 W Warren 5672 

Roelle Gertrude M, bookkeeper T B Roelle, 303 N Sandusky 

Roelle Irene M, bookkpr Seylor, 535 Kaler 

Roelle Lucile M, wks Pressman Skirt, 535 Kaler 

Roelle Thos B, Grocery 301 N Sandusky 5634, res 303 N Sandusky 

Roelle Wm, painters apprentice T&OC, 859 S Spring 

Rogers Chas W (Alice L) horse trainer, 219 W Rensselaer 

Rogers Clarence S (Delia F) trav salesman, 427 S Sandusky 5226 

Rogers Frank D (Ettie M) molder, 815 S Spring 

Rogers Irvin W (Maude) laborer, 612 Earl 

Rogers Jaspar M (Isabelle) carpenter, 430 E Charles 5157 

Rogers Mary, wid Lute, 219 W Rensselaer 

Rogers Mary, widow, 804 (734) Lincoln 5895 

Rogers Nancy E Mrs, 712 Plymouth 5801 

Rogers Vernon D, mach apprentice Sommer Motor, 815 S Spring 

Rogers Wm B, 427 S Sandusky 5226 

Roley Arthur, student, 832 S Poplar 5644 

Roley Edward D (Anna) Contr & Builder, 832 S Poplar 5644 

Ronfeldt Louis (Jeannette) 129 Bland 

Roop Leota S, student, 625 S Spring 5245 

Roop O Ellsworth (Ida M) Street Sprinkling Contr, 625 S Spring 5245 

Rop Mary, wid L, 343 Water 

Rorick Henry, retired, 523 S Sandusky 5677 

Rorick Samuel, retired, 523 S Sandusky 5677 

Rorick Urban P (Flossie E) machinist, 508 E Rensselaer 3655 

Rose Hill Grocery, G H Snavely Propr, 621 S Sandusky 5721 

Roseis Antonio, laborer, 466 Prospect 

Rosino August G (Hannah M) mach T&OC, 521 E Warren 

Rosino Volney A (Rose A) Patternmaker Carroll Fdry, 517 E Warren 5370 

Ross Edward (Minnie) mach Carroll Fdry, 628 E Warren 

Ross Emma, widow, 600 S Sandusky 5200 

Ross Frank (Sadie A) engineer T&OC, 600 S Sandusky 5200 

Ross Harry J, mach Am Clay, 517 S Sandusky 5570 

Ross Ora I, sales Baumoel, 517 S Sandusky 5570 

Ross Otto C, carpenter, 517 S Sandusky 5570 

Ross Theresa A, wid Philip, 517 S Sandusky 5570 

Rossman Adam (Sophia) retired, 732 N Sandusky 

Rossman Chas, 732 N Sandusky 

Rossman John, wks Ryder Brass Fdry, 734 N Sandusky 

Roston Ethel, student, 343 W Warren 5349 

Rowalt Edward H (Elizabeth K) molder Carroll Fdry, 670 Maple 

Rowe Bros Co The, C R Rowe Secy, Dry Goods etc, 132 S Sandusky 5124 

Rowe C Richard (Pauline) Rowe Bros, 424 E Rensselaer 5069 

Highest Price Paid For Produce at all Times 


303 No. Sandusky Ave. Bucyrus, Ohio 


Rowe T G, Pres The Rowe Bros Co, res Cleveland O' 

Rowles Clyde B, machinist N Y Blower, 226 Woodlawn 

Rowles Elisabeth M„ wid Chas, 226 Woodlawn 

Rowles Harry W (Rose) engineer T&OC, 226 Woodlawn 

Rowley Chas W (Ida C) mach T&OC, 312 Wiley 3807 

Rowse Block, J W Wright Agent, 101-105 S Sandusky 

Royce Emma P, wid Frank, 223 N Walnut 

Royer Clarence L (Ida C) Mgr M Baumoel Store, 332 W Warren 5193 

Royer Joseph M, chauffeur Sponseller, 332 W Warren 5193 

Ruch Herman G, minor, 1009 Willard 

Ruff Harry (Mary) molder Am Clay, 1107 (2743) Dean 

Ruhl Carriage Works, Geo S Ruhl Propr, 430 E Mansfield 5492 

Ruhl E Blair, student, 426 E Charles 5250 

Ruhl Electric Co, Geo S & P M Ruhl, 430 E Mansfield 5492 

Ruhl Frank I (Anna) retired, 426 E Charles 5250 

Ruhl Frank M (Arlene) Propr Ruhl Electric Co, 426 E Mansfield 5492 

Ruhl Geo S (Nettie C) Propr Ruhl Carriage Works & Ruhl Electric Co, 426 

E Mansfield 5492 
Rule Harry H (Eva J) linotypist Forum, 439 Prospect 
Rule Nina, milliner Laura Oehm, 436 E Warren 
Rule Orvie (Cora) mach Carroll Fdry, 436 E Warren 
Rumer Andrew M (Susan J) retired, 617 E Rensselaer 5098 
Rupensberger Margaret, wid Henry, 317 E Warren 
Rupensberger Otto, tinner & Painter, 317 E Warren 
Ruse Orla A (Lena B) adv mgr & Auditor The Ohio Locomotive Crane Co, 334 

Rush J Frank (Louisa) blacksmith Shunk Plow, 447 W Warren 3663 
Rush Kemp J L, mach T&OC, 447 W Warren 3663 
Russom Albert (Eliza S) mach Sommer Motor, 219 Grace 5191 
Russom Douglas A, mach Sommer Motor, 219 Grace 5191 
Russom Raymond G, mach Sommer Motor, 219 Grace 5191 
Ruth Bessie M, at home, 834 S Walnut 5591 
Ruth Frank, mach Carroll Fdry, 217 N Sandusky 
Ruth Geo E (M Elizabeth) conductor T&OC, 834 S Walnut 5591 
Ruth Lena M, student, 834 S Walnut 5591 

Ruth Louis J (Elizabeth S) section foreman CS&C, 302 S Sandusky 
Ruthruff Dr Burt T (Blanche S) Dentist 119 1-2 N Sandusky 5176, res 432 

Woodlawn 5206 
Rutter Frank E (Clyda K) fore blacksmiths Am Clay, 617 S Spring 
Ryan Geo E (Bertha M) salesman Quaintance, 450 Gay 
Ryan Wm (M Elizabeth) engineer T&OC, 428 E Warren 
Ryder Brass Foundry Co The, Brass, Bronze & Aluminum Castings, P H Ryder 

Secy-Treas-Mgr, 130 E Irving 5274 
Ryder Parmly H (Elizabeth W) Secy-Treas The Ryder Brass Fdry Co, 120 

Giaus 5684 
Ryland B L & Son (C C) Coal, Sewer Pipe & Bldg Supplies 637 E Rensselaer 

Ryland Benton L (Hettie I) B L Ryland & Son, 403 Rogers 5154 
Ryland Clarence C, B L Ryland & Son, 403 Rogers 5154 
Ryland Harry L (Nina L) letter carrier, 801 Rogers 3676 


Sable John (Rozelia) wks Am Clay, 356 Water 

Sachs David, molder Carroll Fdry, 219 N Lane 

Sachs Gottlieb, Volk & Sachs, 133 N Walnut 

Sacks Wm, wks Roehr Co, 232 E Mansfield 

Saffell Emmett L (Winifred W) conductor T&OC, 649 East St S 3241 

Samelson D D, Mgr Pressman Skirt Co, rms Deal House 

Sand Michael K (Elizabeth M) grading & sodding, 850 Grove 


Sandhammer Joseph J (Mary J) wks Bucyrus Imp Co, 133 Franklin 
Santee Earl T (Harriet B) switchman T&OC, 823 S Sandusky 5842 
Sanzo Frank (Carmilla) Shoe Repair Shop 228 S Sandusky 
Sargel Edward A, postal clerk, 428 Lincoln 5088 

Sargel H Christ (Louise) blacksmith foreman T&OC, 428 Lincoln 5088 
Sargel Irene C, at home, 428 Lincoln 5088 
Sargel Roy A, machinist Carroll Fdry, 428 Lincoln 5088 
Sarles Wm R (Mary) bookkeeper, 241 E Rensselaer 
Sass Israel, wks Pressman Skirt, 547 N Sandusky 
Sauer Wm (Alida F) Stone Mason, 325 E Mansfield 5430 
Saul Elda A (Cora A) car repairer T&OC, 616 Woodlawn 
Saull C Wesley (Monica J) signal repairer Penna Short Line, 544 Earl 
Sauselen C Edward (Pearl M) car repairer T&OC, 426 Whetstone 
Savage B Frank (Ida E) Carpenter, 817 E Mansfield 
Savage John, 813 Woodlawn 

SaVage John (Alice) mach Sommer Motor, 274 Whetstone 
Savage Joseph E (Clara) foreman pipe fitters T&OC, 921 Woodlawn 
Savage Sarah F, wid Chas, 813 Woodlawn 
Sawyer Boyd F, gardener, 406 (342) W Rensselaer 5207 
Sawyer Cleo C, student, 406 (342) W Rensselaer 5207 
Sawyer Harold R, Mgr Carpet Cleaning Works, 204 N Highland 5163 
Sawyer Wilmer A (Clara D) farmer, 406 (342) W Rensselaer 5207 
Sayler Ada L, dressmaker, 341 (552) W Center 
Sayler Chas W, bartender Everett, 341 (552) W Center 
Sayler John M (Louisa) wks Oakwood Cemetery, 341 (552) W Center 
Scaland Mary, wid W, 921 E Warren 3282 
Schaad Martin F (Anna M") Machinist T&OC, 464 S Poplar 
Schaber Block, Chas Schaber owner, 124-126 N Sandusky 
Schaber Chas F (Ida B) Attorney 7 Quimby Blk, res 316 W Warren 5006 
Schack Mary A, wid A J, 409 S Walnut 5277 
Schaefer John W (Viola) car inspector T&OC, 125 N Clay 
Schaenzlin Frederick C (Mary D) retired, 925 Grove 
Schafer Pauline, wid Philip, 314 N Sandusky 
Schaff John (Alice) electrician Am Clay, 207 W Lucas 
Schanzlin Rozina, wid W F, 130 1-2 N Sandusky 

Scharfenstein Hubert (Katherine) brewmaster Buc Brewing Co, 570 N Rail- 
Schaub Caroline, wid Jacob, 158 Plymouth 
Schearer Nina P, Insurance Agt, 700 (800) Prospect 5248 
Schearer Solomon E (L Harriet) conductor T&OC, 700 (800) Prospect 5248 
Scheff Nicholas (Olive A) mach Am Clay, 823 S Spring 
Scheffler Gottlieb, retired, 118 W Mary 

Scheffler Wm ( ) engineer T&OC, 619 E Rensselaer 

Scheib Chas G (D Elizabeth) machinist Am Clay, 425 W Charles 
Scheib Christ (Christina K) wks Am Clay, 461 W Charles 3761 
Scheib Minnie, at home, 461 W Charles 3761 
Scheib Wilbur C, student, 425 W Charles 
Scheidegger Matilda L, wid J, Cigar Factory No 338 115 1-2 Public Square, 

res 111 N Lane 
Schell Frank, painter, 1415 N Sandusky 
Schell John (Rebecca) retired, 133 E Irving 3620 
Schell Samuel J (Desda A) postal clerk, 831 S Sandusky 5838 
Schell Treva C, bookkpr Nussbaum & Sons, 322 E Rensselaer 
Schemel Albert C, mach Carroll Fdry, 218 Ethel 3767 
Schemel Christ (Barbara) mach helper T&OC, 211 Whetstone 3580 
Schemel Elizabeth, at home, 218 Ethel 3767 
Schemel J Geo, mach appr T&OC, 211 Whetstone 3580 
Schemel Karl W, mach appr T&OC, 211 Whetstone 3580 
Schemel Margaret G, at home, 211 Whetstone 3580 
Schemel Mary E, milliner Mrs J J Smith, 211 Whetstone 3580 
Schemel Michael (Clara G) conductor T&OC, 906 E Warren 5329 


Schemel Philip (Magdalena M) brewer Bucyrus Brewing Co, 218 Ethel 3767 

Schieber Alma G, bookkeeper, 436 W Charles 

Schieber Bros (John Jr & D S) The Up-To-Date Grocers, 120 W Mansfield 5125 

Schieber Clara E, teacher, 406 E Rensselaer 5108 

Schieber David S (Mary J) Schieber Bros, 731 N Sandusky 5107 

Schieber Emanuel (Louisa M) Secy Crawford Co Farmers Mut Ins Co, 329 S 

Walnut 5770 
Schieber Harry E, stenographer T&OC, 329 S Walnut 5770 
Schieber Jay H (Mattie M) carpenter & Saw Mill, 730 Tiffin 3786 
Schieber John Jr (Elizabeth J) Schieber Bros, 406 E Rensselaer 5108 
Schieber Millard E, bookkpr 2nd Natl Bank, 329 S Walnut 5770 
Schieber Samuel A (Mary C) Carpenter & Builder, 613 East St S 5775 
Schiefer Geo W, 325 E Lucas 5705 
Schillinger Andrew (Ida A) farmer, 575 Sears 3278 

Schillinger John (Briggie T) Florist, 133 W Perry 5383, Greenhouses in rear 
Schillinger J Geo, retired, 133 W Perry 5383 
Schiman John (Anna) laborer, 744 W Mary 3584 
Schindler Elizabeth, at home, 213 1-2 N Sandusky 
Schindler Pauline, domestic, 221 S Poplar 5668 
Schindler Thos, mach Buc Steel Cast Co, 213 1-2 N Sandusky 
Schindler Wm, molder Buc Steel Casting Co, 213 1-2 N Sandusky 
Schirk Margaret, housekeeper, 224 E Mary 5147 
Schischke Albert L, mach Carroll Fdry, 816 S Poplar 5510 
Schischke Clara A, tailoress Wirth, 816 S Poplar 5510 
Schischke Frank W, mach T&OC, 816 S Poplar 5510 
Schischke John W (Mary S) retired, 816 S Poplar 5510 
Schloegel Frederick (Chestie G) stone cutter, 415 Myers 5755 
Schnabel Albert, mach T&OC, 829 S Spring 3102 
Schnabel Anna, tailoress, 829 S Spring 3102 
Schnabel Carl W (Anna M) plumber T&OC, 909 Rogers 
Schnabel Fred (Ella) electrician Penna Ry, 822 S Spring 
Schnabel Gottfried (Kate) wks Am Clay, 829 S Spring 3102 
Schnabel Wm, painter T&OC, 829 S Spring 3102 
Schoepf Chas, 454 S Poplar 

Schoolfield Dr E Raymond (Violet) Physician 223 E Rensselaer 5627 
Schott Allen, molder, 147 Plymouth 
Schott Amelia B, wid Harry, 420 Park 3251 
Schott Anna M, stenog T&OC, 498 Kaler 5262 
Schott Anthony (Mary C) retired, 627 N Sandusky 
Schott Anthony J (Frances M) carpenter, 509 Kaler 
Schott Antoinette V, stenog T&OC, 498 Kaler 5262 
Schott Arthur J (Mary J) mach Carroll Fdry, 651 Maple 
Schott Chas J, mach Carroll Fdry, 498 Kaler 5262 
Schott Clara, seamstress, 420 Park 3251 
Schott Clara M, at home, 505 Kaler 5256 
Schott Cora S, stenog Am Clay, 420 Park 3251 
Schott. Delia, sales Baumoel, 627 N Sandusky 

Schott Frank (Elizabeth) Jeweler, Optician & watch repairer, 147 Plymouth 
Schott Herman R (Anna M) fdry foreman Am Clay, 420 Park 3251 
Schott Jennie, at home, 498 Kaler 5262 

Schott John (Caroline J) Faulkner & Schott, 505 Kaler 5256 
Schott John (Mary) mach Carroll Fdry, 498 Kaler 5262 
Schott Joseph A (Nora E) Life Insurance, 623 N Sandusky 
Schott. Lawrence E, mach Carroll Fdry, 498 Kaler 5262 
Schott Louis J, mach Am Clay, 509 Kaler 
Schott Margaret L, bookkpr Startzman, 498 Kaler 5262 
Schott Otto (Maude) wks Am Clay, 450 Kaler 
Schramm Gottfried (Mary) 685 Maple 

Schuchert Paul (Eva J) coremaker N Y Blower, 730 East St S 
Schiller Anna M, Dressmaking Parlors 2 1st Natl Bank Bid?, res 60:! S Walnut 



Schuler Arthur T (Macie) molder, 215 W Galen 

Schuler Bessie, dressmaker, 215 W Galen 

Schuler Cordelia Mrs, bookkpr Kroegel & Parsell, 712 Plymouth 5801 

Schuler Ernest E, molder Carroll Fdry, 215 W Galen 

Schuler Frank, mason tender, 322 N Sandusky 

Schuler Jacob F (Barbara) shoemaker Walters, 603 S Walnut 5380 

Schuler Katherine C, Dressmaker, 603 S Walnut 5380 

Schuler May, dressmaker, 322 N Sandusky 

Schuler Otto A, boilermaker T&OC, 215 W Galen 

Schuler Ruth, saleslady Pittsburg Store, 215 W Galen 

Schuler Wm J (Rose) mach T&OC, 116 N Spring 

Schultz Byron (Ella) carpenter, 723 S Poplar 

Schultze Alma, bookkeeper Shunk Plow, 196 Plymouth 5182 

Schultze Emma, dressmaker, 196 Plymouth 5182 

Schultze Frank, wks Roehr Co, 196 Plymouth 5182 

Schultze Hugo (Henrietta) wks Roehr Co, 196 Plymouth 5182 

Schulz Wm (Emma) machinist Carroll Fdry, 715 Earl 3358 

Schulze Edward C (Altona) machinist, 506 E Warren 

Schulze Henry F (M Anna) mach Carroll Fdry, 925 Tiffin 

Schurr Chas R (Naomi) City Fireman, 420 S Spring 5156 

Schurr Mary A, wid Geo, 111 N Dane / 

Schutt Daisy M, wid Jay H, 431 Prospect 

Schwarts Dora, domestic, 302 E Warren 5368 

Schwartzkopf Chas, farmer, 1607 N Sandusky 

Schwartzkopf Frank F (Elizabeth) Carle & Schwartzkopf, 317 N Walnut 

Schwartzkopf Mary, wid J, 1607 N Sandusky 

Schwartzkopf Wm (Aileen) mach Carroll Fdry, 1231 N Sandusky 3169 

Schwenck Matilda E, wid Jacob, 918 S Walnut 

Schwenck Wm J (Ruth F) Prosecuting Attorney 4 Quimby Btdg 5128, res 214 W 

Scott Elmer P (Laura A) rural postman, 828 S Poplar 3225 
Scott John A (Alice) Piano Tuner, 336 S Sandusky 
Scott Nathan T (Etta) car repairer T&OC; 207 John 
Scott Sam, saddler E R Birk, 145 1-2 Public Square 
Scott Sanford G (Anna M) clerk T&OC, 509 E Charles 
Scott Zella, at home, 207 John 

Scroggs Chas J (Mary Z) Attorney Scroggs & Monnett, 202 S Walnut 5048 
Scroggs & Monnett (C J & W L) Attorneys, 1-2 Opera Blk 5305 
Sears Alice M, at home, 125 (704) Sears 5541 
Sears Benj, farmer, 310 W Mansfield 
Sears Benj (Melissa A) retired, 125 (704) Sears 5541 
Sears D Lindley, student, 544 East St S 5217 
Sears Francis (Elizabeth) farmer, 310 W Mansfield 
Sears Hiram B (Martha P) farmer, 719 W Mansfield 5578 
Sears Jas M (Anna M) Propr City Cigar Store, 453 S Walnut 
Sears & Leuthold (R V & Godfrey) Attorneys 1 City Bank Bldg 
Sears Melissa, at home, 310 W Mansfield 
Sears Paul B, student, 544 East St S 5217 

Sears Rufus V (Sallie J) Attorney Sears & Leuthold, res 544 East St S 5217 
Sears Sarah, teacher, 310 W Mansfield 

Second National Bank, A G Stoltz Cashier, 109 S Sandusky 5665 
Second National Bank Building, 107-109 S Sandusky 
Secrist Geo T, student, 408 N Railroad 5790 

Secrist John L (Emma P) Mgr The W U Tel Co, 408 N Railroad 5790 
Seeger Bros (John & Philip) Horse-Shoeing & General Repairs, 425 S Walnut 
Seeger John A (Laura A) Seeger Bros, 605 S Spring 
Seeger Louisa, wid Philip J, 433 S Walnut 5643 
Seeger Philip J (Ida A) Seeger Bros, 122 W Oakwood 5699 
Seeger Wm E (Elizabeth B) Barber Shop 105 E Mansfield 4114, res 401 Kaler 

Seele Jas C (Frances A) blacksmith T&OC, 306 W Mansfield 


Seelos Victor (Leona) Mgr Singer Sewing Mach Co, 218 S Poplar 

Seibert Florian, laborer, 104 W Irving 

Seibert Wm (Emma) carpenter, 104 W Irving 

Seiser Charlotte A, wid W W, 513 W Mary 3885 

Seiser Frank E (Lesta) switchman T&OC, 427 (421) E Warren 

Seiser Marian M, sales Rowe Bros, 513 W Mary 3885 

Seiser Mildred I, asst to School Supt, 427 (421) E Warren 

Seiser Ruth A, sales Rowe Bros, 513 W Mary 3885 

Seits Elmer E (Myra M) foreman Shunk Plow, 112 Wiley 5102 

Seits John P, yd clerk Penna Ry, 112 Wiley 5102 

Sell Alice L, wid Daniel, 1125 Tiffin 3350 

Sell Arthur W, 306 Whetstone 

Sell Chas E, mach appr T&OC, 306 Whetstone 

Sell Floyd, chauffeur H Robinson, 116 E Perry 

Sell Frank O (Florence B) mach Am Clay, 816 S Walnut 3420 

Sell Geo D, student, 306 Whetstone 

Sell Horace C (Mary E) mach Am Clay, 116 E Perry 

Sell Orra E (Jessie M) molder Carroll Fdry, 330 W Center 

Sell Wm O (Louisa M) machinist T&OC, 306 Whetstone 

Sens Block, Fred Sens Owner, 124-126 S Sandusky 

Sens Fred (Cornelia) sales Great Western, 316 N Walnut 

Sens Geo (Grace) Plumber basement Sens Block, res 320 N Walnut 5393 

Sens Lona, at home, 316 N Walnut 

Series Mark (Anna) section hand Penna Ry, 276 Whetstone 

Servitch Frank, laborer, 466 Prospect 

Sevits Albert J (Bessie A) craneman, 1211 Reid 

Sexauer Sue, teacher, 603 Rogers 

Seyler C Edward, lineman Penna Ry, 549 E Oakwood 5028 

Seyler Wm H (Idella I) car repairer T&OC, 549 E Oakwood 5028 

Shafer Lemuel, wks T&OC, 338 Sheckler 

Shaffer Jas F (Esther M) ticket agt Penna Ry, 124 E Perry 

Shaffner Samuel (Truda M) mach helper T&OC, 552 E Oakwood 

Shaffstall Earl (Grace M) mach helper T&OC, 1039 Prospect 

Shaley Herman J (Esther M) car repairer T&OC, 302 Hill 

Shallenmiller Andrew S, porter Petersilge, 122 W Warren 5915 

Shaner Joseph B (Ida) Agt Penna Ry Freight Depot, 306 W Warren 5545 

Shank Elgie, housemaid, 316 W Warren 5006 

Shanks Chas E (Maude M) baggageman T&OC, 205 Jump 3217 

Sharer Claude B (Luticia) sales mgr Am Clay, 717 Rogers 5564 

Sharp Alfred J (Ursula B) letter carrier, 436 Gay 

Sharp Andrew V (Maude E) Patrolman, 473 S Walnut 

Sharp Leo (Orpha) salesman Tracht & Lutz, 432 E Warren 

Sharp Lloyd W, 232 E Mansfield 

Sharrock Bruce E (Delia E) blacksmith T&OC; 512 Prospect 

Sharrock J Wayland (Bess E M) drayman Picking Hdw Co, 850 S Sandusky 

5810 ' — 

Sharrock Maude E, demonstr Crescent Mfg Co, 630 East St S 3140 
Sharrock Meriam T, sales Birk, 630 East St S 3140 
Sharrock Oscar K (Cynthia A) Cement Contractor, 630 East St S 3140 
Sharrock Ralph B, student, 630 East St S 3140 
Sharrock Samuel, boilermaker T&OC, 135 Fisher 

Sharrock Walter S, steam roller engineer L R McMichael, rms Tobias Block 
Shaw Chas, wks W A Baldosser, 507 S Sandusky 5583 
Shaw Furniture & Carpet Co The, W S Allender Secy-Mgr, 315 S Sandusky 

Shaw Geo W, farm laborer, 1109 Monnett 
Shaw Henry, 1109 Monnett 
Shaw Lula, at home, 1109 Monnett 
Shaw Sarah A, wid Wm, 601 S Poplar 
Shaw Tula, domestic, 1109 Monnett 
Shaw Victor (Sarah J) laborer, 1109 Monnett 




Home of The Nyals Remedies. We Guarantee Them, 

We are Sole Agents for the Libbey Cut Glass. 
Look For The Stamp. 

Largest line of Wall Paper in the City. 
Cut-out Borders a Specialty. 


Player Pianos 


Victrolas and 

Victor Records 


White Beauty" 

The New Hoosier 
Exclusive Agents for The 
New Hoosier Kitchen Cabinet 

The Largest Furniture 

House in North 

Central Ohio 

Furniture of 

The Leading Funeral 

Directors and 

Licensed Embalmers 

315-17 So. Sandusky Ave. 

PHONE 5512 




Carriage, Wagon and Automobile 

Woodworking, Blacksmithing 

Trimming and Painting 

Oxygen Acetylene Soft Welding Plant 

Horse Shoeing and Repairing 



Shealy Blanche, student, 440 S Sandusky 3536 

Shealy Daniel (Sophia) tinner Picking Hdw Co, 519 Rogers 

Shealy David (Elizabeth) retired, 234 E Mary 

Shealy Edward, auto repairs, 440 S Sandusky 3536 

Shealy Elizabeth H, wid W, 240 W Mansfield 5433 

Shealy John E (Jennie E) Shealy & McPeak, 221 E Charles 

Shealy & McPeak (J E & J E) Billiards & Bowling, 234 S Sandusky 

Shealy Ophelia, wid Fred, 440 S Sandusky 3536 

Shealy Sula, sales Bee Hive, 519 Rogers 

Shearer Benj, V P The Bucyrus Tel Co, 613 Rogers 5420 

Shearer Vesta E, wid Isaac, 613 Rogers 5420 

Sheckler Boyd, machinist, 713 E Warren 

Sheckler Charlotte, wid D J, 713 E Warren 

Sheckler Daniel C (Bertha T) salesman Wm Picking, 414 E Charles 

Sheckler Emily, teacher, 425 E Lucas 

Sheckler Fred (Lillian) mach Am Clay, Mgr The Comrade Kennels, 703 E 

Warren 5196 
Sheckler Jack D (Ida B) horse dealer, 325 S Poplar 5440 
Sheckler Jesse (Vivian) mach Carroll Fdry, 702 E Warren 
Sheckler M Marvel, stenog N Y Blower, 240 W Mansfield 5433 
Sheckler Millie, at home, 713 E Warren 

Sheckler Walter C (Kate) wks Shunk Plow, 314 S Spring 5579 
Sheckler Wm H, Pension Attorney 129 1-2 N Sandusky, res 524 S Walnut 3165 
Sheff John, watchman Penna Ry, 744 W Mary 3584 
Sheffer Inez F, at home, 432 Park 

Sheff er Sylvester S (Ella M) Job Printing 111 E Warren 5713, res 432 Park 
Shell Howard, machinist Sommer Motor, 222 Woodlawn 5496 
Shemer Earl A (Rhea I) telegrapher Penna Ry, 217 (277) W Lucas 
Shepard Chas E (Anna C) laborer, 424 Charlotte 
Shepherd Nellie, -wid G W, 432 Woodlawn 5206 

Sherer Addison M (Edith M) salesman Quaintance, 225 E Rensselaer 
Sherer David, laborer, 400 S Sandusky 5704 
Sherer Geo, ship clerk Am Clay, rms 10 YMCA 
Sherer Nancy, wid Adam, 303 W Mansfield 
Sherer Paul, bellboy Elberson Hotel, 400 S Sandusky 5704 
Sherer Ruth M;, bookkpr Shaw Furniture Co, 831 Rogers 3320 
Sherer Sarah E, wid Jacob, 831 Rogers 3320 

Sherman Newton (Josephine) tinner Wm Picking, 331 W Center 
Sherman Sarah, wid E, 240 E Mansfield 

Sherwood Alice, bookkpr Myers Harness, 404 W Rensselaer 5883 
Shidler Melinda, at home, 620 Plants Way 
Shieber Matilda, domestic, 314 E Rensselaer 
Sniffer Adam, wks Carroll Fdry, 820 Plymouth 
Shifter Arthur, machinist Carroll Fdry, 230 E Irving 
Shiffer Caroline, wid Adam, 820 Plymouth 

Shiffer Edward L (Bessie) machinist Carroll Fdry, 202 Blicke 
Shiffer Henry (Cuni) laborer, 694 Maple 
Shiffer Henry, mason helper, 820 Plymouth 
Shiffer Kate, wid Louis, 695 Maple 

Shiffer Louis J (Geneva M) mach Carroll Fdry, 695 Maple 
Shiffer Otto (Mary C) molder Carroll Fdry, 660 Maple 
Shiftier Wm (Iva L) engineer T&OC, 619 Rensselaer 
Shifley Gladys M, stenog Sommer Motor, 242 Woodlawn 5566 
Shire Emma, wid Joseph, 613 Woodlawn 
Shock Louisa, wid John, 210 N Walnut 
Shoemaker Owen J, carpenter, 436 W Charles 
Shoemaker Ross G (Cora M) mach Sommer Motor, 214 Ethel 
Shonert C H & T C, Piano Dealers, 415 N Sandusky 5031 
Shonert Christian H, Piano Dealer, 405 N Sandusky 5031 
Shonert Clara M, at home, 405 N Sandusky 5031 


Shonert Thos C, Piano Dealer, 405 N Sandusky 5031 

Shook Dr Robert L, Osteopathic Physician, Office & res 4 2nd Natl Bank Bldg 

Short Regina, at home, 717 Rogers 

Shorts Sheridan (Helen) molder Carroll Fdry, 503 N Lane 
Shorts Wm L (Violet B) electrician Carroll Fdry, 706 East St S 
Shoup John A (Helen L) brakeman T&OC, 210 N Walnut 
Shrader Wm M (Ella C) Poultryman & Gardener, 105 John 
Shriver Chas F (Effa M) 700 E Warren 
Shriver Samuel, retired, 303 W Mansfield 
Shriver Sue J, at home, 305 Plymouth 
Shroll Elizabeth, wid Samuel, 427 S Spring 
Shroll Martha, at home, 427 S Spring 
Shuler Emma, at home, 303 W Mansfield 
Shultz Arnern T (Cora) molder Carroll Fdry, 319 James 
Shultz Guy S (K Mae) Hauer & Shultz, 711 S Walnut 
Shumaker Harry A (Ida M) car repairer T&OC, 611 E Mansfield 5493 
Shunk Chester, machinist, 319 Water 3291 
Shunk Cleo C, at home, 317 S Spring 5390 

Shunk Frank R (Violet) woodworker Shunk Plow, 450 N Lane 5776 
Shunk Geo W, mach T&OC, 319 Water 3291 
Shunk Jennie E, wid Isaac, 319 Water 3291 

Shunk John Q (Elizabeth A) Propr Shunk Plow Works, 317 S Spring 5390 
Shunk Mabel M, at home, 450 N Lane 5776 

Shunk Nelson F (Margaret) Shunk Plow Co, 319 E Mansfield 5436 
Shunk Plow Co, N F Shunk Propr, J Q Shunk Mgr, .220 N Railroad 5724 
Shunk Samuel T, 450 N Lane 5776 
Shupp Amanda, wid A B, 118 W Galen 5799 
Shupp Cleone L, sales Rowe Bros, 118 W Galen 5799 
Shupp Cloyd D (Elsie M) brakeman T&OC, 709 Reid 
Shupp Lawrence J (Sarah C) molder Am Clay, 1019 E Warren 
Shupp Walter L, salesman Smith, 118 W Galen 5799 
Sickmiller Geo L, wks T&OC, 828 S Poplar 3225 
Sidner Martin, retired, 463 S Walnut 5024 
Simon Victor, mach Sommer Motor, 619 W Mary 5273 
Simonton John C, Piano Teacher, 119 W Mary 
Sims Sarah, wid E, 203 S Poplar 

Singer Sewing Machine Co, Victor Seelos Mgr, 147 Public Square 5733 
Skelley Stella, 321 South Railroad 5296 
Skelton Clyde, 354 N Lane 3491 

Skelton Edward, tinner F A Walther, 354 N Lane 3491 
Skelton Jeannette, at home, 354 N Lane 3491 
Slagle Alice, stenog Am Clay, 413 Prospect 5178 
Slagle Chas L (Ida E) inspector T&OC Rd House, 413 Prospect 5178 
Slagle Gladys, at home, 413 Prospect 5178 
Slagle Stella, at home, 413 Prospect 5178 
Smalley Fred W (Alice L) 321 Water 

Smalley G Wesley (Ella) driver Bucyrus Lumber Co, 717 Reid 
Smith Addison G (Clara J) Smith & Heiby, res 538 East St S 5785 
Smith Amanda Mrs, 447 Park 3453 
Smith Anna M, at home, 323 E Rensselaer 5606 
Smith Arthur E (Margaret E) wks Shunk Plow, 1132 Monnett 
Smith ("has B (Bessie) molder, 603 E Mansfield 
Smith Cordelia, wid Nelson, 577 East St S 
Smith Rev C W, Pastor First Methodist, 400 E Warren 5165 
Smith Cornelius W (Mary C) Building Contractor, 444 W Charles 
Smith Dudley, student, 400 E Warren 5165 
Smith Earl, 442 E Lucas 5215 
Smith Earl W, draftsman T&OC, 321 W Center 
Smith Edward, wks Carroll Fdry, 208 W Mary 
Smith Edward N, teamster, 918 Willard 3216 


Smith Eliza D Mrs, cook Lincoln Way Restaurant, 128 S Spring 

Smith Elliott A (Eleanor S) painter T&OC, 242 Woodlawn 5566 

Smith & Fitzer (J M & C W) Bucyrus Hay & Grain Co, 641 E Rensselaer 5,123 

Smith Frances, student, 400 E Warren 5165 

Smith Fred, mach Am Clay, 211 1-2 N Sandusky 

Smith Fred T (Margaret F) salesman Walther Co, 629 East St S 3341 

Smith Geo A (Pearl E) car repairer, 620 W Mary 

Smith Geo C, mach Carroll Fdry, 231 N Sandusky 

Smith Geo H (Helena E) div eng T&OC, 117 W^iley 5228 

Smith Geraldine M, at home, 323 E Rensselaer 5606 

Smith G Lawrence (Emma J) meat cutter, 447 Park 3453 

Smith Guy E (Emma 1) Depy Sheriff, 125 N Walnut 5731 

Smith Hazel M, saleslady Home Store, 629 East St S 3341 

Smith & Heiby (A G & C F) Music Store, Real Est & Insurance, 209 N 

Sandusky 5424 
Smith Homer E, machinist Am Clay, 321 W Center 
Smith Homer H (Amy L) engineer T&OC, 620 Woodlawn 
Smith Dr Howard H (Ida M) Physician, 341 S Sandusky 5516 
Smith James, Smith & Fitzer, 248 E Mansfield 5735 
Smith James H (Emma L) wks Am Clay, 321 W Center 
Smith Jennie, at home, 714 S Spring 

Smith Mrs J J, Millinery Store 233 N Sandusky, res 323 E Rensselaer 5606 
Smith John, Cigar Factory No 45, 333 Water, res 368 N Lane 
Smith John J (M Minerva) Painter, 323 E Rensselaer 5606 
Smith John R (Mary E) Building Contractor, 903 (857) S Walnut 
Smith Joseph L (Amy L) Sewer Contr, 503 W Rensselaer 5434 
Smith June, at home, 717 Rogers 5564 

Smith Jefferson I (Anna) Depy Co Treasurer, 615 S Sandusky 5195 
Smith Lank M (Bessie) Pres-Mgr The Buc Publishing Co, 716 S Sandusky 5068 
Smith Leo E, compositor Hopley Prtg Co, 840 S Walnut 
Smith Lloyd N (Clara) flagman T&OC, 516 S Poplar 
Smith Marie E, at home, 447 Park 3453 

Smith & Marshman (O G & B M) Barber Shop, 122 Public Square 5439 
Smith Martha, student, 400 E Warren 5165 
Smith Martin (Anna M) teamster, 368 N Lane 
Smith Mary E Mrs, 840 S Walnut 
Smith Oliver A, wks T&OC, 469 Prospect 
Smith Ora J, 321 W Center 

Smith Oren G (Maryetta) Smith & Marshman, 212 S Lane 5074 
Smith Otto R, machinist Am Clay, 321 W Center 
Smith Ralph W, mach Sommer Motor Co, 231 N Sandusky 
Smith Rollo C (Minnie A) boilermaker T&OC, 807 Lincoln 
Smith Russell, student, 615 S Sandusky 5195 
Smith Sophia L Mrs, 231 N Sandusky 
Smith Stephen A D (C Mamie) laborer, 213 N Walnut 
Smith Thos C (Sarah A) retired, 312 E Mansfield 
Smith Wm, coremaker, Am Clay, 610 S Walnut 
Smith Wm A (Ida A) Shoe Store 103 N Sandusky 5464, res 337 W Mansfield 


Smith Wm H (Jennie) machinist Am Clay, 448 W Charles 

Smith Wm H (Lucy) engineer T&OC, 442 E Lucas 5215 

Snavely Albert L (Mettie A) wks Carroll Fdry, 862 S Sandusky 3701 

Snavely Edgar M, plumber, 862 S Sandusky 3701 

Snavely Geo H (Sophia M) Rose Hill Grocery, res 204 W Mary 5683 

Snavely Geo L (Myrtle B) mach Carroll Fdry, 1020 Tiffin 

Snavely Wm (Harriet M) car repairer T&OC, 900 Willard 

Snider Geo E, carpenter T&OC, 469 S Walnut 

Snider John A (Alberta) painter N T Blower, 521 E Mansfield 

Snider L Everett (Dorda) wks Carroll Fdry, 628 Elm 

Snider Viola J, wid A J, 406 Prospect 

Snyder Albert E (M Ella) foreman Am Clay, 743 E Rensselaer 


Snyder Anna, seamstress, 416 N Walnut 

Snyder E Harry (Julia C) wks Ohio Loco Crane, 708 N Sandusky — 

Snyder Floyd A, salesman Nussbaum, 845 S Spring 

Snyder Geo, farmer, 416 N Walnut 

Snyder H Clay (Clara B) teacher, 501 S Sandusky 

Snyder John E (A Kate) carpenter, 845 S Spring 

Snyder Magdalena, wid Geo, 416 N Walnut 

Snyder Marian A, sales Woolworth, 845 S Spring 

Snyder Mildred, student, 501 S Sandusky 

Sobley Chas (Matilda J) laborer, 115 Auto Av 

Solze James F (Elizabeth R) chauffeur Zeigler Mill, 228 W Galen 

Sommer L Allen (Zoe) Pres Sommer Motor Co, Genl Supt Allen Motor Co, 

459 S Poplar 5055 
Sommer Motor Co The, L A Sommer Pres-Mgr, 135 Auto Av 5472 
Sonday Jefferson (S Louisa) sta eng Buc Brewing Co, 371 W Mansfield 
Songer Delwin, bartender, 210 W Mansfield 
Songer Edward J (Cora M) Mayor, 720 E Warren 5257 

Songer Wm H, Restaurant & Cafe 152 Public Square 5746, rms 210 W Mansfield 
Spade Daniel E, clerk Reber Hotel, 207 S Poplar 
Spade Ernest D (Mary A) Contractor & Builder, 208 Hill 
Spaid John, barber, 228 N Lane 

Spanish-American War Vet Hall, 129 1-2 N Sandusky 
Spangler Enoch M (Emma) plumber T&OC, 711 Faustina 
Spangler Roy (Erna) wks Am Clay, 447 S Poplar 
Spath Anton, mach helper T&OC, 711 Woodlawn 
Spath Lucas (Mary) mach Am Clay, 711 Woodlawn 
Speasmaker Melissa, wid P, 413 E Mansfield 5298 
Spicer B Frank (Clara) Mgr Logan Gas Co, 820 W Perry 5421 
Spiece Loren E (Bertha E) district salesman Royal Typewriter Co, 835 S 

Spiegel Christina, wid Christian, 905 Tiffin 

Spiegel Fred W (Edna D) baggage elk Penna Short Line, 222 W Charles 
Spiegel Lawrence J (Lentie A) packer Zeigler Mill, 835 Tiffin 3450 
Spiegel Wm, carpenter, 423 E Warren 
Sponseller Anna L, at home, 705 N Sandusky 5831 
Sponseller Arthur D, student, 705 N Sandusky 5831 
Sponseller Chas P, wks Roehr Co, 705 N Sandusky 5831 
Sponseller Conrad A (Mary A) boiler wkr T&OC, 705 N Sandusky 5381 
Sponseller Diana M, at home, 229 W Mansfield 5377 
Sponseller Jessie L, at home, 705 N Sandusky 5831 
Sponseller Guy P, tinner F A Walther, 705 N Sandusky 5831 
Sponseller Leary P, at home, 705 N Sandusky 5831 
Sponseller L R (Virginia) Taxi & Country Livery, 113 E Charles 5374, res 408 

S Poplar 
Spore Carrie, saleslady Woolworth, 501 S Sandusky 
Spreng Ada L, at home, 193 Plymouth 5365 
Spreng E Paul, farmer, 193 Plymouth 5365 

Spreng Rev Otto, Pastor Bucyrus Evangelical Circuit, 193 Plymouth 5365 
Spreng Ruth M, at home, 193 Plymouth 5365 
Spriggs Clement L (Kate) 109 Fisher 
Spriggs Donald M, brakeman T&OC, 109 Fisher 
Spriggs M Elba, at home, 109 Fisher 
Springer Lionel A (Addie A) chief eng Elec Lt & Power Co, 1600 N Sandusky 

Sproull Edward L (Laura A) blacksmith Am Clay, 431 Park 
Sprow Edith F, student, 814 S Spring 3349 
Sprow Frank F (Elizabeth) Sprow & Oberlander, 442 Park 
Sprow Geo W (Cynthia E) watchman N Y Blower, 814 S Spring 3349 
Sprow Gurney E (Ella I) carpenter, 721 E Mansfield 

Sprow Irvin R, sub letter carrier, mach Sommer Motor, 814 S Spring 3349 
Sprow John W, deliveryman Sprow & Oberlander, 442 Park 


Sprow & Oberlander (Frank & E H) Grocery, 703 S Sandusky 5211 

Squires Elmer F (Bessie) wks Carroll Fdry, 1107 Monnett 3116 

Stahl Christ, mach Am Clay, 537 Kaler 

Stahl Florence T, wks Galion O, 537 Kaler 

Stahl Geo L (Mary M) mach Am Clay, 537 Kaler 

Stahl J Fred, Keel & Stahl, 309 Jump 

Stahl J Julius (Christina) wks Bucyrus Brewing Co, 419 N Lane 

Stahl Marguerite M, wks Galion O, 537 Kaler 

Stahl Mary C, wid John, 309 Jump 

Staiger Aaron C, mach helper T&OC, 721 Woodlawn 

Staiger Emanuel G (Anna C) wks Bucyrus Lumber Co, 721 Woodlawn 

Staiger Marcus D, upholsterer T&OC, 721 Woodlawn 

Stair Jacob, wks Witter & Willie, 421 Kaler 

Staley Grace P, at home, 917 S Walnut 5715 

Staley John, Transfer & Draying, 401 N Walnut 5565 

Staley Lorenzo W (Edna G) carpenter Bucyrus Lumber Co, 1127 S Walnut 

Staley May, wid I, 917 S Walnut 5715 

Staley Wm (Gail) drayman, 610 E Mansfield 5437 

Standard Oil Co The, F E Foreman Mgr, 660 E Warren 

Star Bakery, Christ Miller Propr, 119 S Sandusky 

Star Clothing Co, W D Casto Mgr, 201 S Sandusky 

Stark Jacob (Rachel) stone mason, 834 S Spring 

Starner Joseph L (Alice E) retired, 1043 Faustina 3334 

Starner S Gordon, wks Brick Yard, 701 Lincoln 5419 

Starner Wm F (Susan E) wks Shunk Plow, 701 Lincoln 5419 • 

Startsman & Feiring (H E & G H) Laundry 220 E Perry, Office 113 E Mans- 
field 5423 

Startsman Harry E (Anna C) Startsman & Feiring, 215 E Mansfield 5002 

Startsman Marian, minor, 423 E Rensselaer 5099 

Stauffer Edward (Flora) wks Carroll Fdry, 630 Maple 3621 

Stauffer Frank, engineer N Y Blower, N Sandusky 

Stauffer Fred F (Tude) fireman T&OC, 424 E Warren 

Stauffer J Edward, eng T&OC, 630 Maple 3621 

Stauffer James M (Hattie I) blacksmith, 123 W Galen 

Stauffer Jas V (Mary E) lineman Penna Ry, 545 E Oakwood 5309 

Stauffer M Elizabeth, teacher, 659 E Warren 

Stauffer Rachel C, at home, 630 Maple 3621 

Stauffer Theresa, at home, 659 E Warren 

Stauffer Thos L, chauffeur, 630 Maple 3621 

Stebbins John (Alice) yard cond T&OC, 666 E Mansfield 3296 

Steel Samuel, laborer, 111 N Lane 

Steele Frank (Vella) mach Am Clay, 913 Faustina 3434 

Steele Harry, photographer Dozer, 913 Faustina 3434 

Steele Jeannette E, at home, 233 E Charles 

Steele J Fred, tester Am Clay, 233 E Charles 

Steele Joseph, wks Bonebrake, 913 Faustina 3434 

Steele Nelson, wks Bonebrake, 913 Faustina 3434 

Steele Rose, at home, 157 Plymouth 

Steene Nathaniel (Jane) retired, 600 S Poplar 5693 

Steffin Fred, mach N Y Blower, 416 S Sandusky 5818 

Steifel John G, brakeman T&OC, 210 N Walnut 

Steiger Albert J (Gladys M) wks Geiger & Bush, 426 Park Av 

Steiger Ohas F (Edna I) molder Carroll, 524 Plymouth 

Steiger Clara, at home, 613 Wingert 3790 

Steiger Ernest E, molder Am Clay, 428 Wise 

Steiger Fred G (Sophronia M) molder Carroll Fdry, 1216 N Sandusky 

Steiger Harry (Rosa E) molder Carroll Fdry, 613 Wingert 3790 

Steiger Harry A, fireman T&OC, 122 E Mary 

Steiger Otto F, chauffeur, 122 E Mary 

Steiger Sophia, wid W, 613 Wingert 3790 


Steiger Wm, molder Carroll Fdry, 613 Wingert 3790 

Steiger Wm E (Esther M) molder Am Clay, 428 Wise 

Stein Frank L (Carrie E) tinner Picking Hdw Co, 903 Rogers 

Steinhelfer Edward (Ora) laborer, 1135 Lincoln 

Steinhelfer Ray, rms 13 YMCA 

Steinhilber Caroline, wid F, 432 Sears 

Steinhilber Louisa C, wks Pressman Skirt, 432 Sears 

Steinhilber Marguerite, at home, 432 Sears 

Steinmetz Loren A, telegrapher Penna Ry, rms 23 YMCA 

Stentz John M, wks Carroll Fdry, 668 Maple 3820 

Stentz Ray A (Nellie) chauffeur Sponseller, 826 N Sandusky 

Stentz Wm E (Catherine A) stone cutter, 668 Maple 3820 

Stephenson Curtiss W, mach Am Clay, 340 S Sandusky 

Sterling Ethel, Millinery Store 213 S Sandusky, res 129 W Warren 5899 

Sterling J H, retired, 129 W Warren 5899 

Stetzer Chas (Eva M,) helper Am Clay, 422 E Lucas 3155 

Stewart Blanche, at home, 436 N Railroad 

Stewart E Hibbitts (Frances I) tinner, 449 W Warren 5015 

Stewart Emery, chauffeur, 436 N Railroad 

Stewart Francis E, mach apprentice T&OC, 449 W Warren 5015 

Stewart Irene D, wid R J, 322 E Rensselaer 

Stewart James C (Susan J) retired, 308 E Mansfield 

Stewart Mary, wid Joseph, 409 Woodlawn 

Stewart Max E, 642 E Mansfield 5361 

Stewart Pascalena, widow, 752 W Mary 

Stewart Ralph R (Luella M) mach T&OC, 909 Prospect 

Stewart Watson, retired, 436 N Railroad 

Stiefel John B (R Emma) Insurance Post Office Bldg 5604, res 508 E 

Rensselaer 3655 
Stieffel Ernest (Hettie) teacher, 119 Wiley 
Stiger Ellen M, wid J W, 883 S Poplar 5054 
Stoll Block, Mrs Elizabeth. Stoll owner, 121-127 N Sandusky 
Stoltz Albert G, 221 S Poplar 5668 
Stoltz Susan, wid G J, 221 S Poplar 5668 
Stone Edward J (Ida) barber Flocken, 513 Rogers 
Stone Harvey J, mach T&OC, 513 Rogers 
Stork Anna M, wid Wm, 210 Iron 
Stork Bessie M, at home, 210 Iron 

Stough Claude A, wks Dairy Products Co, 441 E Charles 

Stough Harriet, wid J F, Furnished Rooms, 441 E Charles 
Stout Wm J (Caroline E) wks H Eaton, 413 S Walnut 
Streib Alice, maid, 244 E Mansfield 
Streib Chas H, printer Forum, 610 S Poplar 5823 
Streib Edith J, at home, 610 S Poplar 5823 
Streib Emanuel M, gardener, 425 Gay 
Streib Harry (Barbara C) mach T&OC, 527 Kaler 
Streib John, wks T&OC Shops, 601 S Spring 
Streib Lydia B, at home, 439 S Walnut 
Streib Marie A, musician, 610 S Poplar 5823 
Streib Mary K, at home, 425 Gay 

Streib Michael K (Kate) brick mason, 610 S Poplar 5823 
Stremmel Lewis (Anna E) painter T&OC, 910 S Walnut 
Streitic Andrew, laborer, rear 400 N Railroad 
Strieker Chas F (Anna M) mach Am Clay, 532 Kaler 
Strieker Daniel J (Kathryn L) postal clerk, 420 Woodlawn 5803 
Strong M Catherine Mrs, 812 E Irving 
Stuart Edward (Ella) Plasterer, 311 S Spring 
Stuart G Eugene (Margaret) bartender Donnenwirth, 829 Rogers 
Stuart Geo W (Mary A) retired, 829 Rogers 
Stuart Lawrence L (Ethel) salesman Hoover, 311 S Spring 
Stuck C Edward, painter, 432 N Railroad 


Stuck M Alice, dressmaker, 432 N Railroad 

Stuckert Adam (Caroline) lumber elk T&OC, 421 E Lucas 3355 

Stuckert Arthur L, student, 421 E Lucas 3355 

Stuckert Geo (Bess) plumber Geo Faulkner, 702 East St S 

Stuckert Geo (Margaret) retired, 408 Plymouth 

Stuckert Geo J (Ida M) auto salesman Halloway, 400 E Charles 3810 

Stuckert Geo L (Catherine A) mach T&OC, 701 Faustina 5042 

Stuckert G Robert, mach T&OC, 701 Faustina 5042 

Stuckert Henry (Katrina) retired, 596 N Railroad 

Stuckert John W (Catherine A) plumber Myers, 458 Park 

Stuckey Allen R (Winona W) Well Drilling, Wind Mills, Pumps, Tanks, Pipe 

Fittings & Supplies 116 E Mary 5454, res 801 S Sandusky 
Stuckey Earl W (Minnie M) wks N Y Blower, 115 E Oakwood 
Stuckey Emory K (Mary E) traveling salesman, 921 N Sandusky 
Stump & Co (Jacob & Jacob E) Groceries, 122 N Sandusky 5315 
Stump Ella L, seamstress, 840 S Sandusky 3731 
Stump Ethel, bookkpr Geiger, 449 S Walnut 5593 
Stump Hattie C, at home, 840 S Sandusky 3731 
Stump Henry J (Alma) retired, 941 S Walnut 
Stump Isaac (Elizabeth) retired, 449 S Walnut 5593 
Stump Jacob, retired, 840 S Sandusky 3731 
Stump J Edward (Maude L) Stump & Co, res 809 S Walnut 
Sugar Bowl, Nicholas Elias Propr, 113 S Sandusky 5526 
Sukup Irvin A, mach Carroll Fdry, 400 Milo 3158 
Sukup John, ship clerk Carroll Fdry, 315 N Lane 
Sukup Joseph A (Rosa M) molder Carroll Fdry, 400 Milo 3158 
Sukup Joseph A, mach Carroll Fdry, 400 Milo 3158 
Sukup Marguerite M], kitchen work Hufnagel, 400 Milo 3158 
Sukup Marie M, at home, 315 N Lane 

Sullivan Cora Mrs, matron Rest Rooms, Court House, res 707 Faustina 3440 
Sullivan Eunice A, teacher, 707 Faustina 3440 
Swank Joseph E (Anna B) Motor & Bicycle Shop 236 S Sandusky 5122, 

res 453 Lincoln 
Swanson Harold V, electrician Fred Baehr, 1020 E Warren 3568 
Swanson Lucile E, at home, 1020 E Warren 3568 

Swanson Victor (Emma J) mach Sommer Motor, 1020 E Warren 3568 
Swartz Arthur J, painter, 935 Reid 3679 
Swartz Edna E, tel opr Am Clay, 845 S Poplar 
Swartz Melzer R (Etta) watchman T&OC, 845 S Poplar 
Sweck Alex (Anna) wks Carroll Fdry, 648 Wingert 
Swineford Adaline M, bookkpr Dairy Prod Co, 214 W Charles 5336 
Swineford Henry T (Theresa A) Propr Dairy Products Co, 214 W Charles 5336 
Swingley Elizabeth H, at home, 724 S Spring 5561 
Swingley Sue B, at home, 724 S Spring 5561 
Switzer & White, Hay & Grain, 225 Grace 5615 

Tallman Clifford E, cement wkr, 421 Wallace 5491 

Tallman Henry R, lineman Bucyrus Tel Co, 421 Wallace 5491 



PHONE 5454 215 E. MARY 


Tallman Melvin H, laborer, 421 Wallace 5491 

Tallman Newton L (Mary E) car repairer T&OC, 421 Wallace 5491 

Tapling Frank E (Elizabeth) carpenter, 215 E Lucas 3365 

Tapling Nelle R, bookkpr The News Forum, 215 E Lucas 3365 

Taylor A Catherine, wid Ed, 421 Kaler 

Taylor Alverda A, at home, 311 N Walnut 3657 

Taylor Bertrude G (Lorena E) wks N Y Blower, 403 Lincoln 

Taylor Eliza J, -wid J N, 505 S Spring 

Taylor Jasper N (Jessie J) rural postman, 311 N Walnut 3657 

Taylor Mary E, wid B F, 311 N Walnut 3657 

Taylor Maude, at home, 505 S Spring 

Taylor Perry (Elizabeth) Building Contr, 1125 S Walnut 3643 

Taylor Wm M (Ina M) carpenter, 854 Grove 

Teetrick Chas C (Grace V) carriage ptr Seeger Bros, 308 S Sandusky 

Teetrick Richard A (Emma J) mach T&OC, 620 Plants Way 

Temple C Kendrick (Laura M) carpenter, 510 E Warren 

Teters Blanche E, at home, 1022 Tiffin 

Teters Harriet M, wid J S, 1022 Tiffin 

Teuscher August, 611 S Walnut 

Teuscher Jacob, retired, 611 S Walnut 

Teuscher John (Mary) mach Am Clay, 607 S Walnut 

Teuscher Minnie, at home, 611 S Walnut 

Teyner Geo, mason, rear 416 N Railroad 

Teynor Joseph, wks Am Clay, 1101 (2744) Dean 5795 

Teynor Martin (Barbara) stone mason, 1101 (2744) Dean 5795 

Teynor Peter (Nettie) mason, 1090 Woodlawn 3163 

Thatcher Chas (Helen) car repairer T&OC, 438 Prospect 

Thomas Frank D (Edna M) Tailor Shop 209, res 225 S Sandusky 5547 

Thompson Leon B, salesman F A Walther, 322 S Walnut 

Thompson Rush B (Irene L) lineman Bucyrus Tel Co, 714 Woodlawn 3592 

Thornton Anna E, wid J S, 425 Gay . 

Thornton Austin E (Pearl M) mach Carroll Fdry, 135 Hill 

Thornton Joseph W, wks Bending Works, 425 Gay 

Thornton Mary L, at home, 438 E Lucas 5166 

Thornton Nellie L, stenog The Bucyrus Lumber Co, 438 E Lucas 5166 

Thornton Orin W (Ina P) wks N Y Blower, 425 Gay 

Thornton Oscar E (Alpha A) engineer T&OC, 438 E Lucas 5166 

Tilton Roy (Hazel) car repairer, 622 W Mary 

Timmins Helen M, minor, 456 Prospect 

Timmons Sadie L, wid E E, 613 Woodlawn 

Timson Dorance O, asst time clerk T&OC, 722 Woodlawn 5849 

Timson Geo C (Rachel A) canvasser, 722 Woodlawn 5849 

Tobias Block, C Tobias owner, 103-107 N Sandusky 

Tobias Daniel M (Sallie) asst Fire Marshal of Ohio, 411 E Rensselaer 5150 

Tobias Hon Jas C (Arminta) retired, 415 W Warren 5023 

Tobias John L (Elizabeth) eng Bucyrus Lt & Power Co, 200 Hill 5639 

Tobias Russell S, student, 411 Rensselaer 5450 

Tobias Ruth M, at home, 411 E Rensselaer 5450 

Tobin Ralph W, wks C E Light, 115 W Mary 5313 

Tolario Maggie, wid Jas, 454 Johnston 

T & O C Ry, Freight Depot, P B Holmes Agt, 635 E Rensselaer 5468 

T&OC Ry, General Shops, G P Young Gen Foreman, 655 Woodlawn 

T&OC Ry, Offices, C Bowersox Master Mechanic 5585, I B Chadwick Asst 

Supt, S S Stiffey Supt of Motive Power, 655 Woodlawn 
T & O C Ry, Offices, rear 636 E Rensselaer 5664, G H Smith Div Eng, E G 

Lane asst, H M Fox Track Supervisor, W H Flegel asst fore Bridges & 

Bldgs, C H Hammond foreman Pumpers 
T&OC Ry, Passenger Station, P B Holmes Agt, A C Mollencopf Cashier, 636 

E Rensselaer 
T&OC Ry, Yard Office, Geo B Trautman Yard Master, 650 Woodlawn 
Tompkins Ernest R (Valeria B) car foreman T&OC, 604 Woodlawn 5860 


Tony Christ (Katrina) carpenter, 517 E Oakwood 

Tony Joseph, 517 B Oakwood 

Topper & Adams (W S & J) Grocery, 546 (556) N Lane 5189 

Topper Augustus A, Owens & Topper, 524 N Lane 

Topper Catherine E, saleslady Topper & Adams, 524 N Lane 

Topper Mary G, at home, 524 N Lane 

Topper Wm S (Martha E) Topper & Adams, 524 N Lane 

Townsend Chas E (Jennie G) wks Am Clay, 115 Highland 

Tracht Henry J (Mary L) Tracht & Lutz, 125 S Clay 5741 

Tracht Levi, helper Bucyrus Forge & Mach Co, rms 11 YMCA 

Tracht & Lutz (H J & M J) Proprs Opera House Table Supply Store, 203 E 

Mansfield 5276 
Tracht Minnie, domestic, 402 E Warren 5470 
Tracht Rhea E, society reporter Forum, 125 S Clay 5741 
Trautman Blanche N, stenog Am Clay, 625 S Walnut 5121 
Trautman Frank (Ada J) Trautman & Lutz, 353 W Charles 5394 
Trautman Fred O, ball player, 126 E Galen 5562 
Trautman Geo (Delia) Yardmaster T&OC, 126 E Galen 5562 
Trautman Geo M, teacher, 126 E Galen 5562 

Trautman & Lutz (Frank & W H) Plasterers, 353 W T Charles 5394 
Trautman Macie K, stenog Am Clay, 625 S Walnut 5121 
Trautman Philip (Lucy) Chief of Police, 625 S Walnut 5121 
Traub Wm W (Nolle M) salesman Buc Tea Store, 611 S Poplar 
Travis Harry (Dorothy P) carpenter, 838 Faustina 
Traxler Isaac (Anna) butcher Dobbins & Geiger, 1307 N Sandusky 
Trego L Dixon (Nettie M) tinner F A Walther, 340 (203) N Lane 
Tressler Elizabeth Mrs, 436 S Spring 
Tressler Flora, wid J J, 904 S Walnut 

Triplett Milo S (Amanda K) asst foreman T&OC Shops, 201 Whetstone 
Trott Adam, mach Am Clay, 424 N Walnut 
Trout Arthur P (Ada) eng T&OC, 609 Prospect 
Trout Clyde (Myrtle) derrick eng T&OC, 737 Lincoln 3431 
Trout Samuel D (Laura G) mach T&OC, 481 Prospect 5730 
Truka Edward W (Martha M) patternmaker Carroll Fdry, 227 W Galen 5687 
Truke Harry J, mach T&OC, 451 W Charles 5387 
Truke Margaret C, saleslady Miller Bakery, 451 W Charles 5387 
Truke Wentz (Anna M) fireman T&OC, 451 W Charles 5387 
Trump Pearl, wid Wm, 914 Willard 

Tucker Walter (Susan) porter Deal Hotel, 754 East St S 
Turn Elmer W, pharmacist, 502 W Mary 3685 
Turn Frank T (Carrie) Contractor & Builder, 502 W Mary 3685 
Turn Omar W, pharmacist, 502 W Mary 3685 
Turk John, 744 Lincoln 5086 

Turner Vaughn R, telegrapher Penna Ry, 303 W Galen 
Tustison A Wesley (Cynthia E) janitor Court House, 110 King 
Twiggs Nile A, student, 914 (850) N Sandusky 
Twiggs Price (L Ida) Building Contr, 914 (850) N Sandusky 
Twiggs Roscoe L, carpenter, 914 (850) N Sandusky 
Twiggs Vera A, Librarian, 914 (850) N Sandusky 




No. 3 Opera Block Bucyrus, Ohio 



Uebelhoer Chas A (B Ilene) mach T&OC, 941 Reid 5768 

Uebelhoer J Fred (Christina) mach T&OC Shops, 500 E Charles 5050 

Uhl Anna, wid Edward, 416 N Railroad 

Uhl Eugene (Delia M) molder, 416 N Railroad 

Uhl Ida, teacher, 420 Woodlawn 5803 

Uhl Maggie A, wid John, 213 S Highland 

Uhlmann Frank X (Paulina S) Agt Prudential Ins Co, 600 Ann 3178 

Ulmer Dr Chas A (Lora) Physician, Office & res 208 S Walnut 5037 

Ulmer Chas J (Myrtle M) wks T&OC Shop, 478 Prospect 3462 

Ulmer Ettie M, sales Home Store, 421 Park 

Ulmer J Adam, mach T&OC, 421 Park 

Ulmer J Frank (Edna A) fireman T&OC, 522 E Oakwood 

Ulmer John (Catherine) carpenter, 421 Park 

Ulmer Joseph H (Blanche) Grocery 110 S Walnut 5725, res 712 Rogers 5369 

Ulmer Geo (Anna M) Miller & Ulmer, 445 Johnston 5796 

Ulmer Geo Jr (Etta M) eng T&OC, 800 Faustina 

Ulmer R Irvin, plumber Myers, 421 Park 

Ulmer Sarah, wid Adam, 227 S Sandusky 5320 

Ulmer Wm L (Elizabeth) retired, 228 Lincoln 

Ulrich Edward P (Bertha) Propr The Bee Hive, 308 E Rensselaer 5229 

Unger Andrew (Louisa) farmer, 321 Jump 

Unger Chas (Maggie) farmer, township trustee, 915 Whetstone 

Unger Fred, farmer, 915 Whetstone 

Unger Louisa, wid Wm, 427 N Lane 

Unger Philipina, at home, 321 Jump 

Unger Stella R, teacher, 427 N Lane 

Unger Wm, Architect & Engineer Post Office Bldg 5604, res 321 Jump 

Union Block, F A Walther owner, 201-205 N Sandusky 

Union High School Building, R A Garvin Prin, W N Beetham Supt, 245 Wood- 
lawn 5727 

Union Interurban Station, Columbus Marion & Bucyrus and Cleveland South- 
western & Columbus Rys, A H Gallegher Agt, 117 W Mansfield 5911 

Up-To-Date Grocers, Schieber Bros, 120 W Mansfield 5125 

Up-To-Date Laundry, C L Oberlander Propr, 112 W Mansfield 5875 

Urso Sam (Mary) wks T&OC, 205 N Walnut 

Ustine Chas P, Sergeant Insp 17th Regt U S I, 463 S Walnut 5024 


Van Horn Leota V, at home, 463 Prospect 5488 

Van Horn Wm A (Myrtle R) retired, 463 Prospect 5488 

Van Voorhis Emma S, wid E, 412 Prospect 3162 

Van Voorhis Geo S (Mary C) carpenter, 601 S Poplar 

Van Voorhis Harry V, clerk Am Clay, 412 Prospect 3162 

Van Voorhis Jack, machinist, mis Post Office Bldg 

Vasas Louis (Julia) molder Carroll Fdry, 350 Water 

Buy Your Goods at The Bee 
Hive and Save Money 

E. P. ULRICH - - Proprietor 


Vena Andrew, wks T&OC Shops, 1019 E Southern 

Vena Earl, laborer, 1019 E Southern 

Viani Salvador, wks P Bianchi, 347 W Mansfield 5366 

Vienna Steam Bakery, John Martinitz Propr, 119 Public Square 5127 

Villani M, housekeeper, 205 E Mary 

Viocho Frank, wks Carroll Fdry, 610 Plants Way 

Virtue Cecil R (Margaret) elec crane opr Am Clay, 117 W Center 

Virtue Ivan V, carpenter, 117 W Center 

Virtue Samuel F, clerk T&OC Ry, 117 W Center 

Virtue Vance M (Mary H) Purch Agt Am Clay, 223 Woodlawn 5486 

Vogelgesang Chas F (Harriet A) sta eng Bucyrus Brewery, 511 Aurora 

Volk Albert F (Pearl J) bartender Mader, 416 S Walnut 

Volk Carl (Alice) brick mason, 706 S Spring 3209 

Volk Edward (Cora F) conductor T&OC, 515 S Spring 

Volk Geo (Lena M) brick mason, 470 S Spring 3219 

Volk Henry E (Gertrude M) retired, 126 1-2 N Sandusky 

Volk J Geo (Lena) ret brick mason, 500 Plymouth 5173 

Volk Marie L, stenog Finley & Gallinger, 500 Plymouth 5173 

Volk & Sachs (F H & G) Cafe, 133 N Walnut 

Volk Sadie, wid John, dressmaker, 215 N Lane 5862 

Vollmer Anna K, milliner Sterling, 712 East St S 

Vollmer Chas (Elizabeth L) retired, 431 W Warren 5697 

Vollmer C Fred (Mary E H) purch agt Carroll Fdry, 209 S Walnut 5129 

Vollmer C Fred (Rozena D) Tax Commissioner, 817 N Sandusky 5729 

Vollmer Elizabeth M, stenog Conklin Livery, 712 East St S 

Vollmer Emma A, at home, 712 East St S 

Vollmer Gottfried, wks Carroll Fdry, 1130 Monnett 

Vollmer Herman F, 712 East St S 

Vollmer Martha E, teacher, 431 W Warren 5697 

Vollmer Ruth E, stenog Tax Commission, 431 W Warren 5697 

Vollmer Wm (Rose) wks T&OC Round House, 712 East St S 

Vollrath Carol P, student, 209 S Spring 5013 

Vollrath C Victor, student, 209 S Spring 5013 

Vollrath Edna G, teacher, 209 S Spring 5013 

Vollrath Col Edward, Attorney, Commander 8th Ohio Inf 9-10 Opera Blk 5138, 

res 209 S Spring 5013 
Vollrath Edward W Jr, student, 209 S Spring 5013 
Vollrath Eva E, Music Teacher, 302 N Walnut 5299 
Vollrath Jeanne E, at home, 209 S Spring 5013 
Vollrath Mollie, at home, 302 N Walnut 5299 
Vollrath Opera House, Wm Garick Mgr, 2nd Floor Opera Blk 
Vollrath Otto, 302 N Walnut 5299 
Vollrath Wm E (Martha E) painter, 504 N Lane 
Volz Henry (Sue) molder Carroll, 827 N Sandusky 
Vore Absalom M (Louisa F) retired, 517 E Rensselaer 5192 


Wagerley Catherine, wid Geo H, 312 W Galen 

Wagerley Wm II, 312 W Galen 

Wagner Elizabeth Mrs, 213 1-2 S Sandusky 

Wagner Frank C (Anna C) Grocery 156 Public Square 5046, res 218 N Poplar 

Wagner Julia A, teacher, 649 East St S 3241 

Wagner Mary, depy clerk Probate Court, 900 S Walnut 

Waldman John W (Anna H) section hand Penna Ry, 418 Whetstone 

Waldon Maude, at home, 1019 E Southern 

Walker J Fred, retired, 318 N Sandusky 

Walker Joseph W (Delia) wks T&OC Shops, 1056 Marion 3744 

Walker W A, constr foreman T&OC, 628 E Warren 

Walker Wm A (Catherine S) thresher, 680 Whetstone 


Walk-Over Boot Shop, H Long Propr, 105 Public Square 5082 

Wall Oscar G (Kate G) car repairer T&OC, 229 Whetstone 3880 

Waller Daniel P, Fish Dealer, 315 E Charles 

Waller Martin, stone mason, 315 E Charles 

Walter Albert J (Samantha A) tinner T&OC, 730 Lincoln 3233 

Walter Carl F, lineman U S Tel Co, 125 (35) Giaus 5483 

Walter Carolyn D, at home, 125 (35) Giaus 5483 

Walter Elmer H (Mayme E) Shoe Store 123 S Sandusky, res 500 Rogers 

Walter Francis E, wks Carle, 354 N Lane 3491 

Walter Frank E (Alice C) Painter & Paperhanger, 508 (204) Jones 

Walter Fred (Anna) boiler inspector T&OC, 328 Wiley 3507 

Walter Harry C (Ella M) painter T&OC, 826 E Mansfield — 

Walter Jacob J (Martha F) painter, 354 N Lane 3491 

Walter John, Ptr & Paperhanger, 623 E Rensselaer 

Walter John W (Lina L) mach T&OC, 125 (35) Giaus 5483 

Walter Dr Michael, retired, 331 W Galen 5846 

Walter Philip, bartender Geo Kleindienst, 200 S Sandusky 

Walter Roy E, flagman T&OC, 730 Lincoln 3233 

Walter Simon (Beryl I) coppersmith Geiger & Bush, 426 N Railroad 

Walter Wm, Cigar Store 241 S Sandusky, res 1003 E Warren 5828 

Walther Christ, retired, 329 S Poplar 

Walther F A, Ironmongery, F A & H G F Walther Proprs, 201 N Sandusky 

Walther Frank A (Ottilia L) Ironmongery 201 N Sandusky 5113, res 421 S 

Poplar 5073 
Walther Harry G F (Nelle B) Propr F A Walther Ironmongery, 203 1-2 N 

Sandusky 5113 
Walton Ora J, 321 W Lucas 

Wanamaker Nollie B (Hattie F) patternmaker Am Clay, 626 W Mansfield 
Ward Arthur J, 808 E Mansfield 5351 
Ward Earl R (Meadie E) blacksmith T&OC, 326 Water 
Ward Hamilton B (Florence) Hansberger & Ward", 416 E Rensselaer 3754 
Ward Mary J, wid C D, 808 E Mansfield 5351 
Warner Anna, at home, 1130 Monnett 

Warner Chas E (Ada M) foreman T&OC Rd House, 800 S Poplar 3127 
Warner Geo R, mach T&OC, 800 S Poplar 3127 
Warner Joseph F (Georgia) postal clerk, 423 E Charles 3483 
Warren Carrie M, milliner, 310 S Lane 5239 
Warren Christ (Anna) retired, 644 Wingert 

Warren Rev Leroy A (Mary M) Pastor Christian Church, 310 S Lane 5239 
Washburn Jas G (Grace M) trav salesman, 402 E Warren 5470 
Water Works, Pumping Station, Henry Miller engineer, 357 Water 5714 
Wear-U-Well Shoe Store, John Karg Mgr, 141 Public Square 
Weaver Arthur, mach T&OC, 413 Prospect 5178 
Weaver Edward G (Vesta) gardener R V Sears, 501 Prospect 
Weber Gloyd E (Clara B) brakeman T&OC, 1110 Reid 
Weichold Emma C, at home, 181 Plymouth 
Weicbold Frances, wid R, 203 W Mary 

Weichold Fred F, janitor North Side School, 181 Plymouth 
Weichold Sophia, wid Ferdinand, 181 Plymouth 

Weinberger Abraham (Lillie) cutter Pressman Bros Co, 1007 N Sandusky 
Weller August G (Anna E) wood turner Roehr Co, 179 Plymouth 
Weller Peter (Mary C) retired, 800 S Spring 
Weller Vela M, at home, 179 Plymouth 

Weller W Chas (Laura) Supt The Oakwood Cemetery, 625 Kaler 5150 
Welsh Ernest P (Mary E) fireman T&OC, 712 Plymouth 5801 . 
Weltle Chester W, minor, 1194 Marion 3544 
Welty Esther, domestic, 865 S Poplar 5164 

Wenninger Ernest G (C Laura) Koons & Wenninger, 911 E Warren 
Wentz Clement (Mary) wks Am Clay, 127 W Mary 
Wentz E Pearl, at home, 715 N Sandusky 5628 


Wentz J Ernest, retired, 406 S Sandusky 

Wentz John, retired, 715 N Sandusky 5628 

Wentz Sarah, at home, 406 S Sandusky 

Werley Victor M (Frances) patternmaker Am Clay, 415 N Walnut 

Wert Albertus C, Artist, 862 S Sandusky 3701 

Wert Henry, retired, 836 S Sandusky 5605 

Wert Joseph (Mary E) retired, 416 E Warren 

W T est Bucyrus City Dairy, J A Bittekofer Propr, 975 W Mansfield 5596 

West W Lee (Zoa Ethel) Director of Music, 428 E Rensselaer 

Westenberger Geo (Blanche) brakeman T&OC, 213 1-2 S Sandusky 

Western & Southern Life Ins Co The, W C Park Agt, 4 Kehrer Blk 

Western Union Telegraph & Cable Co, J L Secrist Mgr, 3 Quimby Bldg 5777 

Wharff Harry H (Freda M) brakeman T&OC, 614 S Poplar 3128 

Wheeler Chas A (Melissa R) retired, 228 W Mansfield 

Wheeler Jessie Mrs, 312 E Charles 

Wheeler Raymond J (lone G) 845 S Walnut 

Whetstone Emil F (Frances MS) wrecking master T&OC, 521 E Lucas 5148 

Whitcom Geo, retired, 817 N Sandusky 5729 

White Chauncey A (Margaret M) switchman T&OC, 427 Park 

White David H (Anna Z) Zeigler & Co, 402 N Sandusky 5527 

White Garrett (Hazel) Automobile Agt, 337 W Southern 5869 

White Geo M (Myrtle) Switzer & White, 225 Grace 5615 

White Jas, machinist T&OC, 642 Woodlawn 5171 

White John, porter Seeger Barber Shop, 1107 Monnett 3116 

White John E (Minnie M) carpenter, 501 W Southern 5175 

White Sherman S (Blanche E) Mgr The Bucyrus Lumber Co, 341 W Southern 

Whitmeyer Henry (Eliza) laborer, 901 W Mansfield 
Whit-mire Dale H, brakeman T&OC, 602 Lincoln 
Whitmire Ralph W (Myrtie B) wks T&OC Oil House, 602 Lincoln 
Wickham Anson (Catherine) retired, 114 N Walnut 5825 
W T idman Adolph (Rose) Propr Buckeye Saloon, 606 E Rensselaer 
Widman August E, mach Am Clay, 232 Ethel 
Widman Caroline, wid L, 659 E Mansfield 
Widman Chas W T (Gertrude C) mach Am Clay, 457 S Walnut 
Widman Cora, at home, 232 Ethel 

Widman Edmond (Edith E) wks N Y Blower, 129 N Poplar 
Widman Fred (Elizabeth) Propr Handle Factory Cleveland O, res 235 Whet- 
stone 5402 
Widman Harry E, plumber R Black, 232 Ethel 
Widman John H, laborer, 659 E Mansfield 
Widman Louis H, mach Sommer Motor, 232 Ethel 
Widman Louisa, wid Fred, 232 Ethel 
Widman Marie A, at home, 224 Ethel 
Widman Mary A, dressmaker, 659 E Mansfield 
Widman Nellie M Mrs, housekeeper, 710 E Warren 3485 
Widman Roy, clerk T&OC, 129 Poplar 
Wilcox Geo W (Myrtle A) teamster, 436 Kaler 
Wilcox L E, Buggies & Farm Implements 232 N Sandusky 5429, rms Park 

Wilcox Roy G (Carrie M) painter Ruhl Carriage Shop, 116 East St S 
Wilford Lorenzo D, Deputy Int Rev collector 10th Dist, 318 E Mansfield 5397 
Wilkerson R E (Louise) wks Sommer Motor, 822 E Mansfield 
Wilkinson Howard G (Louise) Pastor Presbyterian Church, 214 W Rensselaer 

Willacker Edward P (Elizabeth) wks N Y Blower, 404 N Walnut 
Willacker Margaret V, sales Herkowitz, 404 N Walnut 
Williams Arthur E (Bertha M) train despatcher T&OC, 715 (815) East St S 

Williams Bessie L, at home, 532 N Lane 
W T illiams Charlo.tte, wid Joe, 320 S Spring 5685 


Williams Earl E (Isabel S) macli Sommer Motor, 228 W Mansfield 

Williams Emma, domestic, 831 S Sandusky 5838 

Williams Emma L, wid J F, 532 N Lane 

Williams Georgia E, at home, 532 N Lane 

Williams Harry F, pressman Evng Telegraph, 532 N Lane 

Williams Hiram (Julia E) 309 N Sandusky 

Williams Howard (Monta) Physical Director YMCA, 452 S Sandusky 

Williams Pearl D (Daisy E) laborer, 1105 Fremont 

Williams Sarah E, wid James, 600 S Poplar 

Willie Geo J (Lydia A) Witter & Willie, 1423 N Sandusky 5675 

Willie John (Grace) foreman Am Clay, 720 (676) Elm 

Wilmoth Maurice (Bertha A) painter T&OC, 409 Rogers 

Wilson Arnie E, at home, 719 E Rensselaer 

Wilson Carl J (Emma E) brakeman T&OC, 409 (34S) Wiley 

Wilson Edward J (Lettie M) cement wks, 719 E Rensselaer 

Wilson Evelyn L, minor, 1105 Fremont 

Wilson Frank (Minnie) car repairer T&OC, 932 (124) Harris 

Wilson Hylen E (Lottie M) car inspector Penna Ry, 311 Hill 

Wilson John P (Caroline I) chauffeur, 646 (536) Elm 

Wilson Leroy R (Ethel C) brakeman T&OC, 925 Rogers 

Wilson Lester J, 218 Nevada 

Wilson Nellie N, wks Startman & Feiring, 719 E Rensselaer 

Wilson Ora A, Bi.eber & Wilson, 603 E Warren 3702 

Wilson Quincy, mach Sommer Motor, 328 S Spring 

Wilson Ralph D, 218 Nevada 

Wilson Ralph S (Blanche E) conductor T&OC, 604 S Poplar 3328 

Wilson Rush (Anina) brakeman T&OC, 201 John 3130 

Wilson Shannon S, driver J C Meyer & Son, 719 E Rensselaer 

Wilson Wm (Amy E) farmer, 218 Nevada 

Winegartner Alma, asst Dr Leonard, 314 E Rensselaer 3855 

Winegartner Carl E, electrical eng, 314 E Rensselaer 3855 

Winegartner Cora, sales Rowe Bros, 314 E Rensselaer 3855 

Winegartner Edward (Amelia) retired, 314 E Rensselaer 3855 

Winegartner Olga, teacher, 314 E Rensselaer 3855 

Winemiller H Grant (Lulu B) engineer T&OC, 1015 S Walnut 5863 

Wingert Catherine J, wid Fred, 520 E Warren 5532 

Wingert Christ, musician, 618 Wingert 

Wingert Dillie C, at home, 520 E Warren 5532 

Wingert Frank F, tinner T&OC, 520 E Warren 5532 

Winkelfoos Delbert C (Delia M) mach T&OC, 744 E Mansfield 

Winkelfoos Emma I, at home, 646 E Mansfield 3577 

Winkelfoos Michael (Caroline) patrolman T&OC, 646 E Mansfield 3577 

Winner Artbur J, molder Ryder Brass, 401 N Walnut 5565 

Winner Daniel W (Elizabeth S) Grading & Sodding Contr, 701 S Spring 518' 

Winner Mrs Elizabeth S, dressmaker, 701 S Spring 5187 

Winner L Roy (Emma) drayman Bowers, 401 N Walnut 5565 

Winner Rose, wid A C, 401 N Walnut 5565 

Winters Clyde L (Rose E) chauffeur Sommer Motor, 507 S Walnut 

Winters Ella Mrs, at home, 401 N Walnut 5565 

Winters Florence E, wid Ed, 507 S Walnut 

Winzenreid Arthur E (Lulu) Genl Car Inspector T&OC, 443 E Lucas 5392 

Wirebaugh Harley L (Laura A) salesman Fisher & Flohr, 303 E Charles 

Wirebaugh Lloyd E (Bertha L) chauffeur L R Sponseller, 900 E Rensselaer 

Wirlh Block, Mrs J A Wirth owner, 116 N Sandusky 

Wirth Clothing Store, J A & D M Wirth, 116 N Sandusky 

Wirth Dorsey M (Nina) Clothing, res 412 E Mansfield 

Wirtli John A (Otillia E) Merchant Tailor, 625 N Sandusky 

Wise Arthur, bartender Widman, 407 W Rensselaer 5805 

Wise Blanch L, wid P J, 320 E Warren 5460 

Wise Fred A (Mabel G) Wm Wise & Sons, 326 W Charles 5379 

Wise Geo L (Fannie L) Wm Wise & Sons, 435 E MansFeld 530*3 


Wise Joseph D (Olive M) Wm Wise & Sons, 319 W Warren 5576 

Wise Wm R (Stella M) Wm Wise & Sons, 214 S Spring 5360 

Wise Wm & Sons (F A, J D, G L & W R) Furniture & Undertaking, 215-217 

S Sandusky 5512 
Wiseman Bernie R (Cecil M) fireman T&OC, 603 E Mansfield 
Wisman Adam J (Louisa) retired, 826 S Walnut 5682 
Wisman Fred, retired, 1043 Faustina 3334 
Wisman Rutli R, student, 826 S Walnut 5682 
Witter Anna, at home, 412 S Sandusky 
Witter A Fred (Olive E) laborer, 742 S East 
Witter D Henry, student, 742 S East 
Witter Fred, 742 East St S 
Witters Geo B (Nora) ditcher, 1025 Willard 
Witter Henry, retired, 412 S Sandusky 
Witters Jesse M (Ina E) ditcher, 1025 Willard 

Witter John (Anna) Tile Factory 1315 S Sandusky, res 227 W Galen 5687 
Witter Joseph, wks J Witter, 227 W Galen 5687 
Witter Louis F (Amanda S) Witter & Willie, 501 Kaler 5378 
Witter Veronica, bookkpr Myers, 227 W Galen 5687 
Witter & Willie (L F & G J) Draying, 501 Kaler 5378 
Wolenweber Herman A, bookkpr Bucyrus Brewery, 226 W Warren 
Wolf Willis (Kate) laborer, 825 (816) W Mansfield 
Wolfe Henry, retired, 1201 N Sandusky 

Wolfe Thos J (Mary E) wks Dobbins & Geiger, 1201 N Sandusky 
Wollard Allen, fireman T&OC, 300 W Galen 5535 
Wolsifer Bertha, wid Thos, 509 W Mary 5065 
W T oltz Kirby, ship clerk Carroll Fdry, 518 Plymouth 5788 
Woodruff Howe (Kate M) linotypist Telegraph, 457 W Charles 3860 
Woodruff Oweka, at home, 457 W Charles 3860 
Woods Geo (Mary) laborer, 907 Woodlawn 

Woodward Howard R (Clara R) car repairer T&OC, 600 Woodlawn 
Woodward Mae, nurse, Monnette Memorial Hospital 5602 
Woodward Tobias, coach cleaner T&OC, 920 Willard 
Woolworth F W Co, 5 & 10c Store, Walter C Dominick Local Mgr, 130 S 

Wright Chas, barber, 416 S Walnut 
Wright J Walter (Edna B) Attorney & City Solicitor, 5 Rowse Blk 5381, res 

400 W Oakwood 
Wurtemberger Harold F L, stenog T&OC, 321 1-2 S Sandusky 5623 
Wurtemberger J G Fred (Bertha A) Grocery, 321 S Sandusky 
Wyer John A (Clara B) boilermaker T&OC, 115 Dudley 

Wynegar Howard E (Lucy J) Barber Shop Royal Hotel, res 320 W Mansfield 
Wynn Anna E, wid J Y, Millinery 212 S Sandusky 5783 
Wyss Henry A (Isa W) driver Dairy Prod Co, 405 E Mansfield 

Yackee Fred (Ellen) wks K & K Livery, 608 S Spring 

Yanke Eva F, at home, 454 Johnston 

Yanke Peter (Margaret) wks N Y Blower. 454 Johnston 

Yark Ephraim (Josephine) retired, 905 Willard 

Yarrington Clara, 321 South Railroad 5296 

Yawger Harriet Mrs, 252 E Mansfield 5269 

Yeakley Katherine, wid Geo, rear 416 N Railroad 

Yeingling Emery (Elva) electrician Carroll Fdry, 300 Plymouth 

Yeomans Dr Wm Lewis (Selina B) Physician 329 S Sandusky 5271 

Yingling John P (Sarah F) retired, 702 S Walnut 

Young C Percy (Ella) general foreman T&OC, 434 Woodlawn 5580 

Young Frank B (Effie) engineer Carroll Fdry, 807 Woodlawn 

Young Fred A (Laura M) molder Carroll Fdry, 620 Plymouth 


Young Fred O (Edna F) draftsman T&OC, 227 W Charles 

Young Geo, clerk T&OC, 116 S Walnut 5711 

Young J Clyde (Dollie S) wks Shunk Plow, 1122 Monnett 

Young Marion E (Bessie M) blacksmith T&OC, 1002 Winchester 

Young Mens Christian Assn, H G McFarren Secy, 233 E Mansfield 5078 

Young Nora, wid D W, 519 Prospect 5210 

Young R Carl (Fannie F) city editor Evening Telegraph, 519 Prospect 5210 

Zaebst Fairy, maid, 412 E Rensselaer 5126 

Zaebst Frederick A, carpenter, 900 E Rensselaer 

Zaebst Wm (Ada J) wks Roehr Co, 900 E Rensselaer 

Zahn Arthur B (M Celeste) mach N Y Blower, 505 Plymouth 

Zahn Margaret, at home, 505 Plymouth 

Zehnacker Paul F (Hermine) molder Am Clay, rear 122 S Walnut 

Zeigler Carrie E, waitress Buc Candy Kitchen, 316 W Oakwood 5218 

Zeigler & Co (J M & D H White) Flouring Mill, 345 N Sandusky 5513 

Zeigler Frances M, sales Baumoel, 316 W Oakwood 5218 

Zeigler Franklin E, mach Sommer Motor, 316 W Oakwood 5218 

Zeigler H Elmer (Ida M) mach Sommer Motor, 316 W Oakwood 5218 

Zeigler Josiah M, Zeigler & Co, 402 N Sandusky 5527 

Zeigler Maria, wid G K, 402 N Sandusky 5527 

Zeigler Samuel W (Margaret M) laborer, 506 S Poplar 5339 

Zeller Helen L, at home, 319 E Mansfield 5436 

Zeller John (Nelle) engineer T&OC, 510 E Charles 

Zellner Edwin (Susan J) retired, 453 Prospect 

Zellner Samuel A (Ada) telegrapher Penna Ry, 617 E Warren 

Zellner Tighlman (Ella B) retired, 600 E Warren 

Zerckel Rankin, barber, rms 17 YMCA 

Zido Louis (Elizabeth) molder Carroll Fdry, 656 Maple 

Zido Mike (Rosa) molder Carroll Fdry, 667 Maple 

Zimmerman Henry (Clara A) mach Carroll Fdry, 1120 N Sandusky 3369 

Zimmerman J Burt (Maria) teamster, 120 (626) Sears 

Zincke Dr Erick (Carrie M) Dentist 2 City Bank Bldg 5608, res 524 S Poplar 

Zinder Chas, molder Carroll Fdry, 216 Plymouth 
Zinder Helen, wks Pressman Skirt, 216 Plymouth 
Zinder Michael (Elizabeth D) wks Carroll Fdry, 216 Plymouth 
Zipf C Henry (Elizabeth) carpenter, 1115 Dean 
Zoller Blanche L, sales Myers Co, 480 Prospect 3262 
Zoller Fred C, salesman Quaintance, 480 Prospect 3262 
Zoller Lloyd C, salesman Quaintance, 480 Prospect 3262 
Zoller Opal L, at home, 480 Prospect 3262 

Zoller Wm H (Matilda E) car repairer T&OC, 480 Prospect 3262 
Zook Lloyd (Lottie) chauffeur, 600 S Poplar 5693 















T^HE Lawrence Directories are reliable. They 
*■ contain more valuable information than any 
other publication of any kind. 

Our Territory now covers: 







and is being widely extended 





REG. 1906 

|F you think you're hard to fit, 
you probably are — unless 

Thomas, The Tailor 

makes your clothes expressly for 
you. Better be measured Today. 

Thomas, The Tailor 

205 So. Sandusky Ave. 

Bucyrus, Ohio 

P axton'S G arage 

Studebaker 4 Cylinder 
5 Passenger 


Studebaker 6 Cylinder 
5 Passenger 






Studebaker 6 Cylinder 
7 Passenger 


Haynes 6 Cylinder, 50 
H. P., 5 Passenger 


PHONE 5244 

We Do Repairing and Painting 




Streets in Black Face type, arranged in alphabetical order. 

Streets in ordinary type are intersecting streets. 

In residences family name appears first, followed by given names of all 
persons in the house. 

In business places given name or initials appear first. 

Names set in italics indicate owners of property. Where names are in 
(parentheses) they are owners or agents of the property. 

Telephone numbers appear at the end of the line. 

Punctuation: Name following a (:) is wife of preceding, names following 
a ( ; ) are children of preceding, names following two ( ; ; ) are grandchildren, 
names separated by a (,) are brothers or sisters, names following a ( — ) are 
roomers or more distant relatives, names following a (f) are under 21 years 
of age, those following (||) parallel lines are under 16. 

"Where two house numbers are given the one in (parentheses) is the 
number appearing on the house but is incorrect. 

Generally odd numbers are on the south or west side of the street and 
even numbers on the north or east. 

Information concerning ownership is obtained generally from occupants 
or neighbors and accuracy is only approximate. Persons buying a property 
on installments are accounted owners. 

ANN STREET west from 601 Jump Street 

600 Uhlmann Frank X: Paulina S 3178 

622 Elsasser August G: Rose E; || Robert R — fReinhold H 

Sears Street crosses 

AURORA STREET east from 428 Galion Street 

404 Bennett Wm B — Catherine Quilter; Nellie D 
414 Everett Wm W: Goldie; || Grace M, Wm I, Jas M (Mrs C Shively; 

Prospect Street crosses 

511 Vogelgesang Ohas F: Harriet A; ||Mary A (R V Sears) 

512 (R V Sears) 

AUTO AVENUE east from 277 Whetstone Street 

115 Sobley Chas: Matilda J — Raymond J Brown: Carrie; ||Carl 
135 The Sommer Motor Go, L A Sommer Pres & Mgr 5472 

BEAL AVENUE crosses South Sandusky Avenue at City Limits 

125 Beal Benj: Bertha M; ||Chas C, Richard K, Samuel S, Catherine 
E (Edwin Beal) 3473 

BLAND AVENUE west from 827 North Sandusky Avenue 

112 Bast Frank J: Bertha M; || Gertrude E (Chas Gallinger) 5834 
Rear Bucyrus Plating Works, Frank J Bast Propr (Chas Gallinger) 
120 Grimmer Albert J: Catherine M; || Edward A, Walter F, Perry F 
129 Ronfeldt Louis: Jeanette; ||Louis F 
133 Beitemeyer Edwin A: Florence M; ||Mary Belle, Louise Dell 

135 Fralick Jerome E: Marcella B; t Walter L 


Bland Avenue — continued. 

138 Junup Floyd B: Carrie A; |! Evelyn I, Robert M, Elsworth L 
( Russman) 

Monnett Street north 

BLICKE STREET east from Vollrath Street, crossing North Lane at 503 

202 Shiff er Edward L: Bessie 

204 Casler Wellington J: Myrtle D; || Edward H 
North Lane Street crosses 

325 Draves Henry: Nelle; || Charles (S P Kearsley Est) 

329 Rlizer Clifton O: Loa E; fJame B, || Arthur D, Howard D (Mrs 

S P Kearsley Est) 
333 Miller Clifford: Frances (Mrs S P Kearsley Est) 3191 
CATHERINE STREET south from 665 Rensselaer Street to Warren Street 
CEMETERY STREET (see Kaler Avenue) 

CENTER STREET EAST from 622 S Sandusky Avenue to Rogers Street 

116 Lane Ernest G: Eidna E; ||Paul H (A L Halloway) 3535 
Walnut Street crosses 

CENTER STREET WEST from 625 S Sandusky Avenue to Kaler Avenue 

117 Virtue Samuel F, Ivan V, Cecil R: Margaret; jjAnna Belle (Kate 

121 (Kate Flohr) 

Poplar Street crosses 

220 Carpenter Ralph R: Hannah E; j|Hugh M, Mabel A (Chris Cole) 
227 Bennett Dolan W: Anna B, Jennie G 

229 Kehrer Dr Fred W: Catherine A; || Harry F 5214 
Spring Street crosses 

317 Henry James A 3302 

321 Smith James H: Emma L; Earl W, Homer E, Otto R, tOra J, 

Ethel, |i Cecil B 
327 Aidt Wm J: Anna; || Mabel M 

330 Sell Orra E: Jessie M; || Marie A. Elva B, Harold S, Russell D, 

Melvin R (Wm J Garner) 

331 Sherman Newton: Josephine; ||Chas (W Pickens) 
337 Gubernath Theresa A n Albert M, Richard G 

340 Aidt Wm L: Clara (John Myers) 

341 (552) Sayler John M: Louisa: Oh as W, Ada L 
351 Kaler Theresa B; t Alice 5656 

CHARLES STREET EAST from 400 South Sandusky Avenue 

112 W E Kalb, K & K Auto Livery & Taxi Service 5071 

113 L R Sponseller, Taxi & Country Llivery (Fred Wise) 5374 

11 6 (E Sheiber) 

127 Feighner Lewis C: Elizabeth D — Gladys M Leister 
Walnut Street crosses 

209 Rinker Adolph: Christina; Bessie 

215 Lederer Wm: Grace; || Charles (A Rinker) 

219 Bishop Wm S: Maria A; Pearl J, Ohas J (Fred Shaenzlin) 

221 Shealy John E: Jennie E (Fred Shaenzlin) 

227 Daviese Griffith O: Phoebe A;; || Stasia L Reese 

233 Steele J Fred; Jeannette E 

241 Lauck Benjamin F: Laura E; Anna L Franey; t Marian A 5489 

Lane Street crosses 

300 Fehr Wilhelmina; Rose 

301 Mader Custer P: Bessie B; fW Percy (Joe Llmer) 
303 Wirebaugh Harley L: Laura A (Joseph Ulmer) 

306 Miller Elizabeth; Sadie 3466 

Bauer Henry W: Elizabeth; fGeo F. Florence I 3466 

307 Oberlander Elze H: Ella; ||Bernice M (Wm Picking) 5857 

309 Leedy Guy W: Louisa K; Grant L. fRoessler H ||Kathinka W, 
Gertrude H (Wm Picking) 5123 


312 Decker Chas L: Georgia I — Mrs Jessie Wheeler 

Ritchie Robert; Geo W Bateman: Grace; J|M Eleanor 5865 
315 Waller Martin; Daniel P 
318 DeGray Frank: Pearl (Mrs M Rupernberger) 

Ream Wm : Delia 
320 Metzger Prank: Edith 3166 

Ogg Hiarvey J: Emma B (Mrs M Rupernberger) 
323 Bed way Edias: Sophia; tAnna, John E, ||Lillie (Wm Auck) 
East Street crosses 

400 Stuckert Geo J: Ida M 3810 

Davis Sherman J: Pearl E; || Grace V, Irene G 
405 Jones Allie M: Nellie; || Clifford, Helen 5089 
412 Meek Amos W: Lena; Mary E 3710 

414 Sheckler Daniel C: Bertha T 

415 Assenheimer Christ:. Caroline; Clarence Lybarger: Anna C; 

|| Frederick — Frederick Betch 5787 

416 Ricker Kels: Cora; ||Ruth I (C Assenheimer) 

419 (John Steifct) 

423 Warner Joseph F: Georgia; jjLola B (Mrs Mary Mallory) 3483 

426 Ruhl Frank I: Anna; E Blair 5250 

427 Pausey Fred A: Mertie C (W F Drexel) 

429 Drexel Wm F: Viola; fCalvin L, ||Hiarold G, Marvel J 
430" Rogers Jasper M: Isabelle 5157 

434 Luce Frank A: Laura A, tRhea A, ||Nina A, Thelma A (Mr<s 
Eliz Morfett) 
Iron Street north 

441 Stough Harriet; Claude A 

443 Geiger Henry: Mary A; tEdna O, l|Geo M 

500 Uebelhoer J Fred: Christina, J George Reule 5050 

501 Gatchell Roy M: Florence E; || Doris E, Homer (R Aurand) 
504 Dougherty James; Mrs Blanche Myers 

509 Scott Sanford G: Anna M; ||Vitelius K, Geo W, Virginia L 

510 Hershberger Mrs Catherine; Reuben H 3602 
Zeller John: Nelle; || Nellie, Donald 

515 Caton Dr Russell J: Flora R; ||Mary E (John Shieber) 5894 

516 (Frank Donnenwirth) 
520 Risher Wm A: Martha 5043 

Wiley Street crosses 

606 Baird Fannie, Geo E Christee: Anna; Lee, f Helen, || Ernestine 

612 Riess Chas F: Mildred A; || Jonathan E. Mary A (John Drexel) 
618 McClintock Joseph A: M Ellen: Don C, Lawrence E; ||Everett, 


621 Hartley Wm R: Etta J; || Lambert R (Mrs T Zellner) 

622 Rein Carl L: Nettie E; ||Louie C, Marjorie V, Ellsworth F (Ed 

Jones Street crosses 

629 McBride J Joseph: Matilda; Ada B 

CHARLES STREET WEST from 400 South Sandusky 
115 Meyer Frank: Ola M (E R Birk) 5284 
125 German Lutheran Church 
jPoplar Street crosses 

214 Swineford Henry T: Theresa A; Adaline M, E Glenn Garber: 

M Grace; ||Paul S, Margaret I (Chas Flocken) 5336 
217 Holmes Mary; Harry J Carpenter: Marcella B; baby boy — Fred 
C Horn 5696 

220 Reeder Laura; fBurt (Julia Aumiller cC- Mrs E Nichols) 

221 Hough Edwin H: Albina — John Clark — Wesley E Kalb 5829 

222 Spiegel Fred W: Edna D; ||W Frederick, Leo E, Wilma R, 

Warren W (Julia Aumiller c(- Mrs E Nichols) 


Charles Street West — continued. 

223 Haur Geo: Catherine 

227 Karg John J: Mary L; Harry, jHelen E 5750 

Young Fred O: Edna P 
230 Charleston Harry: Grace; || James, Bernice E, Elizabeth. E, Harry 
A, Dorothy, Gertrude (Julia Aumiller & Mrs E Nichols) 
Spring Street crosses 

301 Norton Finando J: Helen; Harry J: Eva E; ||Lyal J 5116 

311 F J Norton, Florist 5116 
Kaler Avenue south 

312 Rinker John W Jr: Carrie A; I! Edna G Monnette (J W Rinker 

Sr) 5507 
322 Auck Wm H: Terressa 

, E; |fojCfennethJ 3232 
; || Helen L," Florence C 

326 Wise Fred A: Mabel G; ||Helen L, Florence C 5379 

331 Holland Mrs Ellen 

332 Beard Joseph H: Catherine A; Delia A 3432 

336 Brown Henry L: Angeline; Carrie M (Mrs Geo Gormley) 

337 Friend Daniel: Maria B; ||Geo D, Chas R, Morris L (J Beard) 

338 Rettig Mrs Caroline (Mrs Geo Gormley) 
342 Markley Elmer E: Anna E 

345 Heller Amelia J; Clem A Beal: Stella E 

346 McBeth Geo J: Amelia M; ||Geo A (Mrs Cora Marzolf) 
351 Croneis Andrew B: Margaret B — Arthur Pfisterer 

353 Trautman Frank: Ada J 5394 

354 Frand Salem: Catherine; Clifford E Criswell: Mary C 3332 
358 Flocken John H: Anna M; ||Harold R 

Clark Street crosses 

400 Gorlah Kate; Jacob, Anna 

401 Beer Edward P: Rose; Harmon J, j|Helma M, Edna R, Edward 


404 Bacon Clarence L: Delia; ||Bern'ice D, Carrol G 

409 Aurandt Robert M: Esther; fR Ray, Helen M 3561 

411 Brown Albert H: Onie M; || Gladys, Dorotha 

412 McBride Jerry J: Georgiana; ||Lealia B, James D 
417 Markley Geo P: Mary; f Allan L, ||Mary O 3660 

423 (Emil Kaffenberger) 

425 Scheib Chas G: D Elizabeth; f Wilbur C 

429 Petersilge Fred Jr: Anna; Ralph 5051 

436 Greenich Adam: Elizabeth; Alma G Schieber— Owen J Shoe- 


437 Hauer Raymond: Hulda; || Madeline 

438 Fackler Mrs Hannah 

439 Burgett Wm H: Eva; || Ethel M, Bertha B, Mildred E, Edna R, 

Dorothy E (Ray Hauer) 5667 

444 Smith Cornelius W: Mary C; Cora E Marzolf; || Stanley S 

445 Liizie Wm: Kate; || Carrie 

448 Smith Wm H: Jennie; ||Lena (Edward Beer) 

451 Truke Wentz: Anna M; Margaret C, Harry J 5387 

455 Lichty Adam J: Anna 5743 

456 Greenich Jamies: Margaret; f Helen, || Frederick J (Minnie 


457 Woodruff Howe: Kate M; Oweka (J Scheib) 3860 

461 Scheib Christ: Christina K; Minnie 3761 

462 Dreher Chas: Amelia; Lillian 3863 

465 Reinhardt Fred: Katherine; Arthur F, || Martha M 
Ridge Avenue crosses 

500 Geiger Chas E: Colette 5011 

517 (Frank Hoplcy) 

530 Howard John P: Victoria V; fFrank J, || Nellie, Elsie, Jacob H: 

Tillie M (J Teuscher) 

535 Beer & Son, Slaughter Bouse (Jacob Teuscher) 


CHARLOTTE STREET east from East Street to Winchester Street, 2nd South 
of Southern Avenue 

400 Rittenhour Henry A; Pearl, ||Paul 

401 Risinger Clinton D: Clarice; || Fairy 5534 

418 Blair Thomas A: Esther; ]|John (P ConTcle) 5815 - 

424 Shcrpard Chas E: Anna C (P ConTcle) 

428 Barton Arthur D: Margaret G; || Margaret C, lona D, Addie M, 

Mary E (W Monnett) 
430 Ferrall Wm J: Clara; tWalter R, || Wilbur H, Mary E, Robert H, 
Edith M (W Monnett) 
Winchester Street crosses 

520 Drake Rancie C: Laura; ||Paul R, John M, Mary C 5423 

CLARK STREET south from 501 W Rensselaer Street to Gay Street 

215 Garner Wm: Caroline M 5227 
Warren Street crosses 

310 Aumiller Julia 
Charles Street crosses 

CLAY STREET NORTH from 701 Galion Street 

125 DeHart John A: Margaret D; t Laird S, David J, ||J Andrew 
5141 - 
Schaefer John W: Viola; |j Maude P, Glenn, Juanita 

CLAY STREET SOUTH from 701 Galion Street 

125 Tracht Henry J: Mary L; Rhea E, Miabel C Deisler; ||Thurlow E, 
Clarence A, Elsworth G 5741 

CLE LAND AVENUE east from 604 Earl Street 

605 (Louis Pickering) 

609 (L Pickering) 

615 Light Wm J: Rebecca M; Idella S, fW C Preston, |[ W C Russell, 

W C Ward, W C Xemopihon, W C Evans, Alma L, Dorothy L, 

W C Allan, Bernadine A, Clara R (L Pickering) 

CLINTON STREET east from 340 (203) N Lane Street, at north end of bridge 

309 Batton Harvey C: Rhoda P; || Glenn C, Goldie M (C C Crills) 

316 Frash Louis A: Gertrude; Gertrude M, Elsie M, Lawrence L, 

fFranklin F, ||Riohard H 5651 
320 Deppeller Jacoo: Lena 5053 

335 Heil August: Catherine; fGertrude H, Carl H, JjC Milton, Clara 
J, R Willard, Sophia E, Gretchen D 5568 
COOK STREET (see Highland Avenue) 
CRAWFORD STREET north from intersection of W Mary and W Mansfield 

to Perry St 
CROSS STREET south from 1123 E Southern to John Street 

DEAN STREET north from 122 W Irving Avenue 

1101 (21 44; Teynor Martin: Barbara; f Joseph, Anthony, ||John, Chas, 

Annie, Margaret, Frank 5795 
1107 f2743J Ruff Harry: Mary (M Teynor) 
1115 Zipf C Henry: Elizabeth; ||Hulda Green, Lawrence W, Milton 

D, Raymond H 

1120 Goodwin Leander J: Loretta M; tDelwyn D 5707 

1123 Hancock Emmiett L: Mamie I (Mrs T Lauthers) 

1127 Frost John: Ella 

1131 Fox Otto T: Amy M; ||Ralph W, Florence F, Nelson O 5443 

1135 Couts Sanford F: Cynthia 

DUDLEY STREET east from 1216 North Sandusky Avenue 

115 Wyer John A: Clara B; || Bertha B (Chas Aumiller) 

118 Reinemeyer Wm F: Theresa M; fEulalia P, || Mildred E, Harold 

W, Hilda L, M Kathryn " 
133 McGuire Edward H: Catherine E; fLoyola C, || Harold E, Marie 

E, Lester W 


EARL STREET north from Wilber Street to Milo Street, crossing Plymouth 
St at 500 
544 Saul C Wesley: Monica J; |j Claire A, Fred J (Daniel Kalb) 
CI eland Avenue east 

601 Estingen Ross B: Kathiryn E; ||Roy N, Juanita M, baby boy 
604 Miller Geo H: Mary E; t Floyd E, |j Calvin E, Orthilda B, Robert 

J 3471 
608 ("611 ) Cassario Guy: Rose; || Grace, Pearl 

612 Rogers Irvin W: Maude; || David C, Donald, Mildred 
Plymouth Street crosses 

715 Schulz Wm: Emma 3358 

716 Dunn Howard C: Mabelle C; j| Doris M (Geo Volk) 

EAST ALLEY NORTH from east side of Public Square 

EAST ALLEY SOUTH from east side of Public Square 
108-112 Geselschaft Block (C Vollmer Agitj 

Second Floor Deutsche Geselschaft 

Third Floor Masonic Club Rooms 
108 Commercial Printing Co, Gillam & Monroe 5494 
110 B B Brown, Billiard Parlor 

EAST STREET NORTH from 400 E Mansfield St to South Railroad St 
120 H D Miller, Grain Elevator 5916 

EAST STREET SOUTH from 400 E Mansfield Street 

115 Jones Chas F: Grace; |j Miriam, Marjorie, Chas L (Wm Sauer) 

116 Wilcox Roy G: Carrie M (Henry Wise) 

118 McNeal Elizabeth; Jay Cosgrove: Lena; || Elmer J (Henry Wise) 
Rensselaer Street crosses 
Warren Street crosses 

315 Park Mrs Tina 

320 Cramer Jennie, Mary (Geo Stuckert) 

322 McCrory Arthur: Flo (Geo Stuckert) 

325 Grau Mrs Margaret (Mrs M Rtipersberger) 
Charles Street crosses 
Woodlawn Avenue crosses 

514 Herzer Samuel G: Nellie H; ||Lydia E demons (Mrs M Niman) 

518 Cummings Wm B: Alice E 

522 Johnston Ralph R: Clarice D; ||Margaret L, Mary E (Frank 
Johnston) 5095 

530 Rice Everett L: Alma C; |IE Arlene, Dorothea J — M Blanche 

536 (A G Smith) 

538 Smith Addison G: Clara J; || Emerson C 5785 

539 Johnson Clair W: Iola R; II Josephine E (Frank Johnston) 

540 Fuller Rancy: Lena; || Virginia (R V Sears) 5793 

541 Bauer John A: Emma, Philip Ginkle (Frank Johnston) 

544 Sears Rufus V: Sallie J; Paul B, tD Lindley, J Dudley 5217 

553 Kiess Simeon: Catherine; Rose I Kraus 3124 

557 Feldman Moses: Esther — Benj Bane 

567 Monahan Chas C: Minnie B; || Harold H Hartley fWm Fail AgU 

568 Helfrich Mrs Hannah E 3255 

575 Bogan Harry J: Mildred B; || Allison L, Bonnie F, Robert 3424 

577 Smith Mrs Cornelia 

580 Jonas A Leifer, Fancy Groceries & Table Supplies 5444 
Leifer .Jonas A: Gertrude 

Lucas Street crosses 

600 Martin Ira O: Martha H; || Ralph S (Adam Stuckert) 

Lincoln Way crosses 

613 Schiebcr Samuel A: Mary C; ||Hloward A, Mabel S, Evelyn M 

620 Dallas Nancy; Fdson n Hex: Lena M; f Dorothy V. || Donald B. 
Mary D 3340 


621 McNeal Dennis A: Hulda A 3243 

624 Quitter Frank J: Briggie 5266 

625 Guinther J Geo: Malinda; Emil J 3244 

627 Hull Albert F: Ava J; ||Lola F (Geo Kerr) 3143 

629 Smith Fred T: Margaret F, fHazel M 3341 

630 Sharrock Oscar K: Cynthia A; Ralph B, Meriam T, Maude E 


636 Coulter Samuel H: Elnora J 

637 Albright Fred J: Bevvie M; 1 1 Otis K, Florence K, Margaret M 

(W Kelly) 

641 (115) Drexel J Geo: Pauline; Thos C Lerseh: Laura H; ||Clair D f 

Helen N, Niormia P, Emmett W 3443 

642 McFarland Robert I: Agnes J 

645 Lamb Robert W: Ida K; Russell S, ||Ione J, Chas R 3141 

648 Briggs Albert L: Matilda S, Amanda Brehman, Malinda— Sarah 

M Reiter — Sarah A 

649 Saffell Ernmett L: Winifred W; !| Kenneth D, John W, Wm E— 

Julia A Wagner 3241 
Oak wood Street crosses 

702 StucJcert Geo J: Bess 

706 Etzinger Anthony F: Eva E; ||Carl E (Geo Faulkner) 

Shorts Wm L: Violet B; ||Mary K, Chester L 
712 Vollmer Wm: Rose; Emma A, Anna K, f Elizabeth M, Herman 

F, Freda E, ||Chas O, Martha M, Marian M 
715 (SI 5; Williams Arthur E: Bertha M; || Grace M, Thelm,a M 3276 

718 Kramer Chas: Minnie; Josephine, Karl, fEdith 3134 
Osman Street crosses 

724 Miller Wesley: Pearl M; || James H (John McCurdy) 

730 Schuehert Paul: Eva J; || Verdi V, Harold B, Wallace W, Martha 
M, Calvin E (Peter Aunsberger) 

736 Hancock John: Elizabeth J (Mrs Mary Moderwell) 

742 Witter A Fred: Olive E; |D Henry, Ruth M, IJMae O (Mrs M 

744 Bring Robert W: Beatrice; ||Esther L, Mathias J, Robert W 
Short Street crosses 

754 Cbancelor Wm — Walter Tucker: Susan (Chas Strauss) 

760 Diller Mrs ' Mary 

762 Fidler Wm F: Mary E; ||Catherine M (Mrs Mary Diller) 5205 

766 McCrory Rebecca Mrs 

797 Metrodori Peter: Oracinda (W L Monnett) 
Southern Avenue crosses, Wallace Avenue east, Charlotte Street east 
1010 Patterson Boiler Works, F E Patterson Propr 

EAST RIVER STREET west from 531 North Sandusky Avenue to Perry Street 
117 (C Vollrath) 

Plants way north, Tiffin Street north 
305 Myers Mrs Louise 3886 

ELM STREET north from 318 Plymouth 

622 Gubernath Edward Ws Inez M; || Marguerite A, Wilson E (Mrs 


628 Snider L Everett: Dorda; ]|Cornelius E, Louis E, Howard E 
632 Mader John; Edward: Clara D 3258 

640 Leth Stephen: Rosa; fMary, ||Frank, Stephania, Joseph R, 
Martha E 

646 f536J Wilson John P: Caroline I; ||Mervin L 
Milo Street east 

709 Ghist James C: Effie; || Charles, May, Clara, James, Alverda 5686 

719 f675 ) Bassleir Jacob: Wilhelmina; fSophia, Pauline, Eugene, ||Lena, 

Freda M, Matilda, Jacob, Harold ( Sheckler) 

720 f676J Wlillie John: Grace; Lena A Augustina; !|Mary A — John 



Elm Street — continued. 

721 (671) Nameth Joe: Kate; tJohn 

726 Doty Pearl: Dollie; j| Grace (Wm Steinbaugh) 

EMERSON STREET east from 1314 North Sandusky Avenue 

115 Cooney Jas M,: Celia; || Patrick, Margaret C, Martha, Martin 
(Geo Teynor) 

ETHEL STREET south from 803 Reid Street 

214 Shoemaker Ross G: Cora M; IJMarie E, Louis G (Robert 

218 Schemel Philip: Magdalena M; tEMzabeth, Albert C, ||Anna M 

224 Keller Christ J: Barbara; t Marie A Widman 
232 Widman Louisa; Cora, Harry E, August E, t Louis H — ||Carl, 

236 ^332; Baehr Geo J: Mary A; tLoutisa E, ||Robert G, H Wm, Hein- 

rich F (Louisa Widman) 

EUCLID AVENUE west from 865 South Poplar to Kaler Avenue 
208 Jakes John A: Nellie F (Mrs A Reiter) 3449 

Spring Street crosses 

308 Cockrell Hiram: Lois ■ 

Grove Avenue crosses 

FA I LOR STREET north and south from Middletown, east of T & O C Ry 
FAUSTINA AVENUE south from 433 Lincoln Way to Southern Avenue 

701 Stuckert Geo L: Catherine A; tG Robert, Jas D, |jAnna J 

(Agnes Christy) 5042 
707 Lamb Frank E: Mary A; Mary F, Cora Sullivan; Eunice A, 

|| Clyde E, Russell H 3440 
711 Sipangler Enoch M: Emma; || Homer E, Harold J, Russell F 

(Mrs Agnes Christy) 
111 Dickerhoff Wm A: Margaret; ||Gayloird J, Geo E, Gertrude M 
(Herman Hesche) 
Oakwood Street crosses 

800 Ulmer Geo Jir: Etta M (Chas Scroggs) 

807 Baker Omar B: Bessie R; ||Gretchen I, Donald R, Carol E 

808 Graham Delia; Earl: Ada C; fClement, Richard Jr, |jChester, 

Carl (Mrs C Gettman) 

813 Coulter Mary A; Edward E: Emma (Mrs Mary Moderwell) 

814 Myers Alice F; Clifton H (L C Feighner) 
817 Long Chas: Mary 

820 Carmean Alonzo G: Jennie A (H Dobbins) 
Osman Street crosses 

822 Gouts Edward E: Pearl P; || Marguerite P, J Robert 

837 Bellis Chas C: Grace E; ||Mary A, Ralph G, Ruby G, Lela R— 

Clayton L Earl (J L Hilborn) 5170 

838 McHenry Millard C: Retta; fGwendolyn M, ||Geneva E, Harry 

Travis: Dorothy P; || Thomas 

839 Miller Clarence L: Pearl E; j| Clyde W (Mrs A Longivorth) 

840 Haspes Chas L: Mary; t Hazel M, Howard B, || Pearl G, Mabel 

(A C Wert) 

846 Philbin Alpha E: Inez E; ||Myrna M, Alene M (W H Geiger, 

Chatfield Oj 

847 Heffelfinger Melvin C: Bertha M; Archie D McNeal: Fannie M 

(W B Cummings) 3238 
Short Street crosses 

900 Beaston John A: Ella; tEugene H 

904 Crooks Clyde C: Mildred C; || Richard D, Jeanne E (J Beaston) 

908 Conrad Edward: Harriet M; ||Beatrice E Eager (John Beaston) 



909 Metcalf Fred E: Minnie M; || Donald, Theron, Kenneth (J J 

911 (779'j Parcher Rose; Walter I, fAUison R 3234 

912 -Bowning W P: Cora; ||Nellie, Virginia (Wm L Ulmer) 3437 

913 Steele Frank: Vella; Joseph, Nelson, f Harry 3434 

916 f870J Lust John ED: Mary A; Altha M, flrvin J, Ella J, || Arthur 
J, Ida M, Grace M, Mina E 3137 
1043 Wisman Fred; Joseph L Starrier: Alice E 3334 

FISHER STREET south from 675 East Mansfield Street 

109 Spr'iggs Clement L: Kate; Donald M, M Elba (David Klein, 

Cleveland O; 
111 Lease Harry A: Nellie A; Nellie C, Mary A, || Cecilia E, Aloysius 

(C Walters) 

114 Beall J Perry: M Toinette; || Esther E, Edith V, Louisa T (G 


117 Muth Henry; John H, John Aras: Venona L (Christ Walters) 

123 Grebic Chas H: Sophia 

126 Lindner Chas H: Louise; Eda M, Hilda L 5246 
Reid Street east 

129 Keckstein Paul J: Mary; || Clementine 3392 

134 Dressier Jacob: Frederica ; ; Frank D 3292 
Dressier John: Mae E; baby girl 

135 Findling Caroline C ; Bertha C — Samuel Shiarrock 

142 Beehner C Fred: Desta A; j| Clarence W (C Oberlander) 
FRANKLIN STREET west from 871 North Sandusky Avenue to Monnett 

115 Brandstetter Gottlieb: Marie M; f Irene M, |j Marie M, Louisa G 

121 O'Melia Patrick: Ella (G Brandstetter) 

125 Bucyrus Implement Co, Threshing Machinery, J H Eaton Mgr 

125 Eaton J Harvey: Addie M; f Joseph S, ||MeIvin H 5287 

127 Christman Fred J: M Lorena; ||Wm F, Evelyn M (J H Eaton) 
133 Sandhammer Joseph J: Mary J 

135 Hildebrand Archie I: Floi E; ||Hazel A, Russell W (J H Eaton) 

136 Curley Wm: Emma; || Flossie L 

137 Rizer Osa E: Myrtle D; || Clara L, Harold L, Clarence E, Ronald 

F (J H Eaton) 

138 Oberlander Clell: Mabel; || Donald L (C A Oberlander) 

140 Oberlander Clarence A: Mary D; ||Edward A, Nina L, Gorman R, 
Leo E, Pearl M. Carl A, Robert A 3516 
FREDERICK STREET south from 409 West Oakwood Street 
FREMONT STREET south from 600 West Irving Avenue 

1015 Harrer Samuel 
Schaber Street crosses 

1103 Richley Geo J: Stella; James 
1105 Williams Pearl D: Daisy E; || Archer L 
Wilson Evelyn L, Clarence R Williams 
GALEN STREET EAST from 200 North Sandusky Avenue to Walnut Street 
East Alley crosses 

126 Trautman Geo: Delia; Geo M, Fred O 5562 

GALEN STREET WEST from 200 North Sandusky Avenue along Penna Ry 

118 Craner Mlairy J; Amanda Shupp; Cleone L, f Walter L, || Miriam 

G, D Rowena, Robert A — Martha A Coulter 5799 

122 Jones Martin L: Tirzah J; f Russell L (Louis M Reiter) 

123 Stauffer James M: Hattie I (Frank Kehrer) 

124 Hight Dennis C: Florence J — Minnie Hetrick 5678 

130 Hight Wm S: Flo L 5509 
Poplar Street crosses 

204 Oosgrove Bradford: Malta M; || Donna V (Dr Chas Ulmer) 



Galen Street West — continued. 

206 Kisor Harriet;; Paul D Miller: Bertha I; ||Clara L 3888 

208 (John HauzJaib) 

211 Brinkman Irvin: Grace; ||Mfildred, Chester 

214 Henry John E: Elizabeth L; tHarriet I, || Gilbert E, Paul J, 

Oarl J, Jolhn E — James Grapes (E Vollrath ) 

215 Schuler Arthur T: Macie; ||John C, Mary E — Ernest E, Otto A, 

Ruth, Bessie (Mrs Joseph Ropp, Warsaw Ind) 
219 Blicke Carrie (Mrs Kepplinger, Fort Wayne IndJ 
224 Kesler Elza A: Grace; ||Ruth V, Juno M, Dorothy G, Ghas J. 

Thayer A — P/resnian Jenkins: Ruby (Vollrath Estate) 5666 

227 Truka Edward W: Martha M — John Witter: Anna; Veronica, 

t Joseph, Florence, || Victor, Edward, Paul, Justina 5687 

228 Solze Jas F: Elizabeth R; ||Geo E, Lester J, Frederick J, 

Gladys I (E R BirJc) 
230 Mahley Christina G: Helen; Gertrude — Mrs Bertha Randall 
300 Reehling John P: Jeannetta E — Allen Wollard 5535 
303 Maier Geo J: Minnie; t Herman F, George J — Vaughn R Turner 

311 Hilburn Chester W: Viola D (Mrs C Wagerley) 
Davis Wm S: Hilda M; j| Dorothy E 

312 Wagerley Catherine; Wm H 

316 Faulkner Geo W: Margaret 5096 

319 Criswell Catherine C; Geo S Bell: Edna L (Geo Faulkner) 

321 Rinker John W: Marv R; Clara B, Geo A, f Edwin T 5342 

327 Keplinger Wm E: Lucinda; Arthur J: Allie I; tOrbin B, IJOryetta 

R 5144 
331 Walter Br Michael;; Fred Goebelt 5846 

GALION STREET (now called Lincoln Way) 

GAY STREET west from 423 Kaler 

316 Cosgrove Erby J: Rena J; || Emerson E, Eleanor N (R Picking) 

318 Kramer John: Mary; jjAnna, John, Herman (R Picking) 
Clark Street north 

404 Rinker Edward A: Thelma Q 

408 Hall Edgar: Maude 

412 Korb Joseph H: Bertha E (A L Holloivay) 

416 Croneis John A: Mary E; ||Richard A 

420 Hagmaier Fred: Bertha L; || Harold S 

424 Hocker Matilda; Lillie, || Bessie 

425 Streib Emanuel M. Mary K 

Thornton Anna E; Joseph W, Orin W: Ina P; pmogene 
430 Kantzer Clarence: Augusta; Anna E 
436 Sharp Alfred J: Ursula B; ||Edna M, Lois I (M Nusbaum <C J 

444 Munz Jacob: Katherine; Carrie R 3760 
450 Ryan Geo E: Bertha M; |l Barbara M 
Ridge Avenue north 

520 Moore Daniel: Mary 

526 Moore .lefferson D: Edith M; ||M Pearl, A John (H Hershey) 

GEORGE STREET north from 440 North Railroad Street 

GIAUS STREET west from 731 North Sandusky Avenue 

113 (100,) Carmcan Arzona S: Lulu J ; John W, tEva M, Alva W, ||Hazel 
H, Samuel R, Gilbert, Helen H, Marguerite L 3715 

117 Lambrigiht Frank: Emma; |l Everett, Martha (David Shieber) 

120 Ryder Parmly H: Elizabeth W; ||Virginia E 5684 

121 (2\) Morrison Wm A: Mary C; Edmund A— tTony Couts (Wm 

Drexel) 3815 

123 (33; Herrick Harold C: Lou H; || Forrest I (C H Dingle) 

124 Crall Emmelt C: Vera; II Anna E 


125 (35) Walter John W: Una L; Carolyn D, Carl F 5483 
131 Prettyman Jacob H: Minnie; G Albert 5261 

GRACE STREET south from 403 W Rensselaer Street to Warren Street 

219 Rustsom Albert: Eliza S; Raymond G, fDouglas A (Geo White) 

225 White Geo M: Myrtle 5615 

GROVE AVENUE south from 319 West Oakwood to Southern Avenue 

850 Sand Michael K: Elizabeth M; || Irene H, Laverne, Edwin E, 

Rayiwond, Kathryn M, Barbara. E (Wm Witter) 
854 Taylor Wm M: lna M; jjElsa L 

Euclid Avenue crosses 

925 Schaenzlin Frederick C: Mary D 

HALL STREET north from 658 East Mansfield Street 

135 Patterson Fred E: Mayme; || Margaret M, Angela C (J Gaa) 5778 
139 Kaupp Gebhard: Anna M; Joseph H. f Theresa M, Karl G 5701 

HARPER AVENUE south from East Rensselaer to Warren along Penna Short 
Line Ry 
211 Oppenlander John A: Caroline 

HARRIS AVENUE south from 801 Galion Street 

919 Farrell John V: Amelia M; t James R, || Bernard J, Richard V, 

Edward M (Mr Raiser) 
924 Gregory Ida A; James F Melcher: Battle P; || Gordon L, Myron 

C (Lena Melcher) 

927 (9S7) Burwell David: Matilda (Melvin Burmell) 

928 (John Pfeifer) 

932 (124J Wilson Frank C: Minnie A; !| Gladys M, Glenn N, Flossie I 

(Mrs Delia Pifer) 

933 Mahlie Ghas: Pauline B; t Ernest L, ||Garl C 

HIGH STREET north from Wilber Street, crossing Plymouth Street at 524 

525 McBridc Stephen M: Bessie S 
Cleland Avenue crosses 

HIGHLAND AVENUE NORTH from 748 E Mansfield Street 

115 Townsend Ohias E: Jennie G (Mrs W Harkness, Columbus,) 

119 Frank Adam J: Sophia M; ||Carl L, Harry E, Laroy J, Frederick 

P, Esther M 

125 (Maude Waldon) 
Lauck Street crosses 

204 Derfler Emma M Mrs — John Becket — Harold Sawyer 5163 

206 Bartz Otto C: Alice M; || Harold O (Fred Bartz) 

210 Buller James W: Sadie J; ||Mahlon A, Sarah M, Mary P, V 

Alice (W A McBride) 3579 
214 Barciis Andrew: Elizabeth; || Andrew, Joe, Steve, Louis (G 
HIGHLAND AVENUE SOUTH from 748 East Mansfield Street 

116 Laipply Clara; Frank F: Stella M; ||Mahlon J, Laura L, Ray- 

mond C 

120 Foulk David H: Sophia H; Ora G, tSelina R, |jMary H 

126 Dreher A Frederick: Daisy M; || August L, Mary E 5094 
Reid Street crosses 

213 Uhl Maggie A; || Hazel P, E May, Harriet A, Edward E, Donald L 
Penna Ry crosses, Rensselaer Street west, Warren, Hull and Woodlawn cross 

615 Freeze Chas A: Ellen M 
HILL STREET west from 705 North Sandusky Avenue 

116 Meyer John C: Edwin B: Anna M, tJohn C 5035 
J C Meyer & Sou, Ice Dealers 5035 

124 Helmbold Louis: Oharlotta; Gustave — 1| Edwin Fetcher 5529 

135 Thornton Austin E: Pearl M (Sarah Ulmer) 

136 Kloepfer Karl W: May T 


Hill Street — continued. 

139 Hartmian Chas: Elizabeth; f Gertrude E, Adelbert H ||Helen J 
(Mrs Sarah Ulmer) 

200 ToUas John L; Elizabeth 5639 

201 Couts Harry H: Emma M; |j Gerald B, Cleo R 3590 

208 Spade Ernest D: Mary A; ||Marie S, Marguerite F, Julius F, 
Beatrice C 
Willard Street north 

300 Knisely Lewis A: Anmetta 

301 f207; Robertson Volney J: Sevilla R; fD Jay, || Julia L, Roy V, 

Rachel S, Paul W, Dorothy B, Mary J, Florence L, Arthur 
L, baby boy (Joseph Mollenkopf) 

302 Shaley Herman J: Esther M; || Grant C, Ernest H, Esther V 

(Fred Sens) 

303 Miose Joseph F: Lillie; ||Miary B, Frederick L, Rose L (Mary 


311 Wilson Hylen E: Lottie M; fMargaret R, ||Oorinne L, Viola E, 

Zellamena (Mrs Brumenshank) 

312 Etsinger Bena; Wm: Elsie; jlChas W, Mary L, Richard E 

314 f239J crills Chas C: Mary W ' 5480 

315 Bieber Gust F: Mary E; ||L Frederick, Esther E, John A, Ruth I 

(J W McCarron) 
HULL AVENUE east from Kearsley Street 

830 Goard Lemar C: Mary P; || Alice A. (A G Stoltz) 
INEZ STREET south from 831 East Mansfield Street 
Reid Street crosses 

217 Borhman Wm: Nettie; f Tiros, || Herman, John 
IRON STREET south from 503 East Mansfield Street to Charles Street 

116 Coder Emerson E: Ida V (Nelson Shunk) 

121 fill; Hall Ervin N: Ida J (Wm Mader) 

122 Kanode Harry B: Carrie M; j| Irene A, John D, Woodrow, baby 


Rensselaer Street crosses 

208 Mark Lloyd M: Nellie (Cora Bogen) 

210 McMahon Elizabeth K, Mrs Anna M Stork;; f Bessie m 

Warren Street crosses 

310 f503; Hoy Edward C: Elizabeth M, Gustavus F Kline, Wm E, 

Oliver E (Anna d- Antoinette Schott) 

311 f312j Baker Lucy; Willis: Rose (Chas Aumiller) 3610 

313 ("314 ) Armstrong Robert P: Emma C; t Harry F (Chas Aumiller) 

IRVING STREET EAST from 898 North Sandusky Avenue 

130 The Ryder Brass Foundry Co, Brass, Bronze & Aluminum Cast- 
ing's, P H Ryder Secy-Treas-Mgr 5274 

133 Schell John: Rebecca 3620 

139 Bippus Fred: Eliza; Calvin L, John F 
Wingert Street south 

210 Grim I Roy: L Hazel; j| Dorothy H, Wm R (Alfred Leuthold) 

230 Ream Geo W: Sophia; tlrvin E — Arthur Shiffer 
Maple Street south, Elm Street south 

415 Grim Peter^Sadie L Black; [| Grace M (A Shifter) 
High Street crosses, Sherman Street crosses, Teddy Avenue north 

812 Nungesser Edward, Emanuel D: Miinnie M; || James M, Mildred 
M — Mrs M Catherine Strong (A S Leuthold) 

824 Cobun Albert N: Mary E (A S Leuthold) 

IRVING STREET WEST from 898 North Sandusky Avenue to Tiffin Road 
104 Seibert Wm: Emma; Florian (John Schell) 
108 Quaintance Milton J: Florence D; ||C Marie, Mildred M, J 

Russell, Esther E (M W Biggs) 
113 Assenheimer Sophia M ; ||Marian B — Thos H Powers 5851 
116 Ridenour J Roy: Agatha G (Wm Miller) 



122 Linn Washington G: Honorah A . 5363 
Dean Street north 

123 Heitzman John: Mary C 

129 Elink Sarah M; John C Ackerman: Meta E 
Monnett Street north, Wifllard Street 1 north, Orra Street north 
420 Powers James: Bertha 
500 Brenner W Edward: Emma J — -Amanda Hara 5159 

JAMES STREET north from 502 West Mary Street to Perry 
309 Desch Ghas F: Elizabeth 
311 Breymaier Stephen: Bertha; W Arthur 5091 

317 Endslow David A: Amelia 

318 Hoelzel Fred W: Cora A; || Florence E, Edwin C, James F, Chas 

W, Edith E, Robert F 
Rear Fred W Hoelzel, Cigar Factory No 36, 10th District 

319 Shultz Arnern T: Clara; ||Thelma A, Florence E, Victor B (Jos 

324 Jahraus Elsie M, fWm, || Alfred, Arthur, Ghas A Donnenwirth: 
Clara C; || Dorothea L 

328 Breymaier August H: Cora M; || Helen M (Geo Dinkle) 

329 Miller James K; Francis L 

JOHN STREET east from 1015 Lincoln Way 


Shrader Wm M: Ella C;; || Harry Altner (Marion Davis) 

Cross Street north 

201 Wilson Rush: Anina; || Robert C, 

205 Odell Frank F: Ella J; John F, 

207 Scott Nathan T: Etta — fZella 

211 Gelbaugh Philip 

Chester C, Delbert H 

|| Guy L 


JOHNSTON STREET south from 731 Woodlawn Avenue 

419 Hill Wm W: Emma; l|Chas H, Clyde L, Ida M (Anna Riehl) 

420 Kinder Michael L: Cora; fJas N, Dora A, Sophia V, Helen P 

(Mrs T Hammer) 

422 (Mrs Sims) 

423 Robinson Herbert G: Susan M; ||M Marie, Harry H, Jas O, 

Dorothy I (Anna Foulk) 

428 Norton Chester K: Daura A; Chester C (Ghas Long) 

429 Reed A Ross: Ada A; || Audrey A, Carleton A — Nicholas GenK> — 

Frank Gematto 

432 Hackett John J: Margaret; Jas T, Raymond J, ||Leo F, Catherine 

C, Margaret (M Lewis Aigt) 

433 Miller Rachel; Harry, Albert— 1| Molly (Anna Riehl) 

436 Kinder Florence; Benjamin — Mrs Margaret McGowen (John 

439 Myers Robert P; Harry F: Gertrude E; || Eugene C 3480 

440 Lyons Ghas E: Ida M; fMelvin, Garvin, ||Imo, Bruce Lyons, 


441 McGowan Levi 

445 Ulmer Geo: Anna M; ||Jas C, Milton H (Geo Stuckert) 5796 

Rear Miller & Ulmer, Broom Factory 

450 Catelli Paul: Laura (John Groneis) 

454 Yanka Peter: Margaret; fEiva F, Wentz P, Maggie Tolario; jjson 

458 Fickel F Marion: Margaret Ei; John A, Lawrence, Bertha M 
(John Groneis) 

540 Cox Ora E: Matilda M; || Alfred E, Riclhard E, Marian L, Myron M 

550 Imperial Hoop Co, J J Hewit Propr & Mgr 5611 
JONES STREET south from 623 East Warren 
East Charles Street west, Woodlawn Avenue crosses 

502 f202J Myers Ray D: Clara D (Mrs Alex Fate) 

504 f202; McBride Harry S: Ethel M; !|Thelma B (Frank Ewalt) 

506 Frank L Ewalt, Barber Shop 
Ewalt Frank L 


Jones Street — continued. 

508 ^204; Walter Prank E: Alice C; || Bertha M, Isabell A, Arthur F 

(Frank Ewalt) 
512 C F Bonebrake, Cement Blocks & Plaster 5414 
550 The Pate-Lea Handle Co, N H Lea Propr 5557 
Lucas Street crosses 

JUMP STREET north from Penna Ry, crossing West Mary Street at 601 

205 Miller Wilson A: Martha J; Chas E Shanks: Maude M; HGeo M, 

Martha M 3217 

206 Riddle Clarence F: Ella L; || Ralph W, Walter E 
212 McGee Wm C: Louise; ||E Eleanor (Rose Schaenlin) 

Mary Street crosses 

302 Drexel John M: Barbara; jRuth Pugh, Georgia Bursh 3454 

309 Stahl Mary G; J Fred 

311 Rein Augusta E; Arthur, Herman A, Raymond, tHerbert, 

llWilbert J 3784 
314 McGuire John F: Josephine; iJHelen M (John Drexel) 3585 

316 Marz Louisa R; Karl F, f Albert F 

317 Pinyerd Uriah R: Eda C; iJMelvina E (Ed Rinker) 
321 linger Andrew. Louisa; Wm, Philipina 

328 Breisinger Chas: Julia (Charlotte Seiser) 
Perry Street crosses 

410 Breisinger Carl E: Anna J; liRobert W (Chas Breisinger) 

430 Breisinger & Son, Brick Manufacturers 5551 

435 f601j Oberlander Frank H: Gertrude M 
Ann Street west 

KALER AVENUE south from 312 West Charles Street to Southern Avenue 

401 Seeger Wm E: Elizabeth B; IjGeo M, Wilma E, Eleanor 1 5720 

415 Lutz Wm H: Ella F (W B Cummings) 3326 

418 Adams Lester W: Emma; || Flossie W 3781 

421 Taylor A Catherine; || Harold A, Pauline E — Jacob Stair (Chas 

423 Kramer Jacob A: Charlotta; fHelen, |! Martha 

Cay Street west 

430 Mayer Jacob 

435 Public School (see Roster; 

436 Wilcox Geo W: Myrtle A; ||Imo B, Ralph P, Floerene V. James 

E (O Walton) 
446 Broughton Mrs Emaline (0 J Walton) 
450 Schott Otto: Maude; ||Paul L, Robert 

456 Adams Frank: Gertrude; tForrest, Eva 

457 Relnn John G: Dora B; fEdwin R. Stella R. Ruth M, l| Lester C. 

Alice I, Thelma V, Alberta B 
463 (Chas Picking) 

467 McGoniga.nn Mrs Rebecca (Chas Picking) 

468 Bush Rufus A: Hannah E (P Bonin) 

472 Bonin Peter: Emma M; Luther E. Emma H M. Harlan A. Esther 
L. |lFranldn P, Viola V, Eleanor V 5522 
Liberty Street east 

481 Kent Edward. Gideon. Walter 3226 

498 Schott John: Mary; Chas J, Lawrence E. Antoinette V. Anna M, 
Jennie. Margaret L 5262 

501 Witter Louis F: Amanda S; tEdwin J, || Harry H. Carrie A 5378 
Wise Street west 

502 Aidt Herman H: Emma R: ; ||Bernice E Charleston 
505 Schott John: Caroline J; tCiara M. || James L 5256 

509 Schott Anthony J: Frances M; tLouis J. Victor J 

516 Kern Harry G: Callie C; Rhoda M. t Mildred G. ||Gladys G. Ruth 

L. Harry G Jr (L W Adams) 

517 Rilling .John: Catherine; ||Geo, Martha L. Kuth E — Richard G 

Koskenbader 3202 


521 Bever Michael J: Emma (A J Schott) 

527 Bauer Anna C; Harry Streib: Barbara C; ||Karl J 

531 Aidt Chas: Mary M 

532 Strieker Chas F: Anna M 

535 Desenberg Richard H: Ida M; tOhas A Roelle, Irene M, Lucile 

M, || Jas E, Leroy, Catherine E, Maria J Desenberg, Richard A 

537 Stahl Ohrist, Geo L: Mary M; fMarguerite M, Florence T, 

|| Esther C, Lawrence F, Clemence G, Carl A 
545 Gegenheimer Catherine; Wm F, Ernest P, Xlda R 
551 Guthman Magdalena Mrs 
-#59 Harriger Olive M ; |0 Ruth Fowler 
580 Nussbaum Victor: Pluma; || Harold M, Marian E, Howard V 
Oakwood Avenue east 

625 Welder W Chas: Laura; || Perry f Oakwood Cemetery Assn) 5150 
645 The Oakwood Cemetery, Chas Weller Supt 
Euclid Avenue east 

KEARSLEY STREET south from 723 East Warren to Woodlawn Avenue 

329 Bowker Harris C: Laura M; ||Clus C, Elliott H (J L Assen- 

331 Benedict Samuel G: Myrtle E; || Samuel S, Ariel L, John J, M 

333 Keller Jas G: Emma L; || Florence L, Nlina M, Julia L, Jas D 

(J L Assenheimer) 
335 Bartz F A Jr: Pearl M (J L Assenheimer) 

KING STREET north from 632 East Mansfield Street 

110 Tustison A Wesley: Cynthia E 

LANE STREET NORTH from 252 East Mansfield Street to Plymouth Street 

111 Schurr Mrs Mary A, Mrs Matilda L Scheidegger — Lycurgus 

Reid — Samuel Steel — Lauren Beer (Mrs Lucy Bland) 
121 Metzger John: Emma B; || Mil ton J, Chester 5233 
South Railroad Street crosses, Penna Ry crosses 

165 Pennsylvania Ry (P Ft W & C) Freight Depot, F M Eakin Agt 

North Railroad Street crosses 

200 The Roehr Co, Lumber & Planing Mill, S A Leuthold Secy-Treas- 

Mgr 5625 
215 Yolk Mrs Sadie— Emma Kaffenberger 5862 
217 Grim Mrs Silver— Fred J Hiser: Zella 5597 
219 E O Liebich, Cigar Factory No 40, 10th District (H Yolk) 

Parish Geo — David Sachs 
226 Haala Lena; Carl J, Lawrence, Frederick, fEdward, jj Joseph, 

Francfe — Chas Gabriel 3749 
228 Oharton Earl L: Eva M— Cecil Hurlbut: Charlotte— John Spaid 

(Lena Haala) 
230 Arnold Elizabeth; Anna Heckenhauer ; Lillian F, Geo F 
Mary Street east 

300 Dreher Otto N: Anna M; ||V Bernice (Anna Heckenhauer) 

304 Noblit Isaac: Ida J 

306 Hagmeyer Catherine; Wm: Rose; ||Chas 

309 Beran Joseph J: Emma A; || Marie A, Helen M, Bernadine I, 

Paul J (G Habemessel) 
315 Sukup John; Marie M (O Yollrath) 
317 Hancock Emma A; Frank G, f Loral J, ||Mervin A (Mrs L 

Prindle, Wash D C> 

319 Lewis Harriet A; Lucy A, Irenaeus N, ||Anna H, J Albert — Frank 

Kessler (Mrs Lydia Prindle, Wash D C) 

320 Oassaro Paulina; || Victor A, Edith R, Robert N — Fred Pfleidner 

(Mrs F Hagmeyer) 
Sandusky River crosses 


Lane Street North — continued. 

340 (203; Trego L Dixon: Nettie M; f Clarence O Howell, Florence 
M, || Hazel M, Mary B, Harry D, Hattie I (W R Harris) 
Clinton Street east 

346 Guhis Louis: Mary; || Victor, Louis, Mary (Geo Crawford) 
354 Walter Jacob J: Martha F; Frances E — Jas R Kingston: Gert- 
rude 3491 
Skelton Edward, fClyde, Jeanette 3491 
360 Gabriel Franz: Theresa; Mary 

364 Deppler John: Christina; Edith M (Mrs M Krumbach) 
368 Smith Martin: Anna M; John, Elizabeth Payne; ||Frank, Flor- 
Water Street east 

400 Patton John 8: Addie M;- f Leister P, Cecil L, || Elizabeth R, J 

Chesney, Henry G, Geo O, Nellie M, A Reel 
406 Pfeifer David J: Elliziabetih ; ||Earl D — Geo Rodecker: Hazel 
410 Perritt John: Anna; IJMathew, Joe, Santo, Samuel 
419 Stahl J Julius: Christina; || Frederick, Julia, Amelia 
427 Feteher Louis, Louisa Unger; f Stella R, ||Ervin H 
450 Shunk Frank R: Violet; Mabel M, Samuel T (Kearsley Estate) 
Blicke Street crosses 

503 Shorts Sheridan: Helen 
Heller Mrs Mary 5813 

504 Vollrath Wm E: Martha E; j|Leo G, Harry E, Isabell J (W A 


511 Hieber Reuben E, Sophia, Benj G: Salome; tEdgar M, ||Ruth S 


512 Myers Jacob K: Louise C; Ida B, Macie E 5134 

518 Parsel Frank D: Gusita A; ||Delbert L, Orin F, Irma L, Norman 
W, Lloyd A (R E Heiber) 3391 

523 Leuthold Alfred 8: Hattlie D; |l Emerson P, Warren K, Ruth K 


524 Topper Wm S: Martha E; f Catherine e, Augustus A, Mary G, 

II Margaret G, Lawrence L (S Frazee) 
532 Williams Emma L; Bessie L, Georgia E, Harry F 
534 Bull Geo A: Maude M; ||D'Esta F 5337 
538 Miauck Cletus B: Elizabeth; j| Dorothy M (A 8 Leuthold) 

Miauck David E: Effie B; 1 1 Catherine E, Virginia M 
540 Hawk L Wm: Nanna J; ||H Fraise, Alice L (A 8 Leuthold) 
546 (556; Topper & Adams, Grocery (A 8 Leuthold) 5189 

Adams Joseph: Annie; || Elizabeth, Augustus 
554 Pollock David G: Bertha M; ||Robert R (Ida Myers) 

LANE STREET SOUTH from 252 East Mansfield Street to Woodlawn Avenue 
116 Keller Rev Frederick H: Anna M; ||Howard A, Ralph C (8t 

Johns Parsonage) 3755 
119 Kuntz Ohas H: Klathryn (Al Hahn) 
Rensselaer Street crosses 

209 Menninger John: Matilda J; Edward J G, Delia, f Helen, IJNorma 

212 Smith Oren G: M&ryetta; ||Thos B (H 8 Blair) 5074 
Warren Street crosses 

310 Wiarren Rev Leroy A: Mary M; Carrie M (Christian Parsonage) 

320 Gebhardt Louisa; Carl F 5607 
Charles Street crosses 

406 Dunn Geo D: Lova M; f Naomi e 
412 Mader Harry E: Harriet; IjChas F (M Seibel) 5268 
414 McFarren Harvey G: Georgia M 5873 
Gogan Elihu H: Z Fern (M Seibel) 
LAUCK STREET east from Hall, 1st north of Mansfield Street 


LAWN STREET east from 1505 North Sandusky Avenue 
110 Cheroke Adam: Esther; ||Mike, Martha, Ohas 

LIBERTY STREET EAST from 500 South Sandusky Avenue to Rogers Street 
112 Hauslaib John: Lulu 
116 Ebert Mrs Dorothy 

Walnut Street crosses 

LIBERTY STREET WEST from 501 South Sandusky Avenue to Kaler Avenue 
115 Korb David: Ida M (Br G W Grant) 5878 

Geiger Wm: Hazel A 
119 Ash Ohas H: Flora (Mrs Caroline Ash) 
South Poplar Street crosses 

218 Cteborn John E: Adda I; j|Owen .0 (Geo Yolk) 3419 
223 Linser Geo A: Matilda C; tEdgar A, ||Hilda M (Kleindinst 
Spring Street crosses 

316 Desenberg Isaac N: Ada; f Ralph V, ||Udell R, Marguerite L 
(P Bonin) 

LINCOLN WAY southeast from intersection of Walnut Street and Woodlawn 
Avenue (formerly called Galion Street) 
222 Messner Margaret G ; Martha J, Jessie J, Jay J 
225 Beetham Wm N: Emma — f Frederick Marragan 5633 

228 Ulmer Wm L: Elizabeth 

229 Gerhart August L: OUIie F; ||Clayton E (N B Wert, Sulphur 

Springs ) 

233 Hoselton Harry: Cora B; Margaret R 
Rogers Street south 

300 First Evangelical Church ("see Roster; 

320 Paulin Rev Emery D: Alice M; |jRuth N (Evangelical Parson- 
age) 5821 

318 Gelbaugh Ohas E: A Bell; Wilbur H (L C Feighner) 

328 Klaiss Aaron S: Anna L; Edith L, fJ Robert (The Misses Jen- 
ner, Ada O) 5898 

331 Morgan Wm H: Ida M; Harry W, fChais J 

333 Gibson Andrew H: Lettie J 

334 Ruse Orla A: Lena B (Harry Bogen) 

335 (John Geiger, Chatfield o; 
Lucas Street crosses, East Street crosses 

403 Brinkman Daniel F: Ella; tLucille M, ||Ellwood, Woodrow 5188 
Taylor Berftrude G: Lorena E; ||Luella A, girl (J G Mader Es- 
407 Kahl Chris: Delia A; f Ethel D, ||C Majena (Mader Estate) 5571 
422 Fritz Mrs Effie J 
425 Park Wm C: Anna J; |j Grace M, Willis O, Alfred J (Mrs Agnes 

428 Sargel H Christ: Louise; Irene C, Edward A, Roy A 5088 
Aurora Street north 

433 Christy Agnes; G Murray Lidy: Agnes; || Murray C 5081 
Faustina Avenue north 

440 Baker John T: Malvina M — Jas H McCormick (R Sears) 

451 Haines Clarence U: Nellie; ||Lilah F ( H C Sargel) 

452 Kennedy Thos M: Junice E; || Evelyn L, F Bernice 5382 

453 Swank Joseph E: Anna B; 1| Donald B, Ethel I (H C Sargel) 
Oakwood crosses 

475 Kiess Wm C: Sarah E; Bessie B 5308 
Prospect Street crosses 

506 McManus Martin J: Nora; John M, Louis R Fritz: Grace M 
(Earl Smith, Sidney O) 3433 

509 f609j Eakin Frank M: Eleanor N (John Farquhar) 5559 

515 Oberlander Gurney H: Lillie W; ||Hazel B (Albert Stoltz) 3333 

515!/2 Gwinner Rosa; ; Flossie M (Albert Stoltz) 
Penna Short Line crosses 


Lincoln Way — continued. 

602 Whitmire Ralph W: Myrtle B; Dale H, fFern S 

604 f540J Pox Henry M: Octa L; t Mildred I (Andy Shallemlller) 6347 

605 f908; (Mrs Agnes Christy) 

606 Rehm Albert K: Kate; tKarl W 
Clay Street crosses 

700 Borts Claude D: Maude E, Grover C Nelson 

701 Starner Wm F: Susan E; S Gordon — Turok Baum: Ruth; 

||Robert R 5419 

730 Walter Albert J: Samantha A; Roy E (Gilbert Lowmlller) 3233 

731 Bauer Peter: Anna C; Walter E, Emma P, j|Blanche 
737 Trout Clyde: Myrtle; || Mabel M, Owen D 3431 
Rear Kerr Mrs Martha 

739 Coulter Geo W: Emlma R; tGeo R, Elden, || Gladys M 5646 
Harris Avenue south 

740 McKinley John W: Mina L; || Jamie W, Culver W, Margaret A, 

Harold K ( Sallle Lelghtner) 5672 
744 McKeehen Milton M: Minnie; || Evelyn M — tCarl V — tJohn 
Turk (Mrs M Beech, Winchester O^ 5086 

800 Hunter John W: S Ida; 1J Harold, H Mildred, || Marie V, J Wm 

(Mrs M Beech, Winchester O) 

801 Melcher Mrs Lena — Gordon Coverett — Arthur Payne — Fred 

Bauer — David Aller — Russell Lumbard — Ollie Hollinger 5758 

804 (ISA) Rogers Mary; Pearl S Culver: Fucia; |]Gail, C Rogers (Mrs 

B Heller) 5895 

805 Martin Ralph: Stella; || Harry, Elnora (Mrs John Ebert) 
807 Smith Rollo C: Minnie A; || Harlan R. Gerald E baby girl 

817 Noyes Geo F: Bertha M; || Hubert F, Leeor A, Gladys V, baby 
girl — Jas Coleman (W C Burwell) 

823 Frey Allen O: Helena; || Elizabeth A, Drusilla A (W Chambers) 

824 Kelly Mfg Co, Burial Vaults & Water Supply Systems (Thos 

F Kelly ProprJ 5332 
T & O C Ry crosses, Southern Avenue crosses 

1015 Mollenkopf Edward C: Catherine A; || Joseph J, Clifford E, 
Agnes L, Emanuel R (Ed Gibson) 
John Street east 

1135 Stelnhelfer Edward: Ora 

1140 Frost Philip: Blanche; || Howard V, Viola M, M Marie, Daniel 
J, Mary A (W F Fail) 
Whetstone Street north 

LUCAS STREET EAST from 522 South Sandusky Avenue 

117 Bair David H: Maude (J F Schuler) 
Walnut Street crosses 

212 Kerr Jessie E; j|John M, Harold D. Donald R (Wm Sheckler) 

214 O'Leary Arthur W: Maldred F (Sehlcber Bros) 

215 Tapling Frank E: Elizabeth; Nelle R 3365 
Rogers Street crosses 

301 Flohr D Frank: Orlena A; IWayland A, j| Wilbur L, Helen E, 

Ellsworth W 5848 

309 Gerard Benolt F: Anna M; Clementine M, |]Marjorie G 5560 

313 Neumann Geo W: Laura E; fMartha M, || Louise E, Geo W 5282 

316 Hiieber Christina; Bertha (J Leifer) 3342 

318 Kuehm Irwin R: Pearl C (Eva L Morgan) 

319 Brown Eva, Davis; tRaymond A, Ruth E, Dorthea M 5703 

320 Briggs Wm B: Alice — Neva Orahood (John Geiger, Chatfield 0>> 
323 Auck Samuel E: Lula V; || Carol E, Donald K. Wilma J 5027 
325 Sclilefer Geo W 5705 

327 Oehm Rose; Laura 
329 Bradley Oiven L: Gertrude A 5062 
331 Kless Joseph F: I Elnora 3444 
East Street crosses. Lincoln Way crosses 


421 Stuckert Adam: Caroline; t Arthur L 3355 

422 Stetzer Chas: Eva M; j|Luella G (Miss E Sheckler) 3155 

423 Bacon Frances £7/ -Elba E 3455 

425 Sheckler Emily 

426 Brown Jonas H: Elizabeth; Anna M, jEdwin L, Walter J, 

!! Verona P, Freeman G 

427 Fitzer J as R ; John S: N Maude; [[Frederick J 5059 

432 Deaveir Ezra C: Angeline D; Ray C, fCarl C (Mrs Mary Shock) 

438 Thornton Oscar E : A Ipha A ; Mary L, tNellie L 5166 

439 Huson Chas N: Mamie E; t Wilbur E, ||Georgetta G 5341 

442 Smith Wm H: Lucy; fEarl 5215 

443 Winzenieid Arthur E: Lulu; || Hazel M, Ora A 5392 
Prospect Street crosses 

515 Haycock Chas C: Bertha; J! Harold, Eidith, Thelma, Chas E (Mrs 

R V Sears) 5251 

516 Donnenwirth Louis E: Ruth B (F B Donnenwirth) 

517 Gibbs Carleton: Ethel E; || Prances L, L Poster, Zetta O (Mrs 

R V Sears) 
521 Whetstone Emil F: Frances M; IIRussell F, Roland F, Ivan K, 
Marie L (Alice Sears) 5148 
LUCAS STREET WEST from 523 South Sandusky Avenue 

104 Peters Fairy S; f Rowland R (Sam Rorick) 
Riggs Laura 

120 (527; Ballinger Chas F: Bessie; J|John T, baby boy (Mayme Reber) 
Poplar Street crosses 

207 Schaff John: Alice (Sam Rorick) 

208 Boyer Chas M: Bertha F; ||Beulah B, Ruth I (Mayme Rebcr) 

215 (219) Ehrick Wm F: Virginia; ||N'orine T (Mrs J L Fisher) 

216 (216) Norton Arthur F: Lillian; j|Edwin (Mrs Otto Ehrick) 

Ehrick Harry C: Mabel B; || Thelma N, Robert H 

217 (211) Shemer Earl A: Rhea I (Mrs J L Fisher) 
221 (215) Black Ross B: Myrtle M (Mrs J L Fisher) 

Spring Street crosses 

319 Davis Chas G: Carrie A; jjLeota E (James Henry) 

321 Walton Ora J 
MAIN STREET (see Marion Road) 

105 W E Seeger, Barber Shop (J Gerlach Agt; 5114 

107 (J Gerlach AgU 

110 Crawford County Court House (see Roster,) 
113 Auck Bros, Real Est, Insurance, Loans & Surety Bonds, Notaries 
Public 5451 
Startsman & Feiring, Laundry 5423 
Walnut Street crosses 

201-209 Opera Block (Vollrath Estate, E R Birk AgU 

201 Birk Bros, Drugs & Wall Paper 5216 

202 Bucyrus Public Library, Vera A Price Librarian 

203 Opera House Table Supply Store, Tracht & Lutz Proprs 5276 
205 New Opera Pool Room, S R Phillips Propr 

207 Thos Jesson, Books, Stationery & Magazines 5636 

1-2 Scroggs & Monnett, Attorneys 5305 

W L Monnett, Justice of the Peace 5305 

The Home Mutual Fire Assn, w L Monnett, Secy 

3-4 The Crawford County Farmers Mutual Fire Insurance Co, 
Emanuel Sohieber Secy 5613 

1-8 Vacant 

9-10 Col Edward Vollrath, Attorney 5138 
Headquarters 8th Ohio Inf, O N G 5138 

Vollrath Opera House, Wm Garick Mgr 

Third Floor Opera Hall (see Roster,) 


Mansfield Street East — continued. 

210 Post Office Block (P J Carroll) 
210 U S Post Office fsee Roster; 

Second Floor Wm Unger, Architect & Engineer 5604 
Chas A Guiss, Civil Engineer 5604 
John B Steifel, Insurance 5604 
Van Voor/his Jack— Chas A Guiss 

215 Harris Geo W: Isabelle R; Warren D — ||Geo Judson — Harry E 

Startsman: Anna C — J Straughn Hall 5002 

216 Niews Forum Block (P J Carroll) 

- The Bucyrus Publishing Go, Lank M Smith Pres-Genl Mgr 5008 
M R Lewis, Real Est & Insurance 5617 
Chlas F Matthew, Abstracts, Bonds, Real Est & Life Insurance 

1-2 The Ohio Locomotive Crane Co, C F Michael Secy & Office 
Mgr 5021 

3 The Broken Swiord Stone Co, F J Quilter Supt & Secy 5824 

4 Finley & Gallinger, Attorneys 5620 
West Street crosses 

224 Robinson Jas H: Louise; Minnie N 5448 

225 Bucyrus Fire Department, W F Mader Chief 5145 
Heckenauer Wm 

230 Pfleiderer John D: Elizabeth; Hiarry C, Floyd W, tEstella, 
Murrey (J A Wirth) 5160 

232 Bower Lewis: Ida R — 

233 Young Men's Christian Assn, H G McFarren Secy 5078 

(1) Mart N Gear — Edwin Hughes — (2) Arnold Lenz — (3) Joseph 
A Bierry— (5) Geo C Bartlett— (6) Harry L Harmon— f7J 
Daniel J Reber — (8) Samuel Benson — (2) Al H Clark — fli; 
Levi Traoht— ao; Geo Slherer— fl2J fWm Jesson— (Id) 
Ray Steinhelfer— (15) Thos Reber— fl6; P G Kurtz— (11) 
Rankin Zerckel— ^18; Earl c Boyd— fl9J Frank Bird— f20J 
Ivan Eppley — Russell G Keller — (2,3) Lo/ren A Steinmetz — 
( — ) Arthur Becker — (21) John Petrall 
236 The Peoples Savings & Loan Co, A J Richards Secy 

Ohio Farmers Insurance Co, A J Richards Agt 
238 Jesson Thos: Lillian P; tWm A, Marian E— Geo W Hoover 5294 
240 Sherman Sarah; Wm S Gearing: Bertha I; ||Roland W (C J 

243 Gerster Johannah; Chas V Goodrich: Christina; t Marvel I — 

Rev W S Rae (Carrie Hoffman, N Y, W Farquhar Agt; 5459 

244 Herter Chas M: Blanche — Alice Streib (Mrs 8 Steivart) 
248 Smith James (Mrs S Steivart) 5735 

252 Bland Dr Jerome: Lucy M; Fred A Mathew: Alice B — Mrs 

Harriet Yawger 5269 
255 Carlisle Dr W Glenn: Edith K 
Lane Street crosses 

300 Fairchild Gale G: Mae (Mrs Jas C Steivart) 
Griffith Chas: Grace E; ||C Wm 
Myers Frank R: Zoe; ||Evaline — Mrs Lena May 

308 Stewart Jas C: Susan J 

309 Elks Home 

312 Smith Thos C: Sarah A 

314 Lightner Sarah A — Lawrence Newhouse — Samuel Phillips 
McConahy G W; Mamy, tEdna 

318 McMichael Mary A; Bessie C — Lorenza D Wilford 5397 

319 Shunk Nelson F: Margaret— tHelen L Zeller 5436 

322 Mader Louisa C— Mrs Marie H Horsch (Wm Mader) 5047 

323 Elberson Clem V: Neah D; || Margaret R (Wm Sauer) 5321 
325 Sauer Wm: Alida F;; tEthel Arbuckle 5430 

East Street crosses 


400 Barth Fred J: Jane K 5158 

402 Franz Almira M; Millie A (F J Barth) 5280 

403 Barrett Harry A: Alice M (Henry Wyss) 

404 Lewis Milton R: Gertrude T; Lucile S (F J Barth) 5853 

405 Wyss Henry A: Isa P 

409. Ensminger Susan; Alberta (H A Wyss) 

410 Cook Philip: Mary A; Bessie E, tEtihel M 3851 

412 Wirth Horsey. Niina; || Natalie 

413 Sipeasmaker Mrs Melissa — Mrs Regina Hauslaib — Wm Logson 

(Jacob Teuscher) 5298 

417 Davis Tililie; ||Obas (Ed Fisher) 

418 (Geo Ruhl) 
421 (N F Shunk) 

426 Ruhl Geo 8: Nettie C; Prank M: Arlene 5492 

427 Kehrer Geo J: Bessie W; ||J Robert, Geo P (N Shunk) 5549 

430 Ruhl Carriage Works, Geo S Ruhl Fropr 5492 
Ruhl Electric Co, G S & F M Ruhl 5492 

431 McFarland Forrest R: Carrie; || Martha M, Isabelle J, Geor- 

gianna A (N F Shunk) 5772 
435 Wise Geo L: Fannie L; ||Mary (Mrs S J Stewart) 5303 
Iron Street south 

503 Marggraf Emma; Anna, Augusta, Emily 5592 

Donnenwirth John; Edith ( Geo Honnenwirth) 
515 Robinson Benj F: Hattie M; Benj M Marshman: Cora E; ||Velma 

M (Geo Honnenwirth) 5405 
521 Snider John A: Alberta (E L Steifel) 
Keller Jacob S: Anna W; fPaul D 
Wiley Street south 

603 Smith Chas B; Bessie; ||Magdalena 
Fisher Edward L 3519 
Wiseman Bernie R: Cecil M 
Murphy Michael: Eva M 
Penna Ry crosses, North Railroad Street northwest 

610 Amb rosier Robert H: Irena M (Penna Ry Co) 
Staley Wm: Gall; || Robert 5437. 

611 Shumaker Harry A: Ida M; l| Robert L, Ralph H (Metzger Es- 

tate) 5493 
617 Eicher Jas B; Fred Coy: Flossie F 

623 transient foreigners (Penna Ry Co) 

629 (Penna Ry Co) 

632 Raymond Jesse W: Ida O (A W Tustison) 

633 (Penna Ry Co) 
King Street north 

633 Crone Rhoda; ; Helen Ellis (S Hall) 

641 Long Mary E; Richard J, Thos I, Miaurice A, Kathryn A — 

|| Margaret Deardiorff (Mrs A Barraider, Fort Wayne IndJ 
Mason Walter P: Zora E; IJPaudine M 
Plummer Chas; ||Mary, Margaret, Thos, Morris 

642 Haspesilagh Henry L: Miaude E; Max E Stewart, || Catherine A 

Haspeslagh — Jas E Kemmis (T J Wenzlick, Chatfield O) 

646 Winkelfoos Michael: Caroline; Emma I 3577 

647 Plummer Margaret; Edward I, Maurice, Thos M 
651 Mader Chas F; Prank W, Callie 3777 

654 Moore Edward: Myrtle; || Gilbert, Edward (Mr Breisinger, Galion 


655 Holle John R: Emma 5767 

658 Rauth Geo E: Margaret E; ||Howaird A, Hubert G, Evelyn J, 

Catherine W (Mrs W Franz) 
Hall Street north 

659 Widman Caroline; John H, Mary A 


Mansfield Street East — continued. 

666 Stebbins John: Alice; || Harold K (Jacob Gaa) 3296 
670 Eckman Elmer A: Bertha M (J Gaa) 

673 Rauth Anton: M Catherine; John E 

674 Roelle Mrs Catherine 

675 Houseworth Jay O: Antonia M; ||Thos B, Harold J, Eleanor C. 

Thelma M (A Rauth) 3396 
Fisher Street south 

678 Mlerkel Wm H: Lydia V (Mrs C Roelle) 5080 

701 Hutchison Rebecca B; Geo L: Margaret; fL Robert, ||C Eliza- 

beth, Ohas D 3196 

702 Kuebler Frank C: Susie M; f Harry A (Mrs Ghas Knoeffle) 5253 

703 Robison Margaret M; Ira T H Baker: Dora M; || Margaret I, 

Ira W H, Ohas M, Jas R 3192 
706 Burggraf Harley H: Arena; ||Arilla E, Otis R (Mrs M Robison) 

715 Kober Walter C: Laura L; ||N Irene — Christ Bauman 

716 Hunter David C: Hattie V; Harry R, f Howard, || Helen, Geo D 

(Mrs L Forrest) 5887 

720 Bilsing Chas J: Susan E; A Gertrude, Ralph J, tFern C, Pearl I, 

Edwin L 5679 

721 Sprow Gurney E: Ella I 
Lichtner Wm L: Minnie E 

723 Moorehead Elmer: Carrie; Sylvia (Wm Rauth) 3496 

724 Cramer Rosa; John C: Elizabeth C, Mamie A 5753 

730 Jacobs Chas M: Minnie L; f Lester W, j| Olive M, Kenneth W 

(A M Franz) 
733 Lyons Walter E: Ruth R; ||Emmett V (Sam Hise) 
735 Abnett Albert: Maude; |iMaxine, Elton, Pherdelia (W Graetz 

AgO 5702 

738 Carle Adam: Mary O: Harry J, Bertha. tClarence A, ||Ralph W 

739 Peterman Martha A ; ; Clarence Nelson 

744 Winkelfcos Delbert C: Delia M; || Edith I (M Winkelfoos) 
748 Rader Eugene: Ida R; iJCora B, Donald E, Walter E, Merle M 
(Mrs Wm Harkness, Columbus O) 
i 749 Crall Jonas: Anna B : ; Clyde W Moorehead: Julia E; [|Mary I 

Highland Avenue crosses 

803 McMichael Dow W: Louisa 8: Jas R 

808 Ward Mary J,- Arthur J 5351 
Betting Andrew : Barbara 

809 Carle Wm: Anna 

813 Renkel John: Anna E; Jacob 3879 

815 Mills Jay E: Laura E; ||Harold L. Russell E. Thelma 1, boy — 

Minnie L Tracht 3779 
817 Savage B Prank: Ida E; J! Ralph E, Gladys M, Margaret E 

( ) 

820 Carle Arthur O: Lulu K; || Wilbur A 

821 Boiler Alfred P. John. Margaret E. Geo M Goebelt: Bertha E; 

UBillie G 

822 Wilkerson R E: Louisa (John Ranker) 

825 Flock Peter, Mary A Reager; Anthony. Basil J, J Geo: Eva; 

i| Ralph P 5680 

826 Walter Harry C: Ella M; !|Bernard T. Alvin M— 

830 Metzger Fred F: Mary F; ||Dorothy E. Lucile M. Ernestine E 


831 Gerster Wm C: Emma L; !|Chas W. Jas E 
Inez Street south 

842 Durnwald, Edward A: Rozena A 

847 Jacobs Clarence E: Grace M; ||Neal F\ Daryl W (Ed Myers) 

six Kober J Geo: Amanda -l : Alta M. Clarence E. Chas 5544 

863 Gabriel Joseph M: Anna M. IJClemens F, Anthony 


875 (1227; Bruhen Joseph M: Anna M; || Josephine M 3146 
Whetstone Street south 

1030 Eby John: Mary (C Bittekofer) 
1035 Ludwig Clark, P: Mary S 


110 (Chas Aumiller) 

112 Up-To-Date Laundry, C L Oberlander Propr (H N Oberlander) 

116 Wm S Bishop, Pool Room (H N Oberlander) 

117 Union Interurban Station, A H Gallagher Agt (Ben Meek) 5911 
Electric Package Agency, A H Gallagher Agt 5911 

118 Chester & Heath, Barber Shop (H N Oberlander) 
120 Scheiber Bros, Up-To-Date Grocers 5125 

Poplar Street crosses 

200 Dairy Products Co, H F Swineford & H L Robinson Proprs 5151 
203 Oberlander Henry N: Lillie M; Charmer L — Wm Ashbaugh — Dr 
J Frank Johnson — Frank Lauck — Peter Demeyer — Nick 
Etlias — Hiarry Graham — Geo Reiff — -S Hotteman 5574 

208 Myers Benj B: Elizabeth; Louis D, Walter C Baker: Mabel M— 


209 J Frank Johnson, Optical Specialist (H N Oberlander) 5574 

210 DeLancey Joseph W ; Mrs Ella M Bryant, Chas P — Philip Holck- 

er — Wm Songer ; Delwin 

211 H N Oberlander, Flour & Cement, General Storage 5574 

217 Engelhard Caroline; Geo, Myer, Sophia, Louis, Rae, Lena 5635 

218 Harrop Jas E: Emma F; Hugh J, f Spencer H — 

228 KMnk Mary E; Chas A Wheeler; Melissa R 
Williams* Earl En: Isabel S 

229 Gallinger Chas P: Clara B — Diana M Sponseller 5377 
236 Mollenkopf Gottlieben; Wm F 3788 

240 Shealy Elizabeth H Mrs — M Marvel Sheckler 5433 

241 Penfield Preston, Harold C: Anna C; || Marguerite A — Beulah M 

Lovelace ( Albright) 5075 

Spring Street crosses 

303 Shriver Samuel, Mrs Ntancy S'berer, Mrs Lovina Hancock — Emma 

Ream Chas C: Edna R; j[Ada C 

Rittenfciour Leo J: Bessie M; || Lloyd H Robert C (J F Warner) 
302 Long Herman: Frances M; |]John H (H Dobbins) 5694 

304 Baker Ellas A: Gertrude (Hugh Dobbins) 5642 
306 Seele Jas C: Frances A; ||J Robert 

310 Sears Francis: Elizabeth; Sarah, t Melissa, Benj, ||Anna, AUcp 

311 McNutt Dr Alexander C ; Hortensia — tJohn W, || Emily H 
320 Wynegar Howard E: Lucy J — Napoleon Irvin (R Sears) 
323 Rettig John: Nora E; tEdith M (F Sears) 

326 Aylward Jas H: Helen L — Armetta H Hancock 5739 

331 Hansburger Arthur G: Edna G; || Florence H, Virginia R (Mrs 

Wm Fail) 3560 

332 Graetz Wm H: Caroline; ||S Mary, Robert S, Theodore G, Martha 

C, Caroline E, Wm P 5208 
337 Smith Wm A: Ida A (Fred Shiefer) 5484 

340 Ebert John O: Nora B; lone, tFlorence H, || Robert E (Mrs Car 

rie Shick) 
Diven Francis R: Margaret S; ||J Frederick 

341 Bogen Joseph M: Elizabeth E; Ethel E, Forrest H, Clyde C, 

Irene J, Ralph B, Ray J 
347 Bianchi Theresa, Peter; Marguerite — Salvador Viani 5366 

352 Miller Herman F: Mary — Effie C Kimble 5498 

353 Fail Wm F: Elizabeth I 5281 

357 Poister Edivard W: A May; .||Chas W 

362 McDonald Allie— Musie J King (H F Miller) 


Mansfield Street West — continued. 

363 Heft Chas E: Ecmma V— Mary Butruff 

371 Sonday Jefferson: S Louisa; ||Eugene, "Ward (Jennie Smith) 

385 McCoy John; Addie B, Jennie P, Eva M, Benton A, Earl E (H 
Sandusky River crosses 

600 Bucyrus City Flour Mills, Pinyerd Bros Proprs 5416 

608 (%1%) Chrissinger Harriet L; |jFlorence M 

610 Meek Chester A: Lfillis O; ||Kermit B 3117 

616 Goodwin Israel J: Rosa E 

622 Cosgrove Wm: Rebecca 

625 Raub Henry A; Lillian, Chas W — Katie Kissinger 

626 Wanamaker Nollie B: Hattie F; ||Lonell L, Merritt K, Vera C 
Sears Street north 

700 f632J Baum Nathan: Leona; Corroll C, Guy, fH Reed 3317 

719 Johnston Mary E; Hjiram B Sears: Martha P; ||Ri chard E, John 
F 5578 
Nevada Road southwest, Penna Ry crosses 

726 Minnick Willis T, Sarah E 

815 Garner Mary E; Norman G 

818 (817J Ferrall Wm L: Mary J 5097 

825 (8W Wolf Willis: Kate; || Pearl R, Vallence, Opal, Cecil (Mary 

827 (892) Bair Francis H: Anna A; tHollin C 5508 
Mary Street east, Crawford Street north 

901 Whitmeyer Henry: Eliza — Chas Reinhart 

910 Hlouseberg Jacob; Bertha, Garland ( •) 

City Limits 

955 Mollenkopf Aaron P: Alma F; baby- girl 3884 

975 West Bucyrus City Dairy, J A Bittekofer Propir 5596 
Perry Street east 

977 Nedeile Lewis S: Mary E; ||Wm L, Martha M (J A Bittekofer) 

980 Bittekofer John A: Ellen M; Walter A, Lee T, f Bessie M, F 
Mike, || Florence E, Esther E 5596 

MAPLE STREET north from 300 Plymouth Street 

625 Greenich Harold: Cora; || Harriet, Isabel (Blanche Ames) 

627 (Blanche Ames) 

630 Stauffer Edward: Flora; J Edward, Rachel C, tThos L (John 

Wirth) 3621 

631 Bevan John S: Mayme; t Stephen J 3720 

632 Korner Chas H: Rebecca M; f Clay ton a 

641 Garner H Otillia; Archer W, Ralph T, Alonzo A 
645 Keller Wm F: Elizabeth M; tRobert F, Helen E, || Marie, Flor- 
ence, Frederick 

650 Korner William 

651 Schott Arthur J: Mary J (Maurice Carroll) 

655 Crawford Archie H: Alice 

656 Zido Louis: Elizabeth; || Louis, Mary A, Eleanor M 

660 Shiffer Otto: Mary C; ||Eleanor M 

661 Hipp John: Mary; Frank J — ||E'lla M Graham, Chester E 5014 

667 Zido Mike: Rosa; || Helen. Mike (Mrs J Wynn) 

668 Stentz Wm E: Catherine A; fJohn M, || Walter W (Mrs H E Hel- 

frich) 3820 
670 Rowalt Edward H: Elizabeth K; || Harry F, Frederick E 
682 Ghist Bphraim: Matilda; tMabel, Burr, Grace, ||Earl, Ralph 

(Sarah Sheckler) 

684 Deisler John G: Minnie; Ernest J, || Pearl E 5779 

685 Schramm Got fried: Mary 

692 Kline Chas S: Maude D; ||Mabel D, Freda L (Chas Long) 

693 Martin Gust: Mary; ||Zoltan (G Schramm) 


694 Shifter Henry: Cuni 

695 SMffer Kale; Louis J: Geneva M 

MARION ROAD southwest from 851 South Sandusky Avenue to City Limits 

855 Gretcher Frank: Arnie E; || Gertrude B 5641 

859 Heioit John J: Sylvia S; || Margaret L 5254 

875 Marshall Mary F — Anna E 
Poplar Street north 

915 Goldsmith Augustus: Cora B; |ILois E 5017 
— • Fiber son B Emmett: Coral; ||Geo M, Ida C — 
Southern Avenue crosses 

1055 Owens Dr Byron A: Anna; fWillard H, ||B Mlldired, Leroy, 

Mary, Dorothy, Owen (Harry Grey) 5546 

1056 Walker Joseph W: Delia; |j Bernard, John, Eleanora (Col W G 

Fisher) 3744 
1070 Fligor Wm C: Myrtiie M; fHlazel F, || Lester R, Allene A, Allen 

A, Harold H, Mary K (Gol W G Fisher) 3844 
1190 Bucyrus Gun Club, Traps 

1194 Hauser Ghas: Mary L; || Chester W Weltle 3544 
MARY STREET EAST from 242 North Sandusky Avenue to Lane Street 

116 A R Stuckey, Well Drilling, Wind Mills, & Well Supplies 5454 
118 Carle & Schwarzkopf, Blacksmiths & General Repairs (Mrs Wm 

Bessinger, Galion 0,1 
122 Siteiger Otto F, Harry A (Mrs Wm Bessinger, Galion O^ 
128 Assenheimer Geo F: Elizabeth; Ohas (Mrs Wm Bessinger) 
Walnut Street crosses 

125 The Bucyrus Lumber Go, S S White Mgr 5311 
205 Sisters Celesitine, Ignatia, Justine, Vlllani 

220 Holy Trinity Church (see Roster; 

224 Braschleir Rev Ohas — Margaret Schirk (Holy Trinity Parsonage) 


228 Beehner Wm: Catherine; Harry C, Anthony C, fAlma M, ||John C 

231 O'Donnell John E: Anna; Robert P, f David A 5408 

234 Sheally David: Elizabeth 

237 . Bare Gola: Lillian J; ||Thos J, Otis G (H Yolk) 

240 Haubennestel Gottlieb: Johanna; Emma, tLiillian K, Otto C . 

241 Liebich Edward O: Lou (H Yolk) 

MARY STREET WEST from 241 North Sandusky Avenue 
108 Finkle Mary M (T B Roelle) 

115 C E Light, Livery & Feed Stables (A G Hufnagel) 5313 
Tobin Ralph W 

118 Scheffler Gottlieb, Mrs Wilhelmima Long 

119 Funk Rose K; ([Florence E, Mary A — John C Simonton — Jas 

Baco — C Roy Feaze 

122 Liebich Frank E: Mairy L; Richard O, || Frank A 5556 

123 Rinker Edward W: Catherine R; Cora E, tElsie I, Marie M, 

|| Clarence, Helen 

126 Groves Earl S: Luella C; ||Irviin E, Mildred C (F E Liebich) 

127 Wentz Glement: Mary 

130 Robinson Homer L: I Gay (Mrs W Long) 

133 Paeszler Augusta; Otto, Lydia A, Mrs Augusta Beinbrake 

134 Hilburn Joseph L: Hygeia 5388 

136 Jordon Geo A: Neva; f Stanley L, || Marguerite L (J Hilburn) 

Poplar Street south 

203 Weichold Frances; Samuel L Pruden: Emima A 

204 Snavely Geo H: Sophia M; ^Lucile H, Esther R, Martha M. 

Dorothy L 5683 

205 Eranich Wm: Bertha E; ||Thelma L, Robert H 5698 

208 Aurand Eva L; Edward Smith 

209 Hoover Silas B: Mabel E; ||Hugh S, Ruth C, Faith L 

210 Gaylor Harry 0: Mary J; ||Marveline P 

212 (Wm Sponseller) 


Mary Street West — continued. 

214 Miller Jay C: Alice J; t Charles L, Jay F, || Arietta C 
Sandusky River crosses 

496 Knisley Minerva; Geo Ginkle: Sabilla 
James Street north 

502 Turn Frank T: Carrie; Omer W, t Elmer W 3685 

509 Wolsifer Mrs Bertha 5065 

511 Gibson Lester H: Dimmie; ||Chalmer V (Mrs B Wolsifer) 

513 Seiser Charlotte A; Marian M, Ruth A 3885 

517 Keck Mary A; Emil C May: Minnie A; ||Ohas F 5884 

521 Hess Fred J: Rose V (Mrs M Keck) 
Jump Street crosses 

601 Ferrall Gueraie: Nellie; IJHazel, Edith (J Geiger) 

602 Ledinsky Frank: Mary; Blanche A, Clarence H, Helen A 
609 Berry Verne T: Lena; ||Estella, Mildred, Dorothy 

619 Kronenberger Mrs Eugenia JR — Victor Simon — ([Hubert Martz 


620 Smith Geo A: Pearl B; IfOhas C (Mrs Anna Martz) 
Beam Clyde: Mabel; j| Russell. Jas, Edwin 

622 Tilton Roy: Hazel (C Geiger) 

Sears Street crosses 

702 Kronenberger Andrew: Agatha A; Marcellus W 

730 Robinson Alphus D: Susana — Willis T Minnick (H Nickham) 


731 Beller Geo P: Elizabeth; ||Harold J, Lawrence F 
744 Schiman John: Anna — John Sheff 3584 

752 Steivart Mrs Pascalena 
782 Johnson John W: Jennie B 
MIDDLETOWN (see Woodlawn) 

MILO STREET east from 646 (536) Elm Street to Earl Street 

400 Sukup Joseph A: Rosa M; Joseph A. f Marguerite M, Irvin A, 

|| Geo P, Helen C, Ruth B, Rosella M, Albert J 3158 
418 Hildebrand Carl: Grace 
502 Naufcinger Reuben: Anna E; Wm H, Edward J, tReuben B 5781 

MONNETT STREET north from Irving Street, 2nd West of Sandusky 
1101 Geiger Otto C: Martha H; II Eleanor A (M Teynor) 
1107 Neely John: Etta; || Dorothy, Irene — Emma Williams — John 
White 3116 
Squires Elmer F: Bessie — ||Margaret Beach, Thelma (John 

1109 Shaw Victor: Sarah J; Henry, Geo W, tLula, Tula, ||Ferris I, 

Harry K, Mabel V ( Zook) 

1110 Myers Thos T: Ida M; j| Myrtle M, Jas F 
1115 Gass Thos: Susie (M Teynor) 

1118 Campbell Jas U: Mabel N (Dr J J Martin) 

1122 Young J Clyde: Dollie S: lj Gladys E, Ethel J (Dr J J Martin) 

1126 Ditty Mrs Matilda 3616 

1131 Cosgrove Willis J: Mary E; Frank: Margaret M 5475 
1130 Vollmer Gottfried — Anna Warner 

1132 Smith Arthur E: Margaret E: || Arthur G (Mrs Mary Myers) 
Sohaber Avenue crosses 

1220 Dewalt John L: Anna 8; Joseph A — John Kelly 
MYERS STREET north from 800 West Perry 

415 Schfoegel Frederick'. Chestie G 5755 

437 Brown John: Sarah A; Harley E: Vonna. 

445 Mollencopf Geo H: Catherine 3439 
NARROW STREET (see Liberty) 

NEVADA ROAD southwest from 719 West Mansfield Street 
City Limits 

201 Volley d Co, Hardwood Lumber, P Conkle Mgr 5330 


205 Brown John W: Katharine D; fG Alverda, iiPearl M, Lester E, 
Elza M„ Marion H 

209 Bickle Hugh D: Carrie J 
215 Moore John W: Minerva 

218 Wilson Wm: Amcy E; Lester J, f Ralph D, ||Mary M, John, Harold 

(Dan Aumiller) 
230 Aumiller Daniel: Maria; || Mabel Rural — 106 
NORTH RAILROAD STREET east from 210 N Walnut Street along north 

side of Penna Ry 
205 EG Reid, H)ay & Grain Elevator (Penna Ry Co) 5548 
212 Hufnagle Olio C: Julia Mi; flona J, Chas F, j]Helen E, Marcelene 

M, Freda L 
220 Shunk Plow Go, N F Shunk Fropr, J Q Shunk Mgir 5724 
230 Fegley Thos: Kate; f Robert— Marie E Brown 3346 
238 The Bucyrus Copper Kettle Works, Geiger & Bush 5531 
Lane Street crosses 

400 Peters Catherine; Joseph A, Prisca P (Mrs Mary Knoepfle) 
Rear Woods Geo: Mary — Andrew Streitic (G Myers) 
408 Secrist John L: Emma P; fGeo T, ||John H F, Mary L 5790 
412 Hertzer Theodore Sr 

416 Uhl Anna; Eugene: Delia M; ||Wm O (Wm Graetz) 
Rear Yeakley Katherine; George Teyner; |ICarl, Ernest 
422 Peters Mrs Anna 5786 

426 Walter Simon: Beryl I; || Clara B, Kenneth C (Mrs Lena Haala) 
432 Stuck C Edward, M Alice (Geo Donnenwirth) 
436 Stewart Watson; Emery, Blanche (Geo Donnenwirth) 
440 Motz Christian H: Georgia E (Geo' Donnenwirth) 
George Street north 

500 Bucyrus Brewing Co, John M d- Geo A Dostal 5225 
570 Scharfenstin Hubert: Katherine (John Dostal) 
582 Dostal John M: Margaret 5020 

596 Stuckert Henry: Katrina; John Kennedy: Mary; || Harold, 
Wilbur, Mildred 
Campbell Isaac: A Elizabeth (Penna Ry Co) 

OAK WOOD AVENUE EAST from 801 South Sandusky Avenue 

115 Stuckey Earl W: Minnie M; girl (Peter Bessinger) 

118 Prill Harry M: Olive H; || Harry M Jr (Josh Lichtenwalter) 

Walnut Street crosses 

210 John Martinitz, Vienna Steam Bakery 5504 
Rogers Street crosses 

315 Reiter Anna H Mrs, Sarah K Harriger 3376 

319 Jones Ellis D: Grace M; |IG Irene (H E Kiess & John Mennin- 

ger) 5090 

325 Beriy Chas F: Amanda S; ||Harold F, Floyd B 3176 

329 Christensen Henry W: Pauline C; |j Pauline C (Ed Reid) 5809 

East Street crosses 

415 Haines Milo R: Laura L; || Donald L, Hazel N (J J Davis) 

417 Mollencopf Henry: Lydia J 5789 

425 Keefe Joseph C: Leona H; jlWm B, Joseph G (Martin Seibel) 
Faustina Avenue crosses 

461 (502,1 Nlorris Alva J: Elva; HCharles, Ruby (Jacob Stump) 

465 Kiess Thos C: Hannah 5029 
Lincoln Way crosses 

472 Kiess Harvey E: Ida M; || Helen I, John S, Florence M 5371 
Prospect Street crosses 

500 Bar gar Josiah H: Jennie H 

504 Edsinger Jacob: Cora; Josephine, fFaul B 5149 

509 Garvin Richard A: Anna B: fFairy B, JjMary E, Margaret M, 
Dorothy L 5885 


Oakwood Avenue East — continued. 

510 Bargar Harry K: Delia E; ||Josiiah H, Jennie H (Nelle Harris 

514 Rioirick Harry H: Jennie R; || Kenneth V, Foster D, Inez M 

(Anna Foulk) 

515 ^ (Sallie Sears) 

517 Tony Christ: Katrina; Joseph } Sallie Sears) 

518 Messner Chas W: O'Mve; fMiiriam, || Frederick, Allan, Henry 

(F Messner) 
522 Ulmer J Frank: Edna A; || Catherine M, Anna I (Wm Harris) 
Penna Short Line crosses 

534 Grandstaff Wm N; Or a E, Jas A — Tory Lautabur (Wm Harris) 

540 Kibler Geo A: Cecil E; ||Ruth T (Wm Harris) 

541 McKinley John E: Flossie E; II Louis E, Olive B (R V Sears) 

545 Stauffer Jas V: Mary E; ||Ellen E (G Doviese) 5309 

546 Hazeldence Frank J: Gertrude B; ||Lillian K, Cecilia M, 

Doirothy M 
549 Seylor C Edward, Wm H: Idella I; ||Wilma I, Chas E, Grace L, 

Wm H (Lizzie' M or fit) 5028 
552 Sihaffner Samuel: Truda M; || Robert J, Chas E, Isabel, Orris 
W (Chas Scroggs) 
OAKWOOD AVENUE WEST from 801 South Sandusky Avenue 

122 Seeger Philip J: Ida A; tThlelma L, ||Kathryn P (J Henry 

Robinson) 5699 
124 McCarty Clara; fVella M, Zoe, Orvel, ||Fern, Demoine (J H 

129 Dufraine Alva E: Laura J; fN Marie 5240 
Poplar Street crosses 
Spring Street crosses 

316 Zeigler H Elmer: Ida M; Frances M, tFranklin E, Carrie E, 

!| Robert C, Bessie R, Carl D, Lucile E 5218 
319 Boke Henry J: Margaret Y; || Leonard S 

323 (M T Kennedy) 

330 Bittekofer Fred G: Catherine G; !| Justine 5918 
Grove Avenue south 

400 Wright J Walter: Edna B 
409 Dye Chas H: Ella I 

415 (Ed Minninger) 

ORA STREET north from West Irving Street, 2nd West of Sandusky Avenue 
916 (116; Morrow James A: Anna (O J Walton) 

919 (John Patterson) 

Schaber Avenue crosses 

1004 Patterson Wilbert A: Pearl A; ||Evelyn, Hazel M, Marguerite G 

1015 (Ora J Walton) 

OS MAN STREET east from 814 Rogers Street to Prospect Street 

314 Durr Wm E: Lydia A 

315 Durr Albert D: Bertha E 

East Street crosses, Faustina Avenue crosses 

PARK AVENUE south from 431 Woodlawn Avenue 

416 McClintock Jas H: Ella W; Lulu A, fLeo S, ||B Lucile (W B 


417 (W Holmes. Sulphur Springs O; 

420 Schott Herman R: Anna M; Cora S, Amelia B; || Dorothy M, 

Helen A— Clara 3251 

421 Ulmer John: Catherine; J Adam, tEttie M, R Irvin, Harold A 

(Mrs Geo Faulkner) 

426 Steiger Albert J: Gladys M (Frank Donnenwirth) 

427 White Chauncey A: Margaret M; J| Irene L, Leonard B (L R 



431 Heinlen Jonathan; Isaac, Edward L Sproull: Laura A 

432 Sheffer Sylvester S: Ella M; Inez F 

435 MIcGuire Bridget; James A, Albert B B loser: Nelle; |[Anna L — 

Clyde Lowry (John Dressier) 3353 

436 Gary Edward H: Stella D; Glenn M, f Alice L, ||Riobert J, Ed- 

ward H Jr, Richard G 5376 

441 Krauth Chas T: Anna M; ||Doretta, C Vincent (W L Ulmer) 

442 Sprow Frank F: Elizabeth; John W 

447 Smith Amanda; Marie E, G Lawrence: Emma J, Etta L Purkey; 
|| Kenneth 3453 

451 Ohesney Mrs Retta, Thos T Berry: Anna L; ||Jas V, Edith V 

Nell A 5647 

454 Ricker Wm P: Amelia ; Carrie I, Lee M, f Marie, || Ethel A 

(Margaret Graw) 

455 Gwinner Andrew J: Zella M; || Ernestine M, Eldon K, Catherine 

M, Edgar F, Mlildred R (Mrs Catherine Bushong) 

458 Stuckert John W: Catherine A; ||Selma V, Paul L, J Richard, 

Arland E, Lowell D 

459 Bushong Catherine; Mary A, Sevilla, John 

PERRY STREET EAST from 400 North Sandusky Avenue 

105 f205; (Scroggs & Monnett) 

116 Sel Horace C: Mlary E; f Floyd, |IEthel 

122 Link John A: Mary A; f Dorothy A, Helen M, ||John F, Chas G 

124 Shaffer Jas F: Esther M; ||Orrin V, Elmer F (A Wickham) 
Walnut Street crosses 

213 Roehr Herman: Pauline 

220 Startsman & Feiring, Laundry 

PERRY STREET WEST from 400 North Sandusky Avenue 
112 Houston Chas A: Marie (C H Schonert) 
115 Luke Arthur W: Emma D; || Clayton W, Leeola B (G K Ziegler 

119 Robinson D Frank: Josie C; Everett J, || Leslie C (Mrs O K 


125 Couts Newton O: Rose B; fC May, Ethel M, ||Annetta, Rawlins 

L, Violet W (Mrs G E Ziegler) 
129 Baseler E Gottlieb: Otillie M; Maude M 
133 Schillinger J Geo; John: Briggie T 5383 
Rear John Schillinger, Green Houses 5383 
Street discontinued from this point, resumed at end of East River Street 

430 Hiealy Zeph: Stella M; i|Coinolyn E, Genevieve I (L C Feighner) 

Neftzinger Isaac: Myrtle; 1 1 Clarence 
446 Jacobs Carl: Clara M; || Byron C 

452 Fry Joseph N: Violet; || Violet (F W Armbruster) 3686 

456 Armbruster Fred W: Ruth N 
James Street south 

502 Frost I Aleck: Emma 3785 
508 Quaintance Geo B: Emma 
514 Morrison Ony: Sallie; || Dorothy 

522 Phelps- Fred: C Ella; f Norman, || Helen M (Fred Sandheimer) 
Jump Street crosses 

600 Oppenlander Fred: Mary A.; f Harold F, Ewald V, || Esther, Ruth 

M, Alma P 
606 Lecrone Lloyd C: Hulda M 

625 Mollenkopf Joseph: Elizabeth; Jesse E, Geo W, Mary C; 
|| Georgia M — 1| Elizabeth M Beelmer (Mrs E R Kronenberger) 
735. Kronenberger Frank E: Mary C; ||Geo F 
Myers Street north 

800 Ricker Nina — Wm Guthman; tTheodore 


Perry Street West — continued. 

805 (745V Fisher Fred: Mary 

809 f75jj Hartline Geo W: Angelina E; fG.race L, !| Ralph L 

820 Spicer B Frank: Clara; ||W Harding, Prank H 5421 

PLANTS WAY north from East River Street to Hill Street, 1st west of 

Sandusky Ay 
610 Casano Jim: Nannie; || Marie, Sam, Angelo, Pete, Aster — Frank 

Viocho — Joe Ligato — Prank Incorvaia, Angelo, Antonio 
615 (206) Meisner Edward 

619 Herman Fred: Blanche; ||Alvin, Ruth, Dorothy ( Lease) 

620 Teetrick Richard A: Emma J, Melinda Shidler— Geo B Minard 

(A M Jones AgU 
625 Guttenberg John: Matilda; j| Herman J, Hilda B. Alfred A, 

Mlarcella R, Leonard E (Ed Beer) 
628 Luksik Martin: Elizabeth; ||Miary (Geo Birk) 
G35 Montagna Joe: Felicia; || Josephine, Grace 
641 Keckstein Frank A: Paul A. Robert W, Thos J 
PLUM STREET north from the intersection of Plymouth & Irving Streets 

PLYMOUTH STREET east from 549 N Sandusky Avenue to City Limits 

144 Marlowe Isaac F: Maude M; ||Miriam, Verniece (Wm Geigerj 
147 Schott Frank: Elizabeth; Allen 

Frank Schott, Jeweler & Optician 
153 Kline Otto: Eva 

157 Pressman Isaac: Ida; jj Helen. Yahoma — Rose Steel — Herman 

Benson — Louis Dratch 5326 

158 Schaub Mrs Caroline 

159 Hildebrand Wm F: Louise A 
170 Public School (see Roster,) 

179 Weller August G: Anna E; tVela M, J Arthur, || Martha E 
Vol 1 rath Street south 

181 Wichold Sophia; Fred F, Emma C 

184 (Geo Donnenwirth) 

190 Heckler John: Susie F; Geo E, f Harriet E, !| Albert E, Marie C, 

John F (Otto Kline) 
193 Sprang Rev Otto; E Paul, Ada L, tRnth M (Buc Evan Cir Par- 
sonage) 5365 
196 Schultze Hugo: Henrietta; Emma, Alma, f Frank 5182 
Wingert Street north 

200 Kidwell Elizabeth; Howard A: Callie C; Darrus D, f Georgia E 

(Ben Heiber) 
210 Link Geo J: Catherine A; Raymond F, fGertrude M, ||Mary M ; 

Marguerite C 5479 
216 Kinder Michael: Elizabeth D; Chas, t Helen 
225 Linser Emma (Jack Myers) 
T & O C Ry crosses 

240 (M R Lewis j 

Maple Street north 

300 Yeingling Emery: Elva; ^Frederick, Marjorie, Glenn (John 

305 Davis Richard 8: Agnes R — Sue J Shriver 
312 Davis Guy G: Alta M- (C E Hildebrand) 
Bull Virgil F: Ruth I; ||Jas O. Dorothy M 
316 (J L Steinbaugh, Tiffin O) 

318 Kerr Alexander M: Sallie J; Frank M 5209 
Elm Street north 

325 King John: Elizabeth; Kate 5295 

400 (Mrs Geo Schurer) 

407 Richardson John: Sarah A; f Raymond W. Rodney D. :!Earl C, 

Eva V, Ralph H (John King) 

408 Slacken Geo: Margaret 


412 Light Guy W: Mabel (J E Gibson) 

432 Miller Gottlieb E: Cordelia; ijChas E (Geo Yolk) 3271 
436 f416; Krauter Fred: Sarah A 3691 
Earl Street crosses 

500 Volk J George: Lena; t Marie L 5173 
505 Zahn Arthur B: M Celeste, Margaret 
518 McFadden Arlie E: Lida A; ||Rut<h L, Julia M, Mary L, Ray A. 

Alberta J, Elmer J—Kirby Woltz 5788 
524 Steiger Chas F: Edna I (A 8 Leuthold) 
High Street crosses 

618 Rahm Luther: Flora M; j| Wallace C, Marie F, Dale W, Gordon E, 
Ruth E, Merle O (A S Leuthold) 
Morehead Ross: Florence R 
620 Kline Frediericka; Young Fred A: Laura M (A 8 Leuthold) 
626 Morehead John J: Harriet; John W, Jane M, Jacob R, fFred J 
(A 8 Leuthold) 3171 
Sherman Street crosses 

706 Davenport J Roswell: Fannie B; Geo, ||Dorothy L, Mary E, 

Clarice E 3791 

707 Heiby Chas F: Ida J 

711 Knisely Mrs Sarah A 5747 

712 Rogers' Nancy E; Ernest P Welsh: Mary E; ||Wynona, Ve Clair 

C — Mrs Cordelia SChuler 5801 
730 Gilmore Chas C: Lottie M; j| Frank E, Paul K, Chas R— Chas 

Garrett (A 8 Leuthold) 
Irving Street east, Plum Street north 

802 f 828,1 Nufsinger Mrs Matilda (A 8 Leuthold) 

807 Kalb Daniel: Magdalena; Noah O, Amanda A, Edwin D 3891 

820 Shiffer Caroline; Henry, Adam, t William, |j Albert, Geo, Florence 

POPLAR STREET NORTH from 200 W Mansfield Street to Mary Street 

107 Chandler Boyd: Louise; ||Vera (L C Feighner cC- Chas Garrett) 

111 Eager W F, Cigar Factory 

112 (Chas Aumiller) 

113 Gainer & Reid, Blacksmith Shop (W F Hager) 

118 (Mrs W 8 Henderson) 

120 Henderson Win S: Agatha A; Lola D 

121 Roehr August 

126 Jolly Wm D: Nellie F; Ralph A: Louise, Carl W 

129 Widman Edmond: Edith E; Roy (August Roehr) 

Galen Street crosses 

205 Light Carl E: Alice J (Dr Chas Ulmer) 

209 Feiring Otto: Clara. Annetta (Dr Chas Ulmer) 

212 Dunlap Harry A: Vella M; ||J Madelene (S M Kite) 

215 Brinkman Mrs Sarah A (Dr Chas Ulmer) 

218 Wagner Frank C: Anna C; l|Wm J (Mrs Geo 8chwilk, Upper 


219 Hagerty Jas W: Catherine M^— Floyd E Chance (Mrs F Weichold) 
Fritz Samuel: Frances 

POPLAR STREET SOUTH from 203 W Mansfield Street 
110 GAR Hall fsee RosterJ 5599 
115 The Bucyaus Garage, Kroegel & Parsel Bros (H N Ot>erlander) 

125 Presbyterian Church 
Rensselaer Street crosses 

203 Chambers Wade (R V Sears, Admrj 

Sims Mrs Sarah 
205 Bender B Frank: Ida J; Lester L, fChas B, ||H Mae, Clarence E, 

Oliver K (R V Sears Admr,) 
207 Reber Mrs Ricka, Daniel E Spade 
209 Kennedy Dr Rufus T: Lenora E (Mrs R Reber) 5161 


Poplar Street South — continued. 

214 Fauser Samuel: Kate — Gertrude Albright 5836 

215 Episcopal Church. 

218 Seelos Victor: Leona; || Robert H (Sam Fauser) 

221 Stoltz Susan; Albert G; ||A Geo, Dorothy— Gertrude Coulter- 

Pauline Schindler 5668 

222 Colter Jacob; Helen I, Ethel L— Mary Neuroth 5435 

231 Beal Edwin G: Rachel M; || Edwin G J r— Hazel Fligor 5858 
Warren Street crosses 

301 Gormley Mrs Virginia 5587 

316 Dimon D: Elizabeth; Delta I, Grace D 5473 

320 McNeal Mairtha E; fUlah G 
Petersilge Mrs Fredericka 

321 Dfiedrich Henry: Ida (Mrs Frank Monnett) 5490 

325 Sheckle'r Jack D: Ida B (Mrs Wm Picking) 5440 

326 Fenner Foster, Eliza 

329 Walther Christ; Ohas E Flocken: C Magdalena; ||Kathryn E 
Charles Street crosses 

403 Monnett Mrs Sarah R 5692 

408 Sponseller L R: Virginia; || Elmer J, Robert L (Lutheran 
Church) 5374 

414 Lubisky Abraham H: Belle; f Joseph, j| Edith, Lillie, Oscar, Ed- 

win 3421 

415 Bauschlinger Daniel; Edward W Huneke: Anna L; Howard V, 

tChester L, Helen N, || Naomi I, Wilma R, John B, Jas C 5609 

416 Flocken Wm: Viola; HCorinne 

418 Knecht W Wesley: Ada P; ||Ruth N 3121 

420 Meyer Rosa; fCarl F, || Calvin J 

421 Walther Frank A: Ottilia L 5073 

424 Benson Arthur: Effie; t Rowley 3221 

Haigh Lambert: Mary; || Dorothy M, baby girl (Mr Geiger, Chat- 
field O; 3221 

425 Jackson Samuel J: M Margaret 
429 Mader Jacob Fi Ella J 5403 

432 Heckert Jonas: Mary C; ||Ermina E, Jas R (W J Schwenck) 5477 
435 Rader Henry; Rodney J: Lou A, Jiaspar, Loys B Dunn (J C 

437 Neft Samuel: Ella; J Russell, || Marian 5577 

438 Kreiter Daniel: A Margaret; Oleo M, Frederick W, Elfrieda L 

(W Karg) 5278 
447 Oberlander Wm H: Matilda; fVirlen H, ||Lois C, Ethel M, Roy L 

Spangler: Erna B (Chas Scroggs) 
446 Bonebrake Chas F: Ida A 5650 
451 Kurzel L Paul: Margaret; jIGretchen (Mrs M Blumenshine) 


453 Durr Fred B: Mary — Ida Brose (Mrs M Blumenshine) 3314 

454 Bonebrake Mrs Catherine, Chas Sohoepf 

458 Peterman John: Phoebe^ — Catherine Reehl 

459 Sommer L Allen': Zloe; j| Mildred D (Fred Wurtemberger) 5055 

463 Fike Jacob P: Lydia; Kenneth P 

464 Schaad Martin F: Anna M; || Pauline M, Clarence A 
Lahman Ralph E: Ruth A; || Hilda I, Robert E 

469 Mitchelson Levi: Mary (Adams Estate) 3214 

470 Manbeck Solomon: Mary; Annita E 
Liberty Street crosses 

500 Ash Caroline W; Lefa E, Laura M, Bertha C 

501 Hauer Conrad G: Mary K; Mary L 

505 Assenhcimer Wm C: Minnie G; || Clarence W 

506 Zeigler Samuel W: Margaret M,; \\ Florence M (John Teuscher) 


507 Braden A Burton: Clida A, baby boy (M R Ackerman) 


509 Ackerman Melvin R: Nletta S; || Robert M 

510 Finder Samuel H: Orpha D; fj Harold, ||Dytha Y (Mrs Louisa 

Gebhart) 5396 

515 Linn Henry R: Alice J; Helen A — Elizabeth 3414 

514 Bair Eliza; John M Brant: Grace L; tLyle C Bair, ||Ina 
I Birant, RJ fl Sherrock) 

516 Smith Lloyd N: Clara; ||Oorinne (Gottlieb Feighner) 

520 Bevan G Reece: Cfleva C; || Roberta L (Wm Reber) 

521 Kidwell Chas A: Erne; ||Oswin D, Ennid V, Wendel W, Chas E 

(F Reber) 

523 Grey Fred: Mabel; || Gordon (Mary Reber) 
Andrews Mrs Rebecca E 

524 Zincke Dr Eric: Carrie M; I] Frances E, Clarence F (Mary Reber) 

Lucas Street crosses' 

600 Williams Mrs Sarah E 

Steene Nathaniel: Jane; Lloyd Zook: Lottie 5693 

601 Shaw Sarah A; Geo S Van Voorhis: Mary C (Sam RoricJc) 
604 Wilson Ralph S: Blanche E 3328 

610 Streib Michael K: Kate; Chas H, Marie A, Edith J 5823" 

611 Traub Wm W: Nolle M (M K Streib) 

614 Wfharff Harry H: Freda M; || Janet M, Maria J (John Teuscher) 


615 Hoffner Wilhelmina 
618 Kuehnle Mary, Caroline 

621 Ointhwein Geo H: Mary A; Jesse H, Carl F, Ruth F, [[Miriam E 

(C Kohl) 

622 Mollenkopf Louis: Lena 5848 

623 Kohl Conrad: Maggie; f Frank H, ||Mlarie N, Clara M 3114 
Center Street crosses 

700 Hancock Abraham J: Gertrude E; ||Mary K, Edwin (Wm Mader) 

701 Carpenter Josephine ; GokMe S 5870 

703 Ott Chas F: Marie H; || Janet E, Helen E (Mrs J Carpenter) 

710 Rettig J Adam: Mary; Edward, Chas F 

711 Coutts Wm H; Chas E Cosgrove: Viola M 
717 Kibler Jacob: Caroline; Joseph 

723 Schultz Byron: Ella (Mrs W Vollrath, Wooster OJ 

725 Pfleiderer Chas: Clara B; Chas M, Lulu (Mrs W Vollrath, 

Wooster O) 
736 (Mrs Elizabeth DinJcel) 

Oakwood Avenue crosses 

800 Warner Geo R, Chas E: Ada M; j| Clark E, Claudia E 3127 

801 Fuchs Geo: Mary A 

807 Bliss Thos B; ||Edna M, Jas H— Mrs Fleta Culver 

812 Frey John G: Pauline W; ||Wilma A, Harry F, Wallace H 

813 Metcalf Solomon T: Delia I; Leslie A, tWm J, |j Minnie L, 

Harold B (E Birk) 5077 

816 Schischke John W: Mary S; Frank W, Albert L, Clara A 5510 

817 Heath John E,: Lettie L; iJCbas J, Albeirtis J, Harold O (Voll- 

rath Est) 
820 (John Schischke) 

824 Musselman Geo O: Louise F; [|Leta I, Dorothy L, Juanita I 

(John Schischke) 

825 Vickum J Hugh: Eunice F; fGerald M, || Mildred L 

828 Scott Elmer P: Laura A; tGeo L Sickmiiller (Peter Conkle) 3225 
832 Roley Edward D: Anna; t Arthur, Myrtle M 5644 

834 Coon Andrew L: Avnilla M; || Mabel E (Mrs A Streib, Toledo O) 


835 Spiece Loren E: Bertha E; || Esther M (Jacob Spiece) 

837 Fox Geo R: Nellie M; !|Lloyd A, Orell H (Peter Weller) 5891 

838 Betrick Clara S; Arthur C (Mary Streib) 5427 


Poplar Street South — continued. 

839 Both Geo: Margaret 

840 Metcalf Geo W; Bessie A, Lester M Hollenbaugh: Anna E; 

t Stella S Mollenkopf, Zella C, || Alice G Hollenbaugh 
845 Swartz Melzer R: Etta; Edna E 
851 Kissling Gottlieb; Clara" 3409 
853 Carr H Wilbur: Maude; ||Eiva (Chas Mathews) 
857 Arbuckle Susan;; D Dale 3109 

861 Haycook Dan W: Estella M; ||Esty W (Mrs A Reiter) 
865 Reiter Louis M: Anna; John L— Esther Welty 5164 
Euclid Avenue west 

883 Stiger Ellen M; Ira B Chadwtick: Gertrude M; ||Arnie L 5054 

PROSPECT STREET south from 517 Woodlawn Avenue, continuation of 

Wiley Street 
402 Ahl Frederick, Jacob: Gertrude E; tEdwin A 
406 Snider Viola J; John E Braden: Mary A; Vally N (Mrs W S 


412 Van Voorhis Emma S; Harry V 3162 

413 Slagle Chas L: Ida E; tGladys, Alice, Stella, || Clara— Arthur 

Weaver (W B Cummings) 5178 

420 Morrison Mrs Elizabeth 

Burk Wm: Cora L; ||Cleo, Roy, Bernice 

421 Mack Luzerne W: Lena W; ||Allene E (Frank Ruhl) 

424 Bender W Earl: Nellie M (Mrs A M Ensminger) 

425 Bogan Amos M: Sarah A; Cora M 

430 Brown B Burke: Prances E (Mrs A Ensminger) 

431 Schutrt Daisy M; || Garland V, Gladolia, Velma M, Earl G, Dorothy 

(Mrs J Moffett) 
434 (Mrs A M Ensminger) 

438 Thatcher Chas: Helen; || Richard (Mrs Ed Roehr) 

439 Rule Harry H: Eva J (Mrs Ed Roehr) 

442 Johns Harrison: Bessie P, tPaul O Dandis (Mrs Frank Ruhl) 

443 Linton Paul R: Ellen A 

446 Bendel Harry W: Dora (Frank Ruhl) 5140 

447 Benson Byron: Elizabeth 

450 Ritnour Fred H: Josie (Mrs A M Ensminger) 


453 Zellner Edwin: Susan J 

456 Colson Edward M: Mary A — !|Helen M Timmins (Mrs Ed Roehr) 

457 Miller Prank: Anna (Mrs B Hofman) 

462 Linton Wm L. .Mary F 5610 

463 Van Horn Wm A: Myrtle R; fLeota V, ||Hele n F (Mrs Ed 

Roehr) 5488 

466 Catelli Benj: Ethel; || Josephine, Blanche. Rolland, boy — Doini- 

nick Pinizi — Angel o Paladini — Nick Orr — Frank Servitch — 
Antonio Roseis — Sam Catania (R V Sears) 

467 Goerlach John: Catherine E; ||Mabel F. Wilbur C, Catherine 

(G Sargel) 

469 Smith Oliver A — Mrs Permelia J Hannah (Christ Sargel) 

470 (Chas Pletcher) 
473 Linton Robert T: Mary A; ||Bithia L (Mrs Wm Vollrath) 

476 Hale John B: Mary C; ||Gena L, Clara E (Mrs J Moffett) 

478 Ulmer Chas J: Myrtle M; ||Elizabeth K (Mrs F C Gross) 3462 

479 Jacobs Geo C: Jennie M; ||Callie G (Vollrath Est) 

480 Zoller Wm H: Matilda E; Blanche L. tPred C, Opal L, Lloyd 

C, || Violet M— Clarion Gerstenberger (Mrs F C Gross) 3262 

481 Trout Samuel D: Laura G (Otto Vollrath) 5730 
Lucas Street crosses 

500 Lea N H: Mary A; t Julia L. ||Arch S. Frederick H, Helen M, 
Frank W. Paul E (W R Harris) 5557 


501 Weaver Edward G: Vesta; ||Dale C, P Forest, Mierle E, Doris 
(R V Sears) 

506 Carson Jas E: Adelia L; || Esther E, Jas W (Wm Miller) 

507 Peterson Chas C: Sophia C — Shannon J Brown 

508 Miller Rose; fOaririe, || Julia H, John J Burling: Amanda; 

|| Edith G, Harold E 

512 Landis Cornelia; Biruee E Sharroek: Delia E; ]|Chas E, Carl E 

(R V Sears) 

513 Kraut Chas: Marguerite A 

516 Morehead Gerald E: Maude M; || Mildred E (W R Harris) 3448 
519 Young Nora; R Carl: Fannie F 5210 

521 . (L C Feighner} 

522 Collins Frank M: Sarah; Denzel F: Velma; || Richard, Virginia 
Aurora Street crosses 

602 DeWitt Olin E: Nora B; Rose B 5100 

603 Camp Louisa M; Edward N orris: Harriet E; |A Ellen, Edward 

E, || Esther L, Hlomer F, Eislon A, H Burtonn Bernice 
V, Ruth I, baby boy 

609 Trout Arthur P: Ada; || Gladys M (T O'Donnell) 

610 Grau Fred: Caroline; Geo D: Delta 5806 

611 O'Donnell Mayme, Thomas, Nelle 

612 Grail Louisa M; Wm O: Elma; || Dorothea E, Wm L 3348 
615 ("715; Dozlan Peter: Qra; Chas Dine (Harvey Kiess) 

Oakwood Avenue crosses 

700 f800J Schearer Solomon E: L Harriet; Nina P 5248 
706 f806; Miller Wm H: Margaret M; Wm E 5045 
Lincoln Way crosses 

805 Pierce Chauncey H: Mary E; || Hazel V, Walter C, Mary L 
Osman Street west 

901 Marshall Daniel: Mary L; Sylvia M, f Ralph E, ||Paul, Ruth A 
a09 Stewart Ralph R: Luella M; || Robert J, Wilbur W, Jas O (Mrs. 

Jane Monneti) 
911 George Rolle E: Rose E (Mrs Hauer) 5581 
917 Clady Henry A: Clara; ||Willard A 3235 
947 Kurtz Margaret; Edward 
Short Street west 

1001 Heinlen Lee: Lottie; || Calvin, Louis 

1003 Luke Elmer E: Lottie C; ]| Virginia V, Ellen E, Chas R 343& 

(W B Cummings) 
1012 f912; Chambers Isaac M: Alice 

1016 (A S Leuthold) 

1037 Quaintance Leroy R: Martha; M Estella, E Vella 5689* 
1039 Shaffstall Earl: Grace M; || Clayton W (Mrs Gester) 
1043 Ridenour Chas E: Cornelia G; f Doris g, j|Gladys C, Leland K, 

Phyllis G, Dorothy R (L Heinlen) 
1045 Hudson Fred: Clara M; ||Juanita (E Heinlen) 

PUBLIC SQUARE (numbered east from North Sandusky Avenue, thence 
around Square) 
100-110 Quimby Block 

100 W J Geiger, Clothier (Jacob Geiger) 5411 

103 The Farmers & Citizens Bank & Savings Co, H E Kiess Cashier 
(Fred Mader) 5061 
Geo W Miller, Secy The Ohio Mutual Tornado, Cyclone & Wind 

storm Ins Assn of Columbus 
Bucyrus Board of Education fsee Roster of Educational Institu- 
tion s) 
Basement Bieber & Wilson, Barber Shop 
' 104 Lakes' Jewelry, Jas Aylward Mgr (C Lake Estate) 

105 Walk-Over Boot Shop, H Long Propr (Mantel Estate) 5082 

106 W H Graetz, Pharmacy (Fred Mader) 5503 


Public Square — continued. 

107 Entrance to Quimby Block Offices 

1 Leuthold & McOarron, Attorneys 5426 

2 Coulter & Hurr, Real Eistate & Insurance 5247 . 

3 The Western Union Telegraph & Cable Co, J L Seerist Mgr 


4 W J Schwenck, Attorney 5128 

5 Alvin Elichman, Merchant Tailor 

6 Crawford County Liquor Licensing Board, F Pigman & Chas 

Monroe 5913 

7 Chas P Sehaber, Attorney 

8 Benjamin Meek, Attorney 5763 

9 Chester A Meek, Justice of the Peace 5763 

12 Union Labor Hall, Trades Council 

13 Gabiill David C, Attorney 

15 Bucyirus Township Trustees, Geo Ryan Clerk 

16 Dr W E Arnold, Dentist 5105 
Third Floor Quimby Hall 

Garner Jesse — Chas Diller 

109 The Home Store, M!iss Jenn Green Propr (Judge Schaber) 5410 

110 Hauslaib Bros, Saloon 5273 
Bast Alley north 

East Mansfield Street east 

115 Croneis & Garner, Ladies' Ready-to^Wear (Elizabeth Ostermier) 

115% Mrs M Scheidegger, Cigar Factory No 338 

116 W F Hager, Cigars & Tobacco, Factory No 214 (Eliz Ostermier) 
117-118 The New Elberson Hotel, M B Elberson Propr, A J Chamber- 
lain Clk 5001 

Elberson Marshall B: Ida 
The Lincoln Highway Assn, Headquarters 
R A Jolly & Co, Cigar Stand & Pool Room 
Edward Hughes, Barber Shop & Turkish Bath 
East Alley south 

119 Vienna Steam Bakery, John Martinitz Propr (P J Carroll) 5127 

121 The Club Cafe, Harry Everett Propr (P J Carroll) 5344 

122 Smith & Marshman, Barber Shop (P J Carroll) 5439 
123-130 Deal Block (P J Carroll) 

123 Peter Bianchi, Fruits, Candies & Cigars 5322 

125 Postal Telegraph & Cable Co, H H Schafer Mgr 5049 

J B Leonard, General Insurance 
130 The Deal House, Mary Keane & Mary Fitzpatrick Proprs & 
Migrs 5104 
Keane Mlary — Mary Fitzpatrick 
Samelson D D— Sadie McGinty— Mary Auck; ||Alma, Catherine 

Moffitt, || Edward 
Deal House Barber Shop, Joseph Ausburger Propr 
R A Jolly & Co, Cigar Stand 
Sandusky Avenue south 

135-139 Miller Block 

135 Office Entrance 

1 H F Miller, Real Estate & Insurance 5521 

2 W C Beer, Attorney & Referee in Bankruptcy 5172 
Third Floor K of P Hall 

136 E R Birk, Harness Mfr & Trunk Dealer 

138 Farquhar Bros, Drug Store (Mrs G K Ziegler) 5304 

139 August Roelle, Music Store (Mader Estate) 5766 
139 y 2 Roelle August: Minnie M 5766 

West Alley south 

140 H E Wynegar, Barber Shop (Ben] Meek) 


141 The Wear-U-Well Shoe Oo, John Karg Mgr 

Harry Karg, Shoe Repair Shop 
143 Hotel Royal, J D Gierhart Proper (Benj Meek) 5034 

Gierhart Jacob D 
Mansfield Street west 

145 Home Restaurant, G J Barger Propr (Clias Aumiller) 5618 
145^ Barger Geo J: Hattie J; || Edith M, Harrietta M, Geo F, Anna 

M 1 — Sam Scott (Chas Aumiller) 

146 Otto Feiining, Merchant Tailor (Clias Aumiller) 5236 
Office of City Auditor 

147 The Singer Sewing Machine Co, Victor Seelos Mgr (Chas 

Aumiller) 5733 
147% Hetrick John 
Kroft Mrs A 

148 J Pfeifer, Shoe Repair Shop (Chas Aumiller) 
West Alley north 

149 C K Cunningham, Grocery (Mrs L K Mollenkopf) 5445 
Cunningham Oleophus K 

150 J J Houseburg, Bicycles & Genl Repairs (Mrs L Mollenkopf) 

152 W H Sanger, Restaurant & Oafe (Fred Mader) 5746 
153-154 Mader Block (J G Mader Estate) 

153 The Leader Store, Jacob Herskowitz Propr 
Herskowitz Jacob 

Second Floor Reber Joseph J: Harriet K 
Third Floor Mader Fred W: Catherine 
156 F C Wagner, Grocery (City Bank) 5046 

158 (City Bank) 

159 Hauer & Shultz, Barber Shop (City Bank) 

REID STREET east from 129 Fisher Street 

709 Shupp Cloyd D: Elsie M; ||E Helen, Lamoma E, Mary E 

713 Dirmeyer Louise; Christ Belzner 

714 Oppenlander Christ: Elizabeth; Fred, f Clarence 

717 Smalley G Wesley: Ella (H Stuckert) 

718 Belzner Wm: Irene D; ||Karl R (C Oppenlander) 

722 McMichael J Lawrence: Lillie M; f Hazel M, J Elra, ||Ruby H, 

F Mabel, Donald W (Geo Faulkner) 

723 Hazen Hattie L; || Margaret B, Edward F, Garnet G 
Eckleberry Edgar C: Mary; || Genevieve M (Chas Collins, 

Springfield O) 
725 Downing Ely L: Malinda (Mrs Joe Roberts) 3867 

935 Flock Geo J: Catherine E; f Arthur J Swartz, ||Geo J Flock, 

Catherine E, Clarence W 3679 

936 Hirtz Samuel: Martha L 5201 

940 James Elihue E: Mary J; || Chester E, T Carl 

941 Uebelchoer Chas A: B Ilene; |IRuth I (Wm Graetz) 5768 

944 Kerr John F: Mary A; ||Helen I— Walter Davis (J Grail) 5872 
947 (Wm Graetz) 

951 Bone Wm: Gertrude R; ||Jay R, W Russell, Robert O (Wm 
Highland Avenue crosses 

1100 Long John A: Agnes; Edward, Ella; |] Leonard (J Wirth) 3595 
1103 f803J Marggraf Gustavo; Robert B: Martha; ||Elsa D, Rudolph G, 

Paul G, Arthur R 
1110 Weber Gloyd E: Clara B; ||Dora C, John S, Esther A (John 

1115 f815; Reiff Marie C; L Fred, Herman C, A Clara 
1123 Nickler Ira: Bertha M; || Ralph, Elsie M 

1126 Bauchman Clifford: Grace; || Marshall (Mrs Miller) 

Inez Street crosses 

1211 Sevits Albert J: Bessie A; fVella B, II Marion G 


RENSSELAER STREET EAST from 200 South Sandusky Avenue 
102 Wm Flocken, Barber Shop (P J Carroll) 
113 Beer & Son, Meat Mlarket (P J Carroll) 5184 
116 City Hall (see Roster; 
118 Henry Meyer, Plumbing-Heating & Lighting (C J Scroggs) 5335 

126 Meyer Henry: Marie M; || Clarence K (C J Scroggs) 

127 Hetich Elizabeth — Cyrus H Fisher 

128 Brubaker Dr Perry R, Physician 5357 
Walnut Street crosses, West Street crosses 

223 Dr E R School-field, Physician 5627 

Schoolfleld Dr E Raymond: Violet; || Grace M, Clarence — Goldie 

222 Dornblaser Rev Samuel G: Carrie T; Helen T, fGeo B (Evan 

Luth Pars) 5300 

225 Sherer Addison M: Edith M; || Frederick M, Ralph M, Luther G, 

Thelma E, boy fWm Farquhar AdmrJ 

226 . McCormick Rose;; Anna Mayer 

Boyer Mrs Matilda J 
229 fL C Feighner AgU 

231 Butter Herman O: Katherine F (C J Scroggs) 5466 

234 Gross Major Wm H: Floy C; tdora C Herr, Isabel C, ||Harryet 

235 Houston Frank M: Clara L (C J Scroggs) 

240 Holm Mrs Alice R 5356 

241 Sarles Wm R: Mary 
Lane Street crosses 

300 Reformed Church 

301 Lyon Arthur H: Toinette; ||John P (Mrs Ed Reid) 5306 

306 Leonard Joseph B: Eleanor C; Dr Frank P (R & C Picking ) 

308 Ulrich Edward P: Bertha (Ralph & Chas Picking) 5229 

309 Barth Wm F: Anna 5760 

310 Miller Rev J Frank: Marie; fL Wallace (R & C Picking) 
312 Kepner Dr Walter H: Helen B (R d- C Picking) 5802 

314 Winegartner Edward: Amelia; Cora, Olga, Alma, Carl E, 
|| Margaret 3855 

Harts el Wm H: Sarah — Matilda Shieber 
317 Elberson Rose; Ethel 5655 

Bryant Wm C: Lulu S (J M Smith) 
320 Peterman Henrietta K;; t Dorothy L 5844 

322 Dial Catharine;; Treva C Schell 
Stewart Irene D; || Ralph F, Donald S 

323 Smith John J: M Minerva; fAnna M, Geraldine M, ||J Amon, 

Clark T — Katherine Myers— Eva Began 5606 
Bast Street crosses 

400 Donnenwirth Frank P: Elizabeth, 5291 
403 Carroll Patrick J: Phoebe; t Robert, || Eleanor, John 5143 
406 Schiebcr John Jr: Elizabeth J; Clara E 5108 
411 Tobias Daniel M: Sallie; fRuth M. Russell S, ||Daniel M, 
Catherine M (Emanuel Kail)) 5450 
412 Hall Joseph E; Wm A Blicke: Nelle H; jjJulliard H— Fairy 
Zaebst 5126 

416 Ward Hamtilton B: Florence; ||Corolyn I, F Josephine, Janet C 

(W A Blicke) 3754 

417 Forrest Lettie ; Edith, Irene, Bruce 5041 

419 Meek Benjamin: Mary; || Calvin B 5060 

420 Perrott John R: Nancy J; Margaret E 5136 

423 Feiring G Henry: Martha A; tHenry A — 1| Marian Startsman 


424 Roive C Richard: Pauline; || Richard. Virginia 5069 

428 West W Lee: Zoa Ethel; ||Guy M, Frank W (Mrs Mary Jourden) 

429 Faulkner Mary; John E\ Josephine : ]|John E Jr. Marjorie 5283 


432 Mader Wm F; Lucile W, tVera E — Florence Lewis 5538 
435 Ensminger Carrie; fEdward 5324 

Iron Street crosses 

500 Reid Mrs Emily — Augusta M McCracken — Mrs Retta Ohesney 

(Ed Reid) 5005 

501 Kinnear Wm M: Emma; Ralph 3803 
Bogan Cora 

505 Herser David G: Matilda; t Grace A, Waldo E — Paul Eioh 
508 Dobbins Hugh Sr; John B 8tiefel: R Emma; Urban P Rorick: 
Flossie E 3655 

511 McCracken Portia A (H McCracken) 
Bishop Joseph W: Sarah 3503 

512 Bliss Julius J: Ella M; f Marion G, Mary M 5340 

517 Tore Absalom M: Louisa F 5192 

518 Donnenwirth Geo: Mary 5109 
Wiley Street crosses 

600 Harris Allie 

603 Myers David C— Frank C: Ida M; fFerris C, M Lucile (August 
Roelle) 5854 

605 Baumoel Mark: Regina; Sylvia V, fEdna I 5288 

606 Widman Adolph: Rose 

610 Darr Geo F: Celestia E 5106 

611 (A Rumer) 
Rear (A Rumer) 

612 Fitzer C Wm: Christina 5518 

617 Rumer Andrew: Susan J — Bertha Rein 5098 

618 Hammer Conrad F: Elizabeth A; || Russell D 

619 Shiffler Wm: Iva Loe 

622 Rein Chas: Katherine; Anna 

623 Merritt Chapman, Cigars, Pool Room & Lunch Counter (Mrs P 

Walter John — Merritt Chapman 
628-630 Wm F Rauth, Lunch Room & Cafe (Mrs Emma Vail) 5112 

Rauth Wm F: Matilda; ||H|elen M, Margaret T 5112 
631 Pennsylvania Ry Co, Short Line, Passenger Station, J B Shaner 
Agt 5554 
Penna Short Line crosses 

635 T & C Ry Co, Freight Depot, P B Holmes Agt 5468 

636 T & O C Ry Co, Passenger Station, P B Holmes Agt 
Rear Offices of T & O C Ry, Way Maintenance Dept 5664 

637 B L Ryland & Son, Coal, Sewer Pipe & Bldg Supplies (T&OC 

Ry) 5814 

641 Bucyrus Hay & Grain Co, J M Smith & C W Fitzer (T&OC Ry) 

665 Kelly Michael; Josephine — John F 
Catherine Street crosses 

701 Eckmian Horace R: Mary J; S Elizabeth, Hazel I (Mrs L For- 
rest) 3285 

711 Reynolds Douglas: Anna (Geo Donnenwirth) 

713 Oborn H Ellsworth: Helen A; Mary C, f Harry H, Donald D, 
|| J Willard, Coral L, H Lucia (Edith Chesney) 3385 

719 Wilson Edward J: Lettie M; Shannon S, Arnie E, tNellie N. 
|| Stephen H 

725 Dunbar Geo: Helen E — Jas A McCready (Mrs Jane Heckert) 

726 The Artificial Stone Co, Thos Berry & Wm Breymiaier 
729 Roehr Albert: Mary; Fred, Frank; || Nellie M 3185 
Rear Roehr August C: Delia; || Alice M, Evelyn M 

Kearsley Street south 

740 Ledman Geo W: Lola V; ||Amy A, Silas H, A Jackson (Frank 


741 O'Brien Ellen; Jerry: || Margaret 3768 


Rensselaer Street East — continued. 

743 Snyder Albert E: M Ella; tlda B Fritz, Leota I, ||Robert C 

Snyder, Dorothy Z, Emmet, Edwin (E J Myers) 
751 (§2\) Foster Guy S: Minnie M; ||Ralph K, Helen D, Beulah M 
(F Flohr) 3868 
Highland Street crosses 

812 McMahon James: Mary; fAnna, ||Karl P 5155 
Ethel Street north 

900 Zaehst Wm: Ada J; f Frederick A, Bertha L, ||Mary E, Ruth, 
Dorothy M, W Carl, Dale (G Bramire) 

RENSSELAER STREET WEST from 201 South Sandusky Avenue 

103 Koons & Wenninger, French Dry Cleaning Works (Eagles) 5446 

109 Wm Kranich, Paint Shop 

110 Bucyrus Developement Co, Water Works Office, Henry Diedrich 

Supt (First Natl Bank) 5019 
112 J W Miller, Attorney 5514 
J W Bishop, Real Estate 

The Bucyrus Doan & Building Assn Co, J W Miller Secy (First 
Natl Bank) 
112y 2 Christian Science Church (First Natl Bank) 
114 (First Natl Bank) 

West Alley crosses 

116 Bennett Jas: Hattie (G Picking) 5652 
120 Picking Robert B: Maude 

125 Fisher Gyrus W: Mary D 5312 

126 Picking' Chas F: Lillie A; Wilford F 
Poplar Street crosses 

203 Miller Christ: Elizabeth (E Simms Est) 

214 Wilkinson Rev Howard G: Louise (Presbyterian Church) 5259 

215 Blackburn Daniel (E Sims Est) 

219 Rogers Mary; Chas W: Alice L; ||Leo E, Elbert L (C Picking) 

222 Hughes J Wm: Clara A (Alice Holm) 
Jarvis Emma 

223 Dr R T Kennedy, Veterinarian (Roberts Bros)' 5161 

224 f214J Harmon Mary E; John L Brown; ||Liouis L, Marian C (Alice 

229 Roberts Bros, Livery, Feed & Sale Stables 5812 
Spring Street crosses 

303 Michaels Chas F: Sadie; || Walter J, Chas A (Caspar Fisher) 

321 f331 ) Hesche Herman F: Sarah— Jency E Baker; tMiles C 5550 

325 • Kerr J Belle 
Grace Street south 

326 Harris Wm 

402 Myers Caspar R: Amelia C; Harry J, ||Edna F 

403 Farquhar Wm: Laura B; Floyd B, Mabel M 5817 

404 Lantz Jas F: Catherine; Florence L — Alice Sherwood 5883 

405 Beal Samuel D: Emma S— J E Mover (Cal Holmes) 3665 

406 (342; Sawyer Wilmer A: Clara D; Boyd F, Cleo C 5207 

407 Roberts Joseph E: Pansy G, Willis G: Amanda E — Arthur Wise 

5805 • 
410 f346; Groneis Fred W: Nellie M; || Carey G, O Frederick 
Clark Street south 

501 Birk Geo M: Florence; tKathryn 5030 

503 Smith Joseph L: Amy L; jj Basil C, Marjorie G, Virginia L, 

Joseph L (Anna Keller) 5434 

RIDGE AVENUE south from 500 West Warren St to Gay Street 

RIVER STREET southwest from West Mansfield, 1st West of Sandusky River 


ROGERS STREET south from 233 Lincoln Way to Southern Avenue 
.403 Ryland Benton L: Hiettie I; Clarence C, f Donald B 5154 
407 Beistle Edward: Sarah; ||Jas — Arnie Wilson (Schaenslin) 
409 Wilmioth Maurice: Bertha A; ||Omah F (Mrs Schaens- 


Liberty Street west 

500 Walter Elmer H: Mlayme E 

501 Aller Prank: Ora; Lenora 5285 
Fink John A: Marie (Mrs Wm Price) 

504 Ewing Louise; Ernest K, Florence (Wm Clark) 3242 

507 Kenney Jas: Carrie; ]| Edward C, Dolores E 3265 

508 Price Wm I: Clara B; J Milroy — fPaul Fry 

512 Heinlen Emanuel: Catherine; Bessie V 

513 Stone Edward J: Ida; f Harvey J, Donslow H, || Gladys D, 

Elizabeth, Mary M, Izetta E (Tom Smith) 

518' Cook Rose; H Earl: Edna; HMartiha E, Margaret R 3142 

519 Slhealy Daniel: Sophia; Sula (N Steene) 

522 Leifer Jacob: Elizabeth 5319 

525 Kurtz S Aaron: Nellie E; || Russell B, Marguerite, Wilbur, Eliza- 
beth (D S Shieber) 
Lucas Street crosses 

603 Keller Ella C; Sue Sexauer, Lois R Keller, fRuth b 

607 Gaa Christ P: Carrie E; ||Dortiha W, Donald C, Cordelia L, C 
Gerald, Elizabeth 

613 Shearer Benj, Mrs Vesta E 5420 

618 Moberg Arthur C: Ruth E; || Frances L, Burdette I (F L Miller) 

622 Mapes Richard 8: Matilda; Eme H 

623 Cobb Mary J; Leo 
Center Street west 

626 Hurr Mary; Emma L, Carrie A 3344 

710 Matthew John P: Elizabeth S; t Donald S 5177 

712 Ulmer Joseph H: Blanche 5369 

714 Niederheiser Francis: Mary M; ||Anna L, Helen B — Nannie 
Hawkins 5462 

716 Reid Edward: Maude; fMary e 5325 

717 Smith fJune, Claude B Sharer: Luticia; t Beryl W, || Claude, 

Harvey B, Morris W (R J Stivers, Ripley O; 5564 
Short Regina 

718 Fenner Emma O 3144 
726 Bowser Peter N: Helen C 

Oakwood Avenue crosses 

800 Arnold Br Wm E: Blanche P; || Harry W, Robert C 5653 

801 Ryland Harry L: Nina L; ||Edith B, H Virginia (Ella Stump) 

807 Crall Earl W: Mabel B; || Muriel B, Clark C, Gail E 5406 
811 Mollencopf Jacob P: Gertrude E; || Ernestine V, Edmond P 5881 

813 Moderwell Mrs Mary E 5290 

814 (A Schieber) 
Osmon Street east 

815 Leuthold Samuel A: Tenna B; ||Marion R, Cynthia 5352 
821 Leuthold Catherine; Louise E 

829 Stuart Geo W: Mary A; G Eugene: Margaret 
831 Sherer Sarah E; Ruth M 3320 

835 Miller Henry D: Ida I; jjD Blanche, Ford L, Helen A (Ira M 

Snyder, Painesville o) 3220 

836 ( Garber) 

837 Eichman Cuno: Florence E; ||Russell H, Florence J 5660 
Short Street crosses 

903 Stein Frank L: Carrie E; ||Mary A, Ethel C, Harold L, Florence 

E (G Leuthold) 
907 Burns Adolph D: Anna M; || Gerald C, girl (G Leuthold) 


Rogers Street — continued. 

909 Schnabel Carl W: Anna M; || Margaret K. Frederick W 
925 Wilson Leroy R: Ethel C; IJOrville H (A S Leuthold) 
929 Lichty Geo: Matilda C 
933 Barnhart Clarence C: Blanche L; ||Geo O, Helen M 3445 

SANDUSKY AVENUE NORTH from 159 Public Square 
101 City Bank Building (Bucyrus City Bank) 

101 The Bucyrus City Bank, W A Blicke Cashier 5085 

1 R V Sears & Godfrey Leuthold, Attorneys 

2 Dr Erick Zincke, Dentist 5608 

3 Dr A L Biggins, Dentist 5421 

4 Bucyrus Bending Works, Office, J H McCormack Propr 
Third Floor K of C Hall & Lodge Rooms 

102 Entrance to Quimby Block Offices (see 107 Public Square,) 
103-107 Tobias Block (C Tobias) 

Second Floor Sherrcck Walter S 
Third Floor Wm Munz, Violin Studio 

Frank Ledinsky, Pressing & Cleaning 

103 W A Smith, Shoe Store 5464 

107 City Cigar Store, Jas M Sears Propr 
110-114 Kehrer Block (F B Kefir er) 

1 The Prudential Ins Co, G W Leedy Asst Dist Supt 


3 Dr F W Kehrer, Eye Ear Nose & Throat 5736 

4 The Western & Southern Life Ins Co, A B Plank Asst Supt, 

W C Park Agt 
111-113 Mader Block (J G Mader & Sons) 

. J G Mader & Sons, Wholesale & Retail Liquor Dealers 5066 
Second Floor — Oberlander Kit C: Delia M; tBryan, John L: 
Rozella F — Ward Petty 
112 Frank B Kehrer & Bros, Jewelry Store 
114 Bucyrus Oaslh Hardware, S B Hoover & H L McKean Proprs 5455 

116 Wirth Block (Mrs J A Wirth) 

J A & D M Wirth, Clothing, Tailoring & Furnishing Store 

117 M Engelhard, Clothing & Gents' Furnishings (Mrs L Mollenkopf) 

117 V 2 Dr F P Leonard, Dentist 5167 

118 Frank Kronenberger, Barber Shop (John Minninger) 

119 E E Class, Grocery (Mrs C E Flocken) 5418 
119 V 2 Dr B T Ruthruff, Dentist 5176 

G D Dunn, Photo Studio 5176 

120 Kentucky Liquor Store, O C Hufnagel Propr (John Minninger) 


120 L Gregory, Merchant Tailor 
Gregory Louis 

121-127 Stoll Block (Mrs Elizabeth Stoll) 

121 Imperial Bakery, Ohas Bryant & Philip Holcker Proprs 5016 

122 Stump & Co, Groceries (J Minninger) 5315 
1221/2 Colonial Club, Harry A Shafer Pres 

123 Emma Malic, Manicure Parlors 5401 
Malic Emma 

124-126 Sohaber Block (Chas Schaber) 

124 John P Matthew, Toggery Shop 5792 
1241/2 Fritts Clinton G; Harry E: Dora 

Harry Fritts Merchant Tailor 

125 Vacant 

126 The Citizens Store Co, Novelties, Wm H Geiger Mgr 
126 1/2 Volk Henry E: Gertrude M; IJPaul M, Howard J 

127 Bee Hive. Racket Store, E P Ulrioh Propr 5245 

128 H Ackerman Piano Store. C C Mattox Mgr (Emma Foreman) 


129 Berghoff Cafe. Adolph Widman Propr 5584 


129 % W H Sheckler, Pension Atty 

Spanish-American War Veterans' Hall 

130 The Fashion Shop, Mrs Rose Hlagmaier Propr (Mrs R Schanzlin) 
130 y 2 Schanzlin Mrs Rozina 

131 • Dobbins <€• Geiger. Meat Market 5220 

Penna Ry crosses, Galen Street crosses 

200 Hotel Gaa, Cafe & Grill, Jacob Gaa Propr, J A & C A Gaa Mgrs 

Gaa Jacoh: Margaret; Chias A, Joseph A: Laura; ||Ruth B — A O 
Leith — Gu stave High 
201-205 Union Block (F A Walther) 

201 F A Walther, Ironmongery, F A & H G F Walther Proprs 5113 

201 Roelle Edwin J: Emma; || Janet 
202-204 Hipp Building (Hipp Estate) 

202 Mrs M Krumbach, Bakery 5162 

202% Krumbach Mary; Fred J, Magdalena, ||Karl — John Hammer — 

John Kuebleir 
203-205 Hansberger. Ward & Co, Department Store 5536 
203 y 2 Walther Harry G F: Nelle B "5113 
204 The W L Ferrall Real Est Agency 5327 
205 V 2 Herkowitz Siefrich; tHerman 
209-213 Bulmenscihein Block (Mrs M Blumenschein) 

209 Smith & Heiby, Music Store, Real Est & Insurance 5424 

210 Jesse Klopfenstedn, Cafe & Restaurant (Chas Vollmer) 5221 
Klopfenstein Jesse: Alice — Otto E Fridziinger: Ida B 

211% Smith Fred 

212 H A Dunlap. Jewelry (John Myers) 

Fred J Albright, Agt The Columbian Life Ins Co 

213 Vacant 

213 V 2 Blumenschein Margaret; Geo, Elizabeth Schindler, Wm; Thos 

214-216 S L Pruden, Furniture & Stoves (J K Myers) 5318 

215-217 Moesch Block (J A Moesch) 

215 F Renkert, Shoe Store 

217 J A Moesch, Merchant Tailor 

Moesch Jacob A: Katherine — Frank Ruth 

222 Carl P Munz & Sons, Furniture Dealers & Undertakers 5524 
Munz Carl P: Caroline; Ohias, Gustave, Josephine Purnstill' 

i| Henry, Carl 

223 John H Meyer, Harness Dealer 
224-230 Keel Block (G D Keel) 

224 The Fair, Head-to-Feot Outfitters, M Morgenstein Mgr 
226 Morgenstern Maurice: Sarah; || Myron (G D Keel) 

228 Leifer Geo C: Bessie M 5354 

229 S L Pruden, Second Hand Furniture & Stoves (Mrs S L Smith) 

230 Bucyrus Cash Pharmacy, C D Kell Mgr 
Basement G J Ferrall, Barber Shop 

231 Smith Sophia L; Ralph W, Geo C 

232 L E Wilcox, Buggies & Farm Implements (J H Eaton) 5429 

233 Mrs J J Smith, Millinery Store (John Gebhardt) 

236 Joe Moutagna, Shoe Repair Shop (J H Eaton) 

237 Miller Bicycle Shop 

241 A G Hufnagel, Hotel & Cafe 

Hufnagel August G: Nettie; |j Marian— Wm Fulmer 

242 The J K Myers Co, Department Store, J K Myers, Pres-Mgr 

(Blicke Est) 5087 
Mary Street crosses 

300 The Peoples Meat Market, H G Baerkircher & C J Haala Proprs 

(Wm Munz) 5553 

301 T B Roelle, Grocery 5634 

302 (W m Munz) 

303 Roelle Thos B ; Gertrude M 


Sandusky Avenue North — continued. 

306 Munz Frank A: Cora L (C P Munz) 5310 

308 Bucyrus Storage Co, C P Munz & Sons Proprs 

309 Williams Hiram: Julia E — Bert Earl — Dennis Mlonahan 

310 Christ Kloepfer, Cafe 5084 

Kloepfer Christ: Rickey; Fred, Carrie, f Edwin, || Edith, Ger- 
trude 5084 

311 Bacon Clark: Lillie; Fred W: Delia; || Freda (J Schuler) 

312 Munz Wm: Louisa 

314 Schafer Mrs Pauline 

315 Pickering Lewis D: Emma 

317 Gubernath Anthony J: Ida (L D Pickering) 
318-326 Pfleidereir Block (Mrs Mary Pfleiderer) 

318 Pfleiderer Mrs Mary, J Fred Walker 

320 Vacant 

321-325 Pickering Block (L D Pickering) 

321 L D Pickering, Buggies & Farm Implements 5417 

322 Schuler Frank; May 

323 Bucyrus Vulcanizing Works, Wm Bone Propr 

Second Floor The Pressman Bros Co, D D Samelson Treas-Mgr 

324 Niiekelson Wm H): Minnie H 

325 Cooper & Henderson, Hardware 5819 

326 F D Quaintance, Confectionery 

Quaintance Fisher D: Ida E; || Austin D, Almon A 
328 Mrs Louisa Fischer, Lodging House, Tobacco, Cigars & Candies 

Fischer Louisa C; Louisa P, tLudwig E — Benj Barclay — Jack- 
son Raub — Daniel Drexel — Chas Hipp 
334 Cassaro Tony: Grace — Guglielmo Lamarca (F A Walther) 

336 (F A Walther) 

337 N Couts, New & Second Hand Store, Bicycles, Gunns & General 

- Repairs (Zeigler Estate) 
340 The Houghton-Merkel Co, H A Barrett Mgr (C J Scroggs) 5588 
340% Lowrey Mrs Mabel 

344 Hines Osro E;: Lulu E; ||Obipo A (C J Scroggs) 5690 

345 Zeigler & Co, Flouring Mills 5513 
Perry-Street crosses 

402 Zeigler Maria; Josiah M, David H White: Anna Z 5527 

405 Shonert Christian H; Thos C, Clara M 5031 

415 C H Shonert, Piano Dealer 5031 

416 The Bucyrus Electric Light & Power Co, Plant, L A Springer 

Chief Eng 5831 
Sandusky River crosses 

509 Broemel August: Emma 

513 Bucyrus Courier, August Broemel Propr 5242 
East River Street west 

609 Rinker Herman: Sarah M; Paul G Croneis: Lillian M 

623 Schott Joseph A: Nora E 

625 Wirth John A: Otillia E 

627 Schott Anthony: Mary C; Delia 

629 Leonhart Adam; Emma Hufnagel; ||Dean 

641 f54i; Exley Mrs Augusta 

647 Pressman Philip: Adella; ||Jos J, Herman S— Israel Sass (Chas 

649 (549) Biebighauser Herman A: Anna B^; fNelle M, Eloise K, 

I! John B (Chas Schaber) 5384 
675 Monnett Memorial Hospital, M R Lewis Secy Board of Control 
(City of Bucyrus) 5602 
Woodward Mae — Margaret Irvmg — Hazel Gearhart 
678 Finley Ebenezer B: Charlotte E 5132 
Tiffin Street northwest 


705 Spomseliler Conrad A: Mary A; Guy P; Anna L, Leary P, t Jessie 

L, Chas P, Arthur D, ||Mary M, Elsie M, Hazel L 5831 

706 Carroll Maurice E: Pearl B 5198 
708 Snyder E Harry: Julia C 

714 Roehr Herman P: Era M; Arthur, Cora G, Bernadine, f Norma 

715 Wentz John; E Pearl 5628 

722 Myers Joseph C: Mary S; Oallie R, ||H',ildred L 

725 Lewis R Theodore: Georgia E; Eaton I, Frank D, tGerald T 

(Wm Matthews) 

726 Krannich Simon: Louisa; Paul, Alno 

731 Schieber David 8: Mary J 5107 
Giaus Street west 

732 Rossman Adam: Sophia; Chas (John Rossman) 

734 Rossman John, Elizabeth M Fawley; || Mamie E, Hazel A 
800 Robison Wm A: Mary M (David White) 
803 Richards Albert J: Edith H 5146 
808 Chandler Noah F: Ruth; [J baby (Chas Aumiller) 
Matthews Mrs Harriet M 

811 Gebhardt John: Emma C; Cleo E 5263 

812 J D Davidson & Son, Groceries & Notions 5412 
Heinlen Louis F: Eliza; Hazel E, || Grace M 

817 Vollmer C Fred: Rozena D 5729 

Whitcom Geo; Jacob A Hull: Nettie J 5729 

826 Hoover Benj F: Stella; fGeorgianna, || Dorothy M, Ernest M, 

Laura E, June, Jessie B, Ray A Stentz: Nellie (P J Carroll) 

827 Volz Henry: Sue; [|Jannett K 
Bland Avenue west 

901 f837; Perree Jas D: (Chas Gallinger) 5780 

907 Hershberger John W: Christina M; Mary E, Esther E, fCora H 

913 (Sid) Dobbins Hugh M: O Alice; tJ Ross, ||Lois C, Robert W 5346 

914 f850; Twiggs Price: L Ida; Roscoe L, Vera A, fNile A, ||Phyllis J 

(P J Carroll) 
Schaeffer Avenue east 

915 (2,15) Angene August; Lewis G Heinlen: Emma 

921 Stuckey Emory K: Mary El; ||Ezra M, Elzo Y 

922 The Carroll Fdry & Machine Co, P J Carroll Pres-Mgr 5186 & 

The Bucyrus Steel Casting Co, P J Carroll Pres-Mgr 5186 & 
929 f865J Kline Edward: Bertha P; ||Lucile C, Karl E 

934 f870; Myers Delbert H: Addie B; II Mary C, D Wayne, Robert M 

(P J Carroll) 

935 f87i; Fulton Edward: Clara; f Ethel, [| Geneva (J Brandstetter) 
Franklin Street west 

1001 f887; Klink Harvey C: Harriet C (Mrs John A Elink) 5190 
1003 f889; Baerkircher Herman G: Alma E; Frederick H 5840 

1007 Weinberger Abraham: Lillie; ||Alex, Rudolph, David (Geo 


1008 f898J Heiby Clark E: Blanche M; |jEleanor A, LeEtta M— |i Viola 

M Purkey (John Schell) 5859 
Irving Street crosses 

1100 Davy Henry D; Clyde C: Marie A (P J Carroll) 5859 
T & O C Ry crosses 

1116 Hoefer Lydia; Carl F 

1120 Zimmerman Henry: Clara A 3369 
Songer Avenue east 

1200 Klingenberger Carrie; Peter, fSeph, Jas, || Lewis, Franklin, Geo, 

Marguerite (G B Klingenberger Est) 5896 

1201 Wolfe Henry; Thos J: Mary E; || Clare C, Julia E, Mildred D 

(Dobbins & Geiger) 


Sandusky Avenue North — continued. 

1216 Steiger Fred G: Sophromia M (Morris Carroll & A J Richards) 

1231 Schwartzkopf Wm: Aileen; |j Miriam R, Walter R 3169 
Dudley Street east 

1303 Brinkman Wm F: Sarah J; t Clarence J, || Henrietta M 3469 

1307 Traxler Isaac: Anna; ||Roy (Clias Brinkman) 

1314 Bowdner Hugo: Anna 

1321 Houseburg Jesse J: Pearl; jjPaul L, Garnet I (F B Derr) 

1327 Crawford Wm H: Melissa C; Clarence M, f Vernon, ||Blanche M, 
T'helma E, Celestia C, Stephen F: Mary; || Mildred E, 
Geraldine L (Mrs L Harriger) 
Emerson Street east 

1401 Kalb Abraham B: Emma M — ||Isetta Lyons 3666 

1411 Kalb Henry W: Susan 3269 

1415 Schell Frank; ||Floy, Otto 

1423 Willie Geo J: Lydia A; fJohn B, ||Bernice H 5675 
Lawn Street east 

1505 Roberts Wm M, Frank E: Bertha M; t Esther I, || Martha L 

1515 Brown Lester: Laura 
City Limits 

1600 Springer Lionel A: Addiie A 3766 

1606 Gilhuly Thos: Estella; ||Margaret, B Annetta. Beatrice I (Wm 


1607 Schwarzkopf Mary; Chas 

1608 (J C Krebs) 
Rear Oberlander Geo A: Sarah E; f Sherman W, Cora B Graham; 

||Inez T 3866 
1610 Krebs John (7: Josephine; ||Estella R, Victor E 
1612 Izin Ernest: Rosa; tEIsa 

SANDUSKY AVENUE SOUTH from 130 Public Square 
101-105 Rowse Block (J W Wright AgU 
101 I Nussbaum & Sons, Clothing & Furnishings 5832 

1 L C Feighner, Attorney 5413 

2 O W Kennedy, Attorney 5515 

3 W C Kiess, Notary & Real Est Broker 5515 

4 Henry Optical Co, Br M M Henry Mgr 

5 J W Wright, Attorney 5381 
Third Floor Junior Order Ball 

104 The Jacob Bach Co, Clothing etc, L Bach Secy (P J Carroll) tel 

105 W F Fail & Co, Shoes 5183 
107-109 Second National Bank Building 

108 Fischer & Flohr, Hardware (Blair Estate) 525S 

108 y 2 Dr A H McOroiry, Physician 5843 

109 Second National Bank, A G Stoltz Cashier 5665 

1 Dr C A Lmgenl'elter, Eye Ear Nose & Throat Specialist 5745 

2 Dr G W Grant, Dentist 5432 

3 Merchants Protective Service, C W Rice & Co Mgr 5794 

4 Dr R L Shook. Osteopathic Physician 5575 
Shook Dr Robert L 

Third Floor Coulter Mat C: Sarah C; t Robert H 5601 
Basement August Christman. Barber Shop 

111 The Johnston Pharmacy, R R & F T Johnston Proprs 5133 . 
111% Edward J Myers, Attorney 5914 

Miss Nellie O'Donnell, Dressmaking Parlors 

112 l> Picking d- Co. Hardware etc, Mfrs Copper Kettles 5661 

113 The Sugar Bowl, Nicholas Elias Propr (F T Johnston) 5526 
113V 2 A M Burns, Photo Studio 5612 

115 J E Kern & Bro, Drug Store (Picking Estate) 5222 
115 1/2 Dr L Kemp, Physician 5119 
Kemp Dr Lucia 


116 M Baumoel, Dry Goods, M & H Baumoel Proprs (A C Tobias) 

119 Star Bakery, Christ Miller Propr (H Miller) 
119% Friend Archie W: Daisy 

120 Reber Hotel & Cafe, L W Hagmaier & F A Roelle Proprs (Mrs 

F Reber) 5278 
Hagmaier Louis W: Clara 5278 

121 J E Bedway, Fruit Store (H Miller) 5632 

123 B H Walter, Shoe Store (H N Oberlander) 
124-126 Sens Block (Fred Sens) 

124 Great Western, A H Lubisky Propr, Clothing & Shoes 
Basement Geo Sens, Plumber 

125 Bucyrus Tea Store, R J Rader Propr (B B Myers) 5912 

126 Tom Chacopolos, Candy Store 5621 

Chacopolos Tom, Jim, Louis, &William — Nicholas Kastriseos 
126% Elks Lodge Parlors 5007 

128 Majestic Theatre, B E Eilberson Propr (Rowse Estate) 
128% F Petry, Signs 

129 Berk & Hales, Dry Goods, Millinery, Shoes etc (P J Carroll) 5131 
Second Floor Dr J W Kannel, Physician 5866 

Kannel Dr J Wm: Maude E; || Minnie C — Clara 
Hieber — R Newton Jackson 
Third Floor Berk Edward P: Dora B; l|Juanita, Miaynard H 5831 

130 F W Woolworth Co, W C Dominick Local Mgr (Mrs Jerry 

Second Floor W M Chapman, Chiropractor 5032 

Chapman Wm M: Sarah C; || Frances P — Cleo 
Third Floor Oppenlander Albert A: Blanche G 
131-133 First National Bank Building 

131 Miller & Robinson, Jewelers 

J B Kantzer & Son, Music Store, Martha Kantzer Mgr 

132 The Rowe Bros Go, Dry Goods etc, C R Rowe Secy (Clark hud 

wig) 5124 

133 The First National Bank, E G Beal Cashier 5350 

1 Dr W H Kepner, Dentist 5523 

2 Miss Anna Schuler, Dressmaking Parlors 
— J W Miller, Attorney 

Third Floor — Miller Aubrey E — Russell F Robinson: Ethel; 
|| Dorothy 
Rensselaer Street crosses 

200 Geo F Donnenwirth, Cafe (P J Carroll) 
Bialdosser Gust — Philip Walter 

201-205 Eagles Block 

201 The Star Clothing Co, W D Oasto Local Mgr, 201 S Sandusky 

202 (P J Carroll) 
204-212 Albright Block (G W Albright) 

204 The Hippodrome Theatre, Wm P Newman Propr 

205 M Nussbaum & Son, Merchant Tailor 5415 
S C Mitchell Optometrist 

208 The Bucyrus Electric Light & Power Co, A G Moser Supt 5616 
208% Albright Geo W: Jemima; Georgiana 5783 

209 Frank D Thomas, Merchant Tailor (W Picking) 

211 The Logan Natural Gas & Fuel Co, B F Spicer Agt (W Picking) 


212 Mrs J Y Wynn, Millinery 5783 

212% Wynn Anna E; Jas H Jackson: Minnie — Viola Fraleck 5783 

Rear E W Huneke, Tin Shop 5609 

213 Miss Ethel Sterling, Millinery Store (W Picking AgU 
213% Westenberger Geo: Blanche; || Georgia M, Ray 

Kioch Mrs Louisa — Elizabeth Wagner; ||Loiraine, Elvin 
Miller Wm: Ida; ||Beulah. Esther 
Beal Clyde 


Sandusky Avenue South — continued. 

215-217 Wm Wise & Sons, Furniture & Undertaking 5512 
216 Gray Harry C: Idesisa; Allie (Br Lewis Estate) 5425 
216V 2 Holmes Perce P: Nina B 5025 

Rear Central Buckeye Bottling Works, J A Via Propr (Br Lewis Est) 

219 Crawford Co Willis Boosters (Henry Hartman) 

220 Marlowe Theatre, B B Elberson Propr (P J Carroll) 

221 Hartman Henry: Emma M; f Addison F, Grace D, Helen A, 

||Emima H, Henry L 

223 Gormtley Geo C: Sallie 

224 American Shoe Shining Parlor, R Jones Propr (Chas Hurr) 

225 Thomas Frank D: Edna M; [| Edwin C (Mrs Sarah Ulmer) 5547 

226 American Express Co, A E Dufiralne Agt (Chas cC- W Hurr) 5552 

227 Ulmer Mrs Sarah 5320 

228 Frank Sanzo, Shoe Repair Shop (C & W Hurr) 
228 y 2 Sanzo Frank: Carmiilla; ||Joe (C & W Hurr) 

229 Heinlen Wm: Anna K; tRuth W, Gladys M (Ben Sears) 

230 The Hopley Printing Co, John E Hopley Pres & Editor, Geo B 

Knapp Bus Mgr 5333 & 5373 

231 Lincoln Way Tavern, Mrs A B Gregory Propr (Ben Sears) 5471 
Gregory Mrs Annetta B 

234 Shealy & MePeak, Billiard Parlor & Bowling Alley (Biller & 

Stuckey Estates) 

235 Lincoln Highway Garage, H H Miller Propr 5861 
A L Holloway, Ford Agency (R V Sears) 5861 

236 J E Swank, Motorcycles & Bicycles (Geo Hipp) 5122 
Siamuel Hiirtz, Automobile Salesroom 5122 

237 Doc Kantzer ^Clarence,) Barber Shop (Sears Estate) 

238 Bucyrus Shoe Shining Parlor, Tona Ponff & Geo Peat Proprs 

(B M Eichman) 

240 F Petersilge, Cafe (Miller Brewing Co) 5010 
240 y 2 Glee Club, .Walter Assenhelmer Pres 

241 William Walter, Cigar & Candy Store (Sears Estate) 
Warren Street crosses 

300 W K Bowen, Fish & Produce Market (Mrs H & Mrs Geo Hart- 

man) 5362 

301 J G Drexel, Coal, Feed & Cigar Store ( ) 5533 
Geo P Myers, Pump Dealer 

SOl^j Chamberlain Andrew J: Anna L; Albert J, || Lawrence E (L C 
Feighner) 5232 

302 Ruth Louis J: Elizabeth S; ||Lucile E, Harry L, Ralph D (Mrs 

H <t- Mrs Geo Hartman) 

305 Haffner Frank W: Blanche; tWm A, ||Lisette E, Earl R (C 

Biller) 5673 

306 Mialliory Mary A; Maude B (Mrs H d- Mrs Geo Hartman) 

308 Teetrick Chas C: Grace V; ||Chas G (Mrs H cC- Mrs Geo Hartman) 

310 H A Paxton, Garage (P J Carroll)' 5244 

310 Paxton Harry A: Laura M; || Jesse (P J Carroll) 5244 

311 Laura Oehm, Millinery (Mrs Rose Oehm) 

313 R E Black, Plumbing & Heating (Mrs Rose Oehm) 5850 

313 y 2 (Mrs Rose Oehm) 

314 W C Lybarger, French Dry Cleaning (P J Carroll) 5428 
Lybarger Wm C: Maude E; || Russell E — Harry Grweiler 

315 The Shaw Furniture & Carpet Co, Walter S Allender Secy-Mgr 

(C A Lynn) 5897 

Allender Walter S 
318 Geiger Jacob: Millie; Judson D 5038 
321 J G F Wurtemberger, Grocery 5623 

32iy 2 Wurtemburgcr J G Fred: Bertha A; jHarold F L 5623 
325 Dr C H King (John Albright) 5474 

King Dr Chas H; Clara L 5474 


329 Dr W L Yeomans 5279 

Yeomans Dr Wm Lewis: Selina B; ||E!dith I, Marjorie L — Martha 

Jacobs — Duncan Robertson 5279 
Rear 330 Goodman Mary V; Frank P, Robert: Altonie; || Russell E, 

Ralph L, Nina M— David Hill: Lillian; || Lillian (L A Dozer) 
330-334 Dozer Block (L A Dozer) 

330 L A Dozer, Photo Studio 5712 
332 Dominick Walter C: Carrie E 

Moser Augustus G: J Italy 
333-337 Jolly Bros, Hardware, Stoves etc 5732 
333 y 2 Jolly Richard H: Minnie 
334 Miss Minnie Keil, Millinery 

336 Nedle Mrs Mary, Louis Myers — John A Scott: Alice 
338 G Lamarea, Shoe Repair Shop 

Joe Colata, Fruit Store 

340 First & Last Chance Cafe, Geo Kleindienst 5270 
Kleindienst Geo: Emma; Ida, Curtiss W Stephenson 

341 Dr H H Smith, Physician 5516 
Dr R J Cation, Physician 5516 

Smith Dr Howard H: Ida M; || Jeanne— Elsie Mollenkopf (Jolly 
Charles Street Grosses 

400 Didie Geo W: Amanda F — Henry F Doomis — Vernon Limenstoll 
— David Sharer; fPaul (Margaret Perrott <G Belle Hofman) 
401"'' Kirk Emanuel R: Melinka L 5317 

406 Wentz J Ernest — 'Sarah. 

407 Cahill Mrs Anna E /—Flora A Aten 5265 

412 Witter Henry; Anna 

413 McCrory Dr Arthur H: Frances M; Mae I 5039 

416 Clingman Wilbur B: Alice L; ||Orville C— Robert C Owen- 
Louis Hanson — Fred Steffin — Wm Casta; || Clare (Dr L Kemp) 

421 Linn Chas A: Margaret P 

426 Roehr Mrs Elizabeth B 5238 

427 Rogers Clarence S: Delia F; fWm B, ||Ida M (C Feiring) 5226 
431 Feiring Chas: Mary M; Ada, Mary H 5573 

434 Roehr Mrs Elizabeth 

435 Miller Wm H: Lucinda; Josephine 5555 

437 Fabian Philip: Margaret; Clara, Bertha, Clemence J, Theodore P 

440 Shealy Ophelia; Edward, f Blanche, Bessie Gallagher; |[Geo F, 

A Edward 3536 

441 Ludwig Mrs Belle C 

446 Kimerline John F: Ida M 5003 

447 Monnette Ephraim B: Cornelia Y 5076 

452 Elder Mary M, Harry, G Fred, Nellie F (T M Drolesbaugh) 
Williams Howard: Mlonta 

Rear Drolesbaugh Thos M: Nettie E; ||John D 

453 Korn Frank: Delia; ||Mary E, John M 3228 

455 Fisher Casper: Susan; Victoria E, Raymond F, jEugene C 5764 
Rear Casper Fisher & Sens, Plumbing Shop 

456 Donnenwirtih Catherine; Canrle, Elizabeth M, Rose S — Walter 

A Darling: Bertha M; ||Mary E, Jas W, Helen C (Geo F 
Donnenwirth) 5911 

459 Bowen Wm K: Emma C (Sol C Crumm) 

460 Assenheimer John L: Caroline M; Walter G, Carl R, Fred J; 

JiRussell F, Donald R, Caroline D 

461 Lowmiller Louisa; M Gilbert: Alice; || Henry, John C 5452 
464 Assenheimer Christian: Bertha W 

Clessler John: Minnie 
469 Deerwester Walter E: Carrie J; || Lloyd A (Mrs Alice Taylor) 



Sandusky Avenue South — continued. 

471 Koons Willis D: Armina E; 
Ltiberty Street crosses 

M Inez— II Wade H Koons 5056 

E; fMildred, 

Pauline — Carrie Spore 

Clarence L — Chas 

500 Kern Caroline; John E 

501 Snyder H Clay: Clara 

(Br G W Grant) 

506 Beilharz Chas A: Ella M 5064 

507 Baldosser Wm A: Lillie A; ||F Marguerite, 

Shaw (Wm Mader) 5583 
509 Beach Chas E; Bertha, Myrtle, Frank (Mrs T Ross) 
514 Hipp Chas E: Susie; I! Robert Etzsinger — 1| Franklin J Hipp 

517 Ross Theresa A; Otto C, Ora I, Harry J 5570 

518 Hanby Rachel J; Dr George W Grant: Willo H; ||Jas W, Helen H 


522 Heinle Mary E ; Elizabeth; tEva J, Leslie F, ||Inez I 

523 Rorick Samuel; Henry 5677 
Lucas Street crosses 





Ross Emma; Frank: Sadie A 5200 

Kehrer Frank B, Laura V, Emma 5307 

Monnett Wallace L: Mary Z; fMartha E, ||Margaret L, Charlotte 

S, Wallace L 5293 
Ott Gustave A; Wm M, Emma J, Harry L, Ruth E — Mrs Rosa 

Fox 5316 
G A Ott & Son, Roofing Contractors 
McMichael Ernest W: Anna 
Smith Jefferson I: Anna; t Russell 5195 
Metzger Peter: Eva 5461 

Couts Benj F: Edith M; ||Burdette M— fRalph L Mead 
Rose Hill Grocery, G H Snavely Propr (C F Hurr) 5721 
Pfleiclerer Gottfried; Rose; Herman E, Carl F, Mattie — |Em- 

mett C Jahn 3735 
Kelly Jamison G; Ohas F Hurr: Ida D; tKarl W, || Pearl 3428 

Center Street crosses 

700 Beat Isaac: Christina; Martha M, Ellen B 

701 Flohr Catherine A; Catherine E, John P Pfeifer: Delia A; 

|| Arthur J, Aura M — Harry Loveen 3125 
703 Sprow & Oberlander, Grocery (Mrs Catherine Flohr) 5211 

708 Kehrer Chas: Desta J; || Margaret M 

709 Pore Harry J: Florence L; ||M Lyle, Robert M (Kate & Emma 


715 Dinkle Louis J: Elizabeth; Kate M, Emmia C, Wm E 

716 Smith Lank M: Bessie 5068 
722 Leuthold Godfrey 

Oakwood Avenue crosses 

800 Bessinger Louise; Emma E, Edna E 3832 

801 Stuckey Allen R: Winona W; ||Juanita D. Glenn P, Bernice L, 

Allene P (Monnette Estate) 
807 Benz Wm P: Elizabeth L; ||Tekla C, Wm M, Russell J, W Eliza- 
beth, Wilhelmina K (Monnette Estate) 

811 Kiess Wesley: Ruby; || Irene L, Thos W (Monnette Estate) 3425 

812 Farr M Donald: L May; ||Anna F (Geo Quaintance) 

816 Brinkman Augusta; Edward F: Delia G; t Hazel W, ||Lel a L, 

Robert E (Peter Welter) 5709 

817 Pfleiderer Albert. E: Martha A; ||Chas D, Wm F. Edward R. Geo 

W (Mrs R H Furister) 

818 Henderson Thos A: Jennie R; Ohas. A Thomas 3531 

819 Magee Wm— Ray H Furister: Emma A 5867 

823 Kiess Lena; Mellie, tHarry, Earl T Santee: Harriet B 5842 

824 Conkle Adam D: Sadie; fZeita. ij Evelyn 3831 
826 Brown Lavina; Carl A. Edson J. Samuel E 5728 
828 McDonald H Scott: Emma M; ||Elizabeth J 


831 Schell Samuel J: Desda A; || Grace S, Robert J, Ruth D — Emma 

Williams 5838 
833 Jex W Arthur: Madeline: ||Iala M, Gordon R (Belle Hoffman) 

836 Wert Henry 5605 

840 Stump Jacob; Mrs Mary M Hauer, Ella L Stump, Hattie C 3731 
846 Markley Mary; Tim C O'Connor: Hilda M 5117 

849 Harvey Francis L: Delia A; Ceciil B, t Maude M 

850 Sharrock J Way land: Bess E M; ||Jack B (Wm Miller) 5810 

851 Bartz Lewis G: Pearl E; || Clara D (A Gonkle) 
Marion Road southwest 

852 Rice Chas M: Elgie; |jOhas F (Wm Miller) 

856 Miller Harley H: Blanche E — Inez Bunn (J Miller Agtj 
858 ($6$) Foulke Abner E: Sophia; ||John F, C Edward, Lawrence K, 
Jas A, Robert K, G Lucile 5467 

861 f860j (Mrs Eliz Moffeli) 

(Mrs Eliz Moffett) 

862 Suavely Albert L: Mettle A; t Edgar M, Beulah C— Albertus C 

Wert (Henry Wert) 3701 
865 Miller Jas W: Edith A; || Elizabeth M 3843 

870 Carmean Chas J: Dillie R; !| Grace E, Hielen F (H Stauffer) 

871 Hartman Jesse C: Edna M; Stella M, ||Paul A 3543 
873 Miller Effie J ; Eleanor R 

882 Aidt Chas Jr: Gladys M; HRollin J (Samuel Lesher, Marion O) 

888 Klossner John: Catherine; Chas E, tGladys M (Sam Lesher) 
885 (815) Lenhardt Fred C: Margaret; Luella S, Minnetta K, jClara 

M Bosse, Harold L, Magdalena K 5297 

889 Gestenslager Albert L: ||Lucile, Irene, Donald 

891 Gil'lam Wm P: lone A; E Pauline, fM Helen, ||J Wm (Mrs John 
Pifer) 5540 
Southern Avenue crosises 

900 Pratt Robert H: Eva C; Frank H (Michael Walter) 5882 

901 Kern Chas W: Alberta G 3743 

1043 Christmann Jacob: Anna L; Minnie B, tGeo O, Florence M, 

|| Edna T, Chas L, Eleanor L 3270 
1215 Mertz Martin; J'Ohn M, Joseph T, Mary M, tEmma L, Anna T 

1315 Pohn Witter, Tile Yard 
Beal Avenue crosses 

SCHABER AVENUE west from end of Dean to Tiffin Street, 1st north of 
120 Nickler Mrs Catherine 
Monnette Street crosses 

200 Peterman Nancy; Oris B, Burt R (L C Feighner) 
Willard Street crosses 

3t)0 Harriger Alice L; Roy, fLaura B, Clarence J, || Bessie L, Gladys 
V, Lloyd, Floyd (Mrs Geo White) 
SEARS STREET north from 626 W Mansfield Street 

120 f626; Zimmerman J Burt: Maria; ||Cleo M, Bertha M (Mrs Caro- 
line Shick) 
125 f704; gears Benj: Melissa A; Alice M 5541 
Mary Street crosses, Perry Street crosses 

401 Kramer Sophia L; • Laura Mitchell; fRuth m, ||Chas G (Mrs 
Anna Reiter) 
Portman John: Catherine A; J Mary L, Harold W Bauslinger 
432 Steinhilber Caroline; Louisa C, Marguerite (Mrs R Schmitz) 
436 Jacobs Edward W: Mary 

439 Pinyerd Geo T: Sarah C; tKlrby C (Mrs Louis Myers) 
509 Kronenberger Vincent A: Frances C; baby girl (Louis Myers) 
Ann Street crosises 

575 Schillinger Andrew: Ida A 3278 


Sears Street — continued. 

585 Buclier Paul: Pauline C; ||Richard, Homer, Frederick, John, 

Karl, Theresa, Robert 
595 Jacobs Christ: Magdalene; f Martha C, || Minnie B, Frederick C 

SHECKLER STREET south from 671 E Warren Street 

320 Athey Wm H: Luella; Wm P, t Clyde P, I vial D, ||Mary E, Ruth V 
323 Robinson Herman C: Myrtle M; ||Carl R, Russell L 5409 
330 Miller Laura Mrs — Roy Hoover — Andrew King — Dallas Fore- 
man — 1| Helen Hunter 5784 
334 8 D Ewalt, Barber Shop 

Ewalt Stephen D 
338 8hafer Lemuel 

SHERMAN STREET north, crossing Plymouth Street at 626 

115 (A 8 Leuthold) 

118 Martin Isaac V: Olara J; Wm A, fA Marie 

122 Fitzgerald Robert J: Cora M; || Ernest W, John H 

128 Musser Clarence F: G Pearl; ||w Dallas 3591 

SHORT STREET east from 746 East Street to Prospect Street 
Faustina Avenue crosses 

425 Baer H Herman: Grace L; || Robert M, Mary K (Mrs Mary Hauer) 
SONGER AVENUE east from 1200 N Sandusky Avenue 

SOUTHERN AVENUE EAST from 900 S Sandusky Avenue 

115 Green Mrs Mary ( Cole) 

Walnut Street crosses, Rogers Street crosses 

332 Karon Nick: Maggie (W Monnett) 

343 O'Brien Chas W: Hannah; Ruth R, Gladys E, fRita L, || Hazel 
M, Georgia L, Lola I, Odessa, Floyd, Richard, Mrs Maude C 
Ball (Wallace Monnett) 
East Street crosses 

401 Kirk Lawrence I: Margie; ([Mildred (Edw Real) 
417 (Ml) Rathbun John B: Celia; ||Mary C (J Steele) 
419 (425) Dicus L Clyde: Maude I; |!Glada I, Nlina C, Gertrude C 3135 
421 Hise John W: Irene J; fS Raymond 
Faustina Avenue north 

431 Bauer David: Edna (Ross Hise) 
Winchester Street south, Prospect Street north, Penna Short Line crosses, Clay 
Street north, Harris Avenue north 
915 Balduf Martin J: M Alice (Kate Lichtenwalther) 
925 The Bucyrus Forge & Machine Co. C P Mader Mgr 5087 
1015 (Ed Gibson) 

1019 Vena Andrew; fEarl, ||Bertha — Maude Waldon (Ed Gibson) 
1021 Morgan Edward: Lillie; Alfred, f Dewey, ||Margaret, Carl, Autta, 
Fred, R,ichard, Kate (Ed Gibson) 5880 
Lincoln Way crosses 

1123 Hanimaker Minnie; || Forrest G, Beatrice E, Allen H 
Cross Street south 

1217 Clark Elijah: Frances J; ||Ruth I 3330 

SOUTHERN AVENUE WEST from 901 S Sandusky Avenue 
Marion Road crosses 

220 Lingenfelter Dr Claude A: Marian; ||Wm C 
Spring Street north 

306 (506) Beer Tabitha; Thos E, Dorcas G, Katherine J— f Dorcas K 

337 White Garrett: Hazel; || Robert, baby girl— Eva Yanka 5869 

341 White Sherman S: Blanche E; J|E Gertrude, Kathryn L 5453 
Grove Avenue north, Kaler Avenue north 

501 White John E: Minnie M; ||Everett E, Eleanor E, Bennett C, 
Donald H, Edna M fAuck Bros Agtsj 5175 


SOUTH RAILROAD STREET east from N Walnut Street along South Side 
of Penna Ry 

217 (Wm Bohrman) 

221 Hutchisson Theresa — Helen Roberts 1 - — Lean Cunningham — Clara 

Yarrlngton — Doris Madison — Stella Skelley 5296 
227 Geo Rinsel, Restaurant 
Rinsel George 

236 Pennsylvania Ry Co, Western Division Passenger Depot, F M 

Eakin Agt 5645 
233 Myers Nan— Jessie Collins- — Lillian Davis — Garnet Barnett — 
Eli Diehn (Wm Steinbaugh) 5328 

237 (Wm Matthew) 
241 John Metzger, Saloon 

North Lane Street crosses 

301 (P J •Carroll) 

309 Caseber Wm: Rebecca J; Ora W, Jay, ||Dessie V, J Edwin, Cora 

I, Hazel O (Thos Smith) 
319 Bowers Maude- — Florence Engle (Lida Orr) 5139 
321 Maude Bowers, dining room 
323 Barger Geo W: Violetta; G Wellington, Otto L, Jacob E, Samuel 

O, M Hazel — Mary J Reidel; Mrs Grace Burwell (Ed Stein- 


SPRING STREET NORTH from 240 W Mansfield 

110 (2A0) Kern Wm: Louise C; t Laura I — Magdalena Fischer; Geo F, 
Anna C (Elizabeth Hipp) 

115 Kuebler Herman: Minnie M; f Lawrence N Hoffman, Walter W, 

|| Eleanor T Kuebler (Mrs G Kuebler) 

116 Sohuler Wm J: Rose; ||A.nna M (Mrs J Witter) 
118 Nussbaum Benj W: Rose (Mrs John Witter) 

120 Moore Jas F: Sarah R; ||Jas W, John F (Mrs John Witter) 
Penna Ry crosses, Galen Street crosses 
SPRING STREET SOUTH from 240 W Mansfield Street to Southern Avenue 

114 Geiger Wm J: Rachel; fSidney, Selma (J Albright) 5375 

116 Keplinger D Edward: Christina D; Arnold H 3857 

117 Kantzer John B: Elizabeth C; Edith L, Martha M, || Barbara C 

(F E Donnenwirth) 5807 

120 Nussbaum Myer: Minnie 5415 

121 Donnenwirth Frank E: Edna M; t Arthur L, || Catherine L— 

Emma M Motz 5456 
126 Bacon Maude B; || Lillian V — Lottie Beehner (Alice Holm) 

128 Heckert Henry H: May; ||Etta M Davis— Eliza D Smith; Mary 

Dunham Mrs Martha J (Alice Holm) 

129 Ohio National Guard, Armory, Carl A Brown Caipt Co A 8th 

Infantry 5706 
Rensselaer Street crosses 

205 Oonklin Chas D: Blanche E; ||John R, Jas D — Chas V Neumann 

(Casper Fisher) 5808 
209 Vollrath Col Edward; Jeanne E, Edna G, C Victor, fCarroll P, 

Edward W Jr — Miartha C Colesworthy 5013 
212 Garvin Lloyd: Blanche ( McLachlin) 

214 Wise Wm R: Stella M; ||Eleanor C, Virginia F (Frank Monnett) 


215 Kerr John: Alice 

216 Beer Wm C Sr: Jessie H: ||Wm C Jr, Samuel H 

219 Knapn Geo B: Edna E; || Virginia (Mrs Rose Haffner) 5458 
Warren Street crosses 

301 Farquhar John Y: Emma A 5505 

309 Kaler Harry D: Murtilla D; Murtilla 

310 Donnenwirth Geo F: Sue P 5203 

311 Stuart Edward: Ella; fLawrence L: Ethel; || Dorothy 


Spring Street South — continued. 

314 Sheckler Walter C: Kate (Mrs Laura Stutz) 5579 
317 Shunk John Q: Elizabeth A; Cleo C 5390 

320 Williams Mrs Charlotte (Mrs Susan V Maudsley) 5685 

321 Hopple Jeremiah J: Mattie 5630 

325 Barth H August; Stella V, Helen R 5302 

326 Bachman Jesse C: Hattiie P; || Chester E, Mildred T— Jasper C 

Case (J Aumiller & W S Nichols) 
328 Bush Harry S: Jessie J — Geo Hardy — Quincy Wilson (J Aumiller 

& W S Nichols) 
331 Rinker Carl J: Rosa K; jjMary E, Ruth R, Gertrude (John 

Charles Street crosses 

411 Leonard Norman S: Elizabeth; tN Pearl, jLloyd L, Nina M, 

Ethel T (F J Norton) 
414 Karg Jacob: Catherine 3115 

416 Bensinger Chas I: Flora; |IR Marie, Robert G (Chas Schurr) 


417 Keil Minnie, Martha E 

417 y 2 Huston Wm M: Etta P (Keil Sisters) 

420 Schurr Chas R: Naomi — fLucile Adams 5156 

423 Breymaier Jacob; Wm J: Flora; j! Dorothy, Elinor 

424 Gelhringer Wilhelm: Pauline; Anna; || Robert Holcker, Fred 
427 Shroll Elizabeth; Martha 

430 Mowery Melinda J; William (C Schurr) 

Price Calvin D: Bertha M; || Edgar E, Dorothy N 

431 (Miss E Vollrath) 

434 Msor Rollo: Eva R; || Susan C, Clyde N, Twila B (Vollrath Est) 

435 Chester Milo J: Lindia L; || Maude H, Modest M, Harry L, 

Cynthia L (Col Ed Vollrath) 

436 Tressler Mrs Elizabeth (Vollrath Estate) 

441 Judd Fred C: Ella J; || Walter S, Frederick L (G B Gibson) 5465 

442 Peterman Margaret J ; Earl W, Elizabeth W, Lillian W 3415 

447 Grail Ivan L: Ella; |j Frederick J 

448 Birk Lewis C: Callie C 

451 Rein Edward F: Cleo; || Edwin J (G F Ackerman) 3426 

452 Kanoedler John: Elizabeth; Bertha R, Edith L 
455 Heitzman Henry E: Anna C — Ruth Fowler 3126 

459 Kieffer Elmer E: Blanche L (Mrs K Wagerly) 

460 Gehrisch Wm F: Kathryn; ||L Kathryn, Dorothy L 5495 

464 Birk Christian F: Anna; Clara Gehrisch 5026 

465 Henry Dr Martin M: Ernestine V; !| Leslie W Partee (Fred 

Ackerman ) 
467 Koons J Roy: Nolle G; ||Rollen L (C J Scroggs) 5748 

469 Ackerman Caleb: Margaret M; Jas W, Nettie M 

470 Volk Geo: Lena M 3219 
Liberty Street crosses 

500 Kleindienst Amelia, Louisa, Augusta 

501 Kostenbader Mary C; Alfred, Emanuel F: Emma C 
505 Taylor Eliza J; Maude (Mrs L Vollrath) 

510 Brinkman Daniel 3319 

511 Fell John J: Stella R; |j Irene E, Chas R (Mrs L Vollrath) 

514 Metzger Chas: Christina 

515 Volk Edward: Cora F; || Wilbur, Russell, Donald 
520 Bonebrake L Melinda — Frank Hirst 

523 Flivkinger Alvin G: Effie V, Anna S Foulk 

524 Ehrick Otto: Celina 57K4 

525 Henderson Louis A: Alberta L; IIRuth B, David L (John Kark) 

Lucas Street crosses 

pc\r) Fisher Jerome '.: Nellie H; |jM Constance Hutchison. M Wilma 
; 60! St re ib John 


603 Andrews Lawrence: Anna B; jj Arthur A 

604 Hern S Virgil: L Ruth (Mrs J Fischer) 

605 Seeger John A: Laura A; ||Loe D Miller, Gerald P Seeger, 

Beran R Miller, Geo H, Arden H Seeger, baby boy 

607 Beelman Harry: Lydia (J Van Voorhis) 

608 Yackee Fred: Ellen; ]| George 

617 Rutter Frank E: Clyda K; || Lillian I, Homer J, Almira L (J 


618 Grim Wm H: Permiilla J 5663 

624 Garner Wm J: Ellen; Earl, Pearl 5688 

625 Roop O Ellsworth: Ida M; fLeota S (Mrs Mary Craner) 5245 
Center Street crosses 

700 Beach Chas; Goldlie M, Esther M, John F, || Helen H, Pearl L 

(Chas Weller) 3309 

701 Winner Daniel W: Elizabeth S 5187 
706 Yolk Carl: Alice; ||Kathryn E 3209 

710 Kile Philip: Cora M 

711 Dounenwirth Katie M; fHlarold A (Mrs K Wagerly) 

714 Smith Jennie 

715 Haman Mrs Isabella J 

718 Greenich Ralph W: Anna; || Robert W 

724 Swingley Elizabeth H; Sue B (Col Fisher) 5561 

725 Caldwell Sadie D; Clarence C Metzger: Josephine I; ||Gaylord C, 

baby girl 
Oakwood Avenue crosses 

800 Weller Peter: Mary C 

801 Collins Leroy M: E Grace; || Carle A, Dorcas I, Anna L 
Hoffman Belle 

807 Car is Wm: Mary 

814 Sprow Geo W: Cynthia E; IrViin R, t Edith. F, ||Richard H 3349 

815 Rogers Frank D: Ettie M; f Vernon D, || Russell W, Marguerite V 

822 Schnabel Fred: Ella (Ella Wingert) 

823 Scheff Nicholas: Olive A 

824 Casey Lydia J; Thos J, Alma, Lulu, Irene, Russell A (Ella 

Wingert) 5598 
,829 Schnabel Gottfried: Kiate; Anna, Albert, William, || Clara, Arthur 

834 Stark Jacob: Rachel 

835 Lohr'Benj H: Mary E; || Clara I, Francis E, Barbara S 

838 Greenich Israel: Mary 

839 Reed F Belle; Frank W: Dora B; ||Wm L, Harry K 

845 Snyder John E: A Kate; fFloyd A, Marian A, ||Wflde, Gertrude A 

(Caleb Ackerman) 
852 Cosgrove Richard D: Matilda L; J|N4na H, Harry G, Helen L 


854 Fouser Chas F: Barbara E; fNina m (Godfrey Leuthold) 

855 (85i; Herschler John H: Julia A; IIRussell D, Chas E (Milton 


857 Pfaff Herman: Pearl; || Louise, Elizabeth, Chas (M B Elberson) 

858 Fletcher Chas W: May L; Albert L (Col C W Fisher) 

859 Beale J Wm: Sarah A; -Grover C, George — Wm Roelle (M B 


861 Lykenis Wm: Lena A; A Oydelia, M Velma (M B Elberson) 
Euclid Avenue crosses 

STOLL STREET north from end of Clinton Street to Water Street 
TEDDY AVENUE north from East Irving Street, 1st west of Plymouth 

905 Butts Philip S : Emma 

909 (John Willie) 

TIFFIN STREET north from East River Street 1st west of Plants Way 

730 Schieber Jay H: Mattie M; ||Lois M, Florence I, Carl M 3786 

745 Holy Trinity Cemetery, John Reeger sexton 


Tiffin Street — continued. 

750 Union Cemetery 
Hill Street east 

810 Healy Alonzo, Franklin: Harriet U; Virgil V (L McBride) 
835 Spiegel Lawrence J: Lentie A; ||Velma L, Claytes J, Chas R, 
Robert L (C Spiegel) 3450 
Bland Avenue east 

905 Spiegel Mrs Christina 

915 Grimm J as: Rebecca J; fThos J, ||OrviUe C 
920 Ball Grounds, Thos Jesson Mgr (P J Carroll) 
925 Schulze Henry F: M Anna; |jEdna M 1 , Alma E, Harry W F (Wm 
Irving Street east 

1002 Beron Joseph J: Anna; Nicholas A Haala: Anna M; ||Digna V 

1010 Herr John: Eva J 

1011 Hertzer Theodore F: May J; ||Una M 5334 

1018 Auck Lawrence: Goldie I; ||Latona M (Jacob Auck) 
1020 Snavely Geo L: Myrtle B; Florence M 
1022 Teters Harriet M; Blanche E 
1024 Leister Ervin: Gertrude R; || Howard F 
Schaber Avenue east 

1102 Rank Jas II: Anna E; ||John F, Jas W 

1123 Ulmer Jas 5185 

1125 Srell Alice L; Harvey P Heinlen: Pearl E; ||Helen B, Thoroid S 

1155 Bauer Albert 
UNION AVENUE south from 921 Woodlawn to Wheeler Avenue 

424 Lewis Henry F: Elizabeth M; Milton H, Wm, Florence L, 
||Thelma E (Johnson) 

426 Marshall Wm T: Hattiie B; ||Mary M, Bertha B, Fred M, Edith 

M, Louis T, Grace (Mark Jones) 
475 Kintz Vincent R: Lena; Nina V, fDuby, || Dewey, Harold, Walter, 
Beraadine, Allabelle 
VOLLRATH STREET south from Plymouth, 1st east of Sandusky 
WALLACE AVENUE east from South East Street, 1st south of Southern 
401 Neumann Herman: IdellaV; || Mary E, Edith J (Wallace Monnett) 
411 Lohr Clem E: Dessie E; [|Arlene, Curtiss, Edith, girl (W Kelly) 

416 Boyer Wm: Emma; f Walter L, || Harry M, Charity I, W Donald, 

Dorothy I (Wesley Cook) 3323 

417 Dowler Christ: Sadie; ||Bernell (F Wisman) 

418 Retitig John A: Grace; ||Leroy, Paul, Marie, Mary L (W Cook) 
421 Tallman Newton L: Mary E; Henry R, Clifford E, fMelvin H 


427 Heinlen Samuel; Louis A, Alvina A, Milo C Clady: Dora L 3123 
433 Cook John J: Cora; pas R Perdew (W Monnett) 

439 Mason Joseph C: Olive El; || Clyde L, Marvin T, Eugene C, Ruth 

L, Bernard L (Wallace Monnett) 
443 (W Monnett) 

WALNUT STREET NORTH from 200 E Mansfield Street 
114 Wickham Anson: Catherine 5825 

125 Crum Solomon — Guy E Smith: Emma I 5731 
Rear Crawford County Jail, Solomon Crum Sheriff 

126 Park Hotel, Fred M Richmond Propr (Blair Estate) 5757 
Richmond Fred M: Lucy Y — John Fisher — Frank Ritter — C 

McCracken — Mrs Effie Lowe — L E Wilcox — Stanley Lanker — 
Oren Korb, Isaiaih — Ohas Barger — J C Berry — Fannie Camp- 
133 Volk & Sachs, Cafe (H E Yolk) 

Sachs Gottlieb — John Grciivensteine 


South Railroad Street east, Galen Street west, Penna Ry crosses 

205 Urso Sam: Mary; || Martha 
North Railroad Street east 

207 Ball M Joseph: Jeanmetta 

210 Shock Louisa; John A Shoup: Helen L— John G Steifel (Henry 

213 Smith Stephen A D: C Mamie; ||Dora T, Geo W, E Viola (Mrs 
E Royce) 
Burd Geo: Sarah; Washington Croft; Nina Housebury; ||Geo L 
(Mrs E Royce) 
221 (Mrs E Royce) 

223 Royce Emma F ; Hlarry Fuhrman 
232 Carle Fred F: Kate R; Fred C, t Howard R 
Mary Street crosses 

302 Vollrath Otto, Eva E, Mollie 5299 

307 Hiartzel Edward P: Margaret (Mrs P Barrider, Ft Wayne^ 

310 Parochial School (Holy Trinity) 

311 Taylor Mlary E; Alverda A, Jasper N: Jessie J; ||Martha M 

(Mrs P Barrider, Ft Wayne; 3657 
313 Kline Jolhn: Abhie; f Bessie L, ||Ohas E (Ernest Steifel) 

316 Sens Fred: Cornelia; Mrs Mary Meade, Lona Sens 

317 Schwarzkopf Frank F: Elizabeth; || Thayer H 

320 Sens Geo: Grace; || Richard, Arthur, Marguerite, Kathryn, Geo 

324 Miller Wm M — Richard G Gibson: E Jeiannette; ||Riehard K 3147 

Fegley Gale H: Laura A; || Eugene B 
330 Hart Wm J: Myrtie M; ||Leroy E, Lester J, Harry C, Howard 

I, Chas A (John Dinkle) 

330 Keiter J Daniel: Gladys L (John Dinkle) 

331 Kurtz Geo W: E Beryl; fE Gayl, ||LeEtta B (Zeigler Estate) 
Miller Dennis: Sadie 

Perry Street crosses 

400 France Wm: Martha A 3247 

401 Winner Rose; Mrs Ella Winters, Mrs Carrie Roberts — John 

Staley — Arthur J Winner — L Roy Winner: Emma (~L 
Pickering Agt,) 5565 

404 Willacker Edward P: Elizabeth; f Margaret v, Anna M, || Ed- 
ward J, Francis J, Carl W 

406 Maudsley Robert: Kate, Rachel Brown 
- 410 (Lewis Bower) 

414 (Mrs M Snyder) 

415 Werley Victor M: Frances; ||Lucile A, Linda M 

416 Snyder Geo, Magdalena; Anna 

418 Muhr Margaret; Frances 

419 Nickelson Jerry A: Lucy L; Vernie D, f Victor, Richard W, 

|| Grant W, Violet M, Grace, Mildred M (Col Edward Voll- 
424 Ausberger Peter: Anna; Joseph M, f Henry j — Adam Trott 

426 Fitzgerald Chas: Mlinnie' — John Muth 3447 

427 Lutz JOhn V: Mary; Maude Campbell, Esther Fate; ||Thelma 
McKellips John: Lillie; || Mabel M — Emma J; ||I Helen (Eva 

' Vollrath) 
430 Giestle Theresa; John M: Elizabeth T; || Albert L, Anna L, Mary 
M, Sophia L 

WALNUT STREET SOUTH from 200 East Mansfield Street 
110 J H Ulmer, Grocery (Vollrath Estate) 5725 
114 Br J J Martin, Physician 5711 
116 Martin Br Jas J: Dora; ||Rollie — Geo Young 5711 
122 Fitzsimmons Eleanor; Walter M Hubbell: Myra L; ||Myra L 5638 
Rear Zehnacker Paul F: Hermine; Hermine Habersat (Mrs E Fitz- 


Walnut Street South — continued. 

123 The Bucyrus Telephone Co, H O Dutler Mgr 5500 & 5833 

129 Fink Earl J: Ada M (C J Scroggs) 

130 St Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church 
Rensselaer Street crosses 

202 Scroggs Chas J: Mary Z — Mrs Jennie E Monnett — Lena Bassler 

208 Ulmer Br Chas A: Lara; j|Jas A, Barbara S 5037 
Dr Chas A Ulmer, Physician 5037 

209 Vollmer C Fred: Mary E H — t Mabel Davenport — Aubert E 

Humiiston: Ellen S (C W Fisher) 5129 

214 Michaelis Lorenz 

215 Johnston Frank T: Clara R; Bessie P, Margaret H (Mrs Br 

Cuykendall, Tiro Ohio; 5070 

220 Keel Claude B: Minnie; |i Elizabeth 

221 Picking Wilford H: Sue G— Mrs Kate Pensinger 5950 

224 Bucyrus Monumental Works, C D Keel & Fred Stahl Proprs (C 
B Keel) 

227 First Methodist Episcopal Church 

228 Marques Chas G-: Maude; || Phyllis, John (Fred Vollmer) 
Warren Street crosses 

300 The American Clay Machinery Co, R C Penfield Pres & Gen Mgr, 

Phones Genl Office 5221 & 5407, Supt 5223 

301 Malcolm Elsie M; Br Wm A Koch: Almlira M; ||Jas C, W Mal- 

colm 5255 

309 Cooper Wm A: E Grace; j| Ellsworth S (Chas Picking) 

310 Myers Geo P: Elizabeth; Mary M 5771 

315 Myers Edward J: Emma F — Alfred P Kays 5058 

314 Crawford Jas B: Jessie A; HEleanor B 5212 

317 Ferguson Robert E: Harriet A; ||Robert 5520 

318 Ledyard Clarence E: Marie C; ||Merlyn K, Clarence E fAuck 

Bros Agtsj 5204 

322 Beyo Mrs Frances — Leon B Thompson 

323 Blertram Rev Oscar A: Ida C; || Esther I, Florence M, Mildred D, 

Loy O, Doris R, Marcella E, Frederick R (Evan Luth Par- 
sonage) 5194 

328 Dr L J Dellinger, Osteopathic Physician 5773 

Bellinger Br Lawrence J: Cera A; || Homer L, Russell B — f Lowell 
F Barney 5773 

329 Schieber Emanuel: Louisa M; Millard E, fHarry E, ||Elsie C, 

Dorothy E 5770 
Oharles Street crosses 

400 C L Qualntance, Pure Food Store (A Rinker) 5153 
404 Dobbins & Geiger, Meat Market, Emil May Mgr iA Rinker) 

408 Hennecke Edith M; Grace L, Fred J. Robert C. tJohn L, C 

Frank, ||Chas P 5506 

409 Schack Mrs Mary A, Geo F Matthew 5277 

411 Philpott Clifton: Helen M (Geo F Matthew) 

412 Boll Mrs Lucretia C 

413 Stout Wm J: Caroline E (Fred Armbrustcr) 

416 Conklin Geo A: Nellie— Harry Nelson — Frank Le Bouf: Belle— 
Chas Wright 
Volk Albeit F: Pearl J; || Walton D. Lucile V (Wm Graetz) 
Woodlawn Avenue east 

421 Messner Fred; Anna M 

425 Seeger Bros, Horse-Shoeing & General Repairs (Mrs L Seeger) 
Lincoln Way southeast 

433 Seeger Mrs Louisa 5643 

438 Hopley John E, Mary (\ Georgia /•;. Harriet E. Frank L. Joseph 
W— Pearl R 5022 


439 Slreib Lyclia B — Mary Gardner 

447 Roberts Chas W: Liovima; ||Franklin H 5671 

449 Stump Isaac: Elizabeth; Daniel W Herr: Sarah A; f Ethel 5593 

448 Ireland John: Virgiie M; || Kennel (Mrs R Bormuth) 
453 Sears Jas M: Anna M; || Robert E (Isaac Stump) 

456 Bormuth Rosanna; Frank Renkert: Elizabeth; Bormuth F, 

t Frederick E, ||Juanita 5252 

457 Widman Chas W: Gertrude C 

458 Battefelcl Louis H: Phililipenia; Louis P — Iva Krebs 

463 Sidner Martin: Mrs Dell A Goodman— Chas P Ustine — Jenn 
Green 5024 

468 Ash Frank: Mlary; ||Alma (L Battefeld) 

469 Rank Chas V: Dora M; ||Lelah M, Fern O, Marcile I, Dorotha L— 

Geo E Snider (E ,C Kennedy) 

470 Lindser Wm: Carrie; fThelma, ||Robert (L Battefeld) 5463 

472 Class Emery E: Mary C; ||J Ellsworth, Muriel M, Evelyn L 5563 

473 Sharp Andrew V: Maude E; f Lloyd W, j| Robert H (Mrs J Eoert) 
Liberty Street crosses 

500 ' Haller Mary ; Wm P Newman: Carrie B; |!Mary L 5542 

501 LeLashmutt John S: Ada; Clarence S, |Wm S 5558 

506 Gettman Caroline; Alonzo B Bradstock: Mildred M; || Robert B 


507 Winters Florence E; Clyde L: Rose E; || Geneva L (Mrs Col 


511 Hertzer Otto C: Celestia M; |D LuCile, I Lorraine, L Iona, 

||Ethlyn D 3836 

512 Brown Julia; Harriet 5569 

517 Eclelstein Anshel: Ricka; Hattie, Carl, Nathan, f Myron 5120 

518 Gamble Jas W: Martha A (Mrs R Bormuth) 3465 

524 Heinlen Oliver J: Lulu J; j| Frank Z, Fred J, Mary E — Wm 

Sheckler 3165 

525 Keller F Amos: Hattie M; jConstance R, John C, || Robert W, Jas 

P 5658 
Lucas Street crosses 

602 Auck Michael: Caroline 6103 

603 Schuler Jacob F: Barbara; Kiatherine C, Anna M — Mrs Ida E 

Foye 5380 
607 Teuscher John: Mary; ||Edmond K Ackerman 

610 Deisler Levi: Christiana *0 — Joseph G Harris; John E — Wm 

Smith (Mrs C Gettman) 

611 Teuscher Jacob, Minnie, August 

614 Rein Emma C ; ||Ivan E, Naomi M, R Lee, Jas W 

615 McMichael L Elgar: Martha E; ||Paul D, Grace B, Chas E, Lela 

E 5487 
618 Donnelly Wm J: Mary V; tJ Franklin, || Ernestine L 
621 Holloway Archie L: Kathryn C; || Archie L, Wilbeirt J 5681 

624 Meek C Fred: Mary E; Lloyd L, Elmer O, Mary I 5241 

625 Trautman Philip: Lucy; Blanche N, Macie K, ||Robert F 5121 
Center Street crosses 

701 Hunt Mrs Walburga 

702 Yingling John P: Sarah F 

705 Ohristmam August: Iva N (Mrs Joe Hunt) 5769 

706 Miller Geo W: Delia 5286 

711 Shultz Guy S: K Mae; || Mildred I, Mary K (Mrs Joe Hunt) 

714 McCarron John W: Julia; ||Ruth, Robert F 5864 

715 Neff John: Florence 

720 Beat Daniel: A Mary; Clarence N 3776 
723 Robiscn Jas B: May; || Olive M — Kate I ichtenioalder 3635 
725 Lichtenwulder Joshua C: Margaret M; tCorinne K, || Meredith P 
728 Martinitz John: Rosa; l|Gladys R, John K 5093 
Oakwood Avenue crosses 


Walnut Street South — continued. 

800 Kehrer Joseph H: M Matilda 3876 

801 Rarick Kate; Grace M, Bessie P, Hazel V, t Marguerite, Frank 

C, ||Jas G (Vollrath Estate) 
806 Graessle Louise; Emma, Bertha, Mary 
809 Stump J Edward: Maude L (J Auck) 

812 Miller Emma; Karl E — Chas A Exler, Kate E 

813 Ohristman Peter: Gatherina; Kate, f Harry 

816 Sell Frank 0: Florence B 3420 

817 Assenheimer Gust W: Lionise C; || Walter E, Willard A 

818 Hay den Wm M: Sarah 5539 
823 Gonkle Peter: Mary E 5749 

826 Wisman Adam J: Louisa; fRuth R, ||Mabel K 5682 

829 Heinlen Mrs Margaret 

834 Ruth Geo E: M Elizabeth; fLena M, Bessie M 5591 

835 Boudinot Marcellus L: Nora; || Verne, Peter W, Lewis, G Leone, 

Paul R— Hngh Hlogan (A M Jones) 5438 

836 Borts Wm H: Margaret 3120 

839 Biettner Isaac C: Rosetta E; || Dorothy M (L Stremmel) 

840 Smith Mary E; fLeo E, || Robert G (J McCarron) 

845 Wheeler Raymond J: lone G; ||Ruth I (Mrs M Johnson) 
851 Hindiall John D: Louisa C; j| Evelyn L (Ghas Jacobs) 
855 Jacobs Chas; Philip W: Rose; f Helen B, Burlen C, || Prunella E 
Short Street east 

900 Wagner Mary 

903 (851) Smith John R: Mary E; || Esther T 

904 Tressler Mrs Flora 

910 Stremmel Lewis: Anna E 

913 (861) Kuehm Wm G: Louise; Lola A, Wm C Jr 5249 

917 Staley May; Grace P (Henry Wirth) 5715 

918 Schwenck Matilda E; Jay W Haller: Alberta M; || Norma P, 

Alton E, Freda M 
922 Loomis John W: Miaudie; || Isabel 3345 

925 f881J Minnick Mrs Maggie 

926 Rettig Otto B: M Uretita (L G Feighner) 

929 (883) Miller Carl J: V Blanche; || Harold J, Myron M, Janis H 

930 Pressman Thos: Minnie; |jJos, Jacob, Herman, Elsie, Clarence — 

tJos (L W Pickering) 5079 

936 (W Hanover) 

937 (885,) Quaintance John J: Alberta M; ||Mary E 
941 Stump Henry J: Alma; ||Bernice 

945 Kennedy Otto: Edna; ||Paul C 5271 
Southern Avenue crosses 

1015 Winemiller H Grant: Lulu B; ||Luther G, W Annabelle, Henry 

H 5863 
1125 Taylor Perry: Elizabeth; || Pearl, Thelma, Florence, Mabel 3643 
1127 Staley Lorenzo W: Edna G; ||Artho E, Darrel S 5855 
1130 Kilbourne Public School 5517 

WARREN STREET EAST from 300 S Sandusky Avenue 

111 S S Sheffer, Job Printing (Hartman Estate) 5713 

113 Markley & Croneis, Furniture & Upholstering (Hartman Bros) 

117-119 Private Garage (Br Koch) 

125 Br W A Koch, Physician 5255 

Walnut Street crosses 

202 The Edison Creamery Co, A H Benson Local Mgr (Fred Voll- 

mer) 5830 
214 Hair Guy I: Beatrice M; ||Virginia M (C F Vollmer) 

Lane Street crosses 

301 Church of Christ 

302 Blair Mrs Anna B — Dora Schwarts 5368 



311 Miollencop Arthur C: Louise M; |IEva B, Martha M 

McCrary Sarah, Edith M 
317 Rupensberger Margaret ; N Otto 
Rear Bryant Ann M; Mrs Rachel Martin (Mrs M Rupensberger) 

320 Lemert Col Wilson G: Mary L; Mrs Blanche L Wise — Katie 

Kalb -5460 

321 Lyons Nelliie M; || Clara V (P Fulton Estate) 

323 Black Leonard E: Zelma E; j| Bertha M, Chas E — Hazel Howell 
(P Fulton Est) 
East Street crosses 












Wiley Street 





Jones Street 

Smith Rev J Frank: Maciie; f Prances, Martha, Dudley — Anna 

Lee Keller (First Methodist Parsonage) 5165 
High Adam J: Jas G Washburn: Grace M — Minnie Tracht 5470 
Higgins Br Arthur L: Esteila D 5202 
The New York Blower Go, A H Lyon Mgr 5067 
Wert Joseph: Mary E; Chas L Cooper: Anna B; ||Marvin W 
Looker Chas A: Ida M; t Franklin C, || Richard W 
Stauffer Fred F: Tude (J Teuscher) 
Eckard Margaret G ; Liilie A — Andrew Deermeyer — Wm Spiegel 

— Jas Kirk — Mrs Leah Gresley 
(421,) Seiser Frank E: Lesta; jMildred I, ||C Ho, Dorothy G — 

Mrs Lillian Jaeger 
Ryan Wm: M Elizabeth; ||Mary L 
Sharp Leo: Oirpha (Mrs Lettie Forrest) 
Rule Orvie: Cora; fNina (Ghas Aumiller) 
Calahan Cynthia J; Mrs Lola Green, Susan Calahan (Ghas 

Aumiller) 5152 
Murrey Ohas W: Glenna D; || Edward P (Ghas Aumiller) 

Greer Harry A: C Loretha; ||Kathryn I 

Lonsway Raphael M: Rose M; || Raymond C, Gertrude S, Gilbert 

M 5469 
Schulze Edward G: Altona 
Carmen Chas F, Jas S Banks: Alice J 
Neff Amos C: Anna M; jj Robert A, Hazel P 3502 
Temple G Eendrick: Laura M; ||Orcella S, L Maude, Clark A 
Foreman Frank E: Glada E (Martin Bare) 5174 
Derr John G: Rose B; || Lester E, Ethel M 3703 
Rosino Volney A: Rose A 5370 
Wingert Catherine J; Frank F, Dillie C, Ida E Kent; ||D Rebecca, 

Catherine J 5532 
Rosino August G: Hannah M 

Zellner Tighlman: Ella B 

Robison Henry J: L Bina — Carl Rice — Ora A Wilson 3702 

Patterson Herman: Charlotte S — Patrick Kane 5338 

MeOlure John B: Mary; Winnie 

Hammond Ohas H: Elizabeth C; Mae A, Hazel M, fEnid A, 

Aneita A, || Audrey L (J M> Smith) 3266 
Ackerman Chas S: Lydia A; || Naomi E (Wm Miller) 5759 
Lanius Harry C: Maude L; ||RcssIyn D (L H Hetrick) 
Zellner Samuel A: Ada; || Vitus A, Louella C, Mildred L (Mrs 

Thos Smith) 
Central House, Mrs Belle McKenzie Propr 5868 
McKenzie Belle; fEtta M (Geo Myers) 
Model Bakery, A J Myers Propr 
Myers Geo: Mary B^ — Cyrus Feight 
John F Ludwig & Sons, Grocery 5118 
Ludwig Ohas C: Laura L; || Helen 

624 Myers Anthony J: Grace G; jjJas M, Geo P 


Warren Street East — continued. 

628 Ross Edward: Minnie — O Howard Pontius — W A Walker (John 

635 Pennsylvania Ry Co, Toledo Division, Freight Depot, J B Shaner 
Agt 5554 
Penna Ry Short Line crosses, T&OC Ry crosses 

659 Stauffer M Elizabeth, Theresa 

660 The Standard Oil Oo, P E Foreman Mgr (Td-OC Ry) 
Catherine Street north 

671 Ohristman Orren E: Clara L (Mrs James Stough) 
Sheckler Street north 

700 Shriver Chas F: Effa M; II August D, Chas B, George 

702 Sheckler Jesse: Vivian; ||Duane V (Mrs Charlotte Sheckler) 

703 Sheckler Fred: Lillian 5196 

705 The Comrade Kennels, Fred Sheckler Propr 5196 
710 Burns Oscar C; ||Lucy V, Margaret B, Nellie M Widman; j|Jas 
F (Mrs V Stump, Joliet 111; 3485 

713 Sheckler Charlotte; Millie— Boyd Sheckler 

714 Knechei Chas: Florence; || Howard C, Pearl E ( Sprowj 

111 Riddlebaugh Henry E: Minnie M; |( Harold E (Mrs Myers) 
720 Songer Edward J: Cora M (Mrs R Songer) 5257 

724 Cook Jacob: Mary 5603 

725 Ludwig John F: Emma; Ralph S, ||Ruth B 3182 
Kearsley Street south 

905 Ott Chester M: Alma M (B Pry) 

906 Schemel Michael: Clara G (Frank Flohr) 5329 

911 Wenninger Ernest G: C Laura; || Margaret B (W F Fail Agt; 
.912 Love Geo E: Ethel E; || Robert E — Charles D— Pearl A Christ- 
man — Lowell L Ringer (Chas Hurr) 5219 

915 McDowell Lynn: Rose M; || Den-ore B, Paul Y (W F Fail) 

916 Hauck H Melvin: Clara M; || Chester M, F Bernice 
921 • Scaland Mary; Maurice Karl: Mary E, John 3282 

923 Hauck Harvey A: Jessie P; fGIayton E, || Esther M, Dots G, 

Lloyd A 

924 Hi tee Albert D: Mamie (S Auck Agt; 

929 (Mrs Emma Fenner) 

933 Enz Fred A: Minnie J (Mrs Emma Fenner) 

934 (830; Michaelis Susan; Helen E, t Theresa A, || August A, Geo E, 

Ruth E 

935 (231,) Hess Michael: Barbara; Win, Mamie, Grover, Chas, Joseph, 

Fred (Wm Miller) 3482 
Highland Avenue crosses 

1000 f880; (Wm Miller) 

1003 Walter Wm, Theresa Hammer; Chas W 5828 

1004 (884; Radaker Lenniie M: Ella C; |IMary N, Chas H, Harold M 

Kerr Thos: Ida; ||Harold, Freelove, Vernon (Wm Graetz) 
1010 Baehr Martin: Gertrude E; || Arthur H 

1013 Barlz Fred A: Louisa H; Mary L Campbell; ||Ma,ry M, Carl E 
1016 Halm Geo M: Mattie E; fLucy A, iJGeo F, Harry G 

1019 Shupp Lawrence J: Sarah C (Al Stoltz) 

1020 Swanson Victor: Emma J; Harold V, tLucale E, || Elmer T, 

Donald A (Geo Martin) 3568 

1021 Meyers John F: Ida L; || Nettie M, Helen M 
Failor Street crosses 

1101 (W H Picking) 

1110 Baehr Fred: Maude; || Ralph F — 

WARREN STREET WEST from 301 S Sandusky Avenue 

112 Dr Byron A Owens. Veterinary (Monnett Est) 5546 
Owens & Topper. Horse Shoeing 5546 

118 Damon Georgia E; lj Victor L (J R MeCreary) 




Poplar Street 


Spring Street 

Grace Street 



Clark Street 



122 McCreary Joseph R: Elizabeth A; Donna M — Andrew S Shallen- 

miller 5915 
Korner Ida; jGbas 
129 * Sterling J H; Ethel (Picking Estate) 5899 

Beelman Geo T; Louis S: Laura M, Frank A Roelle: Lela; 

fCeciile, || Franklin, Lucy M 5672 
Crawford County Hospital, Dr W G Gates Propr 5619 
Gates Dr Wm C: Dora E — Rebecca Bevington 

Lynn Allen B: Anna C; j| Sarah M, Ralph C (E G Beal) 
Dozer Leonard A: Anna G (Mrs J B Gormley) 5063 
Schwenck Wm J: Ruth F (E G Beal) 
Didie Allen: Emma; || Helen, Anna 5237 
O'Donnell Domiinick W: Ann; Alice E, tJ<as A, || Catherine M, 

Geo T (Col C W Fisher) 
Fulton Mrs Kate— Clarence Durr (Col C W Fisher) 5530 
Everett Harry F: Cora W — Herman A Wolenweber — Clyde 

Lowrey (Mrs C W Fisher) 
Hopley Jas R: Elizabeth 5359 

Haffner Mrs Rose— Clark Norton 3865 
Shaner Joseph B: Ida 5545 
Mader J Geo: Minnie A 5740 
McMichael J Garfield: Aura C; || Robert M 5338 
Black Jas M: Harriet M; Ralph E: Imo G, Mary L 5850 
Schaber Ghas F: Ida B; j|Bertha M, Virginia M, Ruth M — Elgie 

Shank 5006 
Wise Joseph D: Olive M; ||Wm.J, Jas E 5576 
Bach Jacob: Sarah; Lester F 5348 , 

Coiry Albert B: Edna; || Gertrude (Fred Wise) 
Ellis Paul D: Mary M (Fred Wise) 5737 

Myers Cassius M: Emma J; Fred C, Bessie M 
Royer Joseph M, Clarence L: Ida C; || Ethel M (Geo White) 5193 
Eichman Bernard M: Augusta; Mildred, Alvin 5264 
Matthew Ghas F: Kate B 5267 

Nussbaum Isaac: Celia; MOrtimier G — t Ethel Roston 5349 
Meyer John H: Sophia; A Pearl M, ||Orbin J — Nellie S Flocken 


fAuck Bros Agts> 
Ahl John: Minta; || Robert T, Harry E, Jas E 
Heinlen Catherine; Louisa 
Aumiller Emanuel 5169 
Mitchell Samuel C: Esther M; ((Caroline E (Julia Aumiller) 


Mills Samuel B: Mary A; L Ursula (E Aumiller) 
Hipp J Geo: Elizabeth; Mary E, t Naomi C, Martha L 5197 
Nicholls Wm S: Emma L; fN Mabel 5537 
Fish Mrs Mary A 

Hunt Wm J: Alice C; Walburga S, ||J D Joseph 
Tobias Hon Jas C: Arminta 5023 
Raub Harry R: Emily B; || Henry B 
Hauslaib Wm: Sophia M; |Wm R 5734 

Vollmer Ghas: Elizabeth L; Ruth E, f Martha e, ||Elizabeth L 

Quaintance Ghas L: Hannah; ||Elma I, Ethel M 5343 
Kramer Wm F: Emma B; Marguerite R, ||Jas L 
Field Margaret G; Kathryn E 

Rush J Frank: Louisa; fKemp J L, Ward J, ||Ruth M 3663 
Stewart E Hibbitts: Frances I; tFrancis E 5015 


Warren Street West — continued. 

465 Amick Harry G: M Edith; || Lloyd C, Kenneth, Willard E fAuck 
Biros Agts; 
Ridge Avenue south 

500 Craner Chas W: Rhodia M 

503 Kibler Wm: Kate A 5399 

506 Fleming Hannah L; Harry T Clark, f Harold E (Godfrey 

510 Allen H Lewis: Chatttie M; Ruth P (Fred Petersilge) 5502 

535 Burns Alva M: Laura; |jW Elton 5640 

WATER STREET east from 400 N Lane Street 

318 Ettinger Joseph H: Rachel S 

319 Shunk Jennie E; Geo W, fChester 3291 

321 Smalley Fred W: Alice L; ||Wilma, Elmo (R V Sears) 

323 Rituazul Guy: Mary; || Josephine, Angel o — Crego — Angelo 

Chicatelle — Moses Louis Bartiola 
326 Ward Earl R: Meadie E; || Millie A (Lizzie B Roehr) 

332 Nickler Joseph: Ella M; Roy, fEdna L, ||H|oward, Myrtle M, 

Russell, Minnie 

333 John Smith, Cigar Factory No 45 (J G Mader & Sons) 
Dix C Oryille: Carrie O; ||G Lucile, Paul E 

336 Brown Hattie; ||Amy, Lawrence, Gerald (Geo Bonnenwirth) 

337 Kotone Joe: M'ary; || Sit eve A (A S Leuthold) 

342 Biippus Catherine B; Wesley: Blanche (Geo Bonnenwirth) 

343 Miller John: Vera; ||Auraine, Andrew, John, Louie (John Pick- 

Rop Mary; || Helen 
Stoll Street south 

-344 Casler Hugh C: Mary B (Samuel Fouser) 
350 Vasas Louis: Julia.; || Louis — Louis Biop — Chas Pusac (W Blicke) 
354 Miller Louis: Sadie; || Louis (W Blicke) 

356 Sable John: Rozelia; ||Mlke, Joe ( Picking) 

357 Water Works Pumping Station, Henry Miller Engineer 5714 
359 Miller Henry: Helen; Stella G (Water Works) 

WAYNE AVENUE south from East Mansfield Street at City Limits, 1st east 
of Whetstone 
115 (A Leuthold) 

WENTZ (see Southern Avenue) 

WEST ALLEY NORTH from northwest corner of Public Square 

110 Harrop & Faulkner, Livery Feed & Sale . Stable and Central 
Delivery System 5622 
WEST ALLEY SOUTH from southwest corner of Public Square (formerly 
101 The Adams Express Co, J A Jakes Agt (Benj Meek) 5447 
103 Chinese Hand Laundry, Walter Byers Propr (Benj Meek) 

Byers Walter 
107 Conklin Bros, Livery & Transfer Stables 5774 
WEST STREET NORTH from 224 East Mansfield to South Railroad Street 

110 Beam Cinderella L; Winnetta (Mrs H J RoUnson) 5794 
WEST STREET SOUTH from 224 East Mansfield Street to Rensselaer Street 
105 The Daisy Co, Buttenine, W D Harris Propr (G W Harris) 5002 

WHETSTONE STREET south from 1227 E Mansfield Street 
109 Nelson Chas 

133 Gable John; Michael: Lynda M 

135 Gable Michael: Mary E; Clara, George, fCarl, Wm, || Edward, 
Reid Street west 

201 Leydorf Mary A; Mlilo S Triplett: Amanda K; ||Onna M, Chas 
O (Frank Lamb) 


205 Haspeslagh Louis: Ellsiie M; j|Robert L, James J (Mrs John Ober- 

211 Schemel Christ: Barbara; Mary E, Margaret G, tJ Geo, Karl W 

.,_ _ 217 Bennett Edward T: Catherine M; ||Gladys I, Luther D (Mrs J 

218 Robison Wm M 

220 Banks John F: Catherine A; Chas F, f Hazel F, Bertram B 3680 
227 Marquis Wm: Rose 
— 229 Wall Oscar G: Kate G-; || George E. Mlary A 3880 

235 Bahr Henry Sr; Henry Jr, Fred Widman: Elizabeth; ||Carl H— 

tGeo H Gable 5402 
237 Calven Forrest: Jennie; ||Garaldine, Reva M CO Munz) 
255 Pifer Otto: Inez (Frank Drayer) 
277 Bahr Jacob: Frances; tCarl M, || Frances H 3246 
274 Savage John: Alice (A S T^euthold) 
276 Series Mark: Anna; || Lester, Herbert, Grace, Harriet 
Auto Avenue east 

301 Hitter Hugh: Emma L 

302 (219) Ritter Harry A: Ella E; || Donald W, Dorothy E, Florence N, 

Janet L (Mrs Margaret E Robinson) 
Penna Ry crosses 

306 Sell William 0: Louisa M; Chas E. t Arthur W, Geo D, ||Ralph O, 

Carrie L, Vella, Martha M 

307 Hancock Wm: Pearl; t Ethel, ||Omer, Elsie, Harry, Clarence 5137 
318 Dicier Ghas F: Maude; f Edward L, || Alice V, Harold F, Mabel 

E, Eva G 
335 (942; Dunkel Harry J: Mildred M; || Warren F, Paul H (Wm AM) 
Woodlawn Avenue crosses 

416 McBeth Mark N: Sadie; f Russell, IjVelma 

418 Waldman John W: Anna H; || Evelyn A, Marguerite A (Godfrey 

420 Keesey Frank T: Etta V; Hazel L, ||Boyd B 

424 (W F Fail) 

426 Sauselen G Edward: Pearl M; ||Carl H, John E, Ell wood R 
428 Neikirk Jessie D: Anna R; ||C Barbara, Mary E, David W, 

Melvin J (Godfrey Leuthold) 3201 
Bryant Avenue west 

610 Entrance to Fair Grounds, Crawford Co Agrl Society 
680 Walker Wm A: Catherine S'l || Homer E, E Irene, Paul W 
Southern Avenue crosses 

915 Cosgrove Ohas: Joanna; || Gladys M, Marvel N, Noma E (Mrs 

Gora Bensinger) 
917 Bensinger Mrs Gora A 3430 
Lincoln Way crosses, City Limits 

915 Unger Ghas: Maggie; fFred 

WILEY STREET south from 521 E Mansfield Street to Woodlawn Avenue 
112 Seits Elmer E: Myra M; John P (Ed Fisher) 5102 

116 Miller Andrew J: Sarah; Forba (Mrs P Roberts) 3854 

117 Smith Geo H: Helena E; || Joseph B (Ernest Stieffel) 5228 

119 Stieffel Ernest: Hettie; ||Mildred I, Ethel R 

120 Fisher Blanche, Frank M: Clara B; Grace I, t Florence M, 

Robert T, Helen B, Elizabeth L, Virginia S 5083 

121 Flegel Wm H: Margaret M; Chas E (Ernest Stieffel) 3555 
Rensselaer Street crosses 

208 Lutz Michael J: Christina A; Ella B 3603 
Warren Street crosses 

312 Rowley Ghas W: Ida C 3807 

322 Larcamp Chas: Garnett; |jC Frederick (G Schaber) 

323 Bowersox Chas: Harriet; tGeorge, Janet (Wm Risher) 5648 
328 Walter Fred: Anna; || Robert, Grace (G Schaber) 3507 


Wiley Street — continued. 

Charles Street crosses 

401 (341) Keller Milton M: Hattie; it J Frederick, Margaret E, Eleanor 

L (John Schieber) 

402 (Z42) Beard Lucincla E; Jesse P 

409 (348) Wilson Carl J: Emma E; |IR,ichard E, Helen M, Lois W 
(Chas Jacobs) 
WILLARD STREET north from 300 Hill Street 
Irving Street crosses 

900 Suavely Wm: Harriet M; f Gladys F, ||Dale M, Pearl N, Emma S 
905 Yark Ephraim: Josephine 

910 Nickler Benj F: Carrie M; t James, || Robert, Edward, May E, 
Elmer, Walter 

914 Trump Mrs Pearl ( ) 

915 Myers Clyde E: Nora 3316 

918 Aulis Margaret J Mrs, Mrs Millie M Flexer, Noah D Biggs — Ed- 

wiard N Smith 3216 

919 Heiby Franklin: Sophia A 

•920 Hall Mrs Jennie — Tobias Woodward (M J Aulis) 
Schaber Avenue crosses 

1005 Brown Edward (Geo White) 

1009 Hainriger Wm: Stella; tHarman G Ruch, ||Frances C, Agnes M 

1010 Grasley Otto J: Gladys L; || Coral M, Russell D (Ed Reed) 

1016 Harriger Henry H: Bessie; [| Sarah I, Ellsworth B, Elizabeth V 

1017 Grain Geo E: Jennie A;; || Ralph E, Dorothy (Wm Harriger) 
1025 Witters Geo B: Nora; IJLouis, Russell, Jesse M: Ina E 

WINCHESTER AVENUE south from 431 E Southern Avenue 

1002 Young Marion E: Bessie M; || Evelyn E (Wade Chambers) 

1006 Robinson Roy L: Dora; || Roland T (Wade Chambers) 

1010 Kraut C Wm: Alice C; ||W Eugene, Thelma C (Wade Chambers) 
Wallace Avenue west, Penna Ry crosses 

1100 The New York Blower Co, Machine Shop 
Charlotte Street crosses 

1225 Bucyrus Bending Co, J H McCormack Propr 

WINGERT STREET north from 196 Plymouth 

613 Steiger Sophia; Wm, Harry, Clara 3790 
618 Wingert Christ 

623 Kline G Chas: Matilda; || Walter F, Mabel I, Harold L 3690 

624 Kiss Stephen: Helen; || Stephen J, Helen G (John Schell) 
644 Warren Christ: Anna 

648 Swede Alex: Anna (Br J J Martin) 

665 (P J Carroll) 

694 Jump Ellsworth: Nettie I — Thomas Patter 

697 Grenche John: Rosetta; Ndck 

WISE STREET west from 501 Kaler Avenue 
426 Flink Elizabeth;; Frank 

428 Steiiger Wm E: Esther M, Ernest E (John Ream) 
492 Ginkel Peter; Geo Kent: Mary; || Mabel, Paul W. Carl J, Ralph 

G, Elmer R. Grace M, Marie P, Harold H 
495 Hartman Geo: Ella 
WOODLAWN AVENUE east from 421 S Walnut Street 

205 German Methodist Church, Rev E W Bockstahler Pastor 
212 Holmes Mrs Annatista 
Garrison Leroy: Ella B 
215 Buerkle Rev Carl E: Mary A; ||Persis C, Carl C, Luering H 
(German Meth Church) 3167 

218 Hiill Lester W: Elizabeth F 5892 
Lavely 8 Blanche 

219 Moore Lute B: Minerva B; tLeo B, || Mabel E, Geneva— Mrs 

Anna Longworth (Wm lllmer) 


222 lams Ora; Hallie M, f Freda C — Howard Shell 5496 

223 Virtue Vance M: Mary H (Wm Ulmer) 5486 
226 Rowles Elizabeth M; Harry W: Rose, Clyde E 

228 Miller Lewis A: Anna B 

229 Hughes Rev Robert 5654 

232 Gray Thurman A: Lulu E; || Donna M 
235 First Baptist Church, Rev Robert Hughes Pastor 
242 Smith Elliott A: Eleanor S— Gladys M Shifley 5566 

South Lane Street north 

245 Union Building, Public Schools, W N Beetham Supt, R A Garvin 

Prin 5727 
306 Gettman Ernest G: Harriet M 5820 
310 Davis Rev A E & family (U B Church) 5481 
312 Armstrong Chas F: Elizabeth M; || Frances M, Marianne R, 

Paul E (Mrs S F Yingling) 
316 Reece Mrs Lucinda M 3224 

320 First United Brethren Church, Rev J F Miller Pastor 
403 Niman Mrs Mary J S 5845 

408 Myers J Edward: Lucy E; Miriam C, tCyril E 5723 

409 Stewart Mrs Mary 

412 Hoover Geo M: Rachel G; Herbert R B 5243 

413 Phillips Henry: and family 

419 Kirk Zeno; Stella F, John K 5716 

420 Strieker Daniel J: Kathryn L; || Harold Er— Ida Uhl 5803 
427 Miller Chas H: Eva U; ||N Irene 

431 Fox Anthony D: Emma R; Paul G, fAlphonsus C, Mary F, 

||Monica D, Anthony R, Beatrice U, Catherine E 

432 Shepherd Nellie; Dr Burt T Rathruff: Blanche S; [[Robert F 

(John Steiffel) 5206 
434 Young C Perce: Ella (J F Albright) 5580 
440 Dienst Chas E: Oma; f Clarence O, ||Carl A (Mrs Hattie Stough) 

442 Benton Edward G: Minnie L; || Grace L — Edward Coffin (Mrs 

H Stough) 
444 Colvill John G: Flora C (Mrs H Geiger) 
Park Avenue south 

500 Reiff Henry J: Minnie A (Mrs Chas Metzger) 

501 Hamilton Fred G: Gertrude G (Mrs H E Helfrich) 

506 Klink John, Mary Nephley; Chester 

507 Kelly Walter C: Hannah E 3451 

508 Deisler Harry W: Anna; || Julia C, Mildred G (Geo Quaintance) 

509 Dqpper Wm F: Edith U; fTressie M, || Ethel C, Kenneth E 

513 Morrison Mary E; Effie E — 1| Florence F Marshman — Eugene 

Goubeaux — Wm Hanover (Elijah Clark) 3351 

514 Ensminger Frank P: Anna E 3283 

517 Cooper John; Benj A Collins: Bertha B; fWayne F, Jas R, ||Gll- 
bert C 
Wiley Street north, Prospect Street south 

600 Woodward Howard R: Clara R; || Evelyn L (W Mader) 

604 Tompkins Ernest R: Valeria B; [[Ernestine L (W Mader) 5860 

605 Greenich Daniel: Margaret C; Jas 

608 Ritter Edward: Grace M; fLucile G (Wm Mader) 

612 (Del Ruth, Columbus O) 

613 Shire Emma; Sadie L Timmons; t Ho ward V — William Haaga 

(O Kennedy AgU 

616 Saul Elda A: Cora A; ||Mae C (Mrs V Drexel) 

617 Fate Alex: Elizabeth 

620 Smith Homer H: Amy L; ||HJomer W (W F Rauth) 
Jones Street crosses 

642 Railroaders' Exchange Restaurant, Mrs R J Heckert Propr 5171 
Heckert Wm M: R Jane — Wm Hammond — Jas White (P J 
Carroll) 5171 


Wood lawn Avenue — continued. 

643 The Bucyrus Lumber Co, Branch Office & Coal Yards, C S Acker- 
man Mgr 5511 

650 T & O C Ry, Yard Office, Geo B Trautman Yard Master 

655 T & O C Ry, General Shops, G P Young Gen Foreman 

Offices: Master Mechanic C Bower sox 5585, Asst Supt I B Chad- 
wick, Supt of Motive Bower S S Stiffey 

664 Foreigners (Philip BrowarsJcy) 

666 Browarsky Philip: Rebecca; Newman, fMaurice, Harry — f Flor- 
ence Casper 5422 

672 Denney Francis L: Flora E; Harry F, fLeah M, || Helen C (G 
Sheckler Street noirth 

700 Browarsky Ohas: Cora; || Fannie (J L Assenheimer) 

708 Baker J Edward: Martha; tHenry, Harry, ((Raymond, Elsie, 
Elmer (F Assenheimer ) 

111 Spath Lucas: Mary; f Anton 

714 Thompson Rush B: Irene L; |(Geraldine E, Thelma A (J L 

Assenheimer) 3592 

715 Maskey Sarah A; || Homer V, Roma L, Carrie A, Wayne G, 

Dwight W 

721 Staiger Emanuel G: Anna C; Aaron c, tMarcus D, || Elsie M, 

Michael J, Daniel E 

722 Timson Geo C: Rachel A; fDorance O, || Alice L, Audrey R, 

John O Carle: Nellie O; ||Elmer (John L Assenheimer) 5849 
725 Kraft Chas V: Mary; tC Virgil, || Stella M (L Eckard) 3280 
731 Critzeir Edward: Carrie; fLuther, ||Eltha, Rosa, Hodges (Rufus 

Kearsley Street north, Johnson Street south 

801 Creason Earl O: Maude E; || Edwin O, Clifford O (Fred Peter- 

807 Young Frank B: Effie; || Ethel, Clarence, Franklin (F Flohr) 

812 f920J cole Rutherford B: M Almeda; || Violet M, Jas S 

813 Savage Mrs Sarah F — fJohn 

817 Haspeslagh Joseph J: Waive E; || Gertrude L i 

830 Hainan Frank E: Elsie L; ||M Isabella, Haviland F (J F Kalb) 
Highland Avenue crosses 

865 Col Crawford Public School, Chas Keulink Prin 5442 
870 O'Donnell John A: Mazie A (Mrs Carrie Ensminger) 
Fail or Street crosses 

905 Johns Reuben: Emma; ||Vera, Ijeola, Bernadine, Raymond (F A 

907 Harriger Thos — Geo Woods: Mary — Mike Cromis — Bill Nickelisch 
910 Gray Serena E; Ellsworth: Nettie; || Edward E (Harmon Miller) 

941 Haspeslagh Malenie; t Albert F (Mrs L Pitre, Galion O) 
921 Savage Joseph E: Clara; fPaul C, ||Raymond G 
Union Street south 

924 Klintz Romeo C: Lettie I; IJLena A, John V (Harmon Miller) 

927 Parks Fred C: Emma E; ||C Glenn (Chas Schurr) 5835 

929 Nelson Geo W: Marjorie; t Arthur, || Harry, Dorsey, Eldee, Lrestie, 

Nellie (Geo Donnenwirth) 
944 Graff Caroline; Wm AM: Caroline; Clarence U, ||Wilma B 
Whetstone Street crosses 

1003 Neumann Christ H: Mabel; ||Emerson L, Virginia A (W F Fail) 
1007 Lohr Daniel B: Lila L; ||Genevieve C, Howard E, Raymond F, 

Ernest L 3301 
1030 Riddlebaugh Jacob A: Augusta C; Walter H, fLaura A, Mary E, 

|| Bertha G, Ohas A (John Menninger) 
1050 McPeak Jas R: Sarah B; J Earl, Edith F, |M Jennie, Ethel B, 

J Wilford, HBernice M, E Freda, Sarah B, Chas E 3463 
1090 Teynor Peter: Nettie; ||Francis, Jay, girl 3163 




Matthew Chas F, 216 E Mansfield 


Unger William, Post Office Bldg 


Keller Anna Lee, 400 E Warren 

Wert Albertus C, 862 S Sandusky 


Beer Wm C Sr, 2 Miller Block 
Cahill David C, 13 Quimby Bldg 
Feighner Lewis C, 1 Rowse Block 
Finley & Gallinger, 4 News-Forum 

Finley E B, Finley & Gallinger 
Gallinger Chas P, Finley & Gallinger 
Kennedy Otto, 2 Rowse Block 
Leuthold Alfred S, Leuthold & Mc- 

Leuthold Godfrey, Sears & Leuthold 
Leuthold & McCarron, 1 Quimby Blk 
McCarron John W, Leuthold & Mc- 
Meek Benjamin, 8 Quimby Block 
Miller Jas W, 1st Natl Bank Bldg 
Monnett Wallace L, Scroggs & Mon- 

Myers Edward J, 111 1-2 S Sandusky 
Schaber Chas F, 7 Quimby Block 
Schwenck Wm J, 4 Quimby Bldg 
Scroggs Chas J, Scroggs & Monnett 
Scroggs & Monnett, 1-2 Opera Block 
Sears & Leuthold, 1 City Bank Bldg 
Sears Rufus V, Sears & Leuthold 
Sheckler Wm H (Pensions) 129 1-2 

N Sandusky 
Vollrath Col Edward, 9-10 Opera Blk 
Wright J Walter, 5 Rowse Block 


Brown Carl A, 826 S Sandusky 

Gebhart John, 811 N Sandusky 

Automobile Garages 

Bucyrus Garage, 1155 S Poplar 

Lincoln Highway Garage, 235 S San 

Paxton Harry A, Garage, 310 S San- 

Auto Liveries 

K & K Taxi Service, 112 E Charles 

Sponseller L R, Taxi, 113 E Charles 

Auto Repairs 

Shealy Edward, 440 S Sandusky 

Auto Salesmen 

Hirtz Samuel, 236 S Sandusky 
Holloway Archie L, 235 S Sandusky 
Stuckert Geo J, 400 E Charles 
White Garrett, 337 W Southern 


Imperial Bakery, 121 N Sandusky 
Model Bakery, rear 620 E Warren 
Star Bakery, 119 S Sandusky 
Vienna Steam Bakery, 119 Public 


Bucyrus City Bank, 101 N Sandusky 

Farmers & Citizens Bank & Savings 

Co, 103 Public Sq 
First National Bank, 133 S Sandusky 
Second National Bank, 109 S San- 
Barber Shops 

Ausburger Jos M, Deal House 
Bieber & Wilson, under 103 Public 

Chester & Heath, 118 W Mansfield 
Christman August, under 2d Natl 

Ewalt Frank L, 506 Jones 
Ewalt Stephen, 334 Sheckler 
Ferrall Guernie J, under 230 N San- 
Flocken Wm, 102 E Rensselaer 
Hauer & Shultz, under 159 Public Sq 
Hughes Edwin, Elberson Hotel 
Kantzer Doc, 237 S Sandusky 
Kronenberger Frank E, 118 N San- 
Seeger Wm E, 105 E Mansfield 
Smith & Marshman, 122 Public Sq 
Wynegar Howard E, Hotel Royal 

Bicycle & Motorcycle Repair Shops 

Couts Newton O, 337 N Sandusky 
Houseburg Jesse J, 150 Public Sq 



Bicycle Shops — continued. 
Miller Jay C, 237 N Sandusky 
Swank Jos E, 236 S Sandusky 

Bill Poster 

Bateman Geo W, 312 E Charles 

Billiards, Pool and Bowling 
Bishop Wm S, 116 W Mansfield 
Brown B Burke, 110 East Alley 
Chapman Merritt, 623 E Rensselaer 
Jolly R A & Co, Elberson Hotel 
New Opera Pool Room, 205 E Mans- 
Shealy & McPeak (Bowling) 234 S 

Blacksmith and Horse Shoeing Shops 
Carle & Schwartzkopf, 118 E Mary 
Garner & Reid, 113 N Poplar 
Owens & Topper, 112 W Warren 
Seeger Bros, 425 S Walnut 

Boarding and Rooming Houses 

Fischer Mrs Louise C, 328 N San- 
Goodrich Chas V, 243 E Mansfield 
Melcher Mrs Lena, 801 Lincoln 
Miller Mrs Laura, 330 Sheckler 
Stough Harriet Mrs, 441 E Charles 

Boiler Shop 

Patterson Boiler Works, 1010 East 
St S 

Books & Magazines (see Drug Stores) 
Jesson Thos, 207 E Mansfield 

Bottling Works 

Central Buckeye Bottling Works, 216 
S Sandusky 


Bucyrus Brewing Co, 500 N Railroad 

Brick Contractor 

Hertzer Otto C, 511 S Walnut 

Brick & Stone Walk Contractor 
Mahley Christian, 230 W Galen 

Brick Yards 

Breisinger & Son, 430 Jump 

Broom Factory 

Miller & Ulmer, rear 324 N Walnut 

Building Contractors 
Beer Lauren, 111 N Lane 
Bonebrake Chas F, 512 Jones 
Casler Hugh C, 344 Water 
Fink John A, 501 Rogers 
Fox Otto T, 1131 Dean 
Hieber Benj G, 511 N Lane 
Hipp J George, 401 W Warren 
Keller Milton M, 401 (341) Wiley 
Knecbt W Wesley, 418 S Poplar 
Messner Fred, 421 S Walnut 

Miller Geo H, 604 Earl 
Mollencopf Henry, 417 E Oakwood 
Mollenkopf Louis, 622 S Poplar 
Neff Amos C, 507 E Warren 
Neumann Geo W, 313 E Lucas 
Powers Jas, 420 W Irving 
Roehr August, 121 N Poplar 
Roley Edward D, 832 S Poplar 
Savage B Frank, 817 E Mansfield 
Schieber Samuel A, 613 East St S 
Smith Cornelius W, 444 W Charles \> 
Smith John R, 903 (857) S Walnut 
Spade Ernest D, 208 Hill 
Taylor Perry, 1125 S Walnut 
Turn Frank T, 502 W Mary 
Twiggs Price, 914 (850) N Sandusky 

Business Blocks 

Albright Block, 204-212 S Sandusky 
Blumenschein . Block, 209-213 N San- 
Deal House Block, 123-130 Public 

Dozer Block, 330-334 S Sandusky 
Eagles Block, 201-205 S Sandusky 
First National Bank Bldg, 131-133 S 

Gesellschaft Block, 108-112 East Al- 
Hipp Building, 202-204 N Sandusky 
Keel Block, 224-230 N Sandusky 
Kehrer Block, 110-114 N Sandusky 
Mader Block, 153-154 Public Square 
Miller Block, 135-139 Public Square 
Moesch Block, 215-217 N Sandusky 
News-Forum Block, 216 E Mansfield 
Opera Block, 201-209 E Mansfield 
Pfleiderer Block, 318-326 N Sandusky 
Pickering Block, 321-325 N Sandusky 
Post Office Block, 210 E Mansfield 
Quimby Building, 100-110 Public Sq 

& 102 N Sandusky 
Rowse Block, 101-105 S Sandusky 
Schaber Block, 124-126 N Sandusky 
Second Natl Bank Bldg, 107-109 S 

Sens Block, 124-126 S Sandusky 
Tobias Block, 103-107 N Sandusky 
Union Block, 201-205 N Sandusky 
Wirth Block, 116 N Sandusky 

Canvassing Agents 
Beal Clyde. 213 1-2 S Sandusky 
Crall Jonas, 749 E Mansfield 
Cramer Mamie A, 724 E Mansfield 
Fisher Casper (Acetylene) 455 S 

Timson Geo C, 722 Woodlawn 

Carriages and Implements 

Houghton Merkel Co, 340 N Sandusky 

Pickering Lewis D, 321 N Sandusky 



Ruhl Carriage Works, 430 E Mans- 
Wilcox L E, 232 N Sandusky 

Cement Contractors & Block Mfrs 

Artificial Stone Co, 726 E Rensselaer 
Bonebrake Chas F, 512 Jones 
Bucyrus Hydraulic Stone & Block 

Co, Jones St 
Blumenschein Geo, 213 1-2 N San- 
Hartsel Wm H, 314 E Rensselaer 
Oberlander Henry N, 211 W Mans- 
Sliarrock Oscar K, 630 East St S 


Holy Trinity Cemetery, 745 Tiffin 

Oakwood Cemetery, 645 Kaler 

China Decorators 

DeWitt Mrs Nora B, 802 Prospect 


Chapman Wm W, over 130 S San- 

Cigar Factories 

Hagar W F, 116 Public Square 
Hoelzel Fred W, 318 James 
Liebich Edward O, 219 N Lane 
Scheidegger Mrs Matilda L, 115 1-2 

Public Sq 
Smith John, 333 Water 

Cigar Stores (see Barber Shops Pool 

Rooms Etc) 
City Cigar Store, 107 N Sandusky 
Drexel J George, 301 S Sandusky 
Fischer Mrs Louisa C, 328 N San- 
Jolly R A & Co, Deal House & El- 

Walter Wm, 241 S Sandusky 

Civil Engineers 

Guiss Chas A, Post Office Bldg 
Niederheiser Francis, 714 Rogers 
Unger Wm, Post Office Bldg 


Buerkle Carl E, 215 Woodlawn 
Bertram Oscar A, 323 S Walnut 
Braschler Chas, 224 E Mary 
Davis A E, 310 Woodlawn 
Dornblaser Samuel C, 222 E Rensse- 
Hughes Robert, 229 Woodlawn 
Keller Frederick H, 116 S Lane 
Miller J Frank, 310 E Rensselaer 
Paulin Emery D, 320 Lincoln 
Smith C W, 400 E Warren 
Spreng Otto, 193 Plymouth 
Warren Leroy A, 310 S Lane 
Wilkinson Howard G, 214 W Rensse- 

Clothing & Furnishings 
Bach Jacob Co, 104 S Sandusky 
Engelhard M, 117 N Sandusky 
Fair, 224 N Sandusky 
Geiger Wm J, 100 Public Square 
Great Western, 124 S Sandusky 
Matthew John P, 124 N Sandusky 
Nussbaum I & Sons, 101 S Sandusky 
Star Clothing Co, 201 S Sandusky 
Wirth Clothing Store, 116 N San- 

Coal Yards 

Bucyrus Hay & Grain Co, 641 E Ren- 
Bucyrus Lumber Co, 643 Woodlawn 
Ryland B L & Son, 637 E Rensselaer 

Confectionery Stores (see Cigar 

Grocery etc) 
Chacopolos Tom, 126 S Sandusky 
Quaintance F D, 326 N Sandusky 
Sugar Bowl, 113 S Sandusky 


Deppler Mrs Lena, 320 Clinton 

Credit & Collection Service 
Merchants Protective Service, 3 2& 
Natl Bank Bid 

Dairy Products 

Dairy Products Co, 200 W Mansfield* 
Edison Creamery Co, 202 E Warren 
West Bucyrus Dairy, 975 W Mansfield 


Arnold Wm E, 16 Quimby Block 
Grant Geo W, 2d Natl Bank Bldg 
Higgins Arthur L, 3 City Bank Bldg 
Kepner Walter H, 1st Natl Bank 

Leonard Frank P, 117 1-2 N Sandusky 
Ruthruff Burt T, 119 1-2 N Sandusky 
Zincke Erick, 2 City Bank Bldg 

Delivery Service 

Central Delivery System, nw cor 
Public Square 

Department Stores 

Hansberger Ward & Co, 203-205 N 

Myers The J K Co, 242 N Sandusky 

Dog Breeder 

Comrade Kennels, 705 E Warren 

Dray and Expressmen 

Baldosser Wm A, 507 S Sandusky 
Bauer Henry W, 306 E Charles 
Faulke Abner F, 868 S Sandusky 
Halm Geo M, 1016 E Warren 
Staley John, 401 N Walnut 
Witter & Willie, 501 Kaler 




Deseler Maude M, 129 W Perry 
Calahan Susan, 437 E Warren 
Cook Bessie E, 410 E Mansfield 
Damon Mrs Georgia E, 118 W War- 
Davis Tillie Mrs, 417 E Mansfield 
Donnenwirth Rose S, 456 S Sandusky 
Fabian Bertha, 437 S Sandusky 
Feiring Annetta, 209 N Poplar 
Gable Clara, 135 Whetstone 
Hartman Stella M, 871 S Sandusky 
Haubennestel Emma, 240 E Mary 
Haubennestel Lillian K, 240 E Mary 
Hershberger Esther E, 907 N San- 
Hershberger Mary E, 907 N San- 
Jacobs Helen B, 855 S Walnut 
Jacobs Martha C, 595 Sears 
Jaeger Lillian A Mrs, 157 Plymouth 
Kaffenberger Emma, 215 N Lane 
Kuehnle Caroline, 618 S Poplar 
Lenhardt Luella S, 875 S Sandusky 
Linn Elizabeth, 515 S Poplar 
Lowrey Mrs Mabel, 340 1-2 N San- 
McCoy Addie B, 385 W Mansfield 
Marggraf Anna, 503 E Mansfield 
Marggraf Augusta, 503 E Mansfield 
Marggraf Emily, 503 E Mansfield 
O'Donnell Nellie, 111 1-2 S Sandusky 
Riggs Laura, 104 W Lucas 
Rinker Elsie I, 123 W Mary 
Roehr Cora G, 714 N Sandusky 
Sayler Ada L, 341 (552) W Center 
Sciiuler Anna M, 2 1st Natl Bank Bid 
Schuler Bessie, 215 W Galen 
Schuler Katherine C, 603 S Walnut 
Schuler May, 322 N Sandusky 
Schultze Emma, 196 Plymouth 
Stuck M Alice, 432 N Railroad 
Volk Sadie, Mrs, 215 N Lane 
Widman Mary A, 659 E Mansfield 
Winner Mrs Elizabeth S, 701 S 

Drugs, Wall Paper, Etc 
Birk Bros, 201 E Mansfield 
Bucyrus Cash Pharmacy, 230 N San- 
Farquhar Bros, 138 Public Square 
Graetz Wm H, 106 Public Square 
Johnston Pharmacy, 111 S Sandusky 
Kern J E & Bro, 115 S Sandusky 

Dry Cleaners 

Koons & Wenninger, 103 W Rensse- 

Ledinsky Prank, 3d Floor Tobias 

Lybargcr Win C, 314 S Sandusky 

Dry Goods (see Department Stores) 
Baumoel M, 116 S Sandusky 
Berk & Hales, 129 S Sandusky 
Croneis & Garner, 115 Public Square 
Home Store, 109 Public Square 
Leader Store, 153 Public Square 
Rowe Bros Co, 132 S Sandusky 

Electric Contractors 

Baehr Fred, 1110 E Warren J 

Ruhl Electric Co, 430 E Mansfield 


Miller H D, 120 East St N 
Reid Edward, 205 N Railroad 

Express Agencies 

Adams Express Co, sw cor Public 

American Express Co, 226 S San- 

Electric Package Agency, 117 W 

Feed Stores 

Bucyrus Hay & Grain Co, 641 E Rens- 

Drexel J George, 301 S Sandusky 

Fish Markets 

Bowen Wm K, 300 S Sandusky 

Waller Daniel P, 315 E Charles 


Norton Finando J, 311 W Charles 

Schillinger John, 133 W Perry 1 

Flour Mills 

Bucyrus City Flour Mills, 600 W 

Zeigler & Co, 345 N Sandusky 


Bucyrus Steel Casting Co, 922 N San- 

Carroll Foundry & Machine Co, 922 
N Sandusky 

Ryder Brass Foundry Co, 130 E 

Freight Depots 

PFtW&C Ry, 165 N Lane 

Penn Ry Co, 635 E Warren 

T & O C Ry, 635 E Rensselaer 

Fruit Stores 

Bedway Elias, 121 S Sandusky 
Bianchi Peter, 123 Public Square 
Colota Joe, 338 S Sandusky 
Parks Fred C, 927 Woodlawn 

Funeral Directors 

Munz Carl P & Sons, 222 N Sandusky 

Wise Wm & Sons, 215 S Sandusky 

Furniture Stores 

Munz Carl P & Sons, 222 N Sandusky 

Markley & Croneis, 112 E Warren 



Pruden S L, 214 N Sandusky 

Shaw Furniture & Carpet Co, 315 S 

Wise Wm & Sons, 215 S Sandusky 

General Contractors 
Battefeld Louis P, 458 S Walnut 
Grading & Sodding Contractors 
Sand Michael K, 850 Grove 
Winner Daniel W, 701 S Spring 

Groceries (see Department Stores) 
Class Emery E, 119 N Sandusky 
Cunningham C K, 149 Public Square 
Davidson J D & Son, 812 N Sandusky 
Leifer Jonas A, 580 East St S 
Ludwig John F & Sons, 623 E War- 
Opera House Table Supply Store, 203 

E Mansfield 
Quaintance Chas L, 400 S Walnut 
Roelle Thos B, 301 N Sandusky 
Rose Hill Grocery, 621 S Sandusky 
Schieber Bros, 120 W Mansfield 
Sprow & Oberlander, 703 S Sandusky 
Stump & Co, 122 N Sandusky 
Topper & Adams, 556 N Lane 
Ulmer Jos H, 110 S Walnut 
Wagner Frank C, 156 Public Square 
Wurtemberger J G Fred, 321 S San- 

Hair Goods 

Fashion Shop, 130 N Sandusky 
McBride Ada B, 629 E Charles 

Halls & Lodge Rooms 

Central Labor Union Hall, 12 Quimby 

Eagles Hall, 3d Floor Quimby Bldg 
Elks Home (new) 309 E Mansfield 
Elks Lodge Rooms, 2d Floor Sens 

GAR Hall, 110 S Poplar 
Junior Order Hall, 3d Floor Rowse 

K of C Hall, 3d Floor City Bank Bldg 
K of P Hall, 3d floor Miller Block 
Masonic Club, 3d floor Gesellschaft 

Opera Hall, 3d floor Opera Block 
S A W V Hall, 129 1-2 N Sandusky 

Hardware Stores 

Bucyrus Cash Hardware, 114 N San- 
Cooper & Henderson, 325 N Sandusky 
Fischer & Flohr, 108 S Sandusky 
Jolly Bros, 333 S Sandusky 
Picking D & Co, 112 S Sandusky 
Walther F A, Ironmongery, 201 N 

Harness Shops 

Birk E R, 136 Public Square 

Meyer John H, 223 N Sandusky 


Crawford County Hospital, 130 W 

Monnette Memorial Hospital, 675 N 


Central House, 620 E Warren 
Deal House, 130 Public Square 
Elberson Hotel, 117 Public Square 
Hotel Gaa, 200 N Sandusky 
Hotel Royal, 143 Public Square 
Hufnagel August G, 241 N Sandusky 
Lincoln Way Tavern, 231 S Sandusky 
Park Hotel, 126 N Walnut 
Reber Hotel, 120 S Sandusky 
House Mover & Wrecker 
Casler Wellington J, 204 Blicke 
ice Dealers 
Meyer J C & Son, 116 Hill 

Insurance Agents & Agencies 
Albright Fred J, 212 N Sandusky 
Auck Bros, 113 E Mansfield 
Bendel Harry W, 446 Prospect 
Columbian Life Ins Co, 212 N San- 
Coulter & Hurr, 2 Quimby Bldg 
Crawford Co Farmers Mut Fire Ins 

Co, 3 Opera Blk 
Fell John J, 511 S Spring 
Fitzgerald Robert J, 122 Sherman 
Home Mut Fire Tns Assn, 1-2 Opera 

Kanode Harry B,< 122 Iron 
Leedy Guy W, 309 E Charles 
Leonard Jos B, 125 Public Square 
Lewis Milton R, 216 E Mansfield 
Matthew Chas F, 216 E Mansfield 
Miller Herman F, 1 Miller Block 
Ohio Farmers Ins Co, 236 E Mans- 
Ohio Mutual Tornado, Cyclone & 
Windstorm Ins Assn, 103 Public 
Park Wm C, 4 Kehrer- Block 
Plummer Edward I, 647 E Mansfield 
Prudential Ins Co, 1 Kehrer Block 
Rice Everett L, 530 East St S 
Rice C M & Co, 3 2d Natl Bank Bldg 
Richards Albert J, 236 E Mansfield 
Schearer Nina P, 700 (800) Prospect 
Schieber Emanuel, 329 S Walnut 
Schott Jos A, 623 N Sandusky 
Smith & Heiby, 209. N Sandusky 
Stiefel John B, Post Office Bldg 
Uhlmann Frank X, 600 Ann 
Western & Southern Life Ins Co, 4 
Kehrer Blk 



Jewelers & Opticians 

Dunlap Harry A, 212 N Sandusky 
Kehrer Frank B & Bros, 112 N San- 
Lake's Jewelry, 104 Public Square 
Miller & Robinson, 131 S Sandusky 
Schott Frank, 147 Plymouth 

Junk Dealers 

Browarsky Chas, 700 Woodlawn 
Browarsky Philip, 666 Woodlawn 
Hill David, rear 330 S Sandusky 


Chinese Hand Laundry, sw cor Pub- 
lic Square 

Startsman & Feiring, 220 E Perry 

Up-To-Date Laundry, 112 W Mans- 

Light & Power Plants 

Bucyrus Blec Light & Power Co, 416 
N Sandusky 

Electric Light & Power Co, 208 S 

Logan Natural Gas & Fuel Co, 211 3 

Livery Feed & Sales Stables 

Conklin Bros, sw cor Public Squaie 

Harrop & Faulkner, nw cor Public 

Light Carl E, 115 W Mary 

Roberts Bros, 229 W Rensselaer 

Loan Assns & Agencies 

Bucyrus Loan & Building Assn, 112 

W Rensselaer 
Auck Bros, 113 E Mansfield 
Peoples Savings & Loan Co, 238 F 

Lumber Yards & Planing Mills 
Bucyrus Lumber Co, 125 E Mary 
Colter & Co, 201 Nevada 
Roehr Co, 200 N Lane 

Machine Shops (see Manufacturing 

Manicure Parlors 
Malic Emma, 123 N Sandusky 

Manufacturing Establishments 
American Clay Machinery Co, 300 S 

Bucyrus Bending Co, 1225 Winchester 
Bucyrus Copper Kettle Wks, 238 N 

Bucyrus Forge & Machine Co, 925 E 

Bucyrus Implement Co, 125 Franklin 
Carroll Foundry & Machine Co, 922 N 

Pate-Lea Handle Co, 550 Jones 
Imperial Hoop Co, 550 Johnston 
Kelly Mfg Co, 824 Lincoln 

New York Blower Co, 415 E Warren 
Ohio Locomotive Crane Co, 1-2 News- 
Forum Block 
Pressman Bros Co, Pickering Block 
Shunk Plow Co, 220 N Railroad 
Sommer Motor Co, 135 Auto Av 

Meat Markets 

Beer & Son, 113 E Rensselaer \ 
Dobbins & Geiger, 131 N Sandusky 
Dobbins & Geiger, 404 S Walnut 
Peoples Meat Market, 300 N San- 
Millinery Stores 
Berk & Hales, 129 S Sandusky 
Fashion Shop, 130 N Sandusky 
Keil Minnie, 334 S Sandusky 
Oehm Laura, 311 S Sandusky 
Smith Mrs J J, 233 N Sandusky 
Sterling Ethel, 213 S Sandusky 
Wynn Mrs Anna E, 212 S Sandusky 

Monumental & Marble Works 
Bucyrus Monumental Works, 224 S 

Music Stores (see Piano Dealers) 
Kantzer J B & Son, 131 S Sandusky 
Roelle August, 139 Public Square 
Smith & Heiby, 209 N Sandusky 

Music Teachers 
Bogan Harry J, 575 East St S 
Dimon Delta I, 316 S Poplar J 
Farquhar Mabel M, 403 W Rensse- 
Horsch Mrs Marie H, 322 E Mansfield 
Kantzer Edith L, 117 S Spring 
Lindner Eda M, 126 Fisher 
Munz Wm, . 3d floor Tobias Block 
Siraonton John C, 119 W Mary 
Vollrath Eva E, 302 N Walnut 
West W Lee, 428 E Rensselaer 

Musicians (see Music Teachers) 
Eichman Mildred. 335 W Warren 
Meyer A Pearl M, 346 W Warren 
Streib Marie A, 610 S Poplar 
Wingert Christ, 618 Wingert 


Bucyrus Courier, 513 N Sandusky 
Bucyrus Journal, 230 S Sandusky 
Daily Forum, 216 E Mansfield 
Evening Telegraph, 230 S Sandusky 
News-Forum, 216 E Mansfield 

Notions & Novelties 

Bee Hive Racket Store, 127 N San- 

Citizens Store Co, 126 N Sandusky 

Woolworth The F W Co, 130 N San- 


Baird Fannie, 606 E Charles 



Bevington Rebecca, Crawford Co 

Casey Lulu, 824 S Spring 
Colesworthy Martha C, 209 S Spring 
Gearhart Hazel, Monnette Hospital 
Hipp Naomi C, 401 W Warren 
Hocker Mrs Matilda, 424 Gay 
lams Hallie M, 222 Woodlawn 
Irving Margaret, Monnette Hospital 
Motz Emma M, Crawford Co Hospital 
Mungz Carrie R, 444 Gay 
Randall Mrs Bertha, 230 W Galen 
Woodward Mae, Monnette Hospital 

Oil Dealers (see Groceries) 
Foreman Frank E Agt, 511 E Warren 

Opticians (see Jewelers) 
Fike Jacob, 463 S Poplar 
Henry Optical Co, 4 Rowse Block 
Johnson J Frank, 209 W Mansfield 


Henry Martin M, 4 Rowse Block 
Mitchell Samuel C, 205 S Sandusky 


Dellinger Lawrence J, 328 S Walnut 
Shook Robert L, 4 2d Natl Bank Bldg 

Painters and Paper Hangers 
Adams Frank, 456 Kaler 
Ahl Frederick, 402 Prospect 
Andrews Lawrence, 603 S Spring 
Bacon Fred W, 311 N Sandusky 
Beilharz Chas A, 506 S Sandusky 
Brown Henry L, 336 W Charles 
Cosgrove Frank, 1131 Monnett 
Crills Chas C, 314 (239) Hill 
Diller Chas, 3d floor Quimby Bid 
Ferrall Wm J, 430 Charlotte 
Gestenslager Albert L, 889 S San- 
Goodwin Leander J, 1120 Dean 
Groves Earl S, 126 W Mary 
Heckert Jonas, 432 S Poplar 
Hesche Herman F, 321 (331) W Ren- 
Keplinger Arnold H, 116 S Spring 
Kranich Wm, 109 W Rensselaer 
Mollenkopf Wm, 232 E Mansfield 
Nickler Benj F, 910 Willard 
Oberlander Bryan, 2d Floor Mader 

Oberlander Clell, 138 Franklin 
Oberlander Gurney H, 515 Lincoln 
Oberlander Kit C, 2d floor Mader 

Quaintance Milton J, 108 W Irving 
Robinson Benj F, 515 E Mansfield 
Robinson Roy L, 1006 Winchester 
Rupensberger Otto, 317 E Warren 
Smith John J, 323 E Rensselaer 

Walter Frank E, 508 (204) Jones 
Walter John, 623 E Rensselaer 


Ball Grounds, 920 Tiffin 
Fair Grounds, 610 Whetstone 

Passenger Stations 

C S & C Ry, 117 W Mansfield 

C M & B Ry, 117 W Mansfield 

Penna Short Line, 631 E Rensselaer 

P Ft W & C Ry, 236 S Railroad 

T & O C Ry, 636 E Rensselaer 

Union Interurban Station, 117 W 


Bryant Wm C, 317 E Rensselaer 
Burns Alva M, 113 1-2 S Sandusky 
Dozer Leonard A, 333 S Sandusky 
Dunn Geo D, 119 1-2 N Sandusky 

Physicians & Surgeons 
Brubaker Perry R, 128 E Rensselaer 
Carlisle W Glenn, 225 E Mansfield 
Caton Russell J, 341 S Sandusky 
Gates Wm C, 130 W Warren 
Kannel J Wm, over 129 S Sandusky 
Kehrer Fred W, 3 Kehrer Block 
Kemp Lucia, 115 1-2 S Sandusky 
King Chas H, 325 S Sandusky 
Koch Wm A, 125 E Warren 
Lingenfelter Chas A, 1 2d Natl Bank 

McCrory Arthur H, 108 1-2 S San- 
Martin Jas J, 114 S Walnut 
Schoolfield E Raymond, 223 E Rens- 
Smith Howard H, 341 S Sandusky 
Ulmer Chas A, 208 S Walnut 
Yeomans Wm Lewis, 329 S Sandusky 

Piano Stores and Dealers 

Ackerman H, 128 N Sandusky 
Linn Chas A, 421 S Sandusky 
Shonert C H & T C, 415 N Sandusky 

Piano Tuners 

Heiby Chas F, 707 Plymouth 
Scott John A, 336 S Sandusky 


Couts Sanford F, 1135 Dean 

Frash Louis A, 316 Clinton 

Stuart EMward, 311 S Spring 

Trautman & Lutz, 353 W Charles 

Plating Works 

Bucyrus Plating Works, rear 112 


Black Ralph E, 313 S Sandusky 
Faulkner Geo W, 316 W Galen 
Fisher Casper & Sons, 455 S San- 



P I u m be rs — continued. 
Hilburn Jos L, 134 W Mary 
Meyer Henry, 118 E Rensselaer 
Sens George, basement Sens Block 


Bucyrus Publishing Co, 216 B Mans- 

Commercial Printing Co, 108 Bast Al- 

Hopley Printing Co, 230 S Sandusky 

Sheffer Sylvester S, 111 E Warren 

Produce Dealers 
Bowen Wm K, 300 S Sandusky 
Bucyrus Hay & Grain Co, 641 E Rens- 
Daisy Co, 105 S West 
Lauck Benr F (wool) 241 E Charles 
Obejlander C A (hay) 140 Franklin 
Switzer & White (hay & grain) 225 

Public Buildings 

Bucyrus Fire Department, 225 E 

Bucyrus Public Library, 202 E Mans- 

Bucyrus City Hall, 116 E Rensselaer 

Crawford County Court House, 110 
E Mansfield 

Crawford County Jail, 125 N Walnut 

Ohio National Guard Armory, 129 S 

Post Office, 210 East Mansfield 

Water Works Pumping Station, 357 

Young Mens Christian Assn, 233 E 

Pump Dealers 

Myers Geo P, 301 S Sandusky 
Stuckey Allen R, 116 E Mary 

Railroad Shops 

T & O C Ry, 655 Woodlawn 

Real Estate Agents and Dealers 
Auck Bros, 113 E Mansfield 
Bishop Jos W, 112 W Rensselaer 
Coulter & Hurr, 2 Quimby Bldg 
Ferrall Wm L, Hipp Bldg 
Kiess Wm C, 3 Rowse Block 
Lewis Milton R, 216 E Mansfield 
Matthew Chas E, 216 E Mansfield 
Miller Herman F, 1 Miller Block 
Smith & Heiby, 209 N Sandusky 

Restaurants & Lunch Rooms (see 

Saloons & Hotels) 
Chapman Merritt, 623 E Rensselaer 
Home Restaurant, 145 Public Square 
Railroaders Exchange, 642 Woodlawn 
Rinsel Geo, 227 S Railroad 

Road Contractors 

Oberlander Clarence A, 140 Franklin 
Oberlander Henry N, 211 W Mans- 
Roofing Contractor 
Ott Gustave A, 608 S Sandusky 

Saloons & Cafes (see Hotels) 
Berghoff Cafe, 129 N Sandusky t. 
Club Cafe, 121 Public Square 
Donnenwirth G.eo F, 200 S Sandusky 
First & Last Chance, 340 S Sandusky 
Hauslaib Bros, 110 Public Square 
Kentucky Liquor Store, 120 N San- 
Kloepfer Christ, 310 N Sandusky 
Kloepfer Karl W, 136 Hill 
Kloepfenstein Jesse, 210 N Sandusky 
Mader J G & Sons, 111 N Sandusky 
Metzger John, 241 S Railroad 
Petersilge Fred Jr, 240 S Sandusky 
Rauth Wm F, 628 E Rensselaer 
Songer Wm H, 152 Public Square 
Volk & Sachs, 133 N Walnut 

Saw Mills 

Colter & Co, 201 Nevada 

Schieber Jay H, 730 Tiffin 


Henry Jas A, 317 W Center 

Second Hand Stores 

Couts Newton O, 337 N Sandusky; 

Pruden S L, 229 N Sandusky 

Sewer Contractors 

Nickum J Hugh, 825 S Poplar 

Smith Jos L, 503 W Rensselaer 

Sewer Pipe 

Ryland B L & Son, 637 E Rensselaer 

Sewing Machines 

Seelos Victor, 147 Public Square 

Shoe Shine Stands 

American Shoe Shine Parlor, 224 S 

Bucyrus Shoe Shine Parlor, 228 S 

Shoe Repair Shops 
Karg Harry, 141 Public Square 
Lamarca G, 338 S Sandusky 
Montagna Joe, 236 N Sandusky 
Pfeifer John P, 148 Public Square 
Sanzo Frank, 228 S Sandusky 

Shoe Stores (see Department Stores) 
Berk & Hales, 129 S Sandusky 
Fail W F & Co, 105 S Sandusky 
Fair, 224 N Sandusky 
Great Western, 124 S Sandusky 
Renkert Frank, 215 N Sandusky 
Smith Wm A, 103 N Sandusky 
Walk-Over Boot Shop, 105 Public 



Walter Elmer H, 123 S Sandusky 
Wear-U-Well Shoe Store, 141 Public 

Sign Painters 

Petry P, 128 1-2 S Sandusky 


Ash Bertha C, 500 S Poplar 
Bacon Elba E, 423 E Lucas 
Bogen Irene J, 341 W Mansfield 
Bradstock Alonzo B, 506 S Walnut 
Brose Ida, 453 S Poplar 
Deisler Mrs Mabel C, 125 S Clay 
Edsinger Josephine, 504 E Oakwood 
Peiring Mary H, 431 S Sandusky 
Frash Elsie M, 316 Clinton 
Gardner Mary, 439 S Walnut 
Herser Grace A, 505 E Rensselaer 
Hertzer D Lucile, 511 S Walnut 
Kanoedler Edith L, 452 S Spring 
Keller Ruth E, 603 Rogers 
Keplinger Orbin N, 327 W Galen 
McCrary Edith M, 311 E Warren 
McNeal Ulah G, 320 S Poplar 
Manbeck Annita E, 470 S Poplar 
Miller Eleanor R, 873 S Sandusky 
Quilter Nellie D, 404 Aurora 
Ricker Marie, 454 Park 
Rinker Geo A, 321 W Galen 
Schieber Harry E, 329 S Walnut 
Schott Anna M, 498 Kaler 
Schott Antoinette V, 498 Kaler 
Schott Cora S, 420 Park 
Sheckler M Marvel, 240 W Mansfield 
Shifley Gladys M, 242 Woodlawn 
Slagel Alice, 413 Prospect 
Thornton Nellie L, 438 E Lucas 
Trautman Blanche N, 625 S Walnut 
Trautman Macie K, 625 S Walnut 
Volk Marie L, 500 Plymouth 
Vollmer Elizabeth M, 712 East St S 
Vollmer Ruth E, 431 W Warren 
Wurtemberger Harold F L, 321 1-2 
S Sandusky 

Stock Dealers 

Berry J C, rms Park Hotel 
Edelstein Ansel, 517 S Walnut 
Engelhard Geo, 217 W Mansfield 
Faulkner & Schott, 505 Kaler 
Kerr John, 215 S Spring 
Klink Harvey C, 1001 (887) N San- 
Kramer John, 318 Gay 
Linn Washington G, 122 W Irving 
Roberts Chas W, 447 S Walnut 
Sheckler Jack D, 325 S Poplar 

Stone Quarries 

Broken Sword Stone Co, 3 News- 
Forum Block 


Bucyrus Storage Co, 308 N Sandusky 

Oberlander H N, 211 W Mansfield 

Structural Iron Contractor 
Patterson Fred E, 135 Hall 

Tailors (see Clothiers) 
Eichman Alvin, 5 Quimby Bldg 
Feiring Otto, 146 Public Square 
Fritts Harry E, 124 1-2 N Sandusky 
Gregory Louis, 120 1-2 N Sandusky 
Moesch Jacob A, 217 N Sandusky 
Nussbaum M & Son, 205 S Sandusky 
Renkel John, over 117 N Sandusky 
Thomas Frank D, 209 S Sandusky 
Wirth John A, 625 N 'Sandusky 

Tea Store 

Bucyrus Tea Store, 125 S Sandusky 

Telegraph and Telephone Offices 

Bucyrus Telephone Co, 123 S Walnut 
Postal Telegraph-Cable Co, 125 Pub- 
lic Square 
Western Union Tel Co, 3 Quimby 


Hippodrome Theatre, 204 S Sandusky 
Majestic Theatre, 128 S Sandusky 
Marlowe Theatre, 320 S Sandusky 
Vollrath Opera House, 2d floor Opera 

Tile Yards 

Witter John, 1315 S Sandusky 

Tin Shops (see Hardware Stores) 
Henneke Edward W, rear 212 S San- 

Tree Surgery 

Knisely Lewis A, 300 Hill 

Typewriter Salesmen 

Kloepfer Fred, 310 N Sandusky 

Spiece Loren E, 835 S Poplar 

Upholsterers (see Furniture Stores) 
Barton Arthur D, W Warden 


Kennedy Rufus T, 223 W Rensselaer 

Owens Byron A, 112 W Warren 

Vulcanizing Works (see Auto Ga- 

Bucyrus Vulcanizing Works, 323 N 

Water Works 

Bucyrus Development Co, 110 W 

Well Drillers & Diggers 
Myers Thos T, 1110 Monnett 
Stuckey Allen R, 116 E Mary 

QuiTip Qmwnq Q««p 

Our prices are cut to the minimum when goods 
are marked. It's just as safe for a ten year old to buy 
at our store as it is for the seasoned shopper of 60 yrs. 

Maximum of quality and quantity for minimum 
of cost at the 



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Advertising Contracts 

In Cities of Northern Ohio 


Wm. Lawrence & Company 

Norwalk, Ohio